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  1. 1920-30s Radiator cap ID?

    Hudson Essex maybe ?
  2. Delco 4149 distributor

    Thanks. I just bought that one about an hour ago. They are too cheap not too buy and this one had the points. Thanks for trying. Pat
  3. Delco 4149 distributor

    Good morning, I just bought this on eBay and have no idea what it fits. I think truck but I am just guessing. It's a Delco Model 4149 and serial number is 121. Thanks in advance. Pat
  4. Driveshaft yoke

    Thank you . I appreciate the info Regards Pat Colleary
  5. Driveshaft yoke

    Good afternoon. Any ideas? It marked 1937 through '39 Chevrolet but I can't verify that. Part number is marked 393025 Group 5555. Thanks in advance. Pat Colleary
  6. Ford bracket?

    Thanks. That could be.
  7. Odd Distributor

    Hi Thankyou , Never heard of that one . Its amazing what gets identified here Regards Pat
  8. Ford bracket?

    This is in a ford box with no numbers. I am not sure if it is Ford or not. I appreciate any help. Regards, Pat
  9. Odd Distributor

    Good Morning I just got this and have no idea of application . Its an Anderson Remy model 367B. Any help is appreciated Regards Pat
  10. Please help ID Oil Pump

    Thank you very much .
  11. Please help ID Oil Pump

    I was sure this came from a 1937 6cylinder Hudson. Any help would be great Thanks in advance
  12. 1917 Dodge Radiator and Shell

    I think I found it . 1917 dodge
  13. 1917 Dodge Radiator and Shell

    Hi Its 23" tall in the center on the shell and 23" wide at the bottom of the shell 512487 is embossed on the lower neck Thanks pat
  14. Camshaft ID ? packard standard or super eight

    now that you say that its correct
  15. I know this is hard but I think this may be Packard standard or super eight. Any input would be great. Its 35 inches long. I just remembered were it came from . Just not sure if its standard or super eight thanks pat