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  1. Forum New Look

    I see no Like button at all in Microsoft Edge... unless you get lucky and hover over it. Then all I see is a dark gray bar with missing icons. Firefox, that I normally use, is fine with the exception of not enough contrast in colors in the selection bar that pops up when you hover. It will all get worked out. I'm sure Peter is on top of it.
  2. Forum New Look

    Clearing the browser cache might cure some of the problems people are having with the new forum upgrade. Hold down the "Ctrl" button and press the" F5" button at the same time. I don't like the reaction choices. Too much like Facebook. Keep it simple and go back to a single Like button. Also need to put back the post numbers.
  3. Making the AACA More Appealing to Young People

    Not to be argumentative but that is exactly the mentality I was talking about when trying to attract younger people to the AACA. You seem to be ignoring or overlooking the fact that '80s cars, including my '88 Reatta, ARE antiques and they should be accepted as such by this club. At 43 (I don't consider that young) you may not care anything about '80s model cars but people in than their 20s and 30s may relate to an '80s antique car better than to something their grandfather wanted to own.
  4. Making the AACA More Appealing to Young People

    Perhaps one of the mistakes that are made when attracting the younger generation is us old folks trying to get the younger people interested in the cars that were popular when we were young. I'm 65+ and the cars that I feel were the cars of my day were built in the late '60s and early '70s. When I talk about those cars to younger folks they have little or no interest in those cars. Now, I have an '88 Buick Reatta (a sleek looking 2 seater) that draws little attention at the car shows from the older crowd. They are busy looking at the '55 chevys and the A models. I get a lot more attention and questions about my car from the younger guys who want to know what it is and they ask questions about it. Same is true for when I'm driving it. Younger people have come up to me at gas stations asking questions about my car. I was pulled over by a young guy driving a rice burner with a beer can muffler wanting to look at my Ferrari. LOL. It is always young people who show an interest in my car. My whole point is the club might be promoting the wrong cars to the younger generation. It might be better to promote cars to them that are more in line to what the can recognize as antique cars from their generation instead of ours.
  5. A/C Troubleshooting

    Yes. Press the the upper left hard button to select the climate control screen. Then turn on the A/C and adjust it to the temp setting you want. Then press the lower right hard button to return to the diagnostics screen.
  6. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    The pin was exactly what I thought it would look like and what I tried to describe in my post on Sunday. Anyone who has ran an automatic screw machine that makes this type of pin, will recognize the rings under the head of the pin as being the result of a die clamping around the pin body while the head of the pin is cold formed (sometimes called cold heading).
  7. Using bold font

    You cannot control the title text manually. The titles are automatically bold font if you have NOT read any new messages in a topic. Otherwise the title will be in normal font. Since you are the one starting the topic you have read the first message it and therefore it will not be shown to you in bold. Other members will see the title in bold if they haven't read a new message in your topic. If a new message is added to your topic by another member, then you will see a bold title indicating a new message has been added to the topic.
  8. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    Who would have ever thought it was driven in like a nail and would just pull straight out. Good work Bob!
  9. "For Use With R12 and R134a Refrigerant" ?

    Someone has probably changed the accumulator and that tag on it tell that it can be used with R12 or 134. I don't think it means you can use either one or mix them. This should be helpful: How To Identify System Changeover To R134a Freon
  10. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    I don't think that idea of breaking the pin off will work.. Take a look at the photo below. The pin goes through the SIDE of the large hole for the shifter shaft - approximately in a line I have highlighted in red. Inside the large hole it goes though the grove in the side of the shifter shaft and continues into a blind hole in the case. The pins purpose is to hold the shifter shaft in place in the hole and still allow it to rotate. In my opinion breaking the head the pin off would only compound an already bad situation. I know you want to help. The best thing you could do to help is get in touch with your friend David Allen and get him to tell us how the pin comes out.
  11. A/C bc27-28 readings

    Are there two different sizes used in the 1988/89 models or does the size change occur only in later years?
  12. At that price I would want that sucker mounted on top of the dash so I could look at it like a heads up display. I like to easily see what I'm getting for my money.
  13. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    You will come up with a way to get it out. I would avoid bending or twisting it to keep it from breaking.
  14. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    Yes, the pin. Sorry. I was hoping the transmission guy David Allen would have an answer for you buy now. I understand you wanting to be gentle without knowing for sure what you are working with. If the pin goes in like I suspect, it might pull it right out but who knows? If it is driven in it probably was intended to bite into the aluminum case and is in there pretty tight. Instead of pulling on the head of the pin you might want to get creative with vice grips and pull on the body of the pin in a straight out motion to try to avoid breaking the pin off at the case. Since you are a machinist too you probably have some good ideas of your own about how to get it out.