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  1. 1991 Reatta Air Conditioning Interrmittent

    There is a pressure switch at the Rack and pinion that could be your problem. It is a hard switch to replace so I would think if you jumped the connection it would work normally. Give that a try. If I am wrong report back and we can try something else.
  2. Is this car worth buying as an investment?

    Or in my case I can add that I don't golf, fish or hunt. I do "junk" and sell a few parts to help offset my costs...
  3. 88 Black and Tan

    I think your $900.00 price is still a bit high for a non running, dented, broken windshield Reatta with bad paint. It's pretty much a parts car now... Maybe if you came down a bit more you may get a nibble or two. I did PM Jake to let him know I was interested in parts, but what I want he should probably keep as he may need those parts for the two he just bought.
  4. 1990 Convertible Buick Reatta Help please

    Barney repairs the antenas, Jim Finn has the convertible only visor clips. I went to Amazon years ago for the LEd bulbs for the fog lights and the "Rampage" brand conversions. There is a true LED sealed beam headlight made by "Truck-lite" They are expensive but worth it.
  5. 1991 Reatta CD Player Removal

    Scroll up towards the top.
  6. 1991 Reatta CD Player Removal

    Here is how to remove the CD player.
  7. Need Jim Finn's email address

    Jim posted in the buy/sell and his email address is in his post.
  8. ABS Pressure switch replacement

    I sent a Ford connector to Machiner55 to try on the switch he bought [also a Ford] to cross over to our Buick units. It was never finished and Machiner55 has left the forum...
  9. ABS Pressure switch replacement

    Good job on the repair, but too bad you didn't ask around here. I have two NOS switches as well as a number of good tested used ones. Regarding your situation of your switch sticking and causing the lights to stay on, I have a pressure switch that does not trip the "Red" light. I kept thinking it was the BCM but thought I would swap out the pressure switch first and that fixed my issue.
  10. Dash plastic/rubber "sticky" - Solutions?

    I have used "Goof Off" or "Oops" and followed up with leather conditioner. I just picked up the center panel that is above the pass through door that had a black rubber like residue. The hook area on my original panel was breaking and needed replacement. Did the Goof off and leather conditioner and now need to do the other panels to clean them up.
  11. Shifter Knob - Black - 1988 WTB

    I have extra knobs but if you get the switch from Kevin he should be able to help with the knob as well.
  12. Need Tan 1988 Console Lid WTB

    I don't have one but what I do is go to a yard and slice the seat back out of a Reatta. The seat back is vinyl as is the console lid. Pefect match and plenty of vinyl for the project on the seat back. Also grab the head rests as the leather on them is usually very good due to low stress and the hair oils. The front of the head rest is leather which is enough to repair bolsters on the Reatta seats.
  13. 1990 electrical issue

    All the words he used are "good" but in the way he used them sounds like he was messing with us and 89RDG bit. Back in high school we used to talk about "positive eliminators" and stuff like that when we were screwin with someone. However I have been wrong before...
  14. 1990 electrical issue

    He's screwing with you...
  15. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Ronnie should have said the BUICK 7 spoke wheels. Those Buick [and Cadillac] wheels have the best chrome I have ever seen on wheels. They look great and are very inexpensive when buying from a yard. Glad he [and I] bought them!