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  1. MarkV

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    I have the fi manual and did some of the trouble shooting myself before giving up.
  2. MarkV

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    Coolant sensor replaced be before Smog, it tested higher cos than before. They are putting it on a gas analyser on Mon. They will be checking the vacuum fuel pressure, etc. It frankly got worse between the smog checks therefore the problem is getting worse whatever it is. Leads me to vacuum, failing regulator or injector.
  3. MarkV

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    The guy I took it to got his start on these he is going to check the reg. First
  4. Replaced the thermostat with the 195 and coolant sensor on the 77 seville. And it failed smog again for being too rich, so I am at a loss, I took it into another mechanics shop, he seems to be pretty confident he will find out what's up with it.
  5. The idea is that they are bogged down with smog equipment and 5mph bumpers culminating with obd2 in 1996
  6. MarkV

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Thank you! We did the o rings on the injectors and several were replaced by the previous owner. Once I got it operating to the right temperature yesterday it ran smooth and the economy guage registered green. I have a feeling once the thermostat is replaced all will be good
  7. MarkV

    Seen on Facebook Marketplace

    I bought my seville off of Facebook its not where you really buy old cars or where people look so you might get a good deal!
  8. MarkV

    Running Rich Solutions?

    The green light is vacuum controlled as the car gets hotter it is more prevalent, so the vacuum must be related to operating temperature right?
  9. MarkV

    Running Rich Solutions?

    I am taking it back over there later this week. Should I have them replace the coolant sensor and egr as preventative?
  10. MarkV

    Running Rich Solutions?

    The thermostat is #13008 which is 180 degrees and wrong. Obviously we need a 195degree one. Would that send these readings that far off?
  11. MarkV

    Running Rich Solutions?

    New plugs and wires as a part of the rebuild and air filter. I will run through a tank of gas with additive. Which is the best to use?
  12. MarkV

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Would a disconnected a/c compressor with lines cause a vacuum leak causing the computer to make up and causing a rich condition?
  13. MarkV

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Also of note that I just noticed was the fuel economy meter is now always orange and never turns green. Maybe thats linked?
  14. MarkV

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Is this supposed to be like this? It looks like it is missing a hose Right at the left rear of the throttle body