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  1. I would get the windows right as planned but unless there are large gaps a good car cover will keep things out.
  2. 75 riviera worth

    Sounds like parts car condition and not worth investing money into. $500 if the drivetrain is good.
  3. Good buy these days if the chrome is good. To think I used to get all the Buick rally wheels I wanted for $15 each at the local pick a part. Oh but that was 25 years ago😳. Time flies.
  4. I saw this Riviera last week in person. The owner is selling a few of his cars but the Rivy as far as I know is not for sale ... yet. Nice car.
  5. I’ll sum things up by saying most people are stupid and don’t “get” old Cars unless you speak of one that is high in value. Then all of a sudden they’re interested.
  6. I like Monroe shocks but do not like the OE Spectre line. I installed 4 of these on my 66 Cadillac and they were terrible. The shocks they replaced were at least 20 years old and 2 were leaking. I noticed virtually no difference with the new Monroes and they were real floaty feeling especially in the rear. A bounce test with the new Monroes went over 2 to 3 cycles. One of my students owns a repair shop and won’t install the Monroe OE Spectre shocks after experiencing similar results as me.
  7. Glad to see these too. I hope they the plating is better than the set of repros I bought back in 1989. I can't remember exactly who the vendor was that sold them so I won;t mention any names, but they only lasted a few years before the pitting started. BODAYGUY, please post your results after you install them in regard to fit.
  8. Suspension

    All good points Early Rivieras handle well compared to other vehicles their size so I would just rebuild the suspension stock. I have found most mods people do cause a big loss in ride quality. Then it’s not a Riviera anymore. I remember when I replaced the rear coil springs in my 64 how much less the car swayed in a turn. An approach I have used is to replace all the rubber suspension bushings or at least the ones that are cracked or not centered. Also replace the 4 coil springs and shocks. A little stiffer shock like a KYB might be a good idea for your goal. If still too floaty, maybe install a thicker front sway bar. Not sure if there is a larger version of the rear sway/panhard bar in back available. Also, be sure to have the wheels aligned correctly. There are preferred/revised caster settings for radial tires. A slightly lower profile tire can also help but the l lower you go means less rubber between the wheel and the road so a harder ride.
  9. Mine was leaking from the pump housing but otherwise was fine. I removed the square cut O-ring housing seal and matched one up at a heavy equipment repair shop. I think it was $5 and that was over 10 years ago. Still holding.
  10. Dum,dum?

    This is the stuff, and can never go wrong with anything 3M.
  11. Nice car and so much car for the money when one considers what some pay for JUNK Camaros, Mustangs and the like. Can't beat a Rivy. As a friendly forum member, I will say to not give it away unless you are pressed for cash. Classic car sales are pretty slow now during the holidays and many just can't buy right now. HOWEVER, after the first of the year, with Spring coming, people getting the car show fever, tax refund checks on the way, the market picks up a lot. Solid Black Plate Cali car? There is a guy in the rust-belt mid-west right now drooling over your car but can't buy til March.
  12. WTB Road Wheels

    BUMP If anyone has a set of Road Wheels and you don't want to be bothered with packing and shipping I can have them picked up by a UShip carrier. THX. Anywhere on West Coast is OK to keep shipping costs reasonable.
  13. IMO, Ebay has really gone downhill. Low bids and lots of Kooks. I listed my 81 Corniche and pulled it after a few days. Its on Hemmings now and getting a good response. I know, you're buying and not selling. Ebay might be good for buying as sellers may appreciate and deal with a serious educated buyer who actually has money to buy a car. Might find a good car for a good price. Fuzzy logic but this arena seems to be in constant flux.
  14. Need a set of 15" Road Wheels . Ones from the 70s and 80s are OK. Need not be perfect but suitable for a driver. If you have flat center caps thats a bonus. I'm in San Diego so if in SoCal, I can pick up Paul
  15. I used to think yes, but now no. I recently used some on a nearly scratch free stainless radiator shell to clean the metal. Unfortunately, it instilled some fine scratches. Mother's has a metal polish which I THINK is less abrasive