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  1. My head is nearly identical to the '26 head, but with the no., 123097-3 E.2.2, I presume that it is an earlier year model, perhaps '24-5. It has no temp bulb hole.
  2. I have a head which may be from a Studebaker or Dodge 6 from the 20's, the # cast on it is 123097-3. It has 26 bolt holes & no distributor hole. Anyone know what the application is?
  3. Still available? price?
  4. Plenty of Stude parts here & we specialize in beautiful chrome.
  5. I have a few early 6 cyl heads, and a few 250 Straight 8 parts.
  6. I have a '39 President w/ OD trans here at The Texas Studebaker Ranch
  7. that is not the brket we need- it is a cast piece that mounts to fire wall. I have just been informed that one has been made. I will call Wildcat Auto soon. Thank you both! I have about anything for a Studebaker, but very little for old mopars
  8. Bob, got any clips # 1312579 back glass molding clip 1312581 " " "
  9. I have a 39 Pres parts car here at The Texas Studebaker Ranch & can help with your '39 window crank, which IS indeed different from '40.
  10. Need hood rod brkts for '29 Need trunk orn., hood orn & bumper over rider bars for '52 rear window gasket for Belvedere hardtop thank you for any help!
  11. Nice core for plating. Actual value about $300.
  12. in-op vehicle OK, & can haul some loose parts to W TN or back to E TX 281 787-6230
  13. I have a good used tank, ready to be cleaned up $250.
  14. I have an excellent pair, along with a good stock of other '51 parts.