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  1. Thanks for the clarification Bob.
  2. Bob, You said: "Approximately 20 years ago, long before I owned this 1951, it was restored in Minnesota. Not knowing the circumstances back then, I could imagine rivets being replaced, during a restoration, if the rivets were broken or rusted or damaged." AND "I have read a copy of the statute or law, illustrating the form followed, for the inspection of my 1951 antique. The information is not next to me now, but the heading closely reads "for specially constructed, or reconstructed or foreign vehicles", none of which fit the criteria of my antique 1951 Chevy." Could you argue, that restored and reconstructed in relation to your car mean the same thing?
  3. Similar experience in an FC Holden Panel Van. One hot summer afternoon turning onto the then F4 Freeway west of Sydney, in 1974, a bee drafted in through the vent window and up the leg of my shorts. Made the eyes water, to say the least.
  4. Frank, How do you do make the compensator gear box look like a Buick in some of the pic's?
  5. Agreed!
  6. The 'De Caprio' Gatsby movie was made in Australia with the guy "scouting" for cars for the movie approaching our Packard Club for cars to appear in the filming. Only one made it, a '29 633 Runabout. Even though the owner of the '29 also has a '22 1st Series Sport Tourer. They deliberately upped the vintage of the cars to be used in the movie to the '30's. In fact the Duesey and the Auburn are 'Hot Rod' "film cars" with fiberglass bodies and Chevy V8's and were imported from the US for the movie. Another aspect was that CGI was also used in the car scenes.
  7. With difficulty, see this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UexiOL8I_3Y
  8. In the background, there's a vehicle with camouflage type paint.
  9. Nick, a previous thread of yours - http://forums.aaca.org/topic/262465-1953-mcculloch-supercharger-packard-327-motor-finally-done/
  10. Back in the '60's one of our members found a 1st Series Packard with the body missing from the cowl back, and not being able to locate another body, then rebuilt everything missing in timber to dimensions supplied another Packard Club member. All the timberwork was completed utilising the owners extensive carpentry skills Including the top, the interior of which is finished with beautiful polished timber full length slats and a new timber steering wheel. Sorry for the photo quality.
  11. Not exactly "on topic", is this link from Hemmings, which is interesting to say the least. http://www.plymouthbulletin.com/adventure01.htm If nothing else, would tend to support Mopar ruggedness and reliability. Only drawback, you'll need a few hours to read it all!
  12. The new owner could always attend the 40th Annual Graham Owners Club International Meet. See this thread - http://forums.aaca.org/topic/287093-graham-owners-club-2017-national-meet/ Certainly sounds like fun, especially if guys get hit in the face with pies!
  13. Just googled "Las Vegas Car Clubs" and found this - http://www.lasvegascarclubs.com/ Looking past the scantily clad adornments to some of the cars, you just might be able to line up a car for your shoot from one of the clubs featured?
  14. Not directly related to your car, but from google found these.......... http://forums.aaca.org/topic/186315-ralph-powers-museum-in-ct/ https://photovalet.com/377157 https://www.marylmartin.com/product/southington-connecticut-powers-auto-museum-1900-crestmobile-postcard-j55459/
  15. 2nd on right is a 28/29 Model A Ford