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  1. Parts yard

    There is quite an extensive thread on these guys over on V8Buick. You will find some of the content offensive (in a "I want to burn my eyes" way), so proceed at your own risk!
  2. The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    We've had a late end to Winter around here too, now if only the rain would stop! Both cars are now out of storage and ready to go, and I was able to get the Electra cleaned up an out yesterday, but only could do about a 3 mile shake down due to time constraints. A slow start, but a start nonetheless!
  3. The also have the 2-way tail gate from 77 through 90. I really loved the novelty of the clamshell though!
  4. You didn't need that trailer for those 2x4's! Southern Belle would have taken those and more!
  5. I’ll be making that trip from the west coast in 2 weeks! Won’t be taking the convertible though, it’s a bit too early in the season to be driving those cars through the Coquilhalla summit or Rogers Pass. Traffic cams from this morning and lots of sand and gravel on the roads due to all the snow they get.
  6. Doug, yup I realized those links are for US websites, but figured it might be more useful to 90% of the people on the forum. I bought the Matrix tires at my local tire shop here as they had them in stock. Similarly with the Hankooks... I could get them from a local shop. Tires in the US are definitely cheaper than up here, but I just wanted to show what I was able to find when shopping. Around the same time, a buddy in Washington state with a 67 Wildcat bought the Hankooks and, at the time, they would have cost me $135 CAN a corner. The Matrix's were slightly cheaper than that, and I got a slightly wider WW.
  7. The Matrix multi-mile have a slightly wider white wall than the Hankooks, but only marginally. I'm surprised you would have trouble finding either of these in Toronto... both are readily available around Vancouver when I was looking.
  8. I put these on my Electra last year... very comfortable tire. I think these Hankooks are the only other "off the shelf" tires you can get now with a white wall if you don't want Coker or Diamond Backs. Both my Buicks are 15-inch tires. The Matrix tires were very cost effective. Cheers, Doug
  9. What's your Dream Buick?

    I’m not sure how you guys are narrowing it down. The more I think about it, the longer the list gets! I never thought I’d like a 78 Estate Wagon, but it’s definitely grown on me. I can’t even narrow it down to pre or post war cars... I guess any Buick is my favorite 😊. The one Id like to have though is a copy of my fathers 56 Century in Tahitian Coral, probably just to see his face as I rolled up.
  10. The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    I really like the idea of this, and I'll try and participate, although I may make it as a "combined" total for both Buicks. Great idea John!
  11. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Early for you, late for us up here in the Pacific NW.... I was shovelling a foot of snow last Saturday!
  12. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    That photo looks like it belongs in the Spring Time Buicks thread. Spring is springing late around here, so nice to see some blossoms!
  13. Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    This is a picture that I've wanted to post for awhile, but had to scan the original photo. I got married in 1998 and at the time my dad had two white Buicks, his favorite a 1980 LeSabre Limited and a 1993 Century. Who needs a limo when you have two white Buicks! I spent the day before the wedding cleaning and polishing both cars to get them ready, and on the day of the wedding, I helped the florist do her thing on the cars. I spent a lot of time in my youth cleaning and polishing that LeSabre for my dad! The LeSabre was all Buick, being the last year of the Buick 350, and was a rare color combination of white with a light blue vinyl top... which I've only seen one other time on a similar vintage Park Avenue.
  14. I think you might have good luck at your local upholstery shop. When I had to replace the headliner in the 78 Estate Wagon, I took it to a local shop and though initially concerned, they were able to quickly find the correct fabric in the same color (same color as yours). You might be surprised

    My wife does this to me all the time... "it's too cold out there and my hair will get messy. I'll just wait for you here" And my personal favorite... "I'll come out for a drive with you if you put the top up!"