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  1. Seafoam. Thank You , Thank You, Thank You.
  2. Hi All, I am looking at a 72 Pontiac Grand Prix. Does anyone know if GM stamped a VIN on the frame of their cars that matches the tag on the dash at the base of the windshield? If so, where on the frame? I posted this in the Pontiac site but thought I would also ask my Riviera Brothers too. Thanks!
  3. Is there a Stutz Club for the modern Stutz Blackhawk revival cars built in the 70s and 80s ? I have the same inquiry on the Stutz forum here but I guess that is only for the "real" Stutzs. THX
  4. Forum or Club for Stutz Revival Cars

    It looks like this forum is reserved of the original or "real" Stutz cars. Is there a club or forum for the modern Stutz cars built in the 70s and 80s? I found a registry page but it hasn't been updated in 10 years.
  5. Might be a real car. Seller says the miles can be documented. Low optioned but the paint looks like it would buff and make a nice survivor.
  6. Looks nice. Didn't know there was a 303 cleaner.
  7. Best deal on car covers IMO is ebay. I recently bought one by KONO covers that advertised as 20 layers whatever that means but it is just as good as the ones I see for well over $100. Its also somewhat reflective so the interior doesn't get too hot. But if you want custom fit, you're going to pay $$.
  8. Totally agree. The 307 was a dog. The 305 Chevy motor was so much better. Not sure if they made it into any Rivieras.
  9. ^^^ This! If I wanted that body style in an Eldorado, either a 79 or 80 I would buy. Lots of engine swapping in those days or sure. The 79 had the same engine as the first gen Seville, an Olds 350 V8 with Bosch fuel injection. The 80 Eldo had the downsized 368 Cadillac V8 (from 425 cid used in the DeVilles in 79) but it had a feedback carburetor because this was the first year of computer controls for GM called the C4 system. 81 Eldos had the 368 again but it was equipped with the cylinder canceling 8-6-4 system which was a disaster. In 82 came the HT4100 engine which as mentioned had big problems with coolant mixing into the oil and early engine failure. If it were me looking for an Eldo, I would want a 79 or an 80 in that order.
  10. Thanks Tom for the explanation. I'm curious, that it seems balancing the shaft in a lathe with working angles, would still only be close if a generic angle were applied due ride height differences between cars. This would an incomplete balance unless working angle measurements of the driveshaft installed are taken and then applied to the set up in the balancer. I would thing an off-road shop that does suspension lifts has the ability to do this or works with a driveline shop that can do a proper balance for the Riv.
  11. However, the driveshaft being in phase or out of phase is a moot point if the driveshaft were balanced which mine was.
  12. Thanks PWB and 1965RivGS for taking the time to reply. I went through my rearend last fall and had the driveshaft rebuilt while it was out. You guessed it, the shop said it was out of phase so they put it in phase. I haven't driven the car on the freeway yet so I can't say if there is a vibration at higher speeds.
  13. telriv, please explain in detail and what is 67 1/2*?
  14. I think you are right on this ^^^^^ Thats how online dating services stay going
  15. I agree, seems like a decent price in the 30-ish range. "Fully Restored"? Don't think so. The chrome on the car is weak and the rear bumper pretty scratched up. Glove box scratched and other imperfections make it a good driver.