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    Live life daily by solid Christian values. Same ones our country was founded on but unfortunately are fading. Have a wonderful wife who likes Riviera's, loves to ride the 48 Indian Chief and do anything outdoors in the country where we live including riding her horse. No kids. I like American history and traveling by road trip in the USA whenever possible. Always attracted to anything with an engine especially pre-1970. First motorized machine I was the operator of was a Sears 3.5hp mini-bike at age 6. After that I was hooked, riding, repairing, buying and selling dirt bikes, then cars and was mostly self taught as no one else in the family was a car nut to guide me. Dad taught me to do the basics like tuneups, brakes, exhaust, etc on cars but being from near the depression era, he sees a car as a tool to get from point A to point B and no need to do anything other that what was necessary to keep it on the road. At age 17-19 I was full into the hobby and built a 4x4 Pinto. Dad sold me his rusted out 70 Bronco for the chassis and tolerated this project but know he felt it was a waste of money and time but probably figured at least I was at home and not out getting into trouble. No interest in todays stick and ball sports nor idolize movie stars (well, except for Clint Eastwood). Haven't played video games since Pacman in the early 80s! Didn't go to college but attended trade school during high school for Industrial Electricity which launched me into plastics manufacturing at age 17 in 1979. Except for 1 year as a heavy equipment operator after a plant closure, I've worked in all aspects of plastics manufacturing except sales.
    With Gods blessing I'll be able to retire around 65 and see more of the country by car.....and Indian with my wife.

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  1. Sure the state would have tax record but that's traceable by VIN. And even if you had the VIN, they don't give out names of people due to privacy laws. If your mom still has the same insurance agent who the car was insured through, theres a chance the insurance co would have record of the policy and if so they would have the VIN.
  2. Didn't know if this was posted here. Thought pretty handsome combo. Pics leave a little (lot) to be desired. http://www.ebay.com/itm/182582309580?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  3. Excellent assessment GregLar. Nail on head. I've probably read or listened to a 1000 opinions in the last 10 years on the original post topic from various antique motorized clubs. I read through all the responses here and when I read the above post, realized I didn't need to draft a reply because that sums it up precisely. While antique clubs need to be welcoming and understanding to younger folks, the bulk of the resources and activities need to be directed to the 50 and over group because that's where the low hanging fruit is to recruit and RETAIN current members.
  4. Redlines on a black car to pick up the red in GS emblems. Spend some of that money you have been making selling that starwars stuff My 66 had door guards but could not bring myself to install them after paint plus it looks better without. With fresh paint its a one way ticket.
  5. Can you dig up any old pictures of the car? How long ago was car sold. Without a VIN, pics or the name of the buyer finding it will be very challenging.
  6. The 71/72 bumper won't conform to the flatter 73 front nose and would probably look worse. There is a modification to remove the shock absorbers and move the 73 bumper tighter to car making it less bulky looking. I've seen that and it is an improvement. Agree I like rear of 73 better but front less.
  7. Its sold already. Someone liked it. I saw all the orange peel in the rear quarter and knew at least that section had been painted.
  8. Looks lovely. This is the seal that goes on the lid right? Where did you buy it at. Thanks
  9. Interesting the seller indicated the block is not original Stage 1 because it does not have the XS. I believe the Riv Stage 1 should be XA. This could still be the original block but if the blocked was decked the code will be gone. Seller may not be aware of the VIN stamp to verify. If not original block, too bad. Wonder if the paint is 73 Buick Dark/Midnight green? This paint on car looks pretty dark for that. Well optioned rare GS Stage 1 though.
  10. Yea - I was able to positive ID the BS on the PP
  11. The drama queen sold for - $16,000. I think seller did well considering. Buyer - not bad. Hopefully the original carb and whatever they removed from the rear axle is in those boxes in trunk. Sure would have liked to of seen car in person.
  12. Thanks Chris. Great info. A lot of odd things done to car. Unless there is manipulation of data, it appear to be original mileage and if so a great example of how many things can get changed on a car early on that one would never expect on a low mileage car. There's strong perceptions in the hobby of what a low mileage car should look like but this example throws much of it out the window. No way to be sure but almost suspect the original owner might have had a slightly crooked mechanic and was being mislead.
  13. I wondered. I never thought 68 was same as 67. Thanks for followup. I also thought all 67s had the steering column switch and wiring for the cornering lamps as you mentioned
  14. Yep you can see the pattern alright. Thank for posting Bill!