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  1. Again with hood up 20180217_091635.mp4
  2. At idle everything is normal. Motor has 36k on it
  3. Okay got the seville running. It idles fine for the most part (once I burn off the old gas I think it will be Much better). I replaced the radiator, battery, hoses, so i am having an issue that I cant find what it is. When I depress the gas pedal hard or once I get to a certain point I hear a click click or knock knock noise and you can feel it in the pedal. I'm wondering what this could possibly be?
  4. Did the radiator today, it was rotted through and leaking! I am hoping to do the alternator and belts next week.
  5. After cleaning inside and out and a new radiator and battery and hoses today!
  6. Most of the sevilles have been beat up rare to find a nice one
  7. That is so true every seville and Cadillac has that smell!
  8. Looking through the records since 2010 here is what has been done: Injectors Fuel hoses Master cylinder Calipers Egr Rotors, pads Fuel pump and filter Idler arm Wheel bearings Fuel pressure regulator Plugs and cap and rotor Differential service and bearing kit Power brake booster Power steering hoses Metal fuel lines Idler arm And a bunch of other stuff!
  9. Vintage mat! It has all 4
  10. Found it in Facebook, the guy has no bites and had it up for much more.
  11. Well I bought a 77 Seville in exactly the color I was looking for, guess What? It was only $600 total! It has documented 36000 miles (I have all the records a big file). I cant believe how excellent it looks! It had not been on in a while since 2015 or so and I threw a new battery in and it fired right up! It will need new belts, hoses, radiator, alternator and a/c work. All power items and electrical work even the antenna and auto trunk. Tomorrow I will clean it up and post better pics! It also has an 8 track! I cannot believe it!!!!!
  12. Classic Cars at Salvage Auctions

    Well I'm looking for a first generation seville and they seem to be plentiful in good shape with minor damage and all were driving when hit and were registered.
  13. Classic Cars at Salvage Auctions

    No flood car rear end damage not past the bumper