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  1. Steering Wheel Colors

    For '39' s they should be a dark maroon , the same color as the knobs on door handles (and the steering column) The plastic resin of those times did not last long or age well. Have read somewhere some started to crack after a few years.
  2. Oil dipstick, 1939 Roadmaster

    A nice car. I suggest you talk (off line) to Pete Philips (is on the forum) 1939 engine mounts are a 1 year only design. But a 320 ci from many year will fit into a '39 1939 transmission are a 1 year only design, with many 1 year only parts. Some parts fit a range of years. No matter what number is stamped on it, it does look like a later engine (dip stick location and circular side breather) Does the block have a cast in square pad with 4 tapped holes near the front? Fuel pumps and oil filters are easily changed (to better items). Could have happened any time the last 70 years
  3. Looking for Buick specialist Grant Magrath

    The Magrath family lives in New Zealand; a right hand drive country. RHD steering boxes are different The '38 they had has been sold to the a friend of mine. The LHD drive (ex USA) '39 Coupe they still have. If you PM your email I can pass on you details. As you appear to be in USA or Canada Dave T is best person for pre war parts http://forums.aaca.org/topic/206688-dave-tachney/
  4. Looking for Buick specialist Grant Magrath

    And still there working hard What's the question for Grant?
  5. Unknown 1912 era car, ID requested.

    And 10 vs 12 spoke wheels
  6. WTB 1939 Buick Special Gearbox

    Every '39 owner should have a spare gearbox. Many 1 year only parts. But generally the same parts wear out in all of them.
  7. Utes

    No agreed Aussie definition, but the body and deck in 1 continuous body shell is more what purists call as a "ute" Many sold in the last decade have a separate body and tray. but still advertised a "ute" Ford have stooped car/ute/SUV production in Australia and only a few weeks left before Toyota & GM Holden stop production for good. 100% imports from then There El Camino in Aussie, including 1959-60 and others from 1970's; as well as Ford Ranchero's
  8. Very interesting (subscribed) thread Do you have Dave T on speed dial?
  9. 1937 248ci Intake Man. Gland Rings

    Bobs Intake http://bobsautomobilia.com/manifold-parts/intake-manifold-pilot-ring-1934-53-s.40-50-.-mp-343/
  10. 1937 248ci Intake Man. Gland Rings

    When new it was metal to metal Head to manifold gaskets were not used
  11. 1938 Roadmaster gears or transmission needed

    Cluster gear group 4.421 part 1298457 1937-38-39 series 60,80 & 90 and 1940 series 60, 70, 80 & 90 Idler gear group 4.430 part 1298374 series 60,80 & 90 and 1940 series 60, 70, 80 & 90 1928-52 Master Parts Book pg 108-A.pdf
  12. 1938 Roadmaster gears or transmission needed

    Will look in my parts book tonight (It is 12:25 here now)
  13. Unknown Car or Truck Grill?

    A possible 1937~38 Standard (UK) http://www.simoncars.co.uk/standard/flying10.html http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C278972 http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/images/c/c2/Im09DSF-Sta43-37.jpg The large opening at the cotton for a crank handle is unusual
  14. Unknown Car or Truck Grill?

    As a guess British
  15. 1932 Straight 8 Build

    1259602-1 is the casting numbers. Usually it is not the same number as the part number. But sometimes the part number and casting number are the same 2786271 is engine serial number Sean1997 will be able to tell you more