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  1. cutlasguy

    Pittston Car Show 2018

    I finally realized that I could shrink the photos on an SD Card without affecting the originals on my computer, and then copy them to the Website!
  2. cutlasguy

    Maximum File Size Limit

    It was not me that changed, It was you! My files were always 3.5 Mb and back in April with Spring Carlisle, 150 of them posted fine. I'm not going to mess up my file sizes just so I can post here.
  3. cutlasguy

    Maximum File Size Limit

    Why have you limited the total file size that I can submit to 9.77 Mb? People enjoyed my pictures. Now I can post only three instead of 150. I was posting all of the pix I took from all my shows including Hershey and Carlisle. Now it's back to Photobucket, where they won't allow me to link to your website!
  4. Why did you suddenly limit a total file size that I can submit to 9.7 Mb? People enjoyed seeing my pictures and instead of 150, I can now submit only 3. I still can go back to Photobucket, but my pix will no longer be on the AACA website and be cluttered with ads.
  5. cutlasguy

    Clean tyres with white wall

    I wet a rag with Easy Off Oven Cleaner and spread it on the white wall. After it soaks in, I scrub the white wall with a moistened Brillo Pad and then wipe it off with a damp sponge!
  6. cutlasguy

    What to use to clean this?

    Cleaners and dressings are a cautionary lesson I learned years ago. I bought a new 73 Charger and felt I should prevent the dash from fading and cracking .I got out my silicone spray and after spraying it on a rag, I began applying it to the dash. Some ran down on the imitation wood grain and completely removed the finish, bleaching it with white streaks! I had to order a new piece! I never used silicone spray again, other than in the chute of my snowblower!
  7. cutlasguy

    Trailing Arm Failure

    Ever have your trailing arm fail at a National Meet? A simple solution that won't cost you many points!
  8. cutlasguy

    1969 Chevelle SS 396 Convert

    I lucked out on my first time buying a Classic Car! I purchased a 72 Olds Cutlass "S" with air at Carlisle in 1994. A guy from New Jersey owned it and it had only 30k miles on it at the time! After I had taken it home, I found that the guy that had restored it lived only 20 miles away! He verified that the mileage was true and that he had bought it from a young man who needed money for college! His mother was the original owner ,and the car had not a spec of rust on it when he began the restoration! The drive train was completely untouched also. The biggest asset is finding original ownership, but the best way to find out what your car is going for is to check magazines like Autobuy!
  9. cutlasguy

    An Antique Vanity Plate?

    Oh Crap! I need six! Thanks for the info.
  10. cutlasguy

    An Antique Vanity Plate?

    I didn't know you could get one!
  11. Good! Then maybe we can get off the Golf Course and back on the Giant Center, and I can stop twisting my ankle in those 'Woodchuck Holes" and tree roots!