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    Live life daily by solid Christian values. Same ones our country was founded on but unfortunately are fading. Have a wonderful wife who likes Riviera's, loves to ride the 48 Indian Chief and do anything outdoors in the country where we live including riding her horse. No kids. I like American history and traveling by road trip in the USA whenever possible. Always attracted to anything with an engine especially pre-1970. First motorized machine I was the operator of was a Sears 3.5hp mini-bike at age 6. After that I was hooked, riding, repairing, buying and selling dirt bikes, then cars and was mostly self taught as no one else in the family was a car nut to guide me. Dad taught me to do the basics like tuneups, brakes, exhaust, etc on cars but being from near the depression era, he sees a car as a tool to get from point A to point B and no need to do anything other that what was necessary to keep it on the road. At age 17-19 I was full into the hobby and built a 4x4 Pinto. Dad sold me his rusted out 70 Bronco for the chassis and tolerated this project but know he felt it was a waste of money and time but probably figured at least I was at home and not out getting into trouble. No interest in todays stick and ball sports nor idolize movie stars (well, except for Clint Eastwood). Haven't played video games since Pacman in the early 80s! Didn't go to college but attended trade school during high school for Industrial Electricity which launched me into plastics manufacturing at age 17 in 1979. Except for 1 year as a heavy equipment operator after a plant closure, I've worked in all aspects of plastics manufacturing except sales.
    With Gods blessing I'll be able to retire around 65 and see more of the country by car.....and Indian with my wife.

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  1. You'll need buffing supplies for stainless. Do you plan to remove the trim? I've done it on car but don't recommend it. As much of a pain as it is to remove these it will be faster and safer overall to remove
  2. I think it would also be quite suitable in my garage here SW PA! Really just change wheels and tires. Lets see, 3000 hours in the car. Just say a conservative $80/hr shop rate. $240,000 semolians
  3. Thanks for posting. I like the paint and the interior is nice. I do not like the wheels. You can tell it's a real choppy ride. Like the fitting of bumpers. A few faux pas in description but glad to see Jay feature thje Riv
  4. Taking the photo Lamar. wonder if that's how the term cone head got started.
  5. Focusing on the opening sentence, a Reatta would be towards the bottom of list for a 16 y/o daughter. Reliability, low maintenance, good availability of parts, lower insurance, and a car that I would have little concern for getting dinged up would be priority in the decision. The Reatta is a nice unique special interest car but does not fit any of those criteria. Now if you are using your daughter as an excuse to by a Reatta for yourself, then yes a good idea.
  6. https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/6100045619.html 1985 blue/blue 90k mi in my backyard - Well not literally in yard but only a few miles away.
  7. Guess its all relative Gabriel. For a car they state as the Holy Grail and will have a holier than grail reserve;;;; With a few exceptions, Pics are too dark and many too blurry. Interior and undercarriage are horrible pictures IMO. And why not show the Engine stamps - Body Tag and VIN.
  8. https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/6089606178.h This beauty is looking for a new home! It's a very clean well maintained true survivor that is ready to hit the road and be shown off at the first cruise of the season! Mostly original except for paint, 455 engine with 4 barrel carburetor. Everything works as it should including the A/C for the upcoming hot summer days! This vehicle is a real head turner and pictures do it NO justice! I'm willing to negotiate on price but please no low balls, trades or tire kickers.thanks for looking. Looks to be in real nice condition. $18k negotiable. Appears to be standard interior not often seen plus shorty console. And it has fender mounted light monitors. Too bad no engine pics. Not crazy on color but if I lived in FL it wouldn't be bad. Likely taken care of as rubber bumper strips look nice
  9. Yet again green with envy (no pun intended). Your pics and story enrich the lives of those looking more than you may know. Liked this pic with photo of Clint - Josey Wales on wall. Have same in our bathroom at home!
  10. Congratulations on the purchase and Welcome to ROA and aboard the forum! Yes things have a way or working out in the end don't they. Your persistence and patience paid off. What a wonderful car even at full asking price. Thanks for posting the link with pics. I can already see that car would make a great Showcase article for the Riview magazine.
  11. The innocent Original Post was simply meant to inform folks who may be interested in seeing vehicles that were on the show. I saw the show and felt it was one of the most excellent episodes. Unfortunately the thread turned into a Picker bashing session which was not relative to the OP at all. Don't understand need to inject negativity into an innocent post IMO. So here is a contrasting view. Nephew spent 8 hours with Mike, Frank and Danielle on a local pic. They were supported by a camera crew of 3 people who arrived in a U-Haul 1/2 loaded with stuff they got other places they stopped. Nephew's first hand report was they are very genuine nice people. He arrived on scene within 1/2 hour of seeing the truck heading down past his house and they were just getting started. They dug through a mountain of stuff packed haphazardly in a dirty old barn. Only scripting he could determine after watching in person and seeing the episode in this pick was re-doing negotiation takes without verbal stumbles or background distractions so it would be suitable for TV. After the traditional wave goodbye, despite them being very tired and dirty they surprised everyone and turned around and came back. They had ordered pizza for the handful of locals there and sat around BS'ing for 2 more hours. No cameras rolling, no drama, just good old fashioned camaraderie. This is consistent with link provided in post #5 by victoralynn2
  12. Thank you Dan for taking the time to provide updates which I very much look forward to. Once again outstanding photos and documentary! I hope the Buick continues to perform flawlessly as it has so far.
  13. If anyone happens to get more info on this car like the Fisher Tag data and engine number please post.
  14. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Buick-Riviera-/122452932716?hash=item1c82c3786c:g:Q1wAAOSwuspY9p35&vxp=mtr
  15. Thanks for clarifying Tom. I had it stuck in my head when replying all the info the 70 and up (less 71) Skylark owners can get from Sloan specific to how a car was built and with what options as well as the dealer it shipped to all searchable by VIN on microfilm. I should have been more specific.