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  1. Thank you Paul It is one that I would sooner not have but I will keep you informed. The good news is that finally The missing parcel that was coming EXPRESS AIRMAIL from the UK has finally arrived. It was posted on 10/03/17 so I guess that the Express Aeroplane that was bring it ran out of steam or the Pilot got tired of pedalling.
  2. Finally I have the Rapier all back together but I am having a small problem sorting out the static ignition timing with the electronic ignition. It may be something I am doing but to my simple mind it would appear that the timing of the point of spark is not properly synchronised with the rotor and the distributor cap. Using a timing light it would appear that it is timed to "spark" when the rotor arm is halfway between two pick-up contacts. If any of that makes sense. One thing is sure it does not want to start! I am tempted to pull it all out and put the points set back in. I am becoming very expert in throwing money into the bin....... I will wait until Monday when I can talk with the experts who supplied and fitted the Electronic set-up. Apart from that and one or two small oil leaks it is looking good. I actually gave it a wash last thing this afternoon. It looks a whole lot better all in one piece and with all the grubby hand prints etc washed off. Bj.
  3. With the exhaust headers all but finished I have turned my attention to fitting the carburettors. I am now waiting on some gaskets. With the headers in place I can then refit the muffler and tail pipe. Once again I have run into strife with the inlet side, it is virtually impossible to mount the carbs onto the manifold with the dreaded balance tube in place. I have now removed this yet again and will investigate fitting screw-in plugs into the holes. This will involve cleaning up the holes and tapping a thread into them before making the screw-in plugs. I may be being over cautious but I cannot bring myself to trust the epoxy "stuff" to be a permanent fix. All it would need is for this to crack or partially fall out to weaken the mixture and cause havoc. I really cannot afford another major engine rebuild. Neither the cost in Dollars or the mental and physical strain. Bj.
  4. Oh Dear! I must be getting old! I have spend the afternoon welding the exhaust headers together, sounds easy doesn't it? Just for six lengths of pipe, a steel plate with four big holes and eight little ones and two or three joining pieces. Having made a couple of false starts I decided that the time had come, I have replenished my two gas bottles and bought a couple of tubes of welding rod. Some four hours later it is about 90% done. Possibly the tricky bit was making the headers so they went on and came off almost as easily, as I had explained earlier. I can tell you now:- It ain't all that easy, another hour or three and it will be done. It is now time to turn off the gas for today and get cleaned up ready to pour the cook that all important"Pre-dinner Drink"...... Cheers! Bj.
  5. Back to square one, the original "Barker" inlet manifolds now fitted with a larger "Balance pipe" finally installed on the cylinder head, one more positive step towards having the Lagonda back together again and running. Bj.
  6. For all the experts on "tuned length" exhaust systems and followers of "Phillip H Snith", I know that none the four primary pipes are exactly the same length to the last millimetre. I have increased the size of the secondary pipes to 1 3/4 inch diameter and fitting them all in while leaving at least half an inch clearance all around was quite a task! I can still take them off and put them back on again without having to remove any body parts, mudguards (fenders) etc which in my book is a major achievement. I still have quite a bit of welding to do and to tailor the "collector" for the end of the secondary pipes where the exhaust will go into the one, two inch diameter, pipe leading to the muffler. This is a basic 4-2-1 system which I consider (among other people) to be the best arrangement for all round use. It gives a good spread of power over the entire rev range. 4-1 systems may give slightly more power at peak revs but how often do you drive a "road" car flat out? I have just cut up a 4-1 system which has hung un-used on the wall for years. I wanted to use the steel base plate. Bj. The space below is for all the people who would like to tell us all about their favourite exhaust system/s........ Yes even MG owners, Here is your chance.....
  7. Happy Easter. I have decided to go back to where I was in January, using the opriginal "Barker" manifolds but with the balance pipe I made then but did not use. All the experts suggested that it would not work with the balance pipe on the underside of the inlet tract, it would fill up with unburnt fuel. I will wait and see before commenting further. I am now waiting for the super strong epoxy that is to hold the balance pipe in place to sets. On the exhaust side; of course the middle of the Easter holidays is the ideal time to run out of gas, no not petrol, but oxygen and acetylene. I have just replaced the old (leaking hoses). I probably have about a days work to finish the hard part of the exhaust. I will then have to make some decisions whether to replace the muffler and tail pipe or just the tail pipe. There is really nothing wrong with the muffler except age and I am very much against getting rid of things (or people) just because they are becomming old. It (the muffler) is a very eficient design and works very well, it is quiet, but does not create any excessive back pressure being a "straight through" type.
