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  1. Show us your Vintage tools

    Just what I needed is more distractions! I love it. The color is perfect. But I will have to put this one on the bottom of the list.
  2. 55 Century Hood Bumpers

    Thanks, I will experiment with them and see what works.
  3. Show us your Vintage tools

    What do you think the CFM would be?
  4. 55 Century 66R Project

    After a year of distractions I finally had a few hours to work on project 66R. I started the process of lining up hood, fenders and doors before paint preparation. (I just had to put on some shiny stuff just for fun)
  5. 55 Century Hood Bumpers

    Are the hood front lip rubber bumpers and the two at the back edge of the hood the same? I ordered new ones and they are significantly different than original. Have they just flattened out over time or do I have the wrong ones?
  6. Show us your Vintage tools

    This may not technically be a TOOL but it can help to keep you COOL!
  7. Show us your Vintage tools

    Very nice. I always wanted one of the those vintage Sun machines, but I would need a larger garage!
  8. Show us your Vintage tools

    You know me, because I could! (The grease was pretty hard and it did not shift very easy)
  9. I picked up this Vintage ½ Wen Drill at a garage sale. Never saw one like this before.
  10. Garage Project

    My son’s dog Roxy was visiting. Apparently we missed that one!
  11. Garage Project

    One Bid finally get to see its winter home!
  12. Turning Back Time Car Show

    I took a lot of video at our local Turning Back Time Car Show in Sycamore IL. 2017 This is “Just the Buicks”
  13. We have been praying for this to happen for a long time. We couldn’t be more excited even if we miss the Buick Nationals.
  14. Well, my youngest son and fiancé just revealed their wedding date………… June 23rd!