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    Yipes stripes

    It appears the pinstripe was applied over a a really tough clear coat finish. If you hit it with an aggressive buffing compound it will disappear pretty quick. Mine was badly worn just from washing. If you buff your paint with a polisher it's best to stay off the pinstripe.
  2. Ronnie

    Drive train hiccup...does AT need work?

    The transmission vacuum modulator has been discussed here many times. You must have somehow missed it. I doubt the modulator was the reason you felt the car was coasting better before you changed it. The engine RPM could have been staying higher than normal when you let off the gas due to raw air and transmission fluid being pulled into the engine due to the diaphragm inside the modulator being broken. The function of the modulator is to make transmission shifts firmer or softer depending on the load on the engine (based on engine vacuum).
  3. Ronnie

    Drive train hiccup...does AT need work?

    What else does the modulator do?
  4. Ronnie

    Paint correction

  5. Ronnie

    Paint correction

    Why don't you call their Phoenix main shop and see if they will correct their mistake? You know what they say... Good work ain't cheap and cheap work ain't good.
  6. Ronnie

    Do you like very large engines ?

    I took a photos of that 12 cylinder Corvette when I visited the Corvette Museum a couple of years ago. To keep this on the topic of Reattas I'm going to include a photo of my Reatta at the Corvette Museum.
  7. Ronnie

    Yipes stripes

    I like the pin stripe on your car. I choose to buff off the worn pin stripe on my car instead of replacing it.
  8. Ronnie

    dreaded E026 on warm up

    The code E026 is sort of a "catch all" for several problems. It takes several steps to troubleshoot it. Here is a tutorial that you might find useful. Feel free to ask questions. Code E026 Troubleshooting
  9. Why does he feel he needs to yell at us to make his point?
  10. Ronnie

    Vaccum Module replaced 1988

    I'm not understanding what you mean. What problem were you having that the transmission modulator fixed? I don't see how the modulator would help gas mileage. It only controls how hard the transmission shifts.
  11. I'm starting this ongoing thread to allow you to alert any prospective buyers to Reattas for sale on Craigslist. These are ads that a person might not otherwise find. This thread could also be used to ask other forum members questions about Reattas that might be available in areas they don't have access to that are listed on Craigslist. The title of your post should include a short description, the model year of the car, and the location of the car. Don't forget to include a link to the Craigslist ad in your post. You're not responsible for anything other than letting others know what's out there. It's up to them to make contact and get details. Posting an ad for a Reatta on Craigslist is pretty easy. Find a Reatta on Craigslist that you think is interesting. Then while viewing the Craigslist ad, right-click on the address bar at the top of your web browser and copy the link. Reply to this thread and type in a descriptive title for the Craigslist ad. Paste the link to the Craigslist ad you copied below the title of the ad. After that you can add details about the ad if you like or even a photo. Give it a try you can't hurt anything. If it doesn't turn out the way you want it can be deleted and you can do it again. Have fun! Only ads for Reattas and Reatta related items found on Craigslist should be posted in this thread.
  12. Ronnie

    1990 Reatta Won't Crank

    Glad to hear your problem was that easy to fix. 👍
  13. Ronnie

    IAC problem

    IAC Cleaning Instructions
  14. Ronnie

    1990 Reatta Won't Crank

    I really thing 63Viking is on the right track. You may have a problem with the security system. Here is some information about it and how to fix the problem if that is what is going on with your car. VATS/Passkey System Bypass Instructions
  15. Ronnie

    1990 Reatta Won't Crank

    If that doesn't work try putting the shifter in neutral when you try to start it.
  16. I've saw Dave's taillight. It looks really good. I used a different method when I did mine and it came out OK but I think Dave's way would be much easier I put a dark tint on mine.
  17. I flipped mine off easily with a plastic putty knife. 3M makes double faced tape made just for applying emblems that is easy to apply and holds tight. You just clean the back of the letter good, stick the tape on the back and trim off the excess with a razor blade or pen knife so the tape fits the back of the letter. Then peel the covering off the other side of the tape and press in place. I would recommend removing the letters because yours may be on the verge of falling off right now.
  18. Ronnie

