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  1. Congratulations Tom 1st prize winner

    Thank you Tom
  2. Congratulations Tom 1st prize winner

    Thanks Keith
  3. Congratulations Tom 1st prize winner

    Thank you JB, much appreciated
  4. V12 fuel pump

    I rebuilt my carb twice, once over 30 mph, it couldn't supply enough gas. I had installed an electric fuel pump earlier and when I drive the car now, I reach under the dash, flip the switch, end of problem. Either a worn cam lobe or worn pushrod on mine. Tom
  5. '40 Cabriolet Rewire

    This may help.
  6. '40 Cabriolet Rewire

  7. Starting problem when 41 Continental warm

    By all means make sure you have heavy cable from battery to selonid and from there to starter. As long as your grounds are good and clean, it should start very easily, hot or cold. 12 volt cables are a no no on a 6 volt system. Tom
  8. help with vin decoding my 46 lincoln

    Chris Herrel listed in sources under Boos-Herrel, he has what you seek.
  9. '40 Cabriolet Rewire

    If that harness is similar to my 41, you will take the main harness and feed one part of that harness thru the grommet for the firewall, those will be your under dash wiring. There will be a two other parts of that harness one going to the left, and a shorter one going to the right inside the engine bay. Those will feed your lights, voltage regulator, generator etc. it took my son and I well over a week to totally fit this harness and if you find something that doesn't seem to be long enough to fit, go back and recheck, you have done something wrong with the routing.. it sure will be nice when you are finished. Here is another hint from Tom Akins, take an old pair of side cutters , or buy a cheap pair, right in the center of both jaws, use a dremil with a cut off wheel and grind a small V in the middle of each jaw. It makes fastening those bullet connectors much much easier . Wait till you get that dash harness in. Once everything is in the dash, instruments, clock, radio, glove box etc. if everything works, the you can install the front seat. And I totally agree with Tom on this, you need to put the V-12 in first, save your self some time and aggravation. Tom
  10. Here we go.......

    Yes indeed, that is the route we took but traffic was horrible and getting three massive traffic jams that delayed out arrival by three hours , we finally got there about 7:30. Took the same route back home and it took 8 hours and very light traffic. No clue why such heavy traffic all day Sunday . i bought my car in 1976, and just finished the restoration at the end of this past May. I know his pain. I have one more car to get rid of as there is now way I am going to even start the process. Tom
  11. Here we go.......

    Taking my 41 three window project car I bought from John Murphy many years ago to Todd Calder in Ct this morning. 3 window body on a 41 4 door donor car. 4 NOS fenders, 2 NOS skirts, one NOS 40 hood, two 41 hoods, two really nice trunk lids. All interior garnish, two doors, V-12 with transmission attached. Bottom two feet of 6 doors that are solid for the rust repair on the doors and body, trunk hinges, all stainless and rear window. The car itself is fully packed with parts and my van is loaded as well. I don't have another restoration in me, and Todd bought the other 41 3 window I bought from Keith Lee about two years ago. I think this will be a great project for Todd and his son. My neighbor and I will leave Kent, Oh, this morning at 8, and 535 miles later arrive at Todds. One heck of a project, but I have seen several done like this over the years. Tom
  12. Underhood insulator material.

    Thanks Larry appreciate it.. JB, the original radio had this color of face plate, so that's what I went with. I have heard thoughts both ways.
  13. Underhood insulator material.

    Hi Folks, The authenticity manual for my Continental says it is supposed to have an insulaterial material toward the rear part of the hood to cover the welding where the hood was lengthened, I have been searching for something that might work such as maybe a tar paper roofing material. or possibley something like dynamat if it can be located in black.,any thoughts? Tom
  14. Water in oil now

    Ok, I really feel stupid now, what I though was a foreign object in the intake runner was nothing more than seeing half of the vacuum fitting for the wipers. At least I have piece of mind now and have assured myself nothing else is in the manifold. Bolted back into place, head replaced. Will torque it all together later this evening when is cools down. Tom
  15. Water in oil now

    It was slammed into the head where it stuck in place, was a real blister to pull that out and then remove all of the aluminum that was pushed back into the water jacket. I will run the head to the welding shop this week,to be repaired. It was more like stainless steel, no reaction to a magnet at all.