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  1. If they have drain plug ,remove oil and if rusty oil flush with mineral spirits . refill and see if they leak . Might be best to call apple for a recommend and best oil on todays market .
  2. 51dyno

    This plate from a 1957 Super

    If the ID tag is with screws I would be suspicious . Titles and ID tags can be bought .
  3. 51dyno

    Wiper issue

    What was the problem before replacing the Motor ?
  4. 51dyno

    Gas tank plug washer

    How about a Nylon washer , there are sealers supposedly for ethanol . I believe Loctite has one ??
  5. 51dyno

    Buick Question

    I would say the motor and tranny came from a special as well as all other parts to make the conversion .Or it was a special order Roadmaster at the time as the crank would have had to be machined for a stick .
  6. 51dyno

    Question for 1965 Buick folks

    You have to remember they are Wi. cars that have been sitting idle for 15 years . Many times people think they are sitting on Gold when it might not even reach silver .
  7. 51dyno

    Biggest new car per peaves

    They are as big distraction as texting . The other thing is they put the same size seats in all models .
  8. 51dyno

    58 Buick on Craigslist 2dr 6500

    On Ebay for 13,000.00
  9. 51dyno

    Muffler hanger cap 1957 1958 others?

    If it is metal look at a 1 inch pipe cap or 11/8 cap and drill a hole ..
  10. 51dyno

    Towing with an Enclave - Anybody done it

    Bite the bullet and buy her a enclave and a pre 2000 low milege Suburban or Tahoe for towing . Last month GM ran 15 % off on a enclave and it appears to still be going on in my area . but sales vary by zip code .Mine listed at 50 and the fully loaded was 53. all I am missing is the rear entertainment package . It has premium sound and Nav.. Reason I say older Suburban or Tahoe is they had the seats that were flat and not like todays . I had a 100LB Lab and getting the way new seats fold was hard .She is gone now so I bought a new suburban . Haven't towed jet but I think the old 350s were better with their tranny than the new many gear ones. If you find a larger engine better yet . 2018 Enclave will have changes and some restyling .
  11. 51dyno

    Problems with Lester tires

    Thank whom ever is responsible for changing the compounds used in making the Rubber for tires. The old classic tires use the modern type material .
  12. The third party workers are more than likely contract workers who receive very little benefits and limited wages. saving the auto industry big bucks on labor and more for the top as a bonus.
  13. It happened to me once with no lights on anything at sunset , turned out to be the ground on the floor dimmer switch.
  14. 51dyno

    Cutout Control Wire

    Lawnmower control cables, heater control cables.
  15. 51dyno

    Help with 64 Rambler

    These heads were famous for cracking at the valve seat.