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  1. How many of us are into very early hubcap collecting?

    Nice collection! I have collected threaded caps and radiator emblems for more than 25 years but like many others not enough of them are properly displayed. I have one wall full up in my workroom and with my grandson's help started a small grouping in a spare bedroom. I sell duplicates on ebay but still find one to keep every now and then. I have told my family not to throw away this "junk" if I kick the bucket as it is worth quite a few bucks...
  2. Yellow metal in 1932 Packard

    I was surprised to learn that the 4 speed manual transmission in my 1967 Plymouth GTX has yellow metal bushings in it and requires non-sulfur gear oil so this issue affects a lot of cars! When I had my 1934 Packard with synchro trans I used Sta lube GL-4 oil which was reasonably priced and available at my local NAPA store.
  3. Y Block Air Breather

    Just checked, this is the wrong shape for what I said - never mind!
  4. Y Block Air Breather

    Looks like the air intake "hat" from a supercharged Ford or Thunderbird 55 to 57, if its genuine its a really rare piece!
  5. Hood Gap - 1932 Pontiac or 1932 GM car.

    Not sure if this will help but I had a 1932 Cadillac, it was a restored not original car. Based on recollections and photos I think 1/8" to 3/16" would be a good range.
  6. 1967 Plymouth GTX Hardtop

    George, I'm at the age where those are trifocal cheaters and I need them to see anything!!
  7. 1967 Plymouth GTX Hardtop

    This is a genuine and rare 440 – 4 speed RS23L GTX built at the Lynch Road plant and documented with matching fender tag, VIN plate, and broadcast sheet. It is PP-1 yellow with black sport stripes, black vinyl top and black interior. This is one of only 2,486 440 – 4 speed cars built in 1967. GTX 4-speed models were factory equipped with a 375 HP 440 V8, 11” clutch, “Hemi” A833 transmission, 3.54 Dana rearend with Sure-Grip, HD suspension and brakes, dual exhaust, and upgraded interior with bucket seats. Optional equipment includes power steering, Magnum 500 chrome wheels, and “Buddy Seat” front armrest. This car received a complete, high quality restoration in 2001, the rust-free body is laser straight with basecoat/clearcoat paint, excellent chrome, detailed engine compartment and trunk and spotless interior. Aftermarket R134 air conditioning has been added with underdash outlets and works well in Texas summers. There are some minor modifications including radial tires, a performance cam, high rise manifold, Edelbrock carburetor, electronic ignition, ECP aluminum radiator, Hurst shifter, and Stewart Warner gauges. Most of these mods are easily reversible if desired and some of the original parts are included. During my ownership I have greatly enjoyed driving this car and taking it to shows and cruise-ins. It has just under 55,000 miles, starts and drives reliably and is an attention grabber wherever it goes. I have recently had the transmission completely rebuilt and the clutch replaced, and added some cooling system improvements. This car is pretty close to perfect, needs nothing and is ready to enjoy right now. You can view 150 high-resolution photos plus a detailed fact sheet here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6xy0ej1g69j2o3x/AAC_kVQ3JQXT5NlHWq4CjzHGa?dl=0 My asking price is $49,500. The car is located in McKinney, Texas. Please contact me via PM or E-mail me at texriviera1@yahoo.com with any questions.
  8. Silicone is great for all hoses especially radiator and heater applications, most police package cars have those and they last forever as long as you don't cut them. Not sure about availability for a first gen Riv though...
  9. Be sure to use upgraded fuel hose certified for fuel injection use rather than regular parts store hose, it will resist the ethanol and last a lot longer.
  10. Haynes hubcaps and radiator emblem needed

    Sent you a PM..
  11. Wanted: 1931 V12 engine for parts

    What make of car? If it's Cadillac, what parts do you need?
  12. Need help with Mystery trim pieces

    I posted the first item on the Facebook site and they nailed it - 1931 Hudson. Wish I had the whole thing...
  13. Need help with Mystery trim pieces

    I can't believe it but I think I beat you guys to one of these ID's. The parking light appears to be from a 1940 Chrysler New Yorker. That other one is a real stumper though, hope someone recognizes it.
  14. Need help with Mystery trim pieces

    Any guesses on the parking light?
  15. Does anyone know make, year and model for these diecast chrome parts? First one is a parking light housing with a clear glass lens, 11 1/4" long, PN CB6267. The second is what looks like a front hood hinge support / hood ornament base, 5 1/8" long, PN 695, J1, and "Jarvis" makers mark. Thanks for your help.