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  1. I think it would be interesting to know who these people are. This picture was taken at the 3rd floor conference room at the old Buick Headquarters building on Hamilton Ave in Flint. -** (Larry Schramm) 1- might be Bob Bradley ----------------------------------------- **(Larry Schramm) 2- Ken Sherwood ---------------------------------------------------- **(Larry Schramm) 3- Ward Boyer, Field service engineer *(NYBobP) 4- 5- Ron Fusile Nat'l marketing mgr ---------------------------*(NYBoP) & ***(John Thomson) 6- Dennis Lovell, who headed up the team----------------*(NYBobP) 7- Earl Escue Nat'l customer service mgr----------------*(NYBobP) 8- John Cienki------------------------------------------------------------*(NYBobP) & **(Larry Schramm) 9- Dennis Duford, part of the promotional team--------*(NYBobP) 10- Bruce Edwards------------------------------------------------------*(NYBobP) 11- 12- 13- 14- 15- Larry Schramm ----------------------------------------------------- (NCReatta) & **(Larry Schramm) 16- Chris Wolf Nat'l service mgr.--------------------------------*(NYBobP) 17- * Bob is a former Reatta Div Director and had the 1988 style "Reatta" license plate reproduced. ** Larry Schramm spent a fair amount of time at the Craft Centre. ***John Thomson is now a zone manager with Chevrolet. He was with Buick at the time. Robert Merkel,. part of the overseas development team - (billsbuickgs) ???
  2. Can anyone put a name to these faces?

    I've update the list under the photo again. Names are still missing and the list may not be 100% correct yet but we're getting there. Keep the ideas and names coming. Bill, I've not dropped Merkel yet. He could be one of the men not yet named.
  3. Can anyone put a name to these faces?

    Thanks guys. If #8 is John Cienki who is #4? Bill, could #4 be Robert Merkel?
  4. Can anyone put a name to these faces?

    I've updated the list of names. We're making good progress. Keep the names coming. We have two names submitted for #5. I'm sure we will agree on one of them if we put our heads together. 5- Robert Merkel,. part of the overseas development team - (billsbuickgs) 5- Ron Fusile, Nat'l marketing mgr - (NTBobP)
  5. Hemmings online article on future collectable cars

    I hope you're right. Mine has 128,000 and it's 30 years old.
  6. Dave, Glad to hear you got it running good again. Was the injector stuck open because of dirt in the fuel rail or was it just a bad injector?
  7. Hemmings online article on future collectable cars

    You are definitely not alone. I probably wouldn't spend the money if I had it on a car to just take to car shows. I like to drive my cars too much for that. I paid a little money to get in the car show but it was more of a donation to a good cause than an entry fee.
  8. Hemmings online article on future collectable cars

    I think Reattas are getting more recognition. I took my Reatta to a small car show Saturday. I was parked between a Camaro and a Big Block Chevelle. I think my Reatta got as much, maybe more, attention and questions than those cars did. When the judges came by my car they asked lots of questions and all agreed that I had the rarest car there. (Maybe we should emphasize that more) At least they took the time to look at my car. That's an improvement. As usual the awards went to Corvettes, '55-57 Chevys and pre-war custom hot rods.
  9. Can anyone put a name to these faces?

    Changed # 5 to 5 is Robert Merkel. Is Ron Fusile, then National Marketing Mgr. #4?
  10. Can anyone put a name to these faces?

    Take a look at the photo above again. I've added numbers to the people in the photo and started a list of names below the photo. See if I've got the names on the list right so far.
  11. Wheel Alignment Shims

    I hope you are kidding. I can't think of a faster way to wear out a new set of tires than doing a half-ass wheel alignment.
  12. 90 Driftwood Convertible on Ebay

    Instant show car for those who can afford it.
  13. 2 Seater

    So sorry to hear about this. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hal and his family
  14. I'm usually not a fan of front license plates but I think that one looks really good.
  15. That's a lot of snow Dave. Hard to imagine that much snow in April. It was 80 degrees here yesterday. 60 degrees with rain today. Our annual snowfall averages about 3 or 4 inches per year but it usually comes in small amounts at a time. Much of the time it just lays on the grass and not the road because the roadway isn't cold enough. 1993 was an exception. We got 14" of snow all at once in March of that year. We were out of electricity for a week because of downed power lines! The only snowblowers or snowmobiles I've ever seen were in photos.
  16. Wheel bearing ??

    I'm curious. Did you use the instructions on Reatta Owners Journal for changing the bearings ?
  17. CRT connections

    If you haven't already done so you should clean and tighten the grounds behind the battery. Ground Terminals & Junction Box Location
  18. MPG woes

    You and I must drive alike. Your mileage is about the same as mine.
  19. Reattas @ Charlotte Auto Fair

    All good photos. Thanks for posting.
  20. '91 running rough after warm re-start

    You could have an injector leaking fuel into the intake while the engine is turned off. When you start the engine it would run rough until the fuel puddled in the intake is burned off. A fuel pressure leak down test might help you determine if that is the problem.
  21. MPG woes

    Models with a CRT have an indicator in diagnostics that shows when the converter is locked. I don't know if later models have an indicator for that. While traveling on level ground at about 50 mph, keep your foot on the accelerator maintain speed and slightly depress the brake pedal with your other foot. You should see the tachometer go up a few hundred RPM when the converter unlocks. Injectors aren't hard to replace but you should probably leave it up to a mechanic if you've not had any experience doing it before. You don't want to take a chance with having a fuel leak if you screw something up.
  22. MPG woes

    Here is what I would do on a car with the CRT. I'm sure there is a way to do it on your '91 but I can't tell you how. Drive the car until it is completely warmed up. Then go into diagnostics with the engine running. While driving the car check to see if the ECM is going into "Closed Loop" operation and is staying there. Also check to make sure the torque converter is locking above about 47 MPH. Both of those things can have a big effect your gas mileage.
  23. 1988 Radio question

    Touch the TUNE button on the radio screen and then use the up and down arrows that appear at the bottom of the screen to change stations.
  24. The mighty “ Strut “ Mod

    Hair today, gone tomorrow.