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    Live life daily by solid Christian values. Same ones our country was founded on but unfortunately are fading. Have a wonderful wife who likes Riviera's, loves to ride the 48 Indian Chief and do anything outdoors in the country where we live including riding her horse. No kids. I like American history and traveling by road trip in the USA whenever possible. Always attracted to anything with an engine especially pre-1970. First motorized machine I was the operator of was a Sears 3.5hp mini-bike at age 6. After that I was hooked, riding, repairing, buying and selling dirt bikes, then cars and was mostly self taught as no one else in the family was a car nut to guide me. Dad taught me to do the basics like tuneups, brakes, exhaust, etc on cars but being from near the depression era, he sees a car as a tool to get from point A to point B and no need to do anything other that what was necessary to keep it on the road. At age 17-19 I was full into the hobby and built a 4x4 Pinto. Dad sold me his rusted out 70 Bronco for the chassis and tolerated this project but know he felt it was a waste of money and time but probably figured at least I was at home and not out getting into trouble. No interest in todays stick and ball sports nor idolize movie stars (well, except for Clint Eastwood). Haven't played video games since Pacman in the early 80s! Didn't go to college but attended trade school during high school for Industrial Electricity which launched me into plastics manufacturing at age 17 in 1979. Except for 1 year as a heavy equipment operator after a plant closure, I've worked in all aspects of plastics manufacturing except sales.
    With Gods blessing I'll be able to retire around 65 and see more of the country by car.....and Indian with my wife.

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  1. Not mine - just saw it and thought I'd post https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/pts/d/1941-buick-nos-passenger-side/6392437696.html
  2. That looks ugly Ed. The 66 stuff was only 1/4" and not traditional fiberglass your picture indicates. So in that case the yellow foil backed stuff that comes in 12" wide rolls from Home depot or Lowes would be a good substitute.
  3. Try this link for direct to listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Buick-Riviera-Stage-1-GS/302555450999?hash=item4671b5ce77:g:nA4AAOSwBRFaJxm4&vxp=mtr Very odd color combo which I think will hold it back. I like the exterior colors but the red interior with it not at all. There are some things that would make me hesitate on this one like the odd VIN decal on driver door and the blue engine for starters and of course a Minnesota car so rust and bondo is concern. DEFINITELY would have to inspect in person. Look close at pics. This car needs work in MANY areas. It does look like a legit Stage 1 though.
  4. Not sure about 64 but in 66 they used a flimsy light brown fiber-type insulation maybe 1/4" thick with a thin black backing on one side. It was not adhered to roof so it had to be lightweight as to not make the headliner sag. It tended to disintegrate on all but garage kept cars and if any of you pulled down a headliner on one of these you know fine particles of insulation rain down on you. There are various products available at Lowes or Home depot that could be used as a replacement. They make a thin yellow foil backed fiberglass in 12" wide rolls that is a possibility. The 66s also had a more permanent harder insulation which looked like it was installed when the roof was welded together so its permanent and does not seem to degrade. So there were two levels of insulation.
  5. Pinging when floored

    Here are pics Rodney. Note how short the slot is on the factory original vacuum module. Keep in mind for each degree of advance inside the distributor that equates to 2 degrees measuring at the crank. With both mechanical and vacuum you want around 32-36 degrees max advance with the vacuum module providing around 10-12 degrees and mechanical the balance 22-24. Even if none of this has anything to do with your problem, for best performance its a good idea to know how your advance is working and what rpm the mechanical is all in and at what level of engine vacuum the module is fully pulled in.
  6. Pinging when floored

    What is your initial advance set at? Another possibility is you have too much total timing advance with both mechanical and vacuum. Especially if pinging is most noticeable when first put under load. Can also depend if vacuum source to module is ported or manifold. I have noticed aftermarket vacuum advance modules allow more advance than the original does. Original stock distributors and vacuum advance modules (at least on the 66 425) had a small hard rubber bushing on the shaft of both mechanical and vacuum mechanism which limited travel a small amount therefore limiting total advance when fully in. These bushings deteriorate and fall off over the years. With both bushings gone it adds a little more stroke on the mechanical and more stroke on vacuum and can make a slight problem worse. Regardless its a good idea to check and see what your total advance is. If nothing else just for a point of reference. Also, who knows if the original distributor has been changed by a previous owner. I believe the 63s were designed for 12 degrees initial, but 64 - 66 was 2.5 with exception of the dual quad engines which was back to 12. A "dial back" timing light can be used to determine total advance for both mechanical and vacuum, then compare to shop manual specs.
  7. 1965 Riviera in southwestern Oklahoma

    The wood wheel was not part of the GS package. Not uncommon for confusion on that. LX motors aren't common but they do show up occasionally with the dual quad setup but it would never be numbers matching since VIN is stamped on engine. So at that point any 425 would suffice to put dual quads on. There would be an increase in value if engine installed had the LX stamp vs not having it. But most important is the correct dual quad arrangement on a 425. This car would be most valuable to someone who had an LX engine sitting in corner of garage waiting for a home. But if floors are rotted that's a real deal killer for most people. Transmission should have a BS code in the GS. This car would have had the quick ratio steering box as well.
  8. 1965 Riviera in southwestern Oklahoma

    Yea was thinking same. The exterior body doesn’t look bad on either car but as stated in ad on the non GS the floors on the GS are probably gone also. With white interior it “was” a sharp car. I’m guessing the price on GS would be negotiable just before winter kicks in here
  9. 1965 Riviera in southwestern Oklahoma

    Must have changed link. Here it is https://altoona.craigslist.org/cto/d/1965-buick-riviera-gs/6407509792.html $4800
  10. 1965 Riviera in southwestern Oklahoma

    While we are on CL 65 Rivs. posted this one in ROA forum. Both great parts cars but price needs to come down considerably. https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/d/1965-buick-riviera-gs/6407519278.html For Sale: 1965 Riviera. The car is a GS but the LX 425 and dual quads are long gone. I believe the transmission and rear end are original. It has a 1965 LT (401) engine currently. 53000 actual miles. Clear PA title in my name. The interior is mostly there but in poor condition. Body is fairly solid with no significant or structural rust other than the front of the hood. It ran when I parked it 5 years or so ago and the clamshells worked. I have owned it since 2005, but have not personally seen the car in a few years. The car is at a friend's shop in Freedom, PA just outside of Pittsburgh. I am near Altoona.
  11. Ok I’ll get back to you this week once packed up. Yes Randy they are new. I’ll get back to you this week.
  12. OK Tom Give me 2-3 days to get packaged up. If no one requests the sway bar kit by the time I ship I'll throw them in.
  13. Sam, That's just a drip/string from when the rubberized coating was applied that happened to solidify in that area connecting the two. No wire .
  14. Yep Randy. In garage most of day. Starting to look a little better but we won’t talk about the upper level.