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  1. Fave movie for Buicks?

    Superman vs. The Mole Men has a great 50 Roadmaster convertible driven by Clark Kent.
  2. Parts for 70 225 Convertible

    I have the overflow tank and perhaps the script. If this is a 225 Custom, it has a unique trunk script. Mike 916-599-3934
  3. Hurrican Irene

    I was watching the coverage of Hurricane Irene on the TV and they showed a brief shot from Fairfield, NJ and there appeared to be a beautiful green and white 57 Buick sitting in a flooded parking lot with just a few other cars in the lot. Very strange. Did anyone else catch it?
  4. 1961 LeSabre gas tank needed

    I have a 61 Electra, I believe the tank is good. Mike 916-599-3934
  5. Hood latch

    I have the left hand latch and the rods. Mike 916-599-3934
  6. I have seen 56s with the masonite insert. The thick paper ones from 55 are being reproduced by Ken Mitson.
  7. 68 Wildcat cowl screen

    I have a 68 LeSabre, it should be the same.
  8. 1950 GMC Ice Cream Truck

    I am selling a 1950 GMC ice cream truck for a friend on ebay. I don't know how to post the link, but I have a few pictures to attach here. It is fully functional, running and driving. It could be a real money maker for the right person.
  9. 1968 Buick LeSabre Coupe: Grille and Dash

    I have a complete grille for $125. The dash is hard to come by. Mike 916-599-3934
  10. 1953 Buick Super Woody

    Remarkable wagon. I doubt the factory air though. And why only 3 portholes?
  11. None of them have body tags. I do have the book, I'll take a look.
  12. 49 Roadmaster Windshield

    Call Barry at 530-308-7636.
  13. I'm still confused, so I posted some pictures, 2 pictures for each car. Both of these cars have 47 grilles. One has the name Special on the hood pull handle, the other doesn't. But the fenders and their extensions look the same to me.
  14. What convinces you that this is a Special? I have a Super that looks just like the Special. The only way I could distinguish between the two is that the Special hood latch handle says "Special" on it, but the Super is blank.
  15. 1957 Buick Trunk lid or area around key lock

    The other lesson learned from this experience: Telling the truth requires far less time and energy than telling a lie.