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  1. 1918 Buick Touring parts car: Missing engine block. What you see is what you get. The car is located in DeKalb IL. about two hours south of the 2017 Buick Nationals in Brookfield Wisconsin) (No title) This is not my car. Asking $1700.00 Please contact Paul Meier at (815)-761-8638 Here is a video we did 2 years ago when he picked it up. (All photos are current condition)
  2. Very Nice!
  3. Just hanging out with the local guys at the first cruise night. I ran into some old friends but for the most part it is the same guys that show up every time. We sat in the shade and enjoyed the evening. One Bid is running good!
  4. I picked this distributor up at a local car show swap meet
  5. Save everything! Make your children deal with it when you are gone!
  6. We have a fancy dancy electronic one and it missed a bad connection between the plates. Sometimes I use both. But the new one won’t make muffins!
  7. Everyone needs one of these Battery Load Testers.........
  8. I pulled the electric fan off, and rewired the fuel pump switch
  9. I checked the routing, they are correct. Thanks, Willie. Went for a 60 mile round trip this morning to a car show. The temp gauge never was out of the upper normal range. (About 70*-75* outside temp) The car runs better every time I drive it. I think she is about ready to go to the nationals.
  10. I have tried just about all of these methods and then I bought a laser. Works great!
  11. It was on the car. It was done so nice I decided to leave it!
  12. First real test drive after wheel alignment
  13. I printed the hose routing. I will check and see if they are correct. Thanks!
  14. Just sharing the fun!
  15. Maybe my heat gun has gone bad. I have an electronic temp gauge. I will try and see how they compare. I had the heater on to be sure the coolant was flowing through them. I had hot air coming out both heaters. Each time I filled it and had the car running, I always got a big burp as it was warming up and then had to add an additional ¾ gallon. If the lines going to the heater core, trans cooler were not connected correctly would this cause a bypass around the thermostat?