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  1. Are you trying to reply to the notification email you receive to let you know you have a PM?
  2. Ronnie

    Me and My Buick Reatta

    I spent a lot of time this morning getting my Reatta ready to go to a couple of cruise-ins this weekend. I think the cruise-ins are probably going to get rained out but I didn't have anything better to do this morning. It was nice outside this morning so I did a really good job which meant cleaning inside the wheel wells and wiping down the door jambs and under the hood. Every time I wash my Reatta I can't help admire it. It is probably the best looking 2-seater I've owned and I've owned several. When I look at my Reatta I can't help wonder what GM was thinking when they designed it. It looks fast but it's not. Why didn't they make it rear wheel drive? Why didn't they give it a supercharger or a turbo so it would have some power? Why didn't they offer a 4 or 5 speed transmission to make it sportier and more fun to drive? With just a few changes they could have made a car that would have sold faster than they could make them. It could have been Buick's 2-seat equivalent of the Grand National Buick that is so popular and sought after. It was an opportunity missed. I'm not complaining. I enjoy it just the way it is. It still takes good photos without all the things I mentioned. I took this one after I got it cleaned up this morning...
  3. Ronnie

    Have you got your antique car tag yet?

    Wow. Wisconsin went all out in describing what is allowed. TN went the opposite direction. They just specify the car has to be over 25 years old and they specify when you can drive it. The rules are pretty lenient. I don't know anyone who has been stopped for driving with an antique tag.
  4. Ronnie

    Have you got your antique car tag yet?

    Not here in TN. You can use a tag from the same year the car was made.
  5. Ronnie

    Have you got your antique car tag yet?

    What is the difference between the hobbyist and collector plate? TN only has an antique tag.
  6. Ronnie

    Me and My Buick Reatta

    I feel the same way. I hope more people will contribute. I really enjoyed reading your story!
  7. Ronnie

    HVAC Plastic Vacuum Line

    You should consider getting a hand vacuum pump. Then you can isolate each vacuum circuit and pull a vacuum on it while watching the gauge to see how quickly the vacuum drops. I would start by pulling a vacuum on the reservoir tank to make sure it will hold a vacuum as it should. You could also run a vacuum line from under the hood inside the car so you can watch the vacuum gauge inside the car while you're driving to see what is happening with the vacuum. That sounds like the way a vacuum system would do if it didn't have a vacuum reserve tank and was relying on just the engine vacuum. The default is air coming out the defrosters when there is no vacuum in the system.
  8. Ronnie

    Minor issues after engine work

    I bought one of these to replace my old Harbor Freight tester. Easy to read and the pressure relief valve on the side is a nice feature. I don't see information on Amazon about where it's made. It's probably Chinese. Hard to avoid anything being Chinese now days.
  9. Ronnie

    Minor issues after engine work

    We posted at the same time Harry. Sounds like we are thinking along the same lines.
  10. Ronnie

    Minor issues after engine work

    I think you have found the problem that is keeping the engine from starting right up as it should. I just tested the pressure on my car to confirm. After sitting over night the gauge showed 0 psi. I turned the key to the run position without starting the engine. I turned the key off after the pump whet through the prime cycle. The pressure jumped to 41 psi and held steady. After 10 minutes the pressure was still at 34 psi . The last time I remember someone having a quick pressure drop after the prime cycle the problem was a bad connection between the Pulsator and the fuel pump allowing pressure to quickly escape back into the tank. If you do a search you can probably find a long thread about it. If that is the problem you can replace the Pulsator with a rubber hose if you choose to do so The problem could be a bad fuel pump or regulator as well. You should run all the pressure tests on ROJ and see what results you get. Fuel Pressure Testing
  11. Ronnie

    1990 Coupe - Trying to raise the dead

    Here is what the top of the canister looks like.....
  12. Ronnie

    Minor issues after engine work

    You have probably said before, what is the fuel pressure when the problems are happening? Also, the next time it is hard to start, push the gas pedal to the floor and hold it there. See if that helps. Doing that will tell the ECM the engine is flooded and it will stop making the mixture richer during startup.
  13. Thanks for all the replies! Although I like the looks of the early '50s Buicks really well I remember my neighbor having one that had the lever shocks. I'm sure it was worn out but it was like a boat rolling through curves and with no power steering it was a handful to maneuver in slow traffic. I like the idea of getting a lot of modern features in the '57,
  14. I think that is the highlight of this topic.
  15. I've thought about getting one of these old Buicks for Sunday driving and tours. What would your choice be and why? Yes, price does matter.