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  1. Grandfathers Pedersen Cycle Car 1922

    Then google" pedersen cycle cars" and another website will pop up.
  2. Grandfathers Pedersen Cycle Car 1922

    try www.davidsclssiccars.com
  3. Just got back

    When I bought the Red [2006] I flew to Fort Lauderdale and bought the Red the same day I saw it. Only assurance I had was the service manager at the Buick dealership telling me is was a "nice car". Drove it non stop home. I had previously purchased a Roadmaster in Phoenix Arizona and had good luck. Since then a Miata that I had a radiator issue [fixed on the road] and later yet a 2005 Chrysler 300 [also no problems]. Makes it part of the adventure...
  4. Great-Great-Grandpa's Car - What model?

    That's all well and fine but what's the dog's name?
  5. Just got back

    I know it is late in the year but thought I would bring this back up for anyone taking a trip. It also is a good list for what to have on hand for back stock inventory to keep your car on the road with no down time. BTW the Red is now past 267,000 miles however I did this spring do a engine/tranny/rack and pinion swap...
  6. The authority on collector cars

    The reason why muscle cars are in favor is that the age bracket that typically has the most money [50-70] grew up with those cars. When that time passes the value of those cars will "flatten" out.
  7. 1988 - How to get to Power Window Switch

    Kevin [kdirk] rebuilds them to like new condition. I would contact him.
  8. 1988 - How to get to Power Window Switch

    Through the top of the console is the easiest way to the switches. Howard has good info...
  9. It's not the IAC as that controls the idle, however a cleaning would not be a bad idea. I would bet on the Ignition Control Module as they have a history of failing. Your description of your problem is a classic sign especially when you talk of the tow operator coming to jump the car which allowed the module to cool down. The Ignition Control Module issue will not throw a code. I would start there.
  10. DIY Leather Steering Wheel Cover

    Disconnect the battery [I never have but it is the correct thing to do]. There are 4 torx screws [#25 or 30?] through the back of the wheel holding on the horn pad . You do not have to remove the screws all the way, just far enough out until that corner of the horn pad is "loose". Then once the pad is loose, pull towards you carefully and unplug the air bag. There is a locking tab that needs to be pulled out then pry up on the clip and pull connection apart. Follow the horn button wires to where they join together, hen follow that to the grounding horn spring. Turn that counter clock wise and it should "pop" out. Horn pad should now come off. Then remove horse shoe clip and put a socket on the nut [13/16"?] and turn the nut off. Use a steering wheel puller rented from your local parts house and pull the wheel. [I have on occasion used my left arm under the wheel pulling upward and a hammer and whacked the column where the nut was. [Leave the nut on to give you a bigger striking surface]. Sometimes it will pop right off and of couse when it hits the bottom of the nut and stop. There is no signal canceling mechanism or anything else to remove.

    That looks like Kim Kardashian...
  12. Towing with an Enclave - Anybody done it

    My 2010 Enclave does not have the towing package but I still put a hitch on it knowing that without the towing package I can still tow 2000 lbs. If the vehicle has a towing package you can tow more [I believe 4500 lbs]. You cannot do anything to an Enclave to change a non tow package to a tow package without drive train upgrades that are cost prohibitive. This info was taken from the Buick Enclave forum and owners manual. A great vehicle for towing is the Buick Roadmaster 1992-1996. I had three different ones [2-1992, 1-1993] and they towed my boat great.
  13. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Nice repair on the door. Quick service. Doesn't even look like it's been hit!
  14. What to do about driver door:(

    Digger914 had the correct answer in Post 3. I referred to you in my response as if we were having a multi person conversation and just commented the price was obscene and intimated he shouldn't pay it. Why must an opposite opinion to yours be considered an attack on you?
  15. What to do about driver door:(

    Sorry 89 RDG but $300.00 for a door missing almost everything plus $150.00 to ship is obscene. I buy whole cars for about that [$450.00]. A door from a You Pick yard should be $100.00 or so [I paid $50.00 for the last one I got from Gibson's].