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  1. I spent most of the morning cleaning in the garage from last week’s disaster. Then the cold rains set in so I was up to no good as usual. (sorry, I just couldn't help it!
  2. I found some 57 Chevy side mirrors that I bought years ago online. I am thinking about installing them on One Bid. They look closer to the Buick ones than what is on there now. Anybody want the ones I am taking off? I am not sure what they are from.
  3. Actually I do my best to stay calm when I am working on the old Buicks. (Modern Iron is a different story) Most of the editing comes when I lose my train of thought and start rambling on with useless information.
  4. I have had this re-occurring nightmare!
  5. Video editing does help!
  6. Insurance adjuster came today. Looked it over, took some pictures. He was ready to leave when he got a phone call. Another squirrel attack 20 miles south! (I was glad it was not five miles west)
  7. I am on it. I transported a rabbit this morning on the way to work. Called insurance company. They said they would pay to have a new harness installed and fix the insulation damage. $100 deductible. If I was the only one driving it I would leave it alone but...........
  8. I had the meter out before I saw the damage. I normally start with a simple test light and go from there.
  9. Wiring repaired and the perpetrator was caught!
  10. Part two is uploading.
  11. My videos must be getting boring, nobody even watches them anymore! Ha Ha Here is the problem…..
  12. The engine will crank but won’t start.
  13. Those pesky brake lines!
  14. I know I will be in big trouble for this one……….
  15. Set up your own You tube account. Not that hard. And keep them coming!