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  1. Did any of thes Turbo cars get built?

    And as Paul Harvey said, "And that's the rest of the story" Thanks Jon for clearing it up.
  2. To MSD or not to MSD ?. That is the question.

    I know, and yes square heads are required.
  3. Did any of thes Turbo cars get built?

    Jon [63viking] is the guy you want to hear from. He is the owner of the car in question. I believe he started with a stock Reatta, changed a few things added emblems and told the guy an interesting story.
  4. A/C and Plug on 90 Reatta

    I would have to go to BD24 to be sure, but I believe BD24 reads the cycling of the compressor. -1to +2 is good. -1 to +8or9 means you are low. That's the beauty of these cars is that not only will they tell you what is wrong, they will also tell you what is going on...
  5. I hope spring has officially arrived as the Red comes out today. I put the Black away almost 2 weeks ago and have been driving the 'vert on a daily basis including a trip to New Orleans. I put just under 3000 miles on the 'vert and to be truthful I got tired of it as it has more "road noise" due to the convertible top. Great car I just prefer the Red the most.
  6. Paint the town red (actually Polo Green)

    And you will end the controversy...
  7. Paint the town red (actually Polo Green)

    All my cars are mono chromatic [rub strips and mirror] to the car's color. Of course on the two Black cars that is easy, but I also did it on the Red as well. I like that look better, but I did go with the Buick LeSabre 7 spoke chrome wheels on the 'vert and the Red to brighten things up. The Black is my winter Reatta so it kept the original wheels.
  8. 90 Reatta Wire on Steering Wheel

    What color is the wire and what color is the plug at the end of the wire?
  9. Auto engineer rant

    While we were in New Orleans and waiting for the street car [trolley] and a woman from France came up to me and asked about the U S currency. I said it was a metric system. Pennies were millimeters, dimes were centimeters and dollars were meters. She said that would be easy to remember and walked away happy. Now when it comes to bolt heads we have both metric and U S and on some cars... both.
  10. I've thought off and on about putting one in for years. Looks like I'll need another "round to it"...
  11. True 1 of 1 Reatta for sale

    Nice value on a sunroof right now in the Buy/Sell. It would drop right in.
  12. Jim does those as well. I once parted out a car that had one he rebuilt.
  13. Just got back

    My wife took one at the New Orleans Central Park. There are "Live Oaks" as a background. We were told that the Live Oaks were called that because they grew so fast. Anyone know diferent?
  14. Just got back

    I drove the 'vert 1100 miles in one day and over 2500 miles in 4. Not bad for a 28 year old car. Took along a number of repair parts but never needed a one. These are great cars and glad I drive them. However a coupe has much more room then the 'vert when trying to take a nap in a rest area.
  15. Just got back

    Just got home. Left New Orleans at 4:00am and got home at 9:40 pm. 1140 miles in 17.5 hours. Drove back by way of St Louis so I could have lunch with kdirk and swap parts and stories. Never will try that many miles in one day non stop again. [3 gas fills and 1/2 hour with Kevin].