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  1. Antique Auto Battery has the Zephyr script batteries, with the Optima battery inside. Enourmus cranking ability. I painted the script,with gold sign painters paint. Tom
  2. Just about any welding shop can tig weld a bolt onto the sheared off bolt and back the broken part out. Tom
  3. 5EH indicates it is a 46 77 indicates it is a two door coupe 3222 indicates it was the 3222 car built
  4. That is Chris Herrel's 40.
  5. Thanks Dave
  6. Beautifully done!
  7. Looks great!
  8. That is indeed a Jim Roll top. Sad to say he cut it and was in the process of stitching it , when he suddenly passed away. He did finish the interior though and it is all so perfect. A great loss indeed, however his son Jan, has stepped up and is doing stellar work , as his Dad did. I love your your description of the top, it is indeed tight. I will take photos of the interior as soon as my radio is returned, hopefully in a few more days.
  9. That fits the bill, but no way until some overdrive or another is installed, so far I have put 250 or so miles on it, and I get more confidence in it each day. Monday Chris Herrel brought his Capri Blue 40 down with the top down, then we toured Kent, had lunch, then went on a Sunday ride back toward his house. Was so cool to see those cars together. Next up, the Stan Hewitt Car Show in Akron on June 18th (Fathers day). Then a few locals shows and finishing with the big event of the year at the Gilmore Museum in.... I almost can't say the word, Michigan. Tom
  10. Yes, I put the top down once, but alas, no overdrive.....yet. I have a Columbia from Jim Blanchard I will put in this fall sometime. If not the Columbia, I have a line on an overdrive, that may be far easier to deal with along with the shorter torque tube and drive shaft. But the car definitely needs one. Tom
  11. All done when the radio gets back this week, 150 miles on it so far and life is good. Tom
  12. Optima 6 volt in a Lincoln Zephyr case.
  13. Hey JB, check this post again for pictures you asked for.