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  1. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    Presume one of your 'vettes was sold through this dealer?
  2. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    Not what you're after but some B & W images from Google - https://www.google.com.au/search?q=bauer+chevrolet+portland+or&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CdVm0QCKvDZgIjhBjlQCqGX0WZIsWcoIV7I0Y4ngAvCyOxkck8oxTEhHkpG74VLbm0SwnffcLgffrdqeK1MsDja1yyoSCUGOVAKoZfRZEauWTbH7nd--KhIJkixZyghXsjQRieFhXEXR810qEgljieAC8LI7GRGJ4WFcRdHzXSoSCRyTyjFMSEeSEYnhYVxF0fNdKhIJkbvhUtubRLAR5ORuWTbo55EqEgmd99wuB9-t2hEHGocJCg-P6CoSCZ4rUywONrXLEbWcEy6y3Ji3&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiA4tKI8vjWAhXmw1QKHQiZC8oQ9C8IHw&biw=1816&bih=868&dpr=0.75#imgrc=_
  3. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    What about car clubs in that area, members may have info on old local dealers?
  4. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    Besides the historical society have you tried local libraries and newspapers as sources?
  5. Fred Bauer Chevrolet

    No, but there's this on eBay at present - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Portland-Fred-Bauer-Chevrolet-License-Plate-Frame-Metal-Embossed-Holder-/152331954008?hash=item2377b12758:g:N6MAAOSwImRYOIy~&vxp=mtr
  6. Help Identify?

    Looks like Ford Model A differential, torque tube and rods('28/29 by the wheels) together with some sort of attached framework.
  7. Australian Six also had a similarly styled radiator.
  8. 1915 Saxon Model 14 FOR SALE

    What is the gizmo mounted where the priming cup for #1 cylinder should be? I'm guessing something similar to an exhaust whistle?
  9. Need help identifying an old frame

    A thought or two. - Although the torque tube looks very long, could the flange at the front of the torque tube have slipped back? - Could the differential be pushed forward from its usual position so shortening the space available for engine/trans?
  10. Saint Michael's Car Show 2017

    Thanks for the photos. Interesting about the 2 white '29 Model A's about 1/3 of the way through. Both have independent front suspension with disc brakes while retaining the original 21" wheels!
  11. BEAULIEU 2017

    Phil, Here's one Site - http://australiancars1918-1930.com/ The guy who put that Site together has Australian Six, Lincoln Six and Summit cars and is a real authority on these as well as other early Aussie cars. With his help, a lot of help actually, I put together articles on each of these makes for our club magazine a little while back.
  12. BEAULIEU 2017

    Phillip, Are you covering Aussie cars from the teens/twenties as well as the ubiquitous Holdens etc?
  13. '37 Data Tag Info?

    1089 = '37 Six(115C) Convertible Coupe http://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/modules/modelinfo/viewmodel.php?model=828 " I'm told this car is a 1937 however the delivery date appears to be 1939 according to the data tag. Could Packard have held some cars this long before delivery?" Suppose the delay is possible but thinking not likely. In the Packard dealer list on PackardInfo, only 2 dealers listed in Riverside - http://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/modules/dealer/ neither Cundiff. Googling, didn't find a Cundiff Packard Dealership, not to say there wasn't one , instead found these interesting snippets. - https://books.google.com.au/books?id=lHAqDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA97&lpg=PA97&dq=cundiff+packard+riverside&source=bl&ots=tP9QID7Yfn&sig=oxHaoc02gv0VKxsoCMeOvC76gAQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjvq4z264zWAhWHkZQKHc6TAZcQ6AEIKDAA#v=onepage&q=cundiff packard riverside&f=false - click on blue tab in column on right, shows 2 Cundiffs moved to Riverside in 1874 - http://www.tethercars.com/category/hawkings-cundiff/ - with Riverside and Cundiff connections.
  14. WTB - 1941 Buick Sedanette

    Sorry Jim, but no. All the best in your search. Also glad to hear the asbestos inspection problem is not as big a problem as I thought it to be.
  15. WTB - 1941 Buick Sedanette

    Jim, Are you aware of this? http://forums.aaca.org/topic/297099-big-brother-is-watching/