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  1. Fuel line issues on the Black

    Your luck runs about like mine Dave. When it rains it pours.
  2. abs leads

    There is a section in the service manual for vacuum assist brakes to I guess Teves ABS was an option or the Riv.
  3. Please welcome your new Moderator

    Welcome back Kevin. It's good to see you back on the forum! I hope you come back more often and participate in the forum. We really need your expertise. I always enjoy reading your posts..
  4. fiber optics

    Only one plugs into the light. I assume that is the only one that goes to the lock.
  5. air cleaner top.

    handmedownreatta, Did you see this ad in the Buy/Sell forum that @ChrisWhewell has for sale? Intake air box 1990 Reatta
  6. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    Dave, I don't have the capability to move your engine thread from ROJ to this forum. It is 11 pages long. However, you could copy the first post you made in the ROJ thread to here and we can discuss it again. It was an interesting thread.
  7. Door help

    Could one of the wires be gray and the other black with a white stripe? That is the only color combination that I see inside the door (looking at the wiring diagrams) That pair of wires connect to the door handle. Below is a photo of it but don't ask me where the switch is located. Thanks to whoever supplied me with the photo.
  8. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    I don't know of any FWD engine swaps using a Chevy engine but there was a project a while back to put in a Chevy engine with rear wheel drive in a Reatta. Read about it here.
  9. Door help

    What color are the wires Jon?
  10. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Padgett, You may not get a call until your last one you have coming is shipped and you have it in hand. I was expecting a call and I finally got it two days after I received the last one I had coming. The call showed on caller ID as "Kidde Extinguishers". They wanted to verify that I had received all the replacements I was supposed to get.
  11. Reatta Resources - Comments

    Good eye Dave.I didn't notice that. It's fixed now. If you find anything else let me know.
  12. Reatta Resources - Comments

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions. The update to the "Reatta Resources" post is complete. I decided to just make edits to the original post by Rawja. He did a lot of work on that post and his name needs to stay on it. I edited his post to fix all the broken links and remove information that is no longer relevant. If you find any remaining problems please let me know by posting here or via a private message and I will do my best to fix them. If you are a vendor of Reatta parts or services and want to be added to the Reatta Resources post send me a private message.
  13. Reatta Headlight Issues? Read This!

    As info: The Reatta Specialty Parts headlight motor repair kits mentioned in Padgett's review are no longer available.
  14. I've added a new post to the top of the Reatta Buy/Sell forum. It will replace has replaced the "Selling Your Reatta?" post that hasn't been updated in years. I tried to make the new post more compact and at the same time easier to read. I would like any comments or suggestions you might have on the new post before I remove the old post. Thanks! The new post can be found here: Reatta Buy/Sell Forum Rules & Instructions - PLEASE READ! EDIT: The update for the Buy/Sell forum Rules & Instructions has been completed.