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  1. Frequently when I do a forum search I get the following message and the search returns no results. What is causing it? Anyone else experience this problem? I think it started with the last forum update.
  2. Memes for Newsletter Use

    I know this is an old thread but I was wondering how the Fair Use laws might apply to AACA newsletters and websites? Fair use - Wikipedia
  3. Is my ammeter burned out.

    I just looked at the wiring diagram you provide in the .pdf. The heavy wires on the ammeter connect to the voltage regulator and the battery. The ammeter appears to be in the battery charging circuit. Since the ammeter is reading a negative value I suspect a bad regulator - Or if you didn't find any burned wires or bad fuses and the regulator is good you might need to polarize the generator/voltage regulator after the sparking episode at the ignition switch. I'm just trying to think of something that would cause the ammeter to read a negative value.
  4. Forum New Look

    I agree. I like programs that are intuitive enough that you don't need instructions.
  5. Forum New Look

    What kind of computer did she have? In 1982 William Shatner's commercial convinced me to buy a Commodore VIC-20 computer complete with a cassette recorder to load programs into the VIC. I had to learn to write my own programs for it because there were only a handful of programs for it that you could buy. The "return" key on it (and other odd ball computers I've owned) was equivalent to the "Enter" key on modern day computers. The "escape" key was a "<---" back arrow key.
  6. That looks great! Thank you Peter for all you do.
  7. I know the forum administrators have more important things to do but... several forum members, including me, have expressed their desire to have the "Like button" icon changed from a heart to something more suitable for an automotive forum. We like things that are posted on the forum but rarely do we love them. Any moderator with permission to access the forum's Admin Panel could make the change in less than 15 minutes in just a few easy steps listed below. Here is the result showing what the new Like button would look like: First copy this (or any .png file you prefer) to your computer where it can easily be found. Or you can download this one from here for free. Next go to the forum's Admin panel and select the Member Settings --> Reputations & Reactions --> Reactions Tab. Then click "Edit" for the Like icon. A new window will popup that will allow you to navigate to the new "Like button" icon that you saved to your computer. Select it and then click "Save". That's all there is to it!
  8. Just when I think I've seen it all...

    Anyone know that Buick made a tracked vehicle? Yep, the 1944 M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer.
  9. Depending on how old your car is, a cellphone could be useful in figuring out what is wrong with the car if it stops on the side of the road.... A cellphone can be used to read the trouble codes on newer cars.
  10. Congratulations Bob!!
  11. Out of gas

    The state of Tennessee just tacked on a $100 fee on top of the normal $29 (up $5 from last year) registration fee to help offset them not paying any gasoline tax. It is part of the "Improve ACT" to help pay for road and bridge repairs. The tax on gas also will go up 6 cents per gallon.
  12. Here's one that didn't have a happy ending... The owner of a local convenient market bought his daughter a new Z28 Camaro for a high school graduation present. A couple of nights later she (and three of her friends) were driving on a narrow back road and topped a hill to fast. She lost control in a curve just over the hill and hit a power pole. The Z28 was totaled and she was in the hospital for about six weeks. Her legs and ribs were broken and her teeth were knocked out. She almost died. The first time I saw her after the accident she was so battered and bruised that I didn't recognize her. Oddly enough the three friends were only bruised up a little and were treated and released from the emergency room without spending a night in the hospital.
  13. Even though the forum looked bad for a while, it wasn't what would be considered a major problem with the forum software. It just took a while to fix it. I don't presume to speak for the AACA's person that maintains the forum but in a nutshell here is what probably happened... The forum website is primarily made up of two types of files. program files (.html, .php, etc.) and stylesheets files (.css). The program files are what makes the forum operate and the stylesheets (.css files) determine how the forum will look as far as layout and color of objects you see in your browser. Normally the stylesheet files are loaded before other files to tell your web browser how the forum should look. When a link to a stylesheet is broken OR the stylesheet gets deleted the result is what we saw earlier today. Getting it fixed is just a matter of getting the CSS files properly linked to the program files in order to get back the correct colors and layout of the forum. I don't want to appear to be a know it all. I've had to deal with this situation several times on my forum and I thought someone might want an explanation of what might have happened that caused the forum to look scrambled for a while.
  14. I had a friend that bought a brand new S10, four wheel drive, pickup with all the bells and whistles. He was so proud of that truck. The next weekend he went to Catoosa Wildlife Management Area to bag his fist big Deer. He went out and sat deep in the woods all day until it got dark without even seeing a deer. As he was driving out of Catoosa on the gravel road a large Buck jumped off a high embankment and landed on his hood buckling it in on the motor and it crashed through his windshield. When the wildlife management officers came by to assist him they confiscated the deer and the loaded gun he had hanging in his back window rack. They wrote him a ticket for having his rifle loaded while driving the road after dark. He got the big buck he wanted but he didn't get to keep it long.