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  1. Tom_Overfield


    There is a place near Youngstown that make that exact batter you need, I painted he raised letters with yellow paint,. Antique Auto Battery. 330-480-0755. 662 W. Raven ave, Youngstown Ohio Tom
  2. Tom_Overfield

    body wire harness

    If your car has electric motors by the back seats, that harness runs from the top switch under the carpet by the drive shaft tunnel inside the car, under the back seat, then splits off to the right and left motors. Ken is correct on the inner frame for the rest of the harness. Good luck ,look at some of my posts with photos showing how the harness is installed, two different posts I have a 41 but doubt there is much difference Tom
  3. Tom_Overfield

    1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe for Sale

    So now the spelling critics have arrived.
  4. Tom_Overfield

    v12 oil leak

    Lower the rear portion of the pan, use some permatex sealer on that cork pan gasket. Mine did the same thing, no more leak.
  5. Tom_Overfield

    Repair of speedo cable?

    Alan Wheilhan, Viniage Auto Warehouse has the cable you need, 301-874-5464. Tom
  6. Tom_Overfield

    Rebuilding the HV12

    Thanks Bob
  7. Tom_Overfield

    Where does this wire go??

    The year of the Lincoln in question, whoosh, right over my head, my bad. The photos I did send were from my 41 Continental .
  8. Tom_Overfield

    1940 Continental Hot Air Heater Assembly

    Check with Herrel listed in sources, he has a 1940 Continental with a hot air heater I believe.. give him a call, I am sure he can answer your guestions. Tom
  9. Tom_Overfield

    Photos of wiring harness 41 Continental

    My pleasure
  10. Tom_Overfield

    Who has a Zephyr road draft tube?????

    Boo-Herrel has the tube and the correct cap, listed in sources Tom
  11. Tom_Overfield

    Who has a Zephyr road draft tube?????

    This is what you need, Earle Brown Jr might have them also, keep looking, they are out there.
  12. Tom_Overfield

    Who has a Zephyr road draft tube?????

    Give Chris Hearell a call, he is listed in sources. He either has one or can direct you. Tom
  13. Tom_Overfield

    Rebuilding the HV12

    It is indeed that
  14. Tom_Overfield

    Rebuilding the HV12

    For those of us always looking for information on the HV-12, follow this link , kindly provided by Shirley Hopkins. It is indeed an amazing lesson on how to correctly rebuild this engine. Link. Rebuild The HV-12.docx. notice there is a period between the 2 and the d. Or you can go to the section on the ,forum V-12, locate the thread by Shirley Hopkins, you can just click on his link to open the document written by Jake Fleming. The best I have ever read. Tom
  15. Tom_Overfield

    39 zephyr running well but no power

    Ditto to what to that 19tom40 said, install a new wiring harness , go back to six volts get the Optima Battery in a Zephyr case, change everything back to six volts. I have a 41 Continental set up with 6 volts and it starts instantly, hot or cold. The secret to this is flawless grounds and using wiring meant for a 6 volt system. Tom