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  1. Mudbone

    55 Century 66R Project

    I found some lost video of Project 66R. (Coming home from the media blaster) On the way home one of the fender wells blew of the trailer. (Just minor damage) My son Matt filmed this. He still thinks he’s a comedian!
  2. Mudbone

    55 Century 66R Project

    Door Gaps
  3. Mudbone

    Idaho salvage yard

    I found this video about a salvage yard in Idaho that is liquidating all cars. There are some Buicks in there.
  4. Mudbone

    55 Century 66R Project

  5. Mudbone

    1955 Buick factory power brake line routing

    Ha, I forgot about that video!
  6. Mudbone

    1955 Firewall cover finish

    Thanks guys, Mud
  7. What is everyone using for the firewall covers? It looks like undercoating but I am sure there are other methods that give the same look. I have them blasted, primed and coated with semi-gloss so they are ready for some texture.
  8. Mudbone

    Garage Project

    I actually had gone to a smaller one when I first set it up. I found the original one and put it in. It made a big difference.
  9. Mudbone

    Garage Project

    Today I used my new compressor for the first time. I decided to clean up some firewall parts in the blast cabinet and see how it works. For the first time I heard something I have never heard before. THE COMPPESSOR SHUT OFF WILE I WAS BLASTING. I thought I blew a circuit breaker. No, just working fine, it came back on in about 45 seconds. Now I can take a break when I want to and not because I am waiting for more air!
  10. Mudbone

    Show us your Vintage tools

    When I was cleaning up the garage I found these old tools I picked up at a garage sale a few years ago. They look like vintage bead rollers. I did not find any markings on them. Any ideas?
  11. Mudbone

    Garage Project

    The air compressor and lines are up and operational.
  12. Mudbone

    Garage Project

    They make a line straightener. If you have a lot to do, It might be a time saver. It was a real chore doing it by myself. I will be running the last line in the morning and I will let you know the results
  13. Mudbone

    Garage Project

    I made some time to work in the garage. The new air compressor is set up. Some of the lines are run. I still have one more line to install in the old garage. I can’t wait to see how it keeps up with the blast cabinet and the primer gun!
  14. Mudbone

    1955 Buick Century Part ID

    Wow, they must have really wanted to stop!
  15. Mudbone

    1955 Buick Century Part ID

    It makes One Bid look even better!