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    When Did BCA Fees go to $50 per year?

    Those of us who do not live in USA pay higher dues. If you pay for 3 years (as I have done since ~1982) the income will be recorded in that year, but the Bugle expense is over 3 years. I guess the Bugle has some income from advertising. But where does that really go? (Been an interesting post on that topic, that needs investigation) Not just as simple as dividing income by number of members
  2. 1939_Buick

    WTB 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

    Many people want such a fine car. But the mechanics-drive line are probably easer to repair - replace than the body-trim-interior.
  3. 1939_Buick

    1939 Buick eight mod-41

    Looks to be rust on the usual places. No known manufacturer of floor or fender sheet metal panels. The plastic tube from the rear quarter window drain channel falls off and water runs down over the wheel arch to the base of the C door pillar. Rear valence panel where the bumper brackets protrude is another common rust point. Double skin metal. Some Old's use the same basic GM B body shell. Not the same as Chev's Are you hot rodding (going by the steering column)?
  4. 1939_Buick

    locomobile 38 bearings zinc or bronze?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babbitt_(metal) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_metal
  5. 1939_Buick

    39 engine side panels

    It is easer to take the complete from sheet metal off. Images are not my car:-from the internet
  6. 1939_Buick

    Australia Meets/Shows

    Near Melbourne, will be Annual Picnic at Hanging Rock Classic Car Show 2018 was 11 Feb. 2019 will be about the same weekend. Maybe Sunday 10th Feb Get about ~2000 collectable cars. All years & models. A lot of 70 & 80's cars. A few Buick's will show up. http://www.picnicathangingrock.com.au/
  7. 1939_Buick

    1972 Dodge Dart Wiring

    And make sure you have a good fire extinguisher or 2 in the car. I doubt if any of that wiring mess is original. Was the car a V8 when made, or a was did have a 225ci slant 6? (When I travelled in USA-Canada in 1980-81 I bought a brown 1972 Dodge Dart)
  8. 1939_Buick

    New Classic Buick Owner

    If you put a photo of the cowl data plate Sean1999 can decode was it was when first made. Obviously now, with replaced engine, transmission, rear end, steering wheel and who know what else that data will not mean much. Does it now have front disk brakes?
  9. 1939_Buick

    Looks Like It's Radiator Time - '39 Special

    A radiator in an ultrasonic cleaning tank may also shake loose any solder. Not something I would try.
  10. 1939_Buick

    1937 Special coupe with side mounts

    Photos? Location?
  11. Too many (pre war) Buick's is never enough Hope the truck does not break down for you.
  12. 1939_Buick

    39 Buick linkage problem

    The other thread on this topic http://forums.aaca.org/topic/310504-39-buick-linkage-problem/ A belleville washer? (Do not have pg 7-4 of the 39 shop manual). A common industrail part https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belleville_washer
  13. 1939_Buick

    Buick powered GMC/La France

    At that price may be hard to attract a buyer https://www.ebay.ca/itm/1920s-1930s-Buick-complete-parts-engine-from-GMC-firetruck-lafrance-ALF/263674723479?hash=item3d643cfc97:g:kD8AAOSwNuVazA0y&vxp=mtr
  14. 1939_Buick

    WTB - Parts For Roadmaster 75R

    " Don't know what a "rear bar" is. " Probably bumper bar. Any (sad) photos of the damage?
  15. 1939_Buick

    39 Buick linkage problem

    The cable set up was used for 1 year only for good reason. Just one of the joys of owning a '39 ☺️
  16. 1939_Buick

    Gas tank for 1939 Roadmaster

    Dave T? May be the same as 1938-1939-1940 series 80 & 90 (Do not have access to my parts books just now) Some models Caddie's may be the same. The basic GM C body shell was used on several brands But as a guess you may need to get fabricated.
  17. 1939_Buick

    39 Buick linkage problem

    Are the rods, levers, slots & cable worn or loose? The linkages wear out and get sloppy. Is it correctly assembled? 1928-52 Master Parts Book pg 117-A.pdf
  18. 1939_Buick

    Buick Wildcat Custom or Deluxe?

    You could place a "for sale" add here http://forums.aaca.org/forum/12-buick-buysell/
  19. 1939_Buick

    1937 Buick front suspension pieces - Free

    But you need them in the future. Especially brake drums & hubs. .
  20. 1939_Buick

    wanting to add fuses in 1938 wiring circuit

    The headlight switch thermal overload is a crude design. Cars went to fuses for good reason.
  21. 1939_Buick

    wanting to add fuses in 1938 wiring circuit

    Putting the headlights through a relay is worth it. A lot of power for the on/off old switch in the original configuration.. Are you adding front & rear indicators (if not already fitted)?
  22. 1939_Buick

    1939 Buick Special restoration

    Maybe delete the signature completely. Then go back a day later and add a new signature. This software does at times seem to have issues with links.
  23. 1939_Buick

    Straight 8 Exhaust Manifold Valve Body

    From Dig's other posts guess it is a 1950. From Bob's 1939-1952 is common. But would need a check of the parts book to check it accurate and if 1938 is the same. http://bobsautomobilia.com/manifold-parts/
  24. 1939_Buick

    Borg Warner DG250 Locking up

    In a Jag, Stude or ?? http://www.charlietranny.com/Automatic Drive.htm https://forums.jag-lovers.com/t/saloon-lovers-borg-warner-dg-250-gearbox/38155 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Borg-Warner-DG150-DG250-Jaguar-Transmission-Manual-1951-61-Copy-of-AUTOBOOKS-/152059271005
  25. 1939_Buick

    Where to get a DYNAFLOW rebuilt ?

    A google search for "Watauga transmissions" brings up 3 shops. Was is :- Big John's Transmission 5930 Plum St # 124 · +1 817-281-9230