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  1. I have also decided to buy a new inlet manifold from the UK too. How is it coming? Speedy Air Mail, Parcel Postage! Surely lightening cannot strike in the same place twice. Can it? I am holding my breath. It WILL be OK, I have a "tracking number" so I can check on its progress. So far, I know for sure that it has been posted. Bj
  2. The latest report on the missing parcel. My friend in the UK has been doing some checking using the "Tracking Number." It seems as though I have nothing to worry about! It is not just my parcel that has fallen through the cracks. It appears that it is a whole big Post Bag containing lots of other people's parcels too, Some forgetful baggage handler has put it down somewhere. The problem is that he cannot remember where he dropped it. Someone is sure to find it some day, maybe not this week, month, year, decade. But at sometime in the future, someone will find it! Oh well! The Tracking Service? Their message is, "The case is closed". End of story. Bj.
  3. Hello Jp and Eric I am glad to see you are both hard at work. Right now work on the Lagonda has stalled. Good ole Australia Post seems to have crashed the aeroplane that was bringing my new head studs from England. The Tracking Service tells me that it took off from the UK at 4.14 PM on Saturday 11-3-2017 and it has not been seen since. Oh! MERDE! as my French friends are known to say in times of extreme stress. My local Post Master tells me that it is far too early to start worrying! My parcel may turn up anytime within the next month to six weeks. Now ain't that just something? Bj. What was that I said about Page 13.
  4. Hi Ben Thank you, I need some one to do that every so often to wake me up. I am just sending an email to Margaid, our Rapier Register Spares Person, She posted the head studs at her village post office in the UK to me 11 days ago. The parcel took a day and a half to reach Australia. It has taken (so far) another nine and a half days in the Australian Postal "Service". The Tracking Service tells me that it could-should be delivered this week. The CEO of Australia Post is due to retire soon, He is now in his mid 30s. He can just about afford to retire. He has just paid himself another Multi Million Dollar Bonus on top of his already Multi Million Dollar salary. After all he is the CEO. Now I know I should have started my working life as a Telegram Delivery Boy. Bj. To answer your question; about 1.5 to 2 mm. (one or two threads).
  5. Hello Paul I could not agree with you more on all three points. The big thing is to remember that this is a hobby and as such supposed to be FUN. For all those people saying "Oh Yeah!" I admit I have a problem, I have to be aware that my time is rapidly becoming shorter, As a result I become more impatient, there are so many more projects that I have in the pipe line. I really have a "thing" with people I perceive as sitting picking the lint out of their navel. Figuratively speaking of course! N.B, This does not include any of the regular contributors to this thread. Bj.
  6. Page 13. I hope that is not an bad omen! Hello Carl and Ben Not angry or even bad-tempered, possibly a little grumpy, but with good reason. At least I now know that there are two other people on the forum who are wide awake and who actually do work on their own cars. And are (hopefully) interested in and understand what I am writing! While I tend to use my forum threads/posts as a form of diary, it should also be a conversation and it seems (to me) that very often it is a one sided conversation! For instance and most recently, I still do not know how many other people go to the trouble of counter boring the tops of the holes the head studs screw into. There is a reason for doing this. If you all do it and know why it is done, then I would be boring you to go into a lengthy explanation. I can imagine any number of you saying (to yourselves) "Gee Bernie; that is "old news"if you cannot tell us something new, why bother?". At the risk of boring the rest of you, the reason why I go to the trouble of counter boring the head stud holes is quite simple, My good friend and proprietor of 'Crankshaft Rebuilders* Ian Shugg,'who for the past 30 of 40 years have been doing my engine work, some years ago suggested that I do it. Cast iron, as I am sure that you all know, is softer and structurally weaker that steel, more especially, the high grade of steel used in the manufacture of head studs and the nuts that go onto them*. As you tighten the nuts holding the head down, you are pulling the stud up. This in turn pulls on the weaker cast iron that the stud is screwed into. The counter bore gives the cast iron space to move before distorting the face of the top surface of the block, thus reducing the risk of causing 'high spots' that can eventually cause the head gasket to leak. This counter boring is a very minor thing that can reduce the risk of a major inconvenience at some time in the future. If nothing else it should be done after the top of the block has been refaced. Thank you for listening, I hope that you have learnt something new and that I am not boring you. Without some feed-back, I have no way of knowing if you are interested or not! And that you are not complaining (to yourselves) "There goes that "old-car", woofflling on again! Bj. * "Crankshaft Rebuilders" started out many years ago, specialising in recovering the large diameter bearing surfaces found in crankshafts fitted to large marine engines. They are now the engine reconditioners of choice of a great many of the enthusiasts engaged in all forms of "Motor Sport" in Australia. They also manufacture high quality crankshafts to individual specifications. When I was building the new 1500cc motor for the Lagonda Rapier, they made the new crankshaft that is used in it. Bernie j
