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  1. TexRiv_63

    `63 Riviera hood button

    Don't know if this helps, from my all original early production 63.
  2. TexRiv_63

    Oil & Filter

    The most useful car maintenance tip my Father ever gave me was to change the oil and filter early and often compared to factory recommendations. I have spent a lot of money on oil and filters over the years but I have never had an engine failure due to lubrication issues so I take it as very cheap insurance. One other tip: if your filter is mounted vertically fill it with oil before installation to allow quick pressure buildup when starting. If you can't do that, crank the motor over with the coil wire pulled until you see pressure on the gauge or until the idiot light goes out.
  3. TexRiv_63

    1953 Ford Victoria

    Last of the flatheads, very nice.
  4. TexRiv_63

    Suchion Cup marks and Haze on New Windshield

    I bought a cheap offshore windshield once that had the haze problem, learned a lesson there. This should never happen on a new car and they should replace it under warranty.
  5. TexRiv_63

    6 volt battery maintainer

    Battery Tender
  6. TexRiv_63

    Oil & Filter

    Wix oil filters and Valvoline VR-1 conventional oil.
  7. TexRiv_63

    Pre War Cars - how fast is fast?

    IMO we tend to look at old cars through a natural filter of our experience driving todays newer cars with finely balanced engines, overdrive transmissions and copious sound deadening technology. Very few prewar car owners alive today actually have personal experience driving those cars when they were new or even a few years used. I imagine back then many owners had no qualms about driving their cars at high speeds on the rare good road available and did not worry about the screaming engine rpms, high oil consumption and rapid wear those speeds caused. Engine overhauls and bearing replacement at modest mileage were very common and accepted as the price of hard use, while today we beat on the drivetrain and fully expect the car to last beyond 100,000 miles with no repairs needed.
  8. TexRiv_63

    1926 Pierce Arrow Roadster -Restored

    Very nice. Never saw a Pierce with disc wheels like that, were they aftermarket or factory option?
  9. TexRiv_63

    Enamel Radiator Emblems and Automobilia on Ebay

    Here is that Weidely plate and a few other items. Many of our items have $9.99 opening bids and free shipping.
  10. We have a nice selection of items for sale this week including a very rare set of 4 Marmon Sixteen reproduction hubcap emblems, an original 1933 Auburn foldout sales brochure, a Weidley engine data plate, a number of original radiator emblems, and more. Take a look! https://www.ebay.com/sch/rusty_packard/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  11. TexRiv_63

    For Sale This Week on Ebay SOLD

    Most of these items have sold except for these two horn buttons.
  12. TexRiv_63

    32 pb crank hole cover

    Do you have a photo of the crankhole cover you are looking for?
  13. TexRiv_63

    Car ID

    Does this Miller car still exist?
  14. Thanks to Chris Ritter and the library for the 66 Dodge Monaco shop manual I just purchased on Ebay. It was reasonably priced, well packaged and quickly shipped. When I opened it I was pleased to see that it is an essentially new but original manual with no damage or signs of use other than some slight cover soiling, better than what I expected!
  15. TexRiv_63

    Buying on ebay. Don't use your phone!!!!

    Cellphone app purchases are a big part of any Ebay seller's business today and they have pushed the sellers to downsize and focus listing features in that direction. Its not going to diminish but rather will increase so complaining about it does no good. I edit all my photos to fill the frame and put the most descriptive first in line. The little "mini-description" note always includes "SEE ALL PHOTOS AND FULL DESCRIPTION" but I'm sure most app users only see the first couple of photos and lines of description. This has worked for me and I have very few returns or condition issues.