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  1. In need of a wiper switch for my 40 President part #197934 NOS or good used would be ok. Let me know if you have any leads or another switch that would work. Thank for any help with this
  2. jerry kaiser

    1940 President rear springs

    Thanks Gary I ordered from Eaton Detroit. I should have them in a couple weeks
  3. My 40 President has sacked out rear springs. I have had springs re arched and have had mixed results. I have also added a leaf on some later Hawks and that worked pretty good. I don't know of a place to get new springs. had a friend me tell to just get helper springs. What have you done with saging springs and results ? Thanks Jerry
  4. jerry kaiser

    40 President interior

    Thanks for the info. I'll give them a call and get an estimate Thanks Jerry
  5. jerry kaiser

    40 President interior

    Thanks for responding Dick. I found a 40 sales brochure and got a pretty good picture of the interior. Your 40 president club sedan is beautiful. Are your running boards original ao did you replace the covers? I am trying to find covers for mine but have had no luck. I got mine for my 37 President and 38 Coupe Express from Shrock but they don't make them for the 40 . Do you know of anyone making them for the 40? Thanks Jerry
  6. Wanted inside windshield moulding center clips for 40 commander or president these are the little clips that join the inside windshield moulding on the center top and bottom of the windshield
  7. I will be taking my 40 president to my upholstery guy soon and would like it as close to factory as possible. Anyone know where I can find pictures of an original interior? Thanks Jerry
  8. jerry kaiser

    Brake relining

    Thanks George I got the linings on Friday and will take them to the shop today to have them riveted on. You mentioned you had other parts for my 40 president. Do you have a list? I am sure I will need many more things along the way. Thanks Jerry
  9. jerry kaiser

    Brake relining

    Thanks for the recommendations I did find a place in Phoenix that can do it. About 100 miles from me I am near Tucson, AZ . I have bought from T-Bow in the past but did not know he did brakes. Thanks Jerry
  10. jerry kaiser

    Brake relining

    I need to have the front shoes on my 40 President relined. I am looking for recommendations for who does a quality job with a good turnaround. Or if anyone has a source for just the linings I can have them riveted on locally. Thanks for any help with this. Jerry
  11. jerry kaiser

    Wanted Left rear bumper guard for 40 Pesident

    Thanks for responding Gary. I just got this 40 president and the bumpers and guards have all been replated and look great but am missing one. The widow I got it from she thought her husband never got it back from the chrome shop. One of the chrome loops on the front is bent and looks wierd.I will try to straighten it without messing up the chrome. I have some missing pieces from the Carb. but I think I have found them. He was rebuilding the Carb when he died. It has a very ameture paint job but it is really a sold car. I will find a guard eventually I have plenty of time. Thanks Jerry
  12. I need a left rear bumper guard for my 40 President dent free so I can have it rechromed Thanks Jerry
  13. Want to buy Tie Rod ends for a 26 Studebaker or is there any cross reference from another car
  14. It runs and drives great it was restored in the 70s
  15. jerry kaiser

    36 Dictator Coupe 3A distributor

    The end of the distributor is a D shape and so it only goes in one way so just pull it and replace and as long as you don't remove the oil pump you will be fine