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    HPOF Rules on Interior and Dent Repair?

    Very good questions and responses. HPOF evaluations are a tough job. Think about looking at a 1920's car that was restored in the early 1950's that the owner says was never restored. It takes a lot of experience to evaluate that car for HPOF certification. Factory original parts from one car can replace the parts on your car with no deduction, but reproduction parts are a deduction. Replacing bolts with new bolts of the same style and appearance during a repair is acceptable with no deduction. Replacing interior parts with the same parts from another car like car is acceptable. I have a '60's Lincoln convertible with interior parts from at least 6 different cars. I bought this car in the late '70's when there were plenty of same year sedans with good interiors in salvage yards. The front seat is from one car, the carpet another, dash pad from another, rear seat bottom from another, rear seat back from another and door panels from yet another car. All is factory original and not reupholstered. This would not be an HPOF deduction as it is all factory original, even though it is not original to the car. Front and rear bumpers have been changed to better ones from another car. Again, no deduction because they are factory original. NOS parts are acceptable with no deduction as well. Reproduction parts are deductions. BTW, my Lincoln is not HPOF certified because I have never brought it to an AACA National Meet. I haven't entered it as such because it has radial tires on it and has had two complete repaints. (Radial tires are on it only because I can buy four radial tires for the price of one correct bias ply tire, not because of the safety excuse.) I hope this clears up a few questions. Even if you are not an AACA Judge, you can attend one of the Judging CJE's (Continuing Judging Education) sessions at any National Meet and you will learn a lot about what is acceptable on an HPOF car.
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    1936 Chrysler Transmission

    Can you clarify your problem. You say that it stays in low gear but will not shift back into low.
  3. 61polara

    2018 Eastern Spring Meet results

    You did a great job on the event. Very enjoyable!
  4. 61polara

    HPOF Rules on Interior and Dent Repair?

    Unfortunately, you can't restore your vehicle to original. HPOF rules allow replacement of wear items and allowable maintenance of the car. This includes tires, belts, hoses and clamps. The replacements must be of original style and appearance. That would mean correct size bias ply tires. There would be no deduction for dents, dings or scrapes in the body. If it is repaired and the paint matched so that it cannot be determined that it was repaired, there would not be a deduction. Reproduction floor mats and reupholstered interior would both be deductions. If you are able to find original seats and mats in better shape than what you have, they can be used with no deduction. A rechromed bumper would be a deduction, but swaping it for a better original one would not be. All of the things you would like to do would be acceptable in the DPC class, so you may want to consider going that way.
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    72 LeSabre coolant tank

    Trust me. Your problem is not the thermostat. When a thermostat does not open, the block overheats, not the radiator. I think your problem is the radiator itself. Have it cleaned out and the block flushed until the water runs clear.
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    They appear to be step bore cylinders which were used through 1942. I think they started around 1940. That number cross references to a Wagner part.
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    49 chrysler rear brake adjustment

    Greg, Have you recently done work on the rear brakes? If so, I would start looking at the adjustments. Either way, have you replaced the rear brake hose? Old hoses will swell internally and block the return of fluid to the master cylinder. Each time you apply the brakes, they will get tighter. I would replace that hose first and then bleed the rear brakes. Cut the old hose apart (across it) and I think you will find that there is almost no opening inside the hose.
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    '57 Thunderbird generator/regulator

    This sound normal. Starting the car will pull the battery voltage down and a generator does not charge much at idle. Depending on the car, the battery may have to be in the circuit for the car to run. Take the car out for a drive an then check the volts.
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    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    Several posters have commented that the '55-'57 Chevy popularity started several years later. Ford and Plymouth in '57 had their rust problems and Chevy did not. They lasted and were easy to work on. They survived. In 1965, my Dad was shopping to trade his '61 Dodge Polara (see avatar, I still have it) on a new Pontiac. The salesman ask what he had to trade, Dad pointed to the Dodge and the salesman said, "I don't want it. Do you have anything else you can trade" Dad replied we had a '56 Chevy 150 two door sedan with the same 50,000 miles on it. Sight unseen, the salesman said, "I'll give you $1000 for it". Yes, it's true, the Chevys (and all '57 GM cars) were good, reliable and well built cars and that is why they are so popular today.
  10. 61polara

    brake pedal stays down -system bled 49 chrysler

    Use your brake spring plyers to hook the original spring in the correct location. You can't pull it there by hand. Where did you get the new spring from? Post a picture of what you have done and we can help you.
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    Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

    David, you've been a great asset here.
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    What should you do with old car paint?

