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    Live life daily by solid Christian values. Same ones our country was founded on but unfortunately are fading. Have a wonderful wife who likes Riviera's, loves to ride the 48 Indian Chief and do anything outdoors in the country where we live including riding her horse. No kids. I like American history and traveling by road trip in the USA whenever possible. Always attracted to anything with an engine especially pre-1970. First motorized machine I was the operator of was a Sears 3.5hp mini-bike at age 6. After that I was hooked, riding, repairing, buying and selling dirt bikes, then cars and was mostly self taught as no one else in the family was a car nut to guide me. Dad taught me to do the basics like tuneups, brakes, exhaust, etc on cars but being from near the depression era, he sees a car as a tool to get from point A to point B and no need to do anything other that what was necessary to keep it on the road. At age 17-19 I was full into the hobby and built a 4x4 Pinto. Dad sold me his rusted out 70 Bronco for the chassis and tolerated this project but know he felt it was a waste of money and time but probably figured at least I was at home and not out getting into trouble. No interest in todays stick and ball sports nor idolize movie stars (well, except for Clint Eastwood). Haven't played video games since Pacman in the early 80s! Didn't go to college but attended trade school during high school for Industrial Electricity which launched me into plastics manufacturing at age 17 in 1979. Except for 1 year as a heavy equipment operator after a plant closure, I've worked in all aspects of plastics manufacturing except sales.
    With Gods blessing I'll be able to retire around 65 and see more of the country by car.....and Indian with my wife.

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  1. Yes definitely gray phosphate. There is medium gray phosphate and darker gray phosphate. The darker is more common to fasteners. Medium more common to other brackets. Certainly a paint close in color/shade would be fine but if your car is a cut above, find a plating place that does gray phosphate, remove the springs and have them done. You will need to specify if you want the medium or dark gray phosphate. 2nd gens seem to be more to the medium gray but don't doubt for a second there was variation medium to dark in manufacturing. Phosphate was the least expensive plating and often did not last long on parts that had exposure to elements. This likely would not have been a process that had strict quality control and as we can imagine in mass plating production of the 60s, quality control for something like this was probably nil. In the past I have simulated dark and medium gray phosphate with a combination of primers and base coats then flat or satin clear on top. Just takes a little experimenting to get the desired appearance. Gold and zinc cadmium offered a step up in corrosion protection from phosphate.
  2. Holy Cow Paul - Crap in the poor guys Wheaties why don't you. I'll resist adding a couple but man, this seller knows how to photograph a car. It looks beautiful. Due to option choices it may have been an ordered car. Has posi too! The gas tanks on these came dented from the factory! Kidding of course but most are dented.
  3. Wow - Wonder why the guy replaced it? It looks really nice. If it hasn't been tweaked to where the fit was affected where it hugs the body at the corners and center, $450 is a great buy. Only way to tell that is mount it on car. If I wasn't at opposite side of a long state I'd come look at it.
  4. You got it - a 244 trans code for a 1968 would be Friday September 1st 1967.
  5. You want to buy these from Fusicks. I see ebay listing includes shipping that factors in some of the $36 price difference but in most cases Fusicks will be less expensive. Fusicks has been selling these for many years but only listed them for 66-70 Toronados though identical to the Riv. More recently they opened a line of Buick parts in catalog and included these. And yea its a MAJOR job to replace them but sure does look better than electrical tape wrapped around an old one! http://www.fusickautomotiveproducts.com/prodinfo.asp?number=EWC6670
  6. Ken, Have you determined 100% that the switch is bad? I may have one and will look. Often though the root cause of a non functioning seat is elsewhere in the system.
  7. Agree this vendor is top rated and has an excellent reputation. I bought the do-it-your-self kit but had problem with clock keeping correct time. They were very polite and helpful when I called for assistance and even agreed to fix it no charge if I sent it to them had we not been able to resolve issue the phone, which we did. A+
  8. Scroll through the pages in this thread.
  9. Riviera 66 - Welcome to the forum. Your spelling/English is better than some people that were born here! Gaps were not perfect on these cars when new however the bottom of the door to rocker should be pretty close otherwise there will be obvious mismatch between the lower stainless trim pieces but again we have seen many examples of factory cars where there was mismatch while others are nearly perfect. Most people realigning want to get it as close as they can regardless of what the factory did. Door alignment on these cars is an acquired skill taking many hours if you've never done it. Patience. Adjustment can me made between door and hinge and hinge to main cowl. When one change makes another worse, what you end up doing is splitting the difference or making the worst part least noticeable. Often it will appear there is no way to make it better but if you keep experimenting, sometimes you will be surprised at what the smallest adjustment in the right direction can make. Always scribe or mark your starting point around hinges so you can go back if you make it worse. I remove the striker post so it does not force the door up or down when going through aligning process. I usually see 1/4"-5/16" (6-8mm) spacers (large heavy steel washers) on the radiator support bushings on 66 cars. These were to aid proper front clip alignment. If your whole body has been raised due to new incorrect height bushings, you may need to raise the radiator support by the same amount. this is why I refused to use the too high body cushions. Not sure what other problems that may cause. The fenders are typically shimmed at the rear (door side) also. Having said all that, I would go back and cut down your new mounts that are too high as RoadShark did. This avoids an unnecessary risk of causing other problems. But I tend to be more particular than others.
  10. I see. As Black River said get it mechanically safe and reliable, detail it as-is and drive it. Though I would get rid of those wheel covers as they do not compliment the car. Copied pic to this thread
  11. Welcome to the forum Blackened65. We'll need some more information and pictures in order for folks to provide advice.
  12. Hmmm - wonder why no chrome air cleaner lid on the 70. The 70 GS had the 3.42 axle so wonder if the larger A/C pulley that went with it was dropped for 70 or maybe this one not correct. That car is screaming for short skirts! Nice factory color combo.
  13. Welcome Billy Those 895 series wheels are the easiest and least expensive of the group to find good used. A set of 4 with very nice chrome and little or rust go for around $400-$500. Driver quality with a tad more rust in the outer rim recess go for around $250-$300. The 895s are plentiful in decent condition. The wheel pictured is in poor condition and at best would be a core for a replate. There is a chrome shop in CA that specializes in re-chroming them and last I heard it was around $235 ea plus shipping. If you cleaned them up using steel wool and WD40 to get rid of rust and painted the inserts black you may be able to sell the set on craigslist for $100 ona good day assuming condition of others is no worse than pictured. What looks like the original red paint insert is interesting. Could be wrong but think the 1975 Riv had an option to have red wheel inserts. Perhaps that's what they were from
  14. Good Luck Steve! Hope they work. You may want to buy a pair of special corbin clamp pliers. I made a pair out of vise grips by grinding a groove in the jaws. A bit crude and but it works. Let me know if you need my contact for correct clamps
  15. Unless there is a bad connection at the relay. But it does seem to be looking like that may be problem. 69 might be the same as 68 but don't be shocked if its not. Many differences within a generation.