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  1. dmfconsult

    1966 conv.---glass or plastic rear window?

    My 67 is a glass window, and most I’ve seen are glass. Hopefully someone with direct 66 knowledge chimes in.
  2. dmfconsult

    Winter Buicks

    No pictures that I can recollect but I was there and can at least attest to the Estate Wagon part... I didn’t see snow though 😛
  3. dmfconsult

    How buttercup got her groove back

    My oh my, that is a beauty!
  4. dmfconsult

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    We are blessed up here on the west coast (north of the border), every Chevron carries Ethanol free 94 octane fuel marketed as “supreme plus”. It’s even on its own hose. A little more pricey, about $1 gallon more, but given the Buick’s don’t get used much, I don’t mind the extra few bucks a tank.
  5. dmfconsult

    Autumn Buicks

    Leaves are just about all gone now around here, so took advantage of a nice day to change the oil and clean up the wagon before putting it away for the winter. Also had a ”Thriller”ing evening with Derek (Thriller) and his family who were in town for the weekend!
  6. dmfconsult

    1954 Century model 66-R in TX., estate sale

    TTT for a beautiful car
  7. dmfconsult

    Autumn Buicks

    I do think it had the 3300 John, although it’s been awhile. My sister is not easy on vehicles and it survived her. She eventually traded it for an SUV. In fact that became a running joke... at the same time I had a 97 Chevy lumina with the 3100 that I meticulously maintained. I had all kinds of problems with that car (worst I ever owned) while my sister who did nothing, no maintenance, had no issues with the Buick. I joked the secret to keeping that vintage of GM vehicles running was to never maintain them.
  8. dmfconsult

    Autumn Buicks

    Very nice John! I hope you enjoy it as much as your old Estate Wagon. We had a 93 Century sedan that eventually made it's way to my sister. That thing was indestructible as she only changed the oil when the light came on!
  9. dmfconsult

    Autumn Buicks

    That sounds great Derek, I’ll send you a PM with my contact details and we can touch base when you’re back from Whistler.
  10. dmfconsult

    Autumn Buicks

    A couple driving by the beach (my wife took these). Gorgeous day
  11. dmfconsult

    Autumn Buicks

    We’ve had fantastic Autumn weather around here for the past 2 weeks, but I’ve been too busy with work and other commitments to take advantage with the cars. Today I was able to get the convertible out before all the leaves are gone and the rain returns.
  12. dmfconsult

    Autumn Buicks

    I think I smell another challenge coming!
  13. dmfconsult

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    Gas pumps in Canada (at least the ones I have seen) show the percentage of ethanol in each grade of fuel. Most of the fuel indicates "up to 10% Ethanol" in all grades. There are two exemptions though and that is Chevron 94 which says "No Ethanol" and Shell 91 at some locations is offered with No Ethanol. In any case, the pumps are marked. Ethanol fuels have been around here since late 80's or very early 90's. The main issue I have with Ethanol is the phase separation after sitting. I recently had to rebuild/clean the carb on my father-in-laws lawn mower. He refused to go get the non-ethanol fuel, even after a previous cleaning by a lawn mower repair guy had shown him the varnishy remains gooping up the carb and advised him to only use non-ethanol fuels in his circa 1983 Honda lawn mower. As soon as I heard the symptoms and opened it up, I knew what the problem was. I've been running that lawn mower now for 3 seasons with the non-ethanol fuels and no other problems. By the way, I’ve never replaced any rubber hoses on that lawnmower so in my experience the ethanol was more problematic for the separation than effects on the rubber. I don't usually have a problem running ethanol in either car if I'm fairly sure I'm going to burn through it within a short period of time, otherwise I will make sure to use the E0. I do usually add some Marvels Mystery Oil to the E10 just for peace of mind.
  14. dmfconsult

    Autumn Buicks

    Definitely Autumn around here now, but today is “moving day” as my sister needed help moving to her new place. I thought I was too old for that, but family is family I guess. The wagon did most of the heavy lifting anyway. Here’s a quick stop at a familiar location to snap a photo and revive this thread.
  15. dmfconsult

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    That is a pity and I did notice that when we were in Ontario over the summer.
  16. dmfconsult

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    You can get Shell 91 non-ethanol around here to Doug, but it is the same price as the Chevron 94 non-ethanol, so I go with the Chevron! I will also add a few ounces of Marvel Mystery Oil to the gas in the 67 to provide some top end lubrication from time to time. This may or may not work, but I figure it may replace what lubrication leaded fuel provided back in the day. If it doesn't do anything, I really haven't lost anything!
  17. dmfconsult

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    I think it also depends on where you live and drive. I think I fall in to the category that is discussed above, no WOT and generally take it easy on the old cars. However, I happen to live somewhere that has lots of hills and mountains, so the cars will get a workout just hauling their heavy butts up those hills... that's where I hear the pinging. With the higher grades, I don't get any. Every Chevron in these parts has non-ethanol 94 octane, and yes it's more expensive, but for the miles I drive it doesn't work out to much over the year.
  18. dmfconsult

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    I’ve typically used at least 91 octane in my cars (which are newer than your 55). Lower octane seems to cause some pinging in my lower compression 350 in the wagon. Mostly though I use 94 octane here as it comes ethanol free which is more important to me given I don’t get to drive a lot of miles. The high compression big block in the Electra though likes 92 or above!
  19. dmfconsult

    1932 model 66 coupe

    Pete; Thanks for trying to save this one. Like you, and I think most of us, I would hate to see that car modified, but c'est la vie (I can't say much as it's not my car and I didn't fork out the cash to acquire it). Thanks for looking out for these cars!
  20. dmfconsult

    Third Brake Light

    That looks like a pretty nice solution. I've also seen locally (typically on Subaru's) a "4th" brake light that connects to where a small hitch would go. That brake light flashes 2-3 times when the brakes are first applied so it does draw your attention. I've seen the same thing on some larger motorcycles as well. The super bright LED's combined with the flashing really works, and they are low on the car. Sorry for the Canadian Amazon site, but you get the idea: With the convertible, I really have no place to mount a third brake light with the top down, so my strategy has always been to pump the brakes when slowing down so the brake lights flash for the driver behind me. Same idea as above really.
  21. dmfconsult

    Purchase a 1947 Buick 56-C!!

    My opinion is to leave the car in it’s original color scheme which sounds like it would be very attractive. It is your car though and you have to live it with it! Good luck on a very worthwhile project.
  22. With all the stalling issues lately, I’ve been focused on getting the Electra tuned. It’s running very nicely now and I have it just about perfect. Took it today to run errands... not a lot of miles but lots of smiles! PS. It’s not cloudy around here it’s supposed to be sunny. It’s all the smoke from the wildfires in this part of North America making its way to the coast.
  23. dmfconsult

    1963 Wildcat 4 dr - $8500 on CL

    Nice looking car! I always get a kick out of folks who use the internet sites to advertise a car, then refuse any kind of electronic communication and insist you call them.
  24. dmfconsult

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    With that new paint, you're going to have to search out that elusive "corner space" to keep the chance of door dings and other mishaps low! Best car of the bunch
  25. dmfconsult

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    My A/C on the Estate Wagon has been non-op since I bought the car (seized compressor clutch). Looking at finally getting that repaired and it seems there are two types of correct replacement compressors, the only difference between the two are metric threads or standard threads. How do I tell the difference for my car? Is it a simple matter of checking the nuts on the compressor/line fittings to see if they are metric or standard? Thanks in advance.