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  1. 1964-66 NOS radiator hoses for sale.

    Will do Tom. Peace WildBill
  2. Nailhead engine pulleys

    Here are some nice pulleys from 60's nailhead engines. Power steering pulleys are $20.00 each plus shipping. All water pump pulleys are $30.00 plus shipping. Peace WildBill
  3. I have 2 1965-66 Wildcat,Electra non-AC upper hoses....part#1366??? marked R76EP50 on hose. NOS one is $25.00 plus shipping. Used one was on car for a few months before i switched to 455......$20.00 plus shipping. Next is a 1965-66 LeSabre with-AC lower hose.....part#1366382. $25.00 plus shipping. Last one is a lower hose for a 64-66 Special,Skylark with V8......part#1362552.Has inner anti-collapse spring. $35.00 plus shipping. Peace WildBill
  4. As near mint condition. Lots of pages and great pictures. $30.00 shipped. Peace WildBill
  5. And the shifter ball is should not have a pattern on is on the plate on the floor.AND.....they left the clips on the throttle arm for the idle speed control switch wires from when it had an automatic. Peace WildBill
  6. This car was probably made in the late 70's or so. Not a real 1 of 9 in my book.Look at the 10th from last photo.......those rusty nuts tell that the 4-speed pedal assembly was installed AFTER the plate that mounts the 4-spd over center pressure relief spring mount...which are painted black.If it was original to the car they would have painted over them also when the firewall was painted. Also....the tilt steering looks to be from a Rivera because of the upper chrome covers.Also the VIN plate is mounted with a single round pop-rivet to the firewall and the last numbers don't match the block numbers.The real test to see if it was a real 4-speed car is to see under that shift console on the floor. 50/50 or less on that being a real LX motor to the car. That said.....there are lots of rare correct parts that make this look like it could be real......... If it is real.....there has to be a paper trail to document a car like this. Peace WildBill p.s....picture of a 1 of 2 65 Wildcat 4-dr 4-speeds ever made.
  7. Here is a real nice original......not correct for GS but will work and most won't know.All mounting studs intact and excellent. $200.00 plus shipping. Peace WildBill
  8. These were traditionally tore down and thrown away when a new model year poster arrived.This one has been folded up and stashed away for years. Really cool "Wildcat Powered" logo in upper left corner.This 38"x50" poster would make a great addition to your Buick garage. $50.00 shipped. Peace WildBill
  9. This a solid and straight driver quality spear or a perfect core for a re-chrome.It has age spotting in the chrome and only a few real pits. All mounting studs are there and excellent. $15.00 plus shipping. Peace WildBill
  10. Tom......the molding you just won on e-bay is not the one i need. Had it been.....i would have been "all in"........ I have a NOS grille emblem......and you can twist my arm on that pair of NOS fenders :-) LMK if you can help me with that molding......a trip to the Cat's Lair may be in your near future. Peace WildBill
  11. Nail head question

    I have a crankshaft bolt and washer available, Peace WildBill
  12. As title states.....or i will trade plus cash for a drivers side NOS 1966 Wildcat 2dr OR 1966 LeSabre passenger side 2dr molding. Or i have other NOS 1966 Wildcat parts to trade. This is the absolute last piece for my current Wildcat GS build, Please help ! Thanks and Peace WildBill

    Here's the two loves of my life...... Peace WildBill
  14. Factory Nailhead 2x4 Set Up $1900

    64 only set-up......notice the roller wheel for the kick-down switch on the rear carb. If carb throttle shafts are loose and leak air then they will idle like crap from the air sucked by them. Very common problem and expensive to fix. Peace WildBill