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  1. TexRiv_63

    a/c conversion

    I had the same experience years ago with my 63 although I did not try as hard to fix the stock system before replacing it all with Vintage Air. I was very happy with that system but I have a great deal of respect for anyone who can get the original to work.
  2. That's me washing (?) my Dad's 52 Ford with my Mom's 48 in the background.
  3. TexRiv_63

    1963 Buick Riviera

    Post this in the Riviera forum under Buick further down and you will get plenty of answers.
  4. TexRiv_63

    1978 Olds 98

    I owned almost the same car back in the early 80s. They are great cruisers and this is a nice rust free example, seems like a bargain.
  5. Original Buick upper center dashboard filler bezel with clock delete insert plate for all 1962 full size models including Lesabre, Invicta, Electra 225, and Estate. The bezel is a large chrome plated die casting and the delete plate is steel with an aluminum trim piece. Bezel is 13 3/8" wide by 4" high, panel is 5 3/4" wide by 1 3/4" high. PN's 1349602 and 12520 are stamped on the back of the bezel and it has 6 mounting studs included. There are 2 more studs with nuts used to attach the clock panel. The bezel is in good to very good used condition with no bends, dents, cracks, scratches, corrosion or swelling. The chrome is shiny with little sign of wear but it does have some micropitting typical of diecast material. The clock delete plate shows some nicks, scratches and paint wear and has light surface rust on the back. These could be used as is on a nice driver or easily restored. $20.00 plus $11.70 Priority shipping within USA.
  6. TexRiv_63

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    Matt, FWIW both my 32 Cadillac and 34 Packard came from the factory with the springs covered with articulated sheet metal gaiter covers that were designed to flex with the spring but also to keep the spring from getting dirt and moisture between the leaves. These covers had lubrication fittings so that heavy oil could be pumped inside, plus the Packard had the Bijur system which fed all the spring shackle pivot points with 50 weight oil as you drove. Not sure about the Cadillac but as you know the Packard was all original and both cars rode very comfortably. Was your car originally equipped with some type of spring covers and if so how were they lubricated?
  7. TexRiv_63

    1929 Pontiac 6-29 Two-Door Sedan

    After all the recent hoopla in these forums about the (death of, overpricing, undervaluing, hoarding, lack of interest) in prewar cars it has been interesting to see the amount of high quality and affordable cars that have been advertised for sale in just the last month, this one being a prime example. If you want a prewar car it seems to me that this is a very good time to acquire one.
  8. Wow, I have no idea. I guarantee that s--t is not mine! Just deleted.
  9. TexRiv_63

    1950 Oldsmobile 98 Deluxe Futuramic

    Very pretty!
  10. These items have been sold or relisted, thanks.
  11. TexRiv_63

    Threaded Hubcaps and Radiator Emblems on Ebay SOLD

    These items are either sold or will be relisted, thanks.
  12. TexRiv_63

    Packard emblem

    I found out this an aftermarket emblem from a leather key fob. Advised of this by Dan Kanter.
  13. TexRiv_63

    Packard emblem

    Can anyone identify the year, model, and application for this small Packard enamel emblem? It is 15/16" wide by 1-7/16" high, gold plated with red enamel.