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  1. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    I was at an estate sale looking at a large toolbox full of tools that was very reasonably priced. The wife came over and said "The only thing they suffered from was lack of use". I said sold.
  2. Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    I'll be there and hope to make the meeting.
  3. Verlie

    I doubt you issue is weak pressure plate springs. I suspect the fluid level is low in the fluid coupling or your clutch disk is worn out. I would look at those items first before you start looking at weak springs.
  4. Remove instrument cluster 60 adventurer.

    Deleted.....Info posted was for wrong year. sorry.
  5. 1942 DeSotos...How Many Survived?

    I still have my blue convt and the yellow convt is now in Ohio. I don't know if anyone has ever tried to compile a roster.
  6. Decarbonizer

    With the engine running, pull a vacuum line that runs directly to the intake and stick it into a bottle of water. Pull it out when the engine starts to die, so to keep it running. The water will clean out the carbon.
  7. rear springs 1951 convertible

    From Hollanders Interchange, all '51-'52 Chrysler 8 cylinder rear springs interchange except for the 8 passenger cars.
  8. HPOF deductions

    Documentation is the key to no deductions in an area like this. With the ink stamp you are part of the way there, now connect the dots.
  9. 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

    Radials would be a deduction in both point judging and HPOF, but for your year car, up to four deductions are permitted for HPOF certification. Based on your comments and pictures, I think HPOF is the best place to register your car in an AACA National event. Documentation of rare features may be needed as well in the HPOF class. Hope to see you and your car at the Charlotte AACA National in April.
  10. Who Is Bob Safrit?

    I've judged with Bob many times at AACA events. A really great guy.
  11. 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

    You can get your Judges Guidelines now and free by going to the AACA HOME PAGE and click on PUBLICATIONS. You can download it. This will be the 2017 manual, but for the information you are looking for, it will be accurate. By mid to late February the 2018 manual should be available to download. AACA has three distinct divisions for shows. CLASS JUDGING is point judging of cars. Most are restored, but there are a few original cars shown in this division. Original cars compete against restored cars with no distinction between the two for point deductions. HISTORIC PRESERVATION OF ORIGINAL FEATURES (HPOF) is evaluation and certification of unrestored vehicles. Deductions are made for areas where restoration is observed or disclosed by the owner. This division was established to promote the preservation of unrestored vehicles to be used as guides for individuals restoring their vehicles. DRIVER PARTICIPATION is for cars which may have some restoration done to the point they can not be considered as an HPOF car, but are not restored to the level to compete in Class Judging. This division also permits some modifications without deduction, such as radial tires on a car where they were never offered, a modern radio or aftermarket air conditioning. The Judges Guidelines will explain this in better detail. If you attend the Charlotte show, consider attending the Judges School on Friday at 2:00 in the Media Center at the Speedway.
  12. My 1947 Roadmaster was built there. Original, unrestored, BCA Archival Award and AACA HPOF. 64,000 mile car.
  13. 1949 Olds,Buick,CAD Steering box question

    Cadillac used a V-8 engine back to the early years, while Olds and Buick used straight eights. The Olds body was redesigned in '48 to accommodate the V-8 for 1949. Buick stayed with the straight 8 until 1953. It's been my understanding that the Buick "nail-head" V-8 was designed to fit in the straight 8 engine compartment.
  14. CCStudent, why don't you consider joining AACA? Tell us where you are and we will connect you with a region.
  15. 383 with a 727 torqueflite trans.

    Deleted, duplicate info