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  1. leon bee

    53 Differential Fill Plug

    Oops, it's a fill plug. Maybe it USED to be a drain plug.
  2. leon bee

    53 Differential Fill Plug

    Isn't that so you can crack the plug and just have a stream coming out? Something you can aim, rather than just jerking the plug and making a bigger mess. This would make more sense on an oil pan than a differential, though I guess.
  3. leon bee

    YEAHHHH!!!! RETIRED!!!!!!

    I've had a couple people ask me how long it takes to adjust to retirement. Based on mine and my wife's experience, I say "about a day and a half."
  4. leon bee

    Dynaflow Cooler 1953 V8

    I have one also, didn't see this post before. I'll have to dig a little, but can look for the numbers.
  5. leon bee

    50 Ford Shoebox

    On the floor, besides the pedals, is the dimmer switch and an OD kickdown switch under the accelerator pedal.
  6. leon bee

    The decline of Sears

    I've been using my Monkey Wards torque wrench lately, good tool. Whatever happened to Wards?
  7. leon bee

    Mid-50's 12V starter relay

    I can NOT remember to look under the hood of my 53. Does my first year V8 have one of them?
  8. leon bee

    58 Buick on Craigslist 2dr 6500

    Somebody should track those bastards down and do something to em.
  9. leon bee

    263 oil filter

    I just googled that Wix number. Looks like they are out there.
  10. leon bee

    Trailer Tires

    The reason you get so much advise is we all like you and respect what you've been doing.
  11. leon bee

    1953 Super Dynaflow dipstick

    Pics of mine:
  12. leon bee

    1953 Super Dynaflow dipstick

    It occurs to me now I should have scoped out and measured the fill tube/dipstick tube, but it is an original 53 twin turbine Dynaflow. From the underside of the black cap, the dipstick is 16 11/16" long. That is, the dipstick reaches down the tube 16 11/16". From the bottom of the stick, the add oil mark is up 1 7/16" and the full mark is up 2 5/16". I can put up a couple pics after my dinner, and I can measure the fill tube tomorrow or next day.
  13. leon bee

    1953 Super Dynaflow dipstick

    Kiwi: I'm gonna try to get to mine today. If so, I'll reply here in a few more hours.
  14. leon bee

    What Do You Use in Your Parts Cleaner?

    I bought one of those common harbor freight jobs, (keep it in a dark corner). Originally used mineral spirits. This works great, but has two problems: it got real expensive, and after a couple weeks it just reeks. I mean really smells bad and hard to get the odor off you. Not sure why. Now we just use diesel fuel in it and that works well enough for Arkansas. First pump failed quick, bought a replacement somewhere else that has lasted several years.
  15. I kinda like the car. But I don't think even the owner would be offended by the idea it oughta be beat to death with a sledgehammer. And I do like seeing something different here from time to time.