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  1. Inspired by Keiser

    Friend of mine called today and said: "Have a look in the street around the corner from my house". Did that and found his '37 Packard Super Eight Club Sedan parked there! He and his wife were returning from a "drive" to Victoria and back, about 1,000kms each way. They'd been to the Christmas Party put on by the Victorian Region of the Packard Automobile Club of Australia last weekend, and are now making their way home. The weekend prior to that they attended the Christmas Party put on by the New South Wales region of the club, a mere 150km round trip. While in October the travelled to South Australia for a Packard Rally, 1,500+kms each way plus the runs on the rally. This Packard was bought out a Museum in the US about 9 years ago and since then has made many trips to Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and many, many shorter trips. Definitely not a trailer queen, it is almost a daily driver. In fact before the owner moved north of Sydney a few years back he drove it daily from his home to his workshop where he worked on various Packards of his own and on those of others. This trip was a commute through Sydney peak hour traffic, but only a mere 10kms each way. Will be catching up with them tonight for dinner.
  2. Another mystery roadster

    And it's a tourer!
  3. 1927 peerless boat tail

    Go further down to the Peerless Forum and post there. I'm sure Jeff, and others, will respond.
  4. Delorean lineup at local shop

    Many Museums both here in Oz, and across the ditch in NZ, plus those I've visited in the US have a Delorean on display. Some fitted out with all the "flux capacitor" gear but mostly without. I've seen a "flux capacitor" example on the roads here!
  5. Still Too Much Time On My Hands

    Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!
  6. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    " Among such ancient obsolete odds and ends , reside a Strad' and a , ah , oh here I go again with a Sr. Moment. And a B......... , a B.......... , no , maybe I will remember while I tap." Possibly a "Gaurnerius"? - http://www.guarnieri.com/violin.htm
  7. Introduction and question; Graham 1937 supercharger

    See, told you someone would put me straight! Thanks Bloo, learned something there.
  8. Introduction and question; Graham 1937 supercharger

    G'day Augustin, Referring to the photo of the model of the Graham, the fabric roof insert is not a sunroof. Most/many cars of that era had a fabric insert in the roof because of the technology available. It was only about that time that steel pressings of roofs were being formed "complete". Some manufacturers taking up this technology before others but probably all had full metal roofs by 1940. If I'm wrong someone will be sure to set me straight!
  9. painting car parts with a brush

    In using POR-15 be sure to use the right product. Many of their rust encapsulation paints are UV sensitive and will easily fade or go milky when exposed to sunlight. I've used POR-15 undercar and on underbonnet(hood) parts and these have held up well for 9 years now. I believe they now have products that ARE UV resistant. That said the POR-15 comes up excellently, when brush applied, not super shiney but very shiny. And, as always, the finish is dependent on the preparation and cleanliness put in before any paint is applied Link - https://www.por15.com/
  10. Rolls Royce Meteor V12 Merlin Spitfire Engine

    Last year on the way to Australia's National Packard Rally at Victor Harbor in South Australia called into a small private museum at Binalong (pronounced Bine - along). On display was a Meteor V12, see pic's. And, at the risk of highjacking this thread, also on display was a 1908 MAB powered by a Liberty V12, see pic's.
  11. Trico Vacuum Wiper Motor Parts

    Back in 2012 at Hershey had brought with me from Australia 2 x '34 Packard wiper motors needing to be rebuilt. Ficken looked at them and declared they were not rebuildable. Scoured many vendors and found 3 further '34 Packard wiper motors which Ficken also declared unrebuildable. Didn't seem at all interested.
  12. Need to get together with auburnseeker - http://forums.aaca.org/topic/301938-looking-to-buy-lots-of-vintage-auto-literature-brochures/
  13. Cardboard Box musty smell Removal

    "I would have died to own this in 1963 ." Did own one of these sets back in '63! Was sold a few years later to help finance car stuff.
  14. Inspired by Keiser

    Lots of utes around the Southern Highlands, both for rural property owners and tradesmen, but "light"trucks are growing in popularity and now that Ford and Holden are no longer making cars will be much more so from here on.
  15. Inspired by Keiser

    While in February, also in Bowral while filling my car with fuel, saw this Jaguar.