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  1. Tom_Overfield


    This is how my 41 Continental looked when I bought in 76
  2. Tom_Overfield


    Sorry. Jeff, I have seen them on 40 and 41 Continentals and they don’t float my boat. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  3. Tom_Overfield

    August in Michigan (pics from huge Lincoln Meet)

    Thanks for the photos JB , I’ll be there next year.
  4. Tom_Overfield

    wood lid in trunk

    If you have one in the car, what can’t you measure that? reguards Tom
  5. Tom_Overfield

    brake adjustment 36 zephyr help

    adyv8 if you search for brake adjustment on a 36 Ford. There is tons of information to explain the procedure. I bet your car will be the same. If you have nos brakelining, that’s what I would use, much better braking. Tom
  6. Tom_Overfield

    Speedo cable routing

    I forgot to mention the cable comes from the transmittion but, my car has theX frame so I had to route through that, all,else them same in my previous post.
  7. Tom_Overfield

    zephyrs of summer

    Thanks JB I will certantly miss it this year, but I fully intend to be there next year with my car. Tom
  8. Tom_Overfield

    Speedo cable routing

    My 41 Continental speedometer cable starts at the transmission then goes forward to the drivers side of the frame, under the frame then upward behind the drivers side fender look around and there will be a one inch hole there. That end of the cable goes through that hole then is routed between the body sheet metal and another piece of sheet metal bracing. Once the cable exits this area, it can be pulled up and routed to the speedometer. This is how my 41 is, not knowing what your car is, it may be different. Tom
  9. Tom_Overfield

    zephyrs of summer

    Nice JB I love it., I had to cancel Gilmore this year as I had three damned eye surgery’s to fix a detached retina, not fun. I’ll be there next year with a Colombia installed. Tom
  10. Tom_Overfield

    Knobsoup Summer Inventory Sale on E-bay

    If anyone needs any thing for your Zephyr or Contintal, Keith is the go to guy. Everything he beautiful. Tom
  11. Tom_Overfield

    Cecil Bozarth's Passing

    Met Cecil at a Lancaster Parts Meet several years ago when the meet was held in another hotel in Lancaster. Truley a giant of a man in every sense. Had dinner with him one evening and such privledge to have know him. He will be missed. Sad day indeed. Tom
  12. Tom_Overfield

    Dual master cylinder

    They all seemed to loose braking at some time or another, don’t have a clue why. Those dual systems were usually mounted high on the firewall, but I also know many people use the dual on the frame.. I believe they were needed in the days of steel lines that were prone to develop rust then leaked If you lost a line in the rear, these would allow one to stop with the front. Your choice, I’ll stay with the original and stainless brake lines. Tom
  13. Tom_Overfield

    Tire Pressure 1947 Lincoln Continental

    My 41 Continental Cabrolet has 700- 16 inch bias ply tires, 26 pounds front and rear, I don’t deaviate from that. Tom
  14. Tom_Overfield

    Engine Removal

    Oh yeah , I forgot that part, thanks Tom.
  15. Tom_Overfield

    Dual master cylinder

    Dave.. I know several people that have those on their cars. All of them went back the the original master cylinder. As long as you have new brake lines on your car, and not driving in salt, the original is the way to go. Just my opinion. Tom