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  1. Any tips on fixing a sticking drivers side window crank?
  2. A couple of pics showing my gauge setup which I’ve had for many years. Don’t remember where I got them and there’s no name visible unfortunately but they just seemed to cry out to be right there and have proven very useful. Also not in the way at all and I am 6’ tall.
  3. Just wondering again if anybody knows what happened to the above convertible? Or does anyone know of any others? Good looking conversion
  4. Whatever happened to that convertible?
  5. I thought someone might have made some custom bows at some time?
  6. Slight change of subject but has anyone ever heard of chrome headliner bows for a first gen riv?
  7. bc65riv

    Back to reality

    That is the norm. All about muscle cars and restomods. Very few Rivieras and in the case of the red and black one——zero interest. I think it was the low sale of the day despite what was claimed to be a rebuilt 425 with dual quads, disc brakes etc. The limited amount of pictures did not help, I’m sure. All cars are no reserve except for a few highenders so it’s a gamble
  8. 64 riv just crossed the block at bj for $9700. Another one coming up soon
  9. Will 1964 425 exhaust manifolds fit on a 1965 401? Any problems?