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  1. PFitz

    Balancing Connecting Rods

    Mike, Try looking up the "crush specs" of grade 2 hardware store zinc washers and then figure out what happens to them at only 40 lbs. torque before you think someone should be "thrown out" of anywhere. I only suggest it because I know it works from experience. What's your experience using them in that type of application ? Paul
  2. PFitz

    What is this fitting and where do I get one?

    Too bad someone went the vice grips route on it. The threads look like Teflon plumbers paste would likely be able to seal it. Never use the tape, just the paste !!!! If you want the surface to look original, about an hour's work with some silver solder, a soldering gun, and jeweler's files and that original fitting will be ready for re-nickel plating. Then only tighten or remove it by putting the flair nut on and using a socket and extension bar, or a rod placed into the short end of the fitting, to turn it. Paul
  3. PFitz

    Removing the end caps from a steering link

    The OP has decided to try and find a good original drag link and pitman arm for that 135. Not only more correct for the car, but stronger so that there is no risk of this happening again. If anyone has a good 135/137 drag link and pitman arm, please contact him. Paul
  4. PFitz

    Fuel Filter in Early Cars

    The engine will be sure to remind you. 😁 Paul
  5. PFitz

    Transmission and Pinion Seals 1925 REO T-6

    If the rear originally had felt or leather seals, with those type of seals they are not air-tight so the rear axles didn't need to have a separate vent. If you change them all to modern lip seals it's a good idea to thread one of the small rear axle vents into the top of the differential. They come in a variety of types and are sold at most autoparts stores and online, like this one at Amazon. Otherwise as the rear axle housing heats up in use it'll push oil out past the edges of the seals, and when it cools down suck some dust in under the lip of the seals, thus making an abrasive paste that will shorten the seal life. Paul
  6. PFitz

    Fuel Filter in Early Cars

    I've installed them in customer's cars just before the carb, and before the vacuum tank once the tank has been properly rebuilt. And I've seen many that others have installed. Those cars ran fine. Think about how small the openings are in float needle seat and carburetor jets. The filter only has to pass a little more fuel than those jets do. As long as the filter is not overly contaminated, there's no problem flowing more than enough fuel. Paul
  7. PFitz

    1929 Plymouth coupe wheel cyl. bore sizes

    Many of the early Wagner Lockheed systems used what today seem like overly large bore cylinders for both the wheel and master cylinders. 1/1/4 was common and some systems used even large bore. Paul
  8. PFitz

    6 volt battery maintainer

    My brother said there's a small control unit that takes care of the charge rate. I've never seen the control unit, just the panels up on deck. He's an electrical engineer and he's been using it for a few years with no complaints. Paul
  9. Nothing of real interest, but always a mouse nest, or several. But once I found the mouse - nicely mummified, spread-eagled, and sandwiched between the top of the running board splash apron and the underside of the wooden body sill of an all original 31 conv coupe. How it got in there I don't know because there was only a 1/2 inch gap. Looked like something out of a cartoon after the cat goes by driving a small steam roller. Paul
  10. PFitz

    6 volt battery maintainer

    My brother uses a small solar panel system for keeping the 12 V batteries for the main engine and generator charged on his live-on sailboat, so that he doesn't have to run the engine everyday to recharge. The panel is only about two foot square - easily mounted on the outside of a garage - and the control unit is small. Probably wouldn't need a panel that big or costly just to trickle charge a car battery. It's a common method with the cruising sailboat people, so those type systems might be found in marine supply places, or cruising boat websites. Paul
  11. PFitz

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    To get to the three rear spark plugs on our Ford Taurus 3.5 and Escape 3.0 v-6 engines, many of the control wires, fuel system, and the intake manifold has to be disconnected and removed, but first you have to figure out how to unplug many things without breaking the electrical connectors. Then remove the coil pack covers of each spark plug, which don't want to come out easily. It's a few hours if you've never done it before. Last week, the alternator/AC serpentine belt broke on the Taurus. Ford got smarter by putting a 3/8 ratchet drive square hole in the tension idler to pull it back so you can slip the belt on. With my Windstar I had to get a large prybar in there to do that. They just didn't leave enough room to get a ratchet on it and also get a hand down there to work the belt onto the idler. I had to make a hook rod to reach down and work the new belt onto the idler as I held the ratchet with my other hand,... and an LED flashlight in my teeth. Even in daylight, it was too dark down there to see if the belt is getting into position. Plus, the flashlight helped to keep the volume of my cursing down so the neighbors wouldn't hear it !!!!! Paul
  12. PFitz

    Kingston Vacuum Amplifier

    Sorry, I'm not familiar with what the inner dimensions of the Kingston should be. I've only seen and have measurements of the Stewart Warner booster, which is a very different shape than that Kingston. Paul
  13. PFitz

    Help identifying a part

    Any carpenter tool boxes I've seen were long so that at least one each of rip and cross-cut hand saws would fit in them - usually with slots for each to protect the saw teeth. Mechanics/auto tool boxes tend to be shorter like this one. Paul
  14. PFitz

    Help identifying a part

    For a running board tool box,... without some type of overlap or lap-joint for the lid, I think that one would fill up with rain water. Paul
  15. PFitz

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    S'why I don't want to work on new cars. As they got smaller and more crowed, I got bigger. Paul