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  1. Will 1964 425 exhaust manifolds fit on a 1965 401? Any problems?
  2. Need 1 or 2 new or nearly new exhaust manifolds for my 65 401. Question: Is there any alternative to pulling out the motor to replace these manifolds? It’s the original motor——never been out and all the studs will probably break off as one has already? Help
  3. Went on a rod run last year ----very slow going, hot weather and brakes started to fade. I have a dual master installed. Could it be getting too hot and what is the cure? also looking for 4 note horns or best replacement with similar sound frank
  4. Where are you located? I would be very interested in the 65 drivers rear quarter if the price is right.
  5. Classicparts4u

    Ed, sorry but i dont know how to do links however if you google them they come up under ebay stores which is where i find them advertising all kinds of replacement parts for my 65 riv. maybe someone has actually dealt with them. They are located in westland, michigan
  6. Has anyone dealt with these guys before? Need outer rockers and floor pans? Will they fit?
  7. Am looking for drivers side rear quarter panel rust free for a 65 riv. I have a 1980 suburban full of riv and suburban parts. Let me know what you are looking for and I will check rather than itemizing right now. The whole works incl. suburban w/350 on propane for sale for $1000 Canadian
  8. hi kevin----------ive got a 65 rear bumper for sale if youre still interested. i live inb.c. will take some pics if you want
  9. the gross weight would be about 2000 lbs.
  10. speaking of towing as in a previous post, i just bought a 15' boat and would like to tow it behind my riv. i need a hitch for starters so any advice would be appreciated. thanx, frank
  11. a friend of mine up here in b.c. needs a front bumper in real nice shape to complete a restoration he has done on his 64. does anyone know of one for sale? thanx, frank
  12. thanx jim but i believe the bezels are the chrome outer part that you can see from the back. i need the part that actually hols the bulbs in place. correct me if i'm wrong frank