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    JB, if you like train photographs, you need to go to the O Wilson Link Museum in Roanoke, Va. Big Museum full of his photographs of trains over the years. Amazing place. Tom
  2. 1941 steering wheel

    Gotcha, thanks
  3. 1941 steering wheel

    Thats 174 out of 400, did this car come from Texas by chance?
  4. 1941 steering wheel

  5. 1941 steering wheel

    Chris Herrel my first try for your needs, he has most anything you, might need, 215-965-8296 You can also go to Sources at the .top of the LZOC web site and others sources listed there.. When you can would you list the numbers on your date plate, right side firewall above the shelf. It will starts with. 16H 56 then another set of numbers that is the build number. Mine is 18 . Thanks. Tom
  6. 1941 steering wheel

    Keith Lee, excellent wheels for 41 Lincolns. 702-588-1934. He also had all of the dash knobs as well. Tom
  7. Help with V-12 Water pump brass baffles

    As I remember they are simply pressed into position behind the water pump to redirect the water toward the rear cylinders,.
  8. TRICO SPECIALS fun with vacuum

    Love the videos, thanks JB Tom
  9. Convertible top replacement- vendor recommendations?

    Tops online has them, one has a plastic rear window (incorrect):the other will be covered and you will nead the window glass frame for the rear as well as the glass, then have someone cut the top and install the glass. I think a much better solution would be to find a local trim shop that can make your top. Each 41 was a bit different, so the only way to go for a perfect fit is this route. Make sure the trimmer you choose knows these tops inside and out. I’m confident you will be able to source this without much trouble. Use the original material, Haartz cloth. It really is up,to you into how you go, stock or not. Tom
  10. Columbia vacuum control clutch attachment

    Ok, just came in from the garage and I have every thing needed to get the clutch pedal rod attached, then up to the vacuum control. Have several control cables and one will be perfect. This will be easy it seems to at least get every thing to the back install the hoses onto, the shift control. Thanks Jeff and Ken. This is what makes the forum so great!
  11. Columbia vacuum control clutch attachment

    Thanks Ken i don’t need that part, but thanks for taking the time to assist.
  12. Columbia vacuum control clutch attachment

    Hey Jeff, thanks for your help, finally found where that rod attaches to the vacuum control. I,ll post detailed photos of all of this as soon as it is installed.
  13. Sorry for the deletion of this thread , I thought what I was deleting my last post in that thread, my bad
  14. Hi everyone, Over the years I have found several of our group using the front part of a Lincoln frame for this purpose. John Murphy had a great one with a V 12 in it, he could simply turn the key pull out ignition, hit start button. Anyway I know of a frame being available any interest? Tom