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    !937 Buick 40 coupe running board trim

    He is an ex GM Flint employee. Is now elderly and unsure if he is still supplying these. I called at his house a few years ago, but he was not at home.
  2. 1939_Buick

    I just DON'T like the picture of this Buick

    Trotters & pacers ! They do a mile in about 2 minutes, so 30MPH. At the start the car/pick up pulls ahead and the gates are closed, usually by hydraulics. Then pulls off the track after a few furlongs
  3. 1939_Buick

    Millers Garage Auckland New Zealand tow trucks

    Has what looks like to be "NASH" above the driver
  4. 1939_Buick

    I just DON'T like the picture of this Buick

    Yes . The late 50's to mid 60' BMC Farina range. Austin 6 cylinder & Morris & Riley Wolseley clones The same body shell was used for a Vanden Plas with a 6 cylinder Rolls Royce engine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Motor_Corporation#BMC_Farina https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austin_Westminster https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morris_Oxford_Farina https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanden_Plas
  5. 1939_Buick

    Permite and Zollner Catalogs

    Ebay for Zollner pistons. https://www.ebay.com/bhp/zollner-pistons https://www.nytimes.com/1982/06/23/obituaries/fred-zollner-81-industrialist-formed-pistons-of-the-nba.html
  6. 1939_Buick

    1941 Century Model 61

    If the rear fenders & bumper were bolted on it may be easier to sell. Would look more complete then.
  7. The author is a regular poster here with screen name dynaflash8 😊 http://forums.aaca.org/profile/76364-dynaflash8/
  8. 1939_Buick

    1939-49 opera 1/4 window weatherstripping

    OK. Went to shed and had a look at my first '39 (green car purchased ~1981) Some rubber fell off when I touched it (picture 1) On the C pillar at the bottom of the window metal pressing is small metal tab & 2 spot welds. That is what the change of shape in the rubber is for. Tomorrow will look at me friends cars, which may show it better (have better access) Billy & OC will recognise the photos' but others may/will not.
  9. 1939_Buick

    1939-49 opera 1/4 window weatherstripping

    In the last few hours have had a look at 5 off '39 Buick's in various conditions (mine & friends) One 1 only (my black car) was rubber strip on the angles C pillar as attached (poor) photos. Is left side & right side. Is behind the feathered weather seal (with chromed trim).[Pulled rubber out for photo] Car is gray primer and the rubber is black/dusty to photo's not that good. Would need take some parts out of the car for better access (car being used for storage of parts) May (or may not) be original but I think has not replaced in the last ~80 years Did not notice that on 3 other cars in a similar disassembled state. Will go back and look again tomorrow. Will send other photos by email
  10. 1939_Buick

    Saw this clean MGB today....

    MGB GT were made with V8's Used the Rover (ex Buick) ~3500 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MG_MGB A lot better than the heavy 6 cylinder (MGC)
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_identification_number Car's of that era may have - engine serial number - chassis/frame number - body number (typical for GM cars with a cowl data plate. That unique number is not the same as the frame number)
  12. 1939_Buick

    1941 320 intake n exhaust

    The other thread on this manifold http://forums.aaca.org/topic/309531-1941-320-intake-n-exhaust/?tab=comments#comment-1742710
  13. If its like a '39 Buick & other GM cars of that era the firewall data plate will not have the chassis/frame number. The firewall plate does have the body number, but that is not the same as the chassis/frame number. Cars of that time did not have VIN's as we know them today:--> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_identification_number What number is on the title?
  14. 1939_Buick

    Looking at buying a 39 Century but have questions

    The air cleaner is the 320ci style. Also the internal door handles show the plastic insert. Series 40 do not have that (but handles can be swapped) From images I have of this car from 2017 is shows a good distance from the door pillar to the back edge of the front fender. Much smaller on specials
  15. 1939_Buick

    1938 buick special 4dr parting out

    Car in Spokane WA ? Pictures
  16. 1939_Buick

    Help Identify this 40’s ? Steering Wheel

    The bottom (Bernie's) is 1939 Top may be 1940
  17. 1939_Buick

    Looking at buying a 39 Century but have questions

    Welcome to the world of '39 Buick's. They are a lot of 1 year only parts but others are common to many years From other images of that car form a year ago I think is has/had unmatched grilles (early & later version). If hunt long enough you will get another so you have a matched pair The best source for any 1936-1941 Buick parts is Dave Tachey. He is old school and the best way to reach him is by phone call between 4 and 7 pm Central time here in the US. His phone number is 763-427-3460. You can also write him a letter. His address is 11949 Oregon Ave N., Champlin, MN 55316. (text by Matt Hinson from other posts) These guys are good to deal with https://bobsautomobilia.com/
  18. 1939_Buick

    Missing VIN tag

    Have never read of a body data plate being important or interest to authorities. Repo's are made & sold. Or Dave T may have (If you buy the 37 Dave T will be come your best Buick friend) Cowl firewall body data plate in this thread http://forums.aaca.org/topic/314908-how-to-indentify-a-century/ Is '37 of this thread the same car as this engine (in your other thread ) may be for? http://forums.aaca.org/topic/314803-buick-straight-8-engines/
  19. 1939_Buick

    Missing VIN tag

    Cars of that era did not have a VIN as we know it today Had - chassis/frame number on a plate fixed the chassis. Often used on titles - engine serial number. Sometimes used on title (depends on state) - body data cowl plate. Has the unique GM body sequence number & other info Can you get a title?
  20. 1939_Buick

    1923 Model 23-4-35 Buick Restoration Australia

    Have you joined the Buick Club of NSW? https://buickclub.org.au/ Each state has a separate independent Buick club. The combined all state 2013-14 Buick Australia register lists 7 x 1923 and 21 x 1924 and 27 x 1925 (all model series) An Australian built body may be very different to those from USA or Canada
  21. 1939_Buick

    Buick straight 8 engines

    Click on the persons name (left) and send a message http://forums.aaca.org/profile/166234-coyoteboy/
  22. 1939_Buick

    Buick straight 8 engines

    As posts above non dynaflow 248ci/263ci engines 1938-53 will fit. Work involved depends on the year. Engines that have a dynaflow auto transmission have a different crankshaft flange.---> trouble Engines from 1947 have a different front engine mount, so you need to use the front engine mount plate from your 1938 248ci engine 1939 and later have a stepped intake manifold. So you need to use the 1938 intake manifold Early 1950's 263 are the best.
  23. 1939_Buick

    1940 Olds got my head spinning....

    Is it speed related or engine RPM related? In 2nd gear does it do the same (same rev's)? As above, blocked muffler is another remote possibility.
  24. 1939_Buick

    1937 Buick Special Sport Coupe Model 46

    Have you looked at Bobs Automobila ? http://bobsautomobilia.com/