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  1. 61polara

    '57 Buick totaled in Hamilton, Ohio

    Looking at the other pictures, it appears the car received a side hit as well. That damage was not caused by the collision with the statue.
  2. A paper bag of early 1950's condoms in a 1947 Roadmaster trunk.
  3. 61polara

    Woodgraining kits - any feedback?

    I've also experimented using basecoat paint that had not been reduced and had good results.
  4. 61polara

    1967 Buick tires

    At least you have options. I have a 1970 car that came with F78-14 bias plys. Radials were not an option. The tire is available, but only with a 3" white wall. The size would be correct but the white wall size would still be a deduction.
  5. 61polara

    1941 olds hydromatic transmission

    If it's on the internet, it has to be true. Since Type A was around before Dexron, I doubt that it was a 50/50 mix of Type F and Dexron.
  6. Nice looking car. The brakes may not need bleeding, but only adjustment.
  7. 61polara

    1942 Chrysler C34 Red Engine Paint

    I have an original unrestored '42 DeSoto. The engine is silver with black accessories. When I purchased the car an original high compression head was in the trunk. it is natural aluminum with read lettering on the side of the head. My research found that his head was last available in 1941. From other posts of yours, you say that the head was off for a valve job. If the car had enough miles to need a valve job, it could have easily have had a water pump replacement. What color did you find on the block? Can you show us your evidence that late 41 and all 42 6 cylinder engines were painted red. I'm a Senior Master Judge in AACA and I'm asking for judging standards purposes not to get into an argument. So what I'm asking for is the factory documentation you found that the blocks were painted red. Sales material produced by the Art Department are usually not reliable documentation
  8. 61polara

    Datsun 240Z

    Dealer installed mag wheels are not acceptable and will receive a deduction unless they are factory authorized options. You will need factory documentation to avoid a deduction.
  9. 61polara

    1967 Buick tires

    Now you have the documentation. You can run a 225R X 15. To avoid a deduction, this is not a P225R75 x 15. Diamond Back Tires offers a correct 225R X 15 they have made for the Lincoln Mark III. Others may offer this as well. This includes the spare, which should match in size. Brand is not important.
  10. 61polara

    Misfire Teaser

    To use a 12v timing light on a 6v system, just attach the power leads to a 12v battery. Everything will work fine.
  11. 61polara

    1942 Chrysler C34 Red Engine Paint

    As Keiser31 said above, your engine should be silver with black accessories.
  12. 61polara

    Early 50's Powerglide, how does it perform?

    I've posted a link below to Chevrolet's instruction manual for driving a 1950 Powerglide. The 1950-52 Powerglide was like Buick's Dynaflow. No shifting of the transmission in Drive. Chevrolet notes that for faster take-off or for more power climbing a hill, manually move the shift leaver to Low and then back to Drive when Low is no longer needed. http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Chevrolet/1950_Chevrolet/1950 Chevrolet Tomorrows Driving Today/image1.html
  13. 61polara

    HPOF of '27 Chandler

    Try washing it several time with a gallon of water with a cup of kerosene in the water. Let it dry on the car, then wash it again. It will make a huge difference in the paint and will protect the bare metal from rusting.
  14. 61polara

    HPOF Class

    HPOF started off allowing only car 45 years old or older. This was changed to 35 years and then to the current 25 years. We want to start preserving cars as early as possible and that was the reason for the change. I think it was the right choice.
  15. 61polara

    1949 Cadillac sedan

    Is that a supercharger on the engine in the last picture? Never heard of that option on a '49. Has the Cadillac crest on it.