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  1. Paul K.

    Purchase Advice?

    At $500 I would buy it. Not sure how bad the floors and rust is but I've revived many like this. From what I can see it can be cleaned up and the paint buffed out. Put $500 in it, new tires and brake hydraulics, and then stop. Sell the dream to someone else. Ask $4500 and go down from there. Consider your "profit" payment for your labor. Put that toward a '65. if too rusty or it is not a good runner, part it out.
  2. I've been running Hankooks on all of my old cars. The H724 I hear is being discontinued so I went with their fairly new Kinergy H737 PT. Very happy and as one review stated took very little weight to balance. They also offer an ST version. Not sure which offers white stripes.
  3. Paul K.

    First Generation Dash Pad

    Is the last close up photo of the vent the final look?
  4. Paul K.

    Correct drain plug washer

    If you reuse your drain plug washer and you feel it may leak, a thin layer or RTV on the sealing surface will get you by until the next oil change.
  5. Have an Alma on my 78 Bentley. It’s the recommended replacement in the Rolls & Bentley arena. Good unit.
  6. 72 Riviera, the console shifter will operate the transmission from Park through all the gears down to Low, however, it will not upshift or move the transmission at all or back up to Park. I have to manually move shift bracket/handle on the side of the trans to shift the trans back to park. I have use of a rack but by myself so I can't operate the shifter to see what is happening underneath. Everything looks connected and not loose from the cable to the linkage at the shift selector to its other end on top of the steering column. Something came disconnected as it feels normal from Park through Low but light feeling with little resistance upshifting. ???😐
  7. FWIW I bought a 72 Rivy In 1987 Advertised with 75K miles. It looked and drove like the miles were original. The seller (a flipper) had a file with all the service records but he never studied them And was bummed when they showed 175k mikes. Great car, got it for $500. Drove it for a summer and sold it to a guy and it rolled off a cliff (literally) and was totaled. Without service records low mileage claims are just stories. I actually came across a 72 skylark that I used to own advertised with less miles then when I owned it. Buyer Beware.
  8. Just my opinion but Absolutely ridiculous this rule. 8 point deduction for tires? I recently attended a Concours judging training seminar for the Rolls-Royce and Bentley Owners’ Club. One would think they’re very fussy about certain items And they are but not to this degree. Rules like this take a lot of the fun out of the hobby and aid in making it a rich man’s game. With a point deduction so large for tires a lesser car condition wise (paint, underhood, etc. ) could beat a car in better condition if the owner spent the big bucks and installed correct tires.
  9. One should always check the front toe. It can be out causing Tire wear but the car won’t pull. Springs sag over time causing camber changes. However in the big picture, the best indicator of whether a suspension needs an alignment is tire wear patterns or if the car pulls to one side.
  10. Yes. A change of 8 psi will change alignment.
  11. I would get the windows right as planned but unless there are large gaps a good car cover will keep things out.
  12. Paul K.

    75 riviera worth

    Sounds like parts car condition and not worth investing money into. $500 if the drivetrain is good.
  13. Good buy these days if the chrome is good. To think I used to get all the Buick rally wheels I wanted for $15 each at the local pick a part. Oh but that was 25 years ago😳. Time flies.
  14. I saw this Riviera last week in person. The owner is selling a few of his cars but the Rivy as far as I know is not for sale ... yet. Nice car.
  15. I’ll sum things up by saying most people are stupid and don’t “get” old Cars unless you speak of one that is high in value. Then all of a sudden they’re interested.