  8. Firstly MR2Red You are way behind the times! BOC have what they call their "D" Plan,there is no rent on the D size bottles and the cost to refill is extremely competitive compared to the Retail Price charged by Bunnings. I was probably one of BOC's first customers to adopt the D Plan. Bj Hello Paul Life will continue, Once I have finished fabricating the new extractor exhaust system, I will transfer my attention back to the inlet manifold. I don't intend to chop up the original panel or otherwise mess about with the car. Enhancing the cars performance is one thing, choping up panels is something else. Bj.
  9. IHello everyone I am actually back in body if not in spirit. Having received my new inlet manifold I find that withpout some drastic surgery to the right hand side of the Rapier's bonnet (hood) I cannot fit in my 1 1/2 inch SU carburettors so it is back to square one. Meanwhile I am doing a juggling act with all my pieces of exhaust pipe. Again it is a space problem but one that I must solve. The existing (1984) extractor manifold is now wafer thin and cannot possibly last very much longer. The problem is that the secondary pipes (1 3/4 inch pipe) have no more that a 1/4 clearance where they pass down beside the oil filter housing and the starter motor. Neither can easily be moved. Finally at about 4.30 pm this afternoon I have run out of both Oxygen and Acetylene. It looks like a quiet Easter. I still have to weld up the "collector" that takes the exhaust from the two secondary pipes into a single 2 Inch piple leading to the muffler. Happy Easter Bernie J.
  10. While our son Steve is working on the inlet manifold rather than sit and twiddle my thumbs I have just started on the exhaust side of the engine. The first three photographs are Steve's the last two are mine. You may have gathered that as mentioned in my earlier post, KG 5363's inlet ports are just a whisker bigger than standard. Bj
  11. Hey! It is now more than a month since I posted the photographs of the Humber "Wheel of Life" and not one person has suggested an answer to my question. Have you all been so bored that you have gone to sleep. Bj.
  12. Hello Matthew and Maoc Right now I am running around in very tight circles, If I run any harder or the circles get any tighter I may well disappear. I will be out of sight for the rest of this week but should be back before you have noticed that I have gone. Perhaps next week I will be able to get back to the Lagonda. I have taken the inlet manifold and a template of the inlet ports out to our son Steve. Hopefully he will find some time in his busy programme to machine the inlet manifolds to match KG 5363's ports. These are just a tiny bit larger than standard. One day it will be all sorted out but all good things take time and effort. Bj.
  13. Hello Paul Thank you for your ongoing interest.The centre section of the "log" reduces to half an inch in the middle, My main aim with changing to this new inlet manifold is to over-come cylinder "Robbing" which happens in some four cylinder engines where you have one and three cylinders running rich and the other two, two and four, lean. There hopefully will be some other side benefits. Apparently the "Buffer" ends of the balance pipe also have some benefit too. I have a busy week coming so unfortunately there will not be all that much work done. I did get the radiator fitted yesterday but even that took up some extra time as I welded a new end section, about an inch, onto the outlet pipe where it had rusted. Bernie j.
  14. Hello Paul Thank you for the nice comments. The Lagonda engine rebuild has progressed to include a new inlet manifold which is a much better design and includes a balance pipe with buffer ends, which I hope will go some way to prevent cylinder "robbing" and I have started to build a new exhaust manifold which will replace the previous, 25+ year old, set of pipes that had been badly cracked and had become very thin in places. I still have to collect the four "bends to finish the job. Then I have to decide whether I should Chrome plate it or paint it black or silver (spray aluminium) The previous exhaust I had aluminium sprayed which lasted very well and did not discolour with heat as chrome tends to do. I am told that 80 year olds should not be worrying about these things. Why not, it keeps me active and using my brain. I use oxy-acetelene gas for welding, I still don't have a mig or other electric welding and anyway I prefer gas as it permits slight modifications to be made as the job progresses. I will build another 4-2-1 system as I believe that they are better for road use than a 4-1 system, and they are easier to make to fit into the available space under the bonnet (hood) Bernie j.
  15. Thank you Matthew There was no problem about excess driver weight when KG 5363 was rebuilt by Beatrice Shilling (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beatrice_Shilling) as a racing car in the 1950s, she was just 5 ft tall and very slight. Pre war she had raced solo motorcycles at Brooklands, had a Brooklands Gold Star (awarded to riders completing a 100mph lap). She also held the Lady Rider's Speed Record for Motorcycles at Brooklands. When I rebuilt the car in 1978-80 it was again totally dismantled including the chassis frame, indeed a "last nut and bolt" rebuild. I have borrowed some head studs. I am told that I should not worry, it is not just my little parcel that was lost but an entire "Mail Bag". It seems that no one (except me) is overly concerned about the loss. Bj.