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  1. Help Identify this hood ornament

    The maker is Ternstedt, not Turnsteel, pretty sure they designed and made all the GM ornaments in the 20s and 30s.
  2. One of my all time favorites.
  3. Wire Wheels

    Look like Cadillac 32-up drop center, are they 17"? Here is a 32 Cad with the rolled rim, came both ways.
  4. painting car parts with a brush

    I quit spray painting cars back in 1992 and have used brush painting a number of times for touchup purposes. Purists have a cow but it comes down to what you have and the overall picture, the cars I did it to had either rough original or compromised repainted finishes. I used a brush and acrylic enamel on a 32 Cadillac with a failing 60s lacquer job. Definitely not perfect but much improved and corrosion proof.
  5. Early Factory Aluminum Wheel Options?

    Is that wheel chrome plated or polished?
  6. preferred hand cleaner

    After living with greasy and rough hands for over 40 years and using every cleaner known to man I finally switched to blue nitrile gloves about 3 years ago. I buy the 100 count box at Walmart and go through 2 or 3 boxes a year, should have done it a lot sooner!
  7. Early Factory Aluminum Wheel Options?

    Biggest problem with older aluminum wheels or wheelcovers was corrosion resistance in areas with salted winter streets. Anodizing helped but even the smallest scratch started the destruction. Were these Pontiac Drums treated in any way to resist corrosion? When did they start clearcoating alloy wheels?
  8. Post the pictures here please.
  9. 1967 Plymouth GTX Hardtop

    This car is still available, worst time of the year to sell....
  10. 1933 Packard Eight 1001 5 Passenger Sedan

    Very pretty - and power steering! Don't tempt me!
  11. Grant Six Firewall Tag

    Here is another Grant tag marked with Cleveland, OH.
  12. 1967 Plymouth GTX Hardtop

    BTT, this car is still for sale.
  13. Old tires— too old?

    What Matt said X2
  14. 1938 Packard 1603 Super Eight Sedan

    Very pretty!