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  1. dmfconsult

    Third Brake Light

    That looks like a pretty nice solution. I've also seen locally (typically on Subaru's) a "4th" brake light that connects to where a small hitch would go. That brake light flashes 2-3 times when the brakes are first applied so it does draw your attention. I've seen the same thing on some larger motorcycles as well. The super bright LED's combined with the flashing really works, and they are low on the car. Sorry for the Canadian Amazon site, but you get the idea: With the convertible, I really have no place to mount a third brake light with the top down, so my strategy has always been to pump the brakes when slowing down so the brake lights flash for the driver behind me. Same idea as above really.
  2. dmfconsult

    Purchase a 1947 Buick 56-C!!

    My opinion is to leave the car in it’s original color scheme which sounds like it would be very attractive. It is your car though and you have to live it with it! Good luck on a very worthwhile project.
  3. With all the stalling issues lately, I’ve been focused on getting the Electra tuned. It’s running very nicely now and I have it just about perfect. Took it today to run errands... not a lot of miles but lots of smiles! PS. It’s not cloudy around here it’s supposed to be sunny. It’s all the smoke from the wildfires in this part of North America making its way to the coast.
  4. dmfconsult

    1963 Wildcat 4 dr - $8500 on CL

    Nice looking car! I always get a kick out of folks who use the internet sites to advertise a car, then refuse any kind of electronic communication and insist you call them.
  5. dmfconsult

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    With that new paint, you're going to have to search out that elusive "corner space" to keep the chance of door dings and other mishaps low! Best car of the bunch
  6. dmfconsult

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    I guess I would need to change the brackets out if I went with the R4 type but I like the fact there are AC Delco variants available. I don’t know if it’s related to the 403/350 difference, manufacturing plant, or a switch over in compressor type from 78 to 79 but it’s good to have options!
  7. dmfconsult

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    Lamar, yours appears to be the newer version. Mine is the old style Frigidaire A6 compressor, see attached photo. It would be interesting to know if yours is original to the car. If it is, that gives me some additional options to remain correct looking. Although you have the 403 so maybe there is not enough room for the A6.
  8. dmfconsult

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    I think that's still the big question for me, metric or standard threads. There seems to be quite a bit of choice for new and reman A6 compressors and I agree with the advice that new is the way to go. I checked my existing compressor and lines and at least every bolt requires is a standard fitment, so I'm still at a loss.
  9. dmfconsult

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    That is definitely plan B! Barney, I think I know what your are referring to. I'll have to do the initial testing first though as you suggest as I don't have direct knowledge on why the previous owner had already removed the belt for the compressor. I think it has been non operational for a very long time.
  10. dmfconsult

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    Not in Canada my friend, you can’t bring it across border and none of the shops will deal with it.
  11. dmfconsult

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    Thanks Ben. The key is finding someone I can trust that can give me the correct information. You can't get R12 in Canada so will have to change over to R134A anyway, just hope a couple of shops I have dealt with before (and trust) can do it. I have a good lead on a shop in Washington State thanks to Mr. Laurance here on the board, but I'll see if I can get the wagon done here, and perhaps get the Electra recharged with R12 down there.
  12. dmfconsult

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    Was planning on replacing Evaporator, Compressor and Condensor as well as a few other minor things. I was going to stick with the same "type" to keep the look and just move over the old Frigidaire sticker to the newer compressor and paint it black like the old one if need be. There is a kit available at Napa that includes the Condensor and the evaporator, but not the Condensor. The kit actually doesn't look too expensive: You'll note though that the compressor in this kit has "metric threads". I'll be at the wagon tonight, so I'll take some wrenches and see if I can figure out this metric thing. I agree with JD, the mix of metric and standard on these cars is so frustrating! I figure I'll be in for about $500 in parts to make the full repair based on what I think I know. If only the clutch has to be replaced, then I'll be a happy camper!
  13. dmfconsult

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    Mine is a NW car.. I guess the a/c just doesn't get used enough around here! The clutch is seized for sure (the screeching fan belt noise is forever etched in my memory), but the a/c was non operational when I got the car, so can't tell if anything else is wrong. I did put the fan belt on after I owned it to test the system, but was quickly spurned by the aforementioned screeching! The system looks pretty complete otherwise, so I suspect it ran itself out of refrigerant at some point. I was aware the clutch was replaceable (with special tools) but I recall being told once they seized replacement of the compressor and a few other parts was necessary as contaminants may be spread through the system. I'll do a bit more investigative work on what's required and see if I can find someone trustworthy to take the car to get some advice. Last a/c specialist I took the Electra too told me I needed $2000 in repairs to that system, and it was still working! I'll keep this thread updated on what I find out.
  14. dmfconsult

    Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    Old trestle type railway bridge across the north arm of the Fraser River. The swingspan in the river is left open as I don't believe this rail line is used much anymore
  15. dmfconsult

    Archival judged class

    With what John confirmed on the judging and deductions, depending on what else was done you probably could put it in Archive and see what happens. I have never thought about putting my Electra in Archive as it's had a respray and I've restored the engine bay. Even though it's dead stock, I know it would receive too many deductions as too many things have been "freshened up". You might be pleasantly surprised with your results in Archive. Nice car by the way, I don't see too many of those around any more!