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  1. 70's Chrysler Daily Driver?

    I only had one problem with the '78 Cordoba and it happened to me 3 or 4 time in 100,000 miles. In 40-50 degree weather, if it did not fire on the first crank, it would flood the engine to the point of wetting the spark plugs. Plugs had to be changed or pulled and dried to get it to start again.
  2. Fluid Drive Stalling

    I agree, this is a carb problem. It sounds like a low speed idle circuit problem. How did you clean the carb body and passageways?
  3. The same was used through at least 1967.
  4. Rear fender looks like a Hudson, 1941-1948. Anyway, it's not what it used to be.
  5. 70's Chrysler Daily Driver?

    I had a '78 Cordoba with the 400 CID. It got much better gas mileage than the 360 both with lean burn. I would average 18-19 mpg. I'd love to find a solid one of these.
  6. OBD I Buick check engine light on 90%

    Many times a O2 Sensor fault code is not a failed sensor, but an engine performance problem, such as the engine running too rich resulting in the check engine light coming on because the sensor is working. OBD I won't tell you any more. It's time for old time diagnostics.
  7. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    As others have said, judging will start at 11 am, rain or not. Dave Bowman Chief Judge Southeastern Spring Meet Charlotte, NC
  8. Need a big wallet for this one

    Thailand has a 300% duty on cars not manufactured there. Only Toyota has an assembly plant there so most every car you see is a Toyota.
  9. 1923-1924 Ignition Keys?

    Contact Key-men.com. They were able to cut correct keys for my 1921 Maxwell. They don't list 1923-24 Maxwell keys on their website, so they may have to do some research for you to get the correct key. They did a great job for me.
  10. HPOF: Extended Paint Warranty from the Factory?

    Generally, if the HPOF team cannot determine that it is a repaint, there would be no deduction.
  11. You should post this further down in the Buick section. The members are very active there.
  12. 1960 Thunderbird

    The posts above are very good and you should consider them carefully. I don't know exactly what you want in a car but look at what else is available out there. You have pointed out the most obvious price changers. Wrong engine, non-working AC, bad paint match on the door and incorrect wheels and tires. I don't see any value ,added items here. NADA shows average retail at $18,700.
  13. Define replica

    I know of one DMV Commissioner who was fired for ordering employees to issue a title as a 1940 Ford. The State General Assembly over reacted and passed one of the most restrictive old car transfer policies in the country. This is truly a fraud, supported by the state the title was issued in. I'd like to see the owner point out one original 1936 Packard part (other than title) on the car.
  14. Title Question

    Great. Good ending!
  15. 1953 mercedes original prices

    "Beginning approximately 1953, Mercedes-Benz had a very active network of "foreign agents" selling their products in almost all of the 48 States." I agree with this. On your 300SL, is the original speedometer in MPH or KM? Just curious if it was built to US specs. West has stated above, that the price of a 300d was about $14,000. In 1953 the MSRP of a Cadillac 60 Special was $4,305 and in 1962 was $6,366. The 1958 Cadillac Brougham was $13,074. The 1956 Lincoln Mark II was $9,695. As you can see the 300d was the German "Rolls Royce".