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  1. Ozstatman

    1938 Oldsmobile pickup truck

    A few pic's of a '37 Olds truck taken at a car show at Berry last weekend. Talked with owner, Phil, that's him sitting on the tray(bed) used as his daily driver with Chevy 350 power.
  2. Ozstatman

    Inspired by Keiser

    Few more pic's
  3. Ozstatman

    Inspired by Keiser

    Have seen this hearse before at a local undertakers but it's now been repainted.
  4. Does this link work? http://www.texaspackardmeet.org/MembersAds.html
  5. Ozstatman

    1920s-30s Packard emblem

    Could be the piece that mounts in the middle of a '38 Packard rear bumper.
  6. Ozstatman

    SCORE!!! I will take two!

    Of course! How could I be so disbelieving? 😒
  7. Ozstatman

    SCORE!!! I will take two!

    Seems to good to be true - you know what that means!😲
  8. Ozstatman

    Car collectors knowledge needed

    Survey submitted. Also would be interested to see the survey results.
  9. Ozstatman

    '48 Packard value

    Also some comments on the PackardInfo Website Link - http://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=12534&viewmode=flat&order=ASC&type=&mode=0&start=3225 See Posts #3226, 3229 & 3230.
  10. Ozstatman

    Spring Carlisle 2018

    Thanks Bob and Joe, Had a sneaking suspicion it could be along those lines.
  11. Ozstatman

    Spring Carlisle 2018

    Thanks for the pic's, but a question from this Aussie boy. What is this? Looks like it could be a FoMoCo product?
  12. George, I could be wrong but believe Ivan Saxton, here in Australia, could be helpful. Posts here fairly regularly, but haven't seen him on for a little while, but fairly sure if he sees your post he'll respond.
  13. Ozstatman

    1932 Plymouth PB Sedan Headlight Buckets

    TRY - Don Axelrod 35 Timson St, Lynn , MA 01902-1824 781-598-0523 Headlight guy headlights hdlthqtrs@aol.com
  14. Ozstatman

    1926 Graham Brothers Project

    G'day Sean, Have you tried contacting the Graham Owners Club? President is an Aussie, Nev Storey! Link to the Club - http://www.grahamownersclub.com/ Go to Regions and there is a link there from which you can send an email directly to Nev! By the way, where are located in Oz? Nev is at Ulladulla south coast of NSW. Pic is from 2014 when our Packard club visited Nev's workshop.
  15. Ozstatman

    Update from NZ: OS Nationals 2018

    NZ is a country with a lot of great scenery. Here's one shot, taken at Lake Rotoiti, from 2014 on the NZ Packard Rally.