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  1. I have an extra Harmonic Balancer, and the fuel door tab. Regarding the dimmer switch slide button, I may have one of those as well. The door actuators everyone buys after market on those. Radio... guys upgrade to something with Bluetooth. Wheels? I went after market and never looked back. The accumulator is discontinued as is the pressure switch. Aftermarket only on the accumulator and used or NOS from one of the guys on the forum [I have both]. Keep the factory parts for the next guy if you want. If interested I can be reached at; lemke1044@aol.com
  2. I think you need an accumulator more then you need a switch, Take a look at the latch on the fuel lid. Is it there or broke? There is a "slide" that gets hung up and needs to be lubed. Jim Finn and Marck at East Coast Reattas are both great places for parts. Also Ronnie has built a web site that addresses much of the repairs issues you will be facing. Check it out. Just google Reatta Owners Journal.
  3. DAVES89


    As you are able to operate the CRT [with or without the picture] I would say that your CRT Controller is working fine. Replace or repair the CRT and you should be good to go.
  4. DAVES89

    Turn signal problem

    The flasher cans are located behind the dash between the steering wheel and the console.
  5. DAVES89

    Catalytic converter broken

    I believe it is 2.25 but you could take a cloth tape measure and wrap it rtound the pipe and take the measurement and divide by 3.14 [pie] and figure it out.
  6. DAVES89

    Dashboard shaking

    That would be correct Marck but I am also looking at the leading edge of the dash pad as well.
  7. DAVES89

    1990 climate control

    I'm betting on the lever behind the glove box disconnected. take out the glove box [held in place by about 10 torx screws and take a look.
  8. DAVES89

    Dashboard shaking

    If you make the puller as illustrated on Ronnie's site you can pull the dash up and see if the clips came off the tabs or if the tabs are broke. Be sure to use the measurements provided to pull at the right place. If the tabs are broken you are pretty much screwed and will have to replace the pad. If the clips are gone those are still available from any of the vendors on this site.
  9. I know it's not Reatta related but it could be, as the topic is rust. My neighbor has been after me to install a trailer hitch on his 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. I snapped two trim screws that screw through the rear storage bin through the floor. After I got the tow bracket off which was required to install the hitch all the threaded holes I was to use to mount the hitch were rusted and required the use of a thread chaser. You guys in the non rust belt states have it made. We don't have the deterioration of rubber but dealing with rust is a pain.
  10. DAVES89

    1990 Reatta as my first car?

    Just looked and the Craigslist posting has been deleted.
  11. DAVES89

    1990 Reatta as my first car?

    While these cars are very reliable as they utilize a great drive train, there will be things that will "happen". I have 3 Reattas and have never been down for more then one day. But I carry dozens of spare parts that I can install to get back on the road. Most Reatta owners have a "back up" car and order out replacement parts as they need them and are then down for awhile. Having said that I agree with Ronnie that your car has 71,xxx miles and appears to be a nice car especially for a 28 year old car. The brake issue is most likely that ball like thing next to the brake fluid resevoir. That latch for the gas tank cover is either missing or the slide is stuck and needs to be lubed. I would say if you have confidence in your abilities, or have some mechanical friends that would help you, and are willing to invest in some back up parts to stay on the road consider it. If not walk away and look for something in a more mainstream car.
  12. DAVES89

    Buick Reatta OEM Center Cap Emblems NOS - Set of 4

    Thanks for the listing. I just bought a set.
  13. DAVES89

    Buick Reatta battery condition

    I do that to the Black every spring and to the Red and the 'vert every fall.
  14. Got the oil change done on the Red. Now going out to give her a wash. The Black's rear wheel bearing is done as well. I did address the passenger side front wheel speed sensor that has gone bad. When I attempted to remove the sensor, the sensor head was rusted in place. So I broke the head out leaving the barrel in place. I had a real nice lead in inventory that was missing the aluminum barre,l so I just put this one in place using the existing barrel. Took it for a drive and it kept activating the anti brake feature. So I put it back on blocks removed the wheel and using a wooden block tapped the head farther into the barrel. Now it works fine. Applied caulk around the head to keep moisture from going into the head and put the wheel back on. Hope I'm good for a few years. [I actually did this procedure before on the Black's driver side front years ago and it is still working].
  15. I got the Black out of storage on Monday and put the 'vert away. Heard a grinding noise at the passenger rear brakes so I am thinking that I will replace the wheel bearing. The Red also needs an oil change so will do that as well. Looks like a Reatta day...