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  1. Hi Chris, Just email me with your address and I will drop you one in the mail. lemke1044@aol.com
  2. I remember stopping for gas [Marshfield Wisconsin] with my dad in 1970 during the "gas wars". We paid 14.9 cents per gallon with the attendent pumping the gas plus a promotional give away. My dad chuckled on that for some time that day.
  3. Welcome Carlos! Good idea to bring up an older posting to help fellow Reatta owners with a problem. I just did that with a stereo/sound system options.
  4. With the summer driving season upon us, I thought this might be a good series of posts giving others ideas of what can be done. I think other then A/C questions the audio is the next most asked about issue.
  5. Try Ebay. They will have discontinued stock on hand. That is how I found you NOS wheel speed sensor. I just checked there are 5 NOS units there from the same vendor $59.95 w/free shipping
  6. As Mc_Reatta supplied me with these leads 6 years ago it must be me that you are referring to that have had the fans on constant high. I have had no problems with the fans wearing out but do have extra fans from cars that kdirk and I parted out so they were pretty much free. Well worth it to keep our cars running cooler. As Padgett has said many times keeping the engines cooler is better for everything; wires, hoses, and sensors.
  7. I have three Reattas and think each taillight should have this set up. And if the 'vert doesn't have the relay upgrade I would need on there. So that would be 4 out of the 5 needed. Pretty good deal. Thanks Ronnie! And David as well for a great "How To" write up.
  8. Thanks for looking that up. It now seems like a doable project that still looks/works like stock and the wires can be traced to a nearby harness. I didn't want to deal with splitting the harness and running leads all over the place. Looks like all I need to start is a relay plug, relay and some 10 gauge wire. I'm starting to like this. David why don't you go back and edit the post that you say is incorrect? That would limit misinformation if anyone was to do this and stopped at that post.
  9. Ronnie you were smart enough to let it dry out. I wasn't. So I burned up two switches which normally doesn't bother me but the one I burned up was a recent replacement by the P.O. and was mint.
  10. While we are doing all this switch talk I will state that one should not spray anything into the switch to hopefully clean the contacts. This could lead to shorting in the switch, melting the switch and damaging the harness. If your contacts are bad they are bad. Send the switches off to Jim who maybe can recondition them.
  11. Thanks Ronnie, now I remember about this being posted. I will check on it when I get the 'vert out next week. If it hasn't been done do you suppose Buick will authorize a warranty repair?
  12. Went to Gibson's yesterday for a drivers side outside mirror for her mini van. While ther I thought I would go looking for another Teves pump/motor. Found one off a recently junked [3/17] Cadillac. Also last week bought one from a yard near West Bend so now have two in inventory. I had burned up a pump/motor last week which left me with none for inventory. Had to correct that. When I installed the replacement pump/motor the pressure switch didn't work, but the accumulator was excellant. Stripped the accumulator off the burned up pum/motor and put it on the shelf and swapped in the pressure switch and all is good.
  13. Where abouts did the "running change" happen on the 1990 Reattas? My 'vert is #3406. What do I look for and where?
  14. Has the taillight draw caused any switch issues? I don't remember reading about any. I really am reluctant to cut into a wiring harness that one cannot easily see what has been done and why. I did the sequential directional kit and tapped into my rear speakers to add a powered Kicker woofer but these things can be easily seen and restored back to original. Same with the relay harness we have been talking about for the headlights. If the next owner [not likely as I am pretty sure I will be the last owner of both the Red and the 'vert, the Black is destined to one day be a parts car] was to look at the car, I want things to be easily reversed. I'll have to think on that. However for the sake of discussion the way to do this is to run a 10 gauge lead install a relay and just tap into the 6 center taillights? what does one tap into in the engine compartment. Then one could also leave the standard bulbs in as the relay is taking the load off the switch, right? This would at least keep everything looking the same in the light.