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  1. Do you take your Reatta(s) to car shows?

    Same here. I would rather spend my time driving my Reatta and enjoying it than detailing a garage queen to get it ready for the next show. I do enjoy looking at other peoples cars that like to do that.
  2. Congratulations. Did this forum help you find a buyer?
  3. I was wondering who shows their Reatta and how serious they are about it... I only take my Reatta to informal car shows and cruise-ins. I never have my car judged for awards. (I saw this posted in another forum and I thought we might have some fun with it.)
  4. To MSD or not to MSD ?. That is the question.

    I bought my Delco system used. Everything was bolted together so I didn't get a look at the parts separately. When I look at the new mounting bracket it appears special bolts may be needed to bolt it to the engine. Maybe a square head instead of a hex. Does anybody know?
  5. To MSD or not to MSD ?. That is the question.

    KDirk posted a good explanation of what needs to be done while I was still typing.
  6. To MSD or not to MSD ?. That is the question.

    You will also need an Ignition Coil Mounting Bracket and screws. the ICM and coils mount to the plate and then the plate is mounted to the engine The photo below shows how it all goes together. For some reason the new mounting bracket doesn't come tapped for the screws but I'm sure you are capable of doing that without any problems. I have added the Delphi coils to the Reatta Store. If you start out in the Reatta Store first, I get credit for any products you buy on Amazon that day. Thanks! The wires will work. They just need to be routed differently.
  7. "Clashing" Sound when Accelerating

    The balancer is in good condition. I have changed it and it doen't have many miles on it. The engine is quiet at idle. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Paint the town red (actually Polo Green)

    My Reatta and Dave's are almost twins with the exception of Dave's mirrors and rub strips being painted the color of the body. The photos below will show you the difference it makes if you go with matching the body color.
  9. A/C and Plug on 90 Reatta

    If that's the case you should get to know the tutorials on Reatta Owners Journal a lot better. The information you are seeking about BD24 is there in the Diagnostics Booklet.. You should get to know that booklet really well. It's your best friend when you are troubleshooting your Reatta.
  10. A/C and Plug on 90 Reatta

    Here you go: Window Motor Replacement Instructions Search the Reatta Quick Reference Guide at the top of the page. You will find a link to F14's post and a lot of other good stuff that you will find helpful. You should start a new topic for each problem you have. Combining them all in one topic like you did makes it hard to follow and reply to
  11. To MSD or not to MSD ?. That is the question.

    You are correct. Thank you for catching that mistake. I thought I was linking to the Delphi DS1004 1991 Ignition Control Module but somehow I screwed up. I should have paid more attention. I agree that used is the best way to go if you want to change to the '91 ignition system but from what I'm reading Jimbo wants all new parts so he doesn't have to worry about his used parts failing. Sorry for the mistake on the ICM part number Jimbo....
  12. To MSD or not to MSD ?. That is the question.

    If I was going to buy a new '91 ICM this is the one I would get: Delphi DS1004 1991 Ignition Control Module It's a good price and you get free shipping I prefer ACDelco brand but I'm not willing to pay $60 extra to get it.
  13. To MSD or not to MSD ?. That is the question.

    Coils for a '91 won't fit an '89 Reatta unless you also change the Ignition Control Module (ICM) to the '91 as well. Upgrading to the '91 ignition system is a good idea if you are having a problem with the '89 ignition because the '91 ICM isn't as prone to failure and it has a little hotter spark. I see no advantage to putting MSD coils on a stock engine. The 3800 is a low compression, low RPM, engine. If you are going to hot rod a 3800 the coils will be the least of your problems.
  14. Be glad that you've found products to sell that you can make money on. I sold on eBay for a while and I couldn't make enough profit to make it worthwhile. eBay, PPal and USPS made all the money and I did all the work. If I was gong to build a garage with money from my eBay sales it would have to be about the size of an outhouse.
  15. 91 Headlight question

    You might find the photos below helpful. They show a new aftermarket crankarm with a new rubber stop installed on in it. Barney's crankarms look different but they will work just as well as the one shown in my photos. A piece of rubber hose that fits snugly on the crankarm is a good substitute for the original rubber stop. The bottom photo shows the backside of the bracket the motor/gearbox bolts on to.