  7. I am really disappointed! All the armchair experts seem to have gone to sleep. It seem a total waste of my time to post all these interesting photographs only to have their relevance go straight over your heads. Not one to give up easily while I am waiting for the slow boat from the UK to bring the new head studs I have been able to do one or two small jobs in preparation. Please do not get too many splinters scratching your heads over this one. The question is "what and why?". Before answering that one a much easier question. How many of the people looking at this have actually held a spanner in the last ten years? A supplementary question, EVER? We all know how much easier it is to hold a pen and sign a cheque (check). Even easier these days, to "tap" a credit card. Bj
  8. ```````````````````````Standard Rapier connecting rods are quite inpressive on their own and would have been sensational when new in 1934 but like all things they do become fatigued with age. Todays two photographs show a standard Rapier con-rod and one that hangs on the wall above my desk as a constant reminder! It had been in one of my earlier cars and what you see is the result of just a moments over enthusiasm. Starting on the front row of the grid, next to a very fast supercharged Austin that was in Pole Position. I managed to beat him to the first corner, just .................... Bj. 41005
  9. These small double ended lobes were for spring loaded dampers. They proved to be more trouble than they were worth so the spring bits were removed and thrown away when the cars went in for their first service. There are still a very small of cars that still have them. The Rapier still idles smoothly at 800 to 1,000 rpm without any vibration and will rev smoothly up to 5,500 to 6,000 RPM without any fuss. Not something I would recomend with original 82 year old con rods.
  10. Hello Matthew I have sent you a P.M. Re Phillip Island, Riley Rally. Bj.
  11. For the benefit of anyone wondering about the two modern replacement cam bearing caps, the original oil pump drive was a gear mounted on the camshaft between these two bearings. When I first bought the car all those years ago, the original caps had been broken and welded, quite possibly at the bottom of a chicken house, using the available materials.
  12. And some more photographs. The first one is a handy little tool I am in the process of making this afternoon. Then for people with even more inquiring minds, A photo of the cylinder head being lifted off the bench ready to go on the engine after my new head studs arrive from the Rapier Register "Spares" in England. I think that it is worth spending a moment of two looking carefully at the "head". But then I may be biased. The "other" lifting device is strong enough for me to lift the engine and gearbox as a unit. I USED to be strong enough to lift and carry the head by myself. I am told it is something to do with "anno domini" Bj.
  13. Back to more pleasant subjects, as pointed out to me recently, by using Jaguar XJ6 con-rods in the Rapier's engine, the third set of big-end bearings are free. No prizes for working that one out. Bernie j,
  14. Hello Matthew I know the of car(s) you refer to there are actually two. One is more or less totally dismantled the other has been "Under Restoration" for as long as I can remember and probably longer. There are three more Lagonda Rapiers in Queensland, one in Maleny and the other two in Northern Queensland. One of the cars at Nudgee has an earlier attempt at boring the original block out to 1500 cc. That the car has not been driven since 1964 or earlier must say something. The owner is, I am led to believe, an "expert" in everything, why else would he be converting the gearbox to roller bearings; when it already had them from new? The same person published in the Register "News" detailed instructions on how to turn a CD Disk into at timing diagram. There are twenty Rapiers said to be fitted with 1500cc blocks from the same batch as the one in my car. The only thing is that the owners of many of these would sooner keep this a carefully guarded secret. They are afraid that should this information "get out", that it may in some way effect the value of their "investment"......... Bj. The photo below is of the car Matthew mentions.. It is taken from my Book "EVER KEEN" from the section on this car, You may note the caption beneath the photo states that it was stored in this manner from 1963 to 1993. It has since changed location and is/was undergoing a restoration which commenced some years ago. In his contribution to the book the owner states "At one point in 1963 ( the same year as the photograph) I pulled an indicated 5,500 rpm...........
  15. Just as a matter of Interest I did a search through the Rapier Register's detailed list of cars and came up with 19 other 1500cc Rapiers all presumed to be using the same replacement cylinder block, about half of those are racing cars. It is just that no one else talks about their cars. I am led to believe that there are even more but I am told that their owners like to keep the size of their engines a very closely guarded secret. Bj.