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  1. 1967 Plymouth GTX Hardtop

    This car is now for sale in Hemmings online. Here are a few more photos.
  2. HELP! Can you identify these 9 emblems?

    # 6 is from a 1920s Star made by Durant Motors.
  3. The heat insulator is not a bad idea in this time of ethanol gas but raising the carb up could cause linkage adjustment problems. As far as the idle problem it could be a poor rebuild job using incorrect gaskets. I learned this with Oldsmobiles using the 4GC carb, the "universal" rebuild kits come with a bunch of similar but slightly different gaskets, if they are not a perfect match for the originals they can cause all kinds of trouble. Incorrect float settings can also cause problems. Good luck!
  4. For Sale 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible

    Best to post some photos here if you can.
  5. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    Nice car. Price? Location?
  6. Radiator sourcing....what's a good company?

    I replaced the radiator in my 63 Starfire with one from U.S. Radiator. OEM style copper and brass and upgraded core capacity if you want it. It was an exact visual match to the original except for the Harrison name. I shopped local dealers and paid about what I was being quoted for recoring. http://www.usradiator.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=oldsmobile+1969+cutlass
  7. 1967 Plymouth GTX Hardtop

    Price is reduced to $47,500 negotiable. I have also updated the photos and fact sheets in my dropbox folder, use the link in my initial post.
  8. I had them rebuild the fuel pump on a 32 Cadillac many years ago, they did a great job at a reasonable price.
  9. Newbie

    Welcome Jim. The antique car hobby is one of the best because of the enormous degree of choice available. You can choose to collect old car emblems or you can collect Rolls Royces. You can own and show a 1980 Chevette or you can restore and show a Duesenberg. Whatever segment of the hobby grabs your interest you will find other people with the same interest waiting to share information.
  10. ebay SELLING HUB

    Sellers Hub replaced Selling Manager Pro quite a while ago. My retirement business is Ebay sales so I have no choice but to look at Ebay changes professionally. They send quarterly bulletins telling you about all these changes pretty far in advance and providing tutorials and data to explain things. Of course I would prefer that nothing would ever change from what I am used to but in what world does that ever happen? I got used to Sellers Hub quickly and it actually works quite well once you learn the layout. I also use the My Ebay Selling page most of the time which has not changed format recently and still provides a good interface.
  11. Car Trade Instead of Cash Sale - Opinions?

    Thanks for the replies. The state is Texas, two private sellers, both living in Texas. The assumption is an even trade of cars with no cash involved. I researched this through the Texas DMV online and confirmed it at my local tax office today: They do use Standard Presumptive Values to determine sales tax for cash sales on newer vehicles, those apply if they are higher than the actual price paid. (What a ripoff!) SPV's DO NOT apply to vehicles 25 years old or older or to even trade vehicle swaps. No sales tax is charged on even trade swaps but there is a $5.00 fee on top of the normal title and registration fees.
  12. I have bought and sold a lot of cars with cash transactions but I have never done a car-for-car trade between private parties. I am now considering it, I know it must happen often but what about the paperwork, how are the car values determined for sales tax, capital gains, etc.? What are the positives and negatives? I'd like opinions / advice from anyone who has done this, thanks.

    What a fabulous car. Is that by any chance an Amos Minter restoration?
  14. How many of us are into very early hubcap collecting?

    Regarding criticism of automobilia collecting vs. restoration use, my experience has been that there is a surprisingly large amount of hubcaps and radiator badges out there, usually many times more than the number of remaining cars in existence. These items were collected by many from the beginning and these collections are still coming out of old garages and being sold. The internet completely changed the market for them and through their large numbers made them accessible to a new generation of collectors. The truly ultra rare items like Greg's Staver are the exception and will always trade at very high cost no matter what the end use is. I have offered items to people on this forum but have very seldom completed a sale, not sure why. I do have a personal policy for my collections - I only keep a single example of any one item and put all duplicates for sale on Ebay. Many times the buyer has told me an item was destined for a collector car and I'm always glad to hear that.
  15. How many of us are into very early hubcap collecting?

    Nice collection! I have collected threaded caps and radiator emblems for more than 25 years but like many others not enough of them are properly displayed. I have one wall full up in my workroom and with my grandson's help started a small grouping in a spare bedroom. I sell duplicates on ebay but still find one to keep every now and then. I have told my family not to throw away this "junk" if I kick the bucket as it is worth quite a few bucks...