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  1. Just so we don't loose sight of the purpose of the Thread, The Triumph Super Seven is all loaded up and ready to leave Canberra for its long journey to Melbourne.
  2. Hey Paul where have you been? First the French and then the English have been building racing and sports cars ever since the first cars were built. Because of the British Laws governing the use of motor cars up to 1904 that compelled pioneer motorists to have a man walk in front of their cars waving a red flag and ringing a hand-bell, any motor racing was restricted to private property (Brooklands) and off shore islands. EG Isle of Mann etc. The famous London to Brighton Run was originally called the Emancipation Rally when the Man with the Red Flag Law was lifted in 1904. This is why that Run is restricted to Pre '04 cars. Under UK Veteran Car Club rules only pre 1904 vehicles qualify as Veterans. Racing at Brooklands actualy did not start until 1906 but planing and construction of the banked concrete track started a year or two earlier These two early photographs are from William Boddy'sHistory of Brooklands 1906-1940. If you can find a copy it makes fascinating reading. The first photograph shows the 1907 team of 60hp Napiers at the start of their 24 Hour Run Average speed 65.9 mph over 1,581 Miles. The second photograph is of a 1909 20 hp Vauxhall timed at 88.6 mph over a half mile. The third photo is of a Lagonda at Brooklands in 1909. Lagonda actually started production with motorcycles in 1899. Lagonda were the first manufacturers to build "unit construction" cars with an angle iron "space frame" in 1913. Steel panels were copper riveted and soldered onto the galvanised frame. Photograph 4. The other book you could look for is Georgano"s Encyclopaedia of Motor Sport. It will tell you that Motor Racing started in France with the Paris to Rouen Race in July 1894. Bj. \
  3. While digging through my"archives" I discovered the attached photographs of a 1932-4 Triumph 9hp "Southern Cross" that I owned between 50 and 60 years ago. It had a "tuned" version of Coventry Climax IoE 1100cc engine and a four speed gearbox complete with a very sporting "remote control" gear change. Instruments were:- Rev Counter with a clock included in the face. Speedo with both trip and total milage. Twin rotating barrel combined temp and oil pressure gauge and a fuel gauge. All in a Walnut timber dashboard. Lucas lighting included two modern(ish) Fog/Driving lights. It was a two/four seater with front bucket seats. And a Brooklands steering wheel. Girling mechanical (cable) brakes. I am led to believe that it was repainted from dark green to cream shortly after I sold it. I have never seen or heard of it since. It is amazing how, what even then was a quite rare car, can simply disappear. Bernie j.
  4. Hi Andrew and welcome to my small corner. I am waiting patiently for the Triumph. It should arrive by road transport in the next two or three days. Watch this spot. Bj
  5. Hello Paul You are not the only one that is deprived in hirsute department. After a over 80 years of scratching my head I barely have enough to keep my ears warm. On the subject of overly noisy exhausts, as one who drives their vintage car over some considerable distances, nothing is worse than having a loud exhaust snarling at you for mile after mile. Years ago I had the "privilege" of driving a friends Jaguar XK 120 with "racing exhaust' for about 150 miles! At the end of the trip I felt that I had driven it for 15,000 miles non stop. I had a splitting head-ache and felt physically sick. Bernie j.
  6. Hello Paul I too threw my "creeper" away years ago. I use pieces of carpet and rotate them, simply throwing them in the bin if they get too grotty. The good news is that with the new seal in the water-pump and almost everything back how it should be, the Rapier is running and I have only to pin down one or two small oil leaks before I take it out for a road test but it is sounding great (at last). I will have to re-torque the cylinder head nuts once it has done a few miles. It is incredible how much difference the new exhaust headers seem to make. The old ones were almost 40 years old and had quite a number of repairs and patches over that time. Also I changed the design very slightly to make them easier to fit and take off. I am still using the same muffler and tail pipe. The muffler is in good rust free condition, so I really have no need to change it. I do not like excessively noisy exhausts. Bj
  7. Some progress on the Rapier today, our son Steve called in and was able to assist me in pressing the new seal into its housing. The water-pump is now back together and fitted. Tomorrow I have the delightful job of re-fitting the radiator and the bonnet (hood). More lying on the cold garage floor. One thing for sure is that I will not be going to sleep. Bj
  8. Have no fear Paul. It is to be loaded onto one of Cameron, my friendly transport specialist's, B Doubles for the 8-10 hour drive from Canberra to Melbourne. Take time to look at one of Mr Google's maps, "Garron A.C.T to Doncaster East, Victoria". This will give you a little insight into travel in Australia. It will be coming straight down the Highway but by diverging onto some of the local roads you may even be tempted to come and visit. There are some great drives through the mountains. You may need snow chains this time of year. We are said to have more "ski-able" snow in the Australian Alps than in Switzerland. Check it out! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skiing_in_Australia For now I must change horses. The new water-pump seal arrived in yesterdays mail so I have to quickly change to my Rapier hat and get to work on putting KG 5363 back to gather. AT LAST. Bernie j.
  9. Hello All, I know that we have been down this path once or twice before. This one will be a new experience for all of us. I owned a 1934 Triumph 10 Hp with a Coventry Climax four cylinder ioe engine what seems a lifetime ago but I have never owned a "vintage" Triumph (pre 1930) before. The Super Seven was sold in competition with a bevy of English light cars, Austin Sevens and Morris Minors being just a couple of examples. Attached is a photograph of my next project ready to be collected by road transport to bring it from Canberra, the Australian Capital to our home in East Doncaster Victoria. At this stage you all know as much as I do or perhaps even more. I have not yet seen my purchase. If you look them up you may discover that SUPERCHARGING was a factory option. Hold on tight! Bernie j.
  10. After some anxious waiting the Royal Mail man has done his stuff and has earned his UK £3.30. Despite the advertised 5 to 7 days delivery time, he has excelled himself taking just 17 days to frantically pedal his bicycle all the way from the Welsh Borders, UK to East Doncaster, Australia. Perhaps I can now finally finish putting KG 5363 back together again. Bernie j
  11. At least I do still have one SS Jaguar piece to remember it by every time I go out into the garden
  12. If I could have one back, I think that it would have to be the SS Jaguar 3.5 Litre special, except that it is leading a very active life in Switzerland and I doubt that I could afford to buy it now. A truly great drivers car. 4 speed manual. Over 90 mph in 3rd gear, great for passing slower traffic. (The speedo is calibrated in Miles per Hour.)
  13. Looking back through all this stuff, I have not driven he Lagonda since the start of December last year. If it stays in the garage much longer I will not have to worry about replacing anything, it will have taken root. Changing the subject ever so slightly I actually pulled out the lawn mower and cut the grass of our minuscule back lawn. This is now much less time consuming since I found this magic product. My normally recalctrient mower fired up first pull of the starting cord. Unbelievable! Just a short, three of four second squirt into the air intake and it was "All systems go, up, up and away! "
  14. Which of the three visible springs are you looking for? It looks like typical Rolls Royce over engineering. In your own terms:- just pee on it and walk away!":D Bj.
  15. Hello OnSafari They are both "flat nose" for one reason or another I have never owned a Bull-nose. Perhaps I am missing out on something but I will probably never know. I understand apart from the very early Bull-nose mechanically there is very little difference. It is a strange thing but I have met up at different times two of the owners of the Dark Blue car but I have not seen or heard of the Silver (polished aluminium) and Red car since the day I sold it. This is most unusual as even the owners of cars that have travelled to the other side of the world, (The Czech Republic for instance) seem to find me from time to time. So far I have not heard from anyone who wants their money back. Bernie j.