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  1. Good Info for many of us that own other GM vehicles. I have a 72 Grand Prix that is experiencing the chatter while turning but only after driving a while. I installed the Castrol Limited Slip Diff oil after a recent service but was suspect it wasn't enough. The car is a "Barn Find" with only 35k miles so I had no point of reference as what it drove like prior to the fluid change.
  2. To answer the original post and to come full circle with the topic... 15" wheels. 😁
  3. Looks like a nice survivor in SoCal.
  4. I think that’s how mine ended up being mounted up high close to the glass.
  5. Paul K.

    Wanted : door lock knob

    Are they the same as Cadillac and some other GMs of the era. I may have one from a 64 Cadillac restoration I did.
  6. I restored a 64 Cadillac Eldorado 20 years ago and Jenkins was the best for interior trim materials and kits. I worked directly with Hill Jenkins and happy to hear they’re still turning out excellent products.
  7. The Buick Open was in LaJolla CA for as long as I can remember. Then it became the Farmers Open (insurance) a few years ago. I don’t golf and don’t know why the switch but do miss seeing the new Buick’s every year driving near my home on the coast.
  8. I don’t bother looking at OPGI’s catalog anymore.
  9. Interesting and I have a question. My 64 drivers side manual mirror was mounted on the top of the door skin so it practically touched the door glass. It was a Buick logo mirror and when I had to change he door skin some later, I found one with a remote mirror where the holes were lower on the side of the door. My question is for a manual mirror, is the correct the placement higher or lower as I described? Same question for the passenger side if I add a mirror.
  10. Paul K.

    Purchase Advice?

    At $500 I would buy it. Not sure how bad the floors and rust is but I've revived many like this. From what I can see it can be cleaned up and the paint buffed out. Put $500 in it, new tires and brake hydraulics, and then stop. Sell the dream to someone else. Ask $4500 and go down from there. Consider your "profit" payment for your labor. Put that toward a '65. if too rusty or it is not a good runner, part it out.
  11. I've been running Hankooks on all of my old cars. The H724 I hear is being discontinued so I went with their fairly new Kinergy H737 PT. Very happy and as one review stated took very little weight to balance. They also offer an ST version. Not sure which offers white stripes.
  12. Paul K.

    First Generation Dash Pad

    Is the last close up photo of the vent the final look?
  13. Paul K.

    Correct drain plug washer

    If you reuse your drain plug washer and you feel it may leak, a thin layer or RTV on the sealing surface will get you by until the next oil change.
  14. Have an Alma on my 78 Bentley. It’s the recommended replacement in the Rolls & Bentley arena. Good unit.
  15. 72 Riviera, the console shifter will operate the transmission from Park through all the gears down to Low, however, it will not upshift or move the transmission at all or back up to Park. I have to manually move shift bracket/handle on the side of the trans to shift the trans back to park. I have use of a rack but by myself so I can't operate the shifter to see what is happening underneath. Everything looks connected and not loose from the cable to the linkage at the shift selector to its other end on top of the steering column. Something came disconnected as it feels normal from Park through Low but light feeling with little resistance upshifting. ???😐