    Me and My Buick Reatta

    This forum has become the Urgent Care Center for Reatta repairs and technical issues. That is a good thing but I would like to see more discussions about driving and enjoying our Reattas instead of just fixing one up so we can sell it. Let's break the mold of this being just a technical forum and put the fun back in this forum! I'm starting this topic for sharing stories and photos about the Buick Reatta. You can add your posts to it or start a similar topic of your own. The posts you make don't have to just be about something recent. Old stories about your Reatta adventures are welcome too. Some of the post I will be making are from previous posts I made on the ROJ forum.
  19. Ronnie

    1988 Buick Reatta accident question

    I agree that reimbursement for a loss isn't profit even if you cash the check and pocket the money so as you say it wouldn't be fraud. Returning money not needed must vary from state to state. Here is an example of me receiving money from the insurance company and not spending a nickle of it on the car. I had to come to a sudden stop due to a light turning red. The car in front of me made a panic stop forcing me to do the same. When I slammed on the brakes the nose of my truck went down and the rear went up. While the rear of my truck was up the lady behind me wedged the nose of her Chevy Corsica under my chrome step bumper. It left a little red paint on the bottom of my bumper and scuffed the rubber trim strip on it. When the police came she admitted it was all her fault because she was talking to her baby in the back seat. No one was hurt. I took a Brillo pad to my bumper to get the paint scuffs off. It wasn't a new truck so I figured I could live with a scuffed bumper. I didn't want to turn it in to my insurance. About three weeks later my insurance agent called and asked me about the accident. He said It did $3600 in damage to her car which was mostly plastic in the front. He said he wanted me to come by his office so he could look at my truck. My first thought was that the lady in the Corsica had turned in a claim against me. When I took my truck to my insurance agent he said both the lady in the Corsica and me were insured by his company and he wanted to settle any damages that might have occurred to my truck. I told him I had already buffed off the paint and I wasn't concerned about the bumper rub strip being scuffed up. He noticed a slight kink in the bumper that I hadn't noticed. He calculated that it would cost $450+ to replace the chrome bumper and rub strip. I told him I didn't want to replace it fearing it might cause my premium to go up. He told me that wasn't a problem since the lady had admitted fault. I took the check and pocketed it. I made it clear that I had no intention of changing bumpers and there was no mention of me having to give back money that I didn't spend on repairs. That bumper was on my truck when I sold it...
  20. Ronnie

    abs front sensors

    Great job Dave on helping Tony fix his ABS!!!
  21. Ronnie

    1988 Buick Reatta accident question

    I have to disagree. The insurance company is paying for a loss based on the "estimate" of damages done to your car. You are under no obligation to spend the total amount of the the check they give you (based on an above board estimate) that you agree too. They are paying your loss due to legitimate damages that you incurred in an accident. You are under no obligation to even have the car fixed if you choose not to do so. You can sell the damaged car "as is" if you don't want to have it repaired OR, you can stick the check in the bank and continue to drive the damaged car is if is legally safe to drive. I have done both.
  22. Ronnie

    Drive train hiccup...does AT need work?

    Either design will work. The small one is adjustable by sticking a small screwdriver inside the hole where the hose goes on. I guess that could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on who's doing the adjusting. In my experience the larger factory modulator valve is more reliable and lasts longer but it's also more expensive. Usually the modulator fails by the diaphragm inside breaking. You can check for that by removing the hose and inspecting it for transmission fluid inside. If the diaphragm breaks it can cause really hard shifts.
  23. Ronnie

    Drive train hiccup...does AT need work?

    I would stick with the Rapid Fire plugs and save the extra money for a new set of spark plug wires. Old spark plug wires breaking down are the most common parts that causes a low speed misfire from my experience. Most any modern, name brand, spark plug is good for about 100,000 miles. I don't see any of the things on that chart being too relevant when you're installing the spark plugs in a low RPM, low horsepower, engine like the 3800. Just my 2 cents....
  24. Ronnie

    Arising "New" Transmission Issue

    See if you can find DeoxIT in your area. It works miracles on cleaning low voltage connections like on the transmission. I use the liquid in a small tube. I have to order it from Amazon. I've not found it around here. I guess the spray would be good too.