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  1. Thanks for the photo A photo of the carbs from the other side would be good
  2. Twin carb's were only 1941 & 1942. They do fit other years Are you sure for the small 248ci? Measure the distance between the ports Where are you located? $500 is good/fair price if complete, not cracked and in good conditions. Sadly too far from me (assuming in USA).
  3. Buick straight 8 running rough, help plz

    As above have you cleaned out the complete fuel system from tank to carb?
  4. Is this 1931 Buick Engine Correct

    1939 was the first year of the stepped intake manifold (~1.5" steps down at no 8, as the engine is on a slope) Up to then the intake was flat (in one plane)
  5. Trunk back / Slant back

    Some years ago I saw a 38 Century slopper for sale (From memory a car GMH did not officially make) Like Fisher 37-38-39-40 GM Holden (Australian) series 40 & series 60 body shells are essentially the same so putting on series 60 chassis is possible
  6. garage ideas/placement

    Looking good. When does the '39 get home ? (moved from where it is now) " restoration thread below, I have no idea what that picture is as it is not my car or in my thread??? " Cannot see where that image is coming from. You can link as text only, so it does not show an image

    From https://history.gmheritagecenter.com/wiki/index.php/A_Brief_Outline_of_the_First_Century_of_GMC_Truck_History Was the 1933 GMC (or the head) a variation of the old Buick 6?
  8. Trev

    What do you plan to do with it? Where in NZ are you? 1928 start at 1960500 1929 start at 2225361
  9. Trunk back / Slant back

    Yes. As image below (with the GM Holden body down under)
  10. 1919 Buick Roadster

    Not that many pre 1920's Buicks in NZ The 2004 NZ Buick list has 15 off 1918's listed, but some may be duplicates (Same car but different owner and the list not updated)
  11. 1919 Buick Roadster

    That looks like a challenge NZ rego MQ4413 is/was registered as a 1919. Plate: MQ4413 Engine No: 142635 Chassis: 552159
  12. 1919 Buick Roadster

    Where in NZ are you? Send an email to NZ Buick Club : nzbuick @ yahoo.co.nz (remove the spaces) The NZ Buick people do help out each other Edit Looking at the 2017 NZ Buick register 1916 4 are listed 1917 2 are listed 1918 4 listed. are 1 x E45, 2 x E44 & 1 x H45 1919 nil listed 1920 nil listed There are Buick's in NZ that are not in the NZ Buck register
  13. Straight 8 buying advice

    Dave T is the man to contact for pre war Buick Parts http://forums.aaca.org/topic/206688-dave-tachney/ The torque tube length, diff and drive shaft varies from year to year. After 1940 were more consistent A 263 is later version of the 248ci. Anything other than a 320 engine, 37 transmission & 37 torque tube will require engineering work to fit. Is the diff in the car a series 60 1937? Or something else?
  14. Steering Wheel Colors

    For '39' s they should be a dark maroon , the same color as the knobs on door handles (and the steering column) The plastic resin of those times did not last long or age well. Have read somewhere some started to crack after a few years.
  15. Oil dipstick, 1939 Roadmaster

    A nice car. I suggest you talk (off line) to Pete Philips (is on the forum) 1939 engine mounts are a 1 year only design. But a 320 ci from many year will fit into a '39 1939 transmission are a 1 year only design, with many 1 year only parts. Some parts fit a range of years. No matter what number is stamped on it, it does look like a later engine (dip stick location and circular side breather) Does the block have a cast in square pad with 4 tapped holes near the front? Fuel pumps and oil filters are easily changed (to better items). Could have happened any time the last 70 years