    Pour cheap cat litter in the can, leave the lid off and let it dry. The dried paint is considered non-toxic and can be put in the trash.
  13. 61polara

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    And Plymouth was the best looking of the low price three!
  14. 61polara

    brake pedal stays down -system bled 49 chrysler

    I'm not sure what you did when you say you adjusted the master cylinder. Did you adjust the pushrod? If so, you may have blocked the compensation port in the master cylinder. Did you overhaul the master cylinder? Did you bleed the master cylinder?
  15. 61polara

    This plate from a 1957 Super

    They must be installed after painting as the photo of TG57Roadmaster's data plate is an original, unrestored car.
  16. 61polara

    This plate from a 1957 Super

    Before bothering with the body tag, tell your Dad to ask the seller to have the registration corrected. If he won't walk away. Your Dad doesn't need to buy someone else's problem. Your state may accept it without a serial number verification, but many states will not. It may not be a problem now in buying the car, but could be a huge problem when he sells it. It will be more of a problem for you Dad to fix, than the seller, assuming he has the original documentation. I just went through a situation where I wanted DMV correct the misspelling of my name on the title. The title was issued 20 years ago and had a "U" instead of a "W" in my last name. They pulled the hand written Application For Title to verify the spelling. It was approved and I got a corrected title in 2 weeks, but if the document clearly had a "U", I would have been stuck. My state still requires notarized signatures on titles and that could have been problematic because I don't have an ID with my name misspelled on it.
  17. 61polara

    41 chrysler royal coupe

    In the dash pictures linked to above, I believe the two knobs below the clock are the heater controls. This car appears to have an aftermarket heater blower switch mounted below and to the left of the radio speaker. Chrysler offered several heater models in these years. In a car with no heater or an aftermarket heater, the knobs are dummy knobs just screwed onto the dash. In the deluxe heater options, one switch pulled out to increase blower speed and the other controlled the hot water flow to control the heat temp.
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    1948 Car Production

    I just looked back at the AACA National Meet results from Hershey in 2017 though the recent Grand National in Greensburg, PA. There were a total of 26 1946-1948 cars shown in Classes 26A, 26B, HPOF and DPC. Some of these may be the same cars at multiple shows.
  19. 61polara

    1948 Car Production

    1946-1948 cars are mostly the same as the prewar cars, mechanically and in styling, as that was the quickest way to get cars back into production. In 1949-1955 all companies began offering new, overhead valve V8 engines, true automatic transmissions and other very advanced features over the 1948 models. The 1946-48 cars became technically obsolete very quickly and no one wanted one. They were mostly driven into the ground, because they were worth little as a trade-in. In the early '60's, I remember only a very few 1946-48 cars still on the road and they looked very much like antiques to me at that time. We're talking 12 to 14 year old cars. I only remember two in my very middle class neighborhood. One was a 1948 Plymouth coupe and the other was a 1948 Dodge four-door. The ones that remain are true survivors from a period that pasted them buy quickly.
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    A window into the life of a car dealer

    A friend of mine had a Porsche specialty repair shop, but all of this personal cars were '60's Lincolns. I asked him why he had a Porsche shop when his love was Lincolns. He answered, "These guys are crazy. The take their perfect cars out of here and trash them over the week and bring them back and want them perfect again as soon a possible. It's a gold mind!"
  21. 61polara

    1948 Car Production

    1946 and 1947 models are much rarer today than 1948. All are very similar but with some differences. Chrysler did not even bother to break out production numbers from 1946-1948. Here's my 1947 Buick Roadmaster, unrestored, original, 62,000 miles.
  22. 61polara

    Were my seats reupholstered?

    No leather in the photos although Cadillac did offer leather bolsters in that period. I agree, take them off and see what you have. On the 75 sedans most had broadcloth front and back, the formal sedans (division window) usually had leather front and broadcloth in back. I have a "53 75 sedan.
  23. 61polara

    56 Lincoln Capri

    Again, I recommend diagnosing your problem further with a front end specialist. They will able to confirm if it is the steering box or not. If the steering wheel is turning, but the output shaft on the box is not, then you have a steering box problem. Bias ply tires generally don't cause this problem, but your tires are old. Remmington L78-15 haven't been made in years and the rubber is hard and will give a harsh ride. Find your steering problem and then consider new tires.
  24. 61polara

    Lost Key

    Contact Key-Men.com. They did a great job for me making a 1921 Maxwell key from the lock number.
  25. 61polara

    56 Lincoln Capri

    Welcome Jeff, There are a lot of great guys here that can help with your problem, but we can't from a problem described only as a bad steering problem. I've dealt with several '56 Lincolns and am not aware of a consistent '56 steering box problem. Give us more information. What is the steering box doing to make you think that is the problem? I hate to see people throw good money at a good part. Has a front end specialist looked for worn part other than the steering box. It could even be a problem with old tires. Let us know more and especially documentation about the issue you heard about with the '56 steering box.