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  1. Dum,dum?

    This is the stuff, and can never go wrong with anything 3M.
  2. Nice car and so much car for the money when one considers what some pay for JUNK Camaros, Mustangs and the like. Can't beat a Rivy. As a friendly forum member, I will say to not give it away unless you are pressed for cash. Classic car sales are pretty slow now during the holidays and many just can't buy right now. HOWEVER, after the first of the year, with Spring coming, people getting the car show fever, tax refund checks on the way, the market picks up a lot. Solid Black Plate Cali car? There is a guy in the rust-belt mid-west right now drooling over your car but can't buy til March.
  3. WTB Road Wheels

    BUMP If anyone has a set of Road Wheels and you don't want to be bothered with packing and shipping I can have them picked up by a UShip carrier. THX. Anywhere on West Coast is OK to keep shipping costs reasonable.
  4. IMO, Ebay has really gone downhill. Low bids and lots of Kooks. I listed my 81 Corniche and pulled it after a few days. Its on Hemmings now and getting a good response. I know, you're buying and not selling. Ebay might be good for buying as sellers may appreciate and deal with a serious educated buyer who actually has money to buy a car. Might find a good car for a good price. Fuzzy logic but this arena seems to be in constant flux.
  5. Need a set of 15" Road Wheels . Ones from the 70s and 80s are OK. Need not be perfect but suitable for a driver. If you have flat center caps thats a bonus. I'm in San Diego so if in SoCal, I can pick up Paul
  6. I used to think yes, but now no. I recently used some on a nearly scratch free stainless radiator shell to clean the metal. Unfortunately, it instilled some fine scratches. Mother's has a metal polish which I THINK is less abrasive
  7. $400 is a fair price. Maybe it was worth a little more like $500 but not much IMO. For $900, Quality Restorations will rebuild your old wheel from the metal frame up so the materials are new. An original wheel is 50+ years old and it would be a bummer to pay $800 for one that is crack free only to have it inevitably crack. Then you have a $100 wheel. Personally, I'm getting the JB Weld out and fixing my cracks.
  8. Seafoam. Thank You , Thank You, Thank You.
  9. Hi All, I am looking at a 72 Pontiac Grand Prix. Does anyone know if GM stamped a VIN on the frame of their cars that matches the tag on the dash at the base of the windshield? If so, where on the frame? I posted this in the Pontiac site but thought I would also ask my Riviera Brothers too. Thanks!
  10. Is there a Stutz Club for the modern Stutz Blackhawk revival cars built in the 70s and 80s ? I have the same inquiry on the Stutz forum here but I guess that is only for the "real" Stutzs. THX
  11. Forum or Club for Stutz Revival Cars

    It looks like this forum is reserved of the original or "real" Stutz cars. Is there a club or forum for the modern Stutz cars built in the 70s and 80s? I found a registry page but it hasn't been updated in 10 years.
  12. Might be a real car. Seller says the miles can be documented. Low optioned but the paint looks like it would buff and make a nice survivor.
  13. Looks nice. Didn't know there was a 303 cleaner.
  14. Best deal on car covers IMO is ebay. I recently bought one by KONO covers that advertised as 20 layers whatever that means but it is just as good as the ones I see for well over $100. Its also somewhat reflective so the interior doesn't get too hot. But if you want custom fit, you're going to pay $$.
  15. Totally agree. The 307 was a dog. The 305 Chevy motor was so much better. Not sure if they made it into any Rivieras.