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  1. PRICE DROP!! 1969 Buick GS 400 Fully Restored

    The Craigslist link has expired so I would recommend either updating it or putting the details in this posting. Beautiful car and surprised it hasn’t moved yet. If it was closer...
  2. Any Buick related gifts?

    All things 1978 Buick!
  3. WTB: 68 Wildcat - new tail light sockets

    Excellent! If you need anything else, there is a fellow parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles which may have some parts you could use.
  4. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Still Tuesday on the West Coast!
  5. parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles

    Thanks... if they are both pitted, then I will pass, if they aren't I would take them as spares. FYI, the quarter panel emblems should also work on the trunk lid!
  6. parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles

    Thanks for checking, but I'll pass if they are rough. I appreciate you checking!
  7. parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles

    How are the "Electra" and "225" emblems. They are the same for 67 & 68. Also, does either have door edge guards?
  8. Best adhesive for late 70's/80's emblems

    ahh yes, the piano wire.. I had forgotten about that trick! I plan to put painters tape around the emblem to both protect the surrounding wood grain and to establish the position of the emblem. I will definitely measure location first as a backup.
  9. Is this a worthy car?

    I think you hit the nail on the head... I'm not that old (47) but when it comes to long drives, I prefer to drive the 78 wagon over the 67 convertible specifically because I worry less about something going wrong and consequently I enjoy the drive much more. I'm getting to a point soon where I might be able to take the time and drive a car to a BCA nationals from here on the west coast to points closer to the east coast (+2000 miles one way), and the car I'm getting ready for those journey's is the 78.
  10. 92 Roadmaster, not mine

    There was a thread on the station wagon forums from a member who pulled one of these out of a garage after several years of sitting and did quite a few things to bring it back to life and spruce it up. You might want to read through it as I'm sure some of it will be helpful if you're thinking about this car:
  11. Best adhesive for late 70's/80's emblems

    Just light heat with a hair dryer is all I'm thinking... just to soften it up. A heat gun will be nowhere near it! Or I could wait until the summer and simply park it in the sun.
  12. Best adhesive for late 70's/80's emblems

    Thanks very much Frank, much appreciated! Yes, looking forward to pulling the old one off! Luckily it's one piece, but still it will be a delicate operation with a bit of heat as I don't want to damage the di-noc underneath!
  13. Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Thanks John. I don't go over to the AACA General Forum typically, but sorry for the duplication. Definitely a good topic to be pinned!
  14. I was able to find a nice "Estate Wagon" emblem to replace one on my 78 with a broken "N". These emblems are stuck on the car with an adhesive and not pinned on like earlier cars. Any recommendations on the type of adhesive to use when putting on the new one, it sticks directly onto the di-noc woodgrain? I wouldn't want it flying off at highway speeds!
  15. 79 lesabre, not mine

    Weird that the "chrome" around the gauge bezels is almost completely gone. I wonder if they used the wrong cleaner on them.