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  1. Fuel line issues on the Black

    About 2 months ago a friend of mine and I did a brake/fuel line inspection on the Black before putting it in winter driving service. I knew that I had brake shudder issues so figured front pads rotors and maybe rear pads. Boy was I wrong. Front brakes went well but the rear passenger side caliper was bad so fortunately I had an extra caliper and that was installed as well as rear pads, rotors and then a rear wheel bearing. While taking off the caliper we noticed both rear brake lines were badly worn so a decision was made to replace them which led to the braking of the hard lines because the connections were so rusted. We get that done, fire up the car and the fuel filter starts to leak. so we go to replace that just to find out the lower connector is badly rusted and whill not come off. So we cut that line and do a fuel line repair. Where am I going with this? About a week ago I started noticing a "wet" spot under the drivers door right where the brake line and fuel line was repaired. I knew it wasn't the brake line as the brake fluid level was good under the hood. So I thought that I just had to snug the nut up a bit on the rear coupling and I would be good. So while doing and oil change before running that days appointments I grab some wrenches slide over to the repair connection to snug up the nut only to make the leak worse. I tried tightening a bit more and the leak turned into a torrent. The top of the nut snapped off. Down to the basement to look for a compression ring and nut, back to the car, to slide off the old ring and nut but the ring won't come off. Took the tubing off at the bottom of the fuel filter took everything down to the basement to put in vise, slide off old ring, then the nut, slide on new nut then ring, out to garage and reinstall starting with the connection at the filter. When I tightened everything down it still leaked so I kept tightening [a little at a time] until the leak stopped. The nut I replaced the broken one with is about 30 years old. Heavier brass and looked more solid. Glad I had it laying around. it's been about 600 miles now and no leaks so I think I am good. BTW made my first appointment on time as well...
  2. abs leads

    That's what we are here for, to help each other. Owning and maintaining a Reatta is not for the faint of heart especially if one drives theirs daily.
  3. 1995-1999 Riviera Wheel Center Cap

    Jake there is a yard in Bassett Va that has 4 Riv center caps for the year 1995-1999 at $15.00 each. Phone #800-871-5087
  4. abs leads

    As far as I know the Teves brake system was an option on select Buicks, Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles and Pontiac cars but standard on the Reatta. Regarding the leads, if you look at the Cadillac's front leads at the head the mount for the bolt is in line rather then cross ways as it is for the Reatta which makes it similar to the Reatta rear lead which is where I use them. The head and the length of the lead allows it to work on the rear. One can just put a loom on it and you now have a Reatta rear lead!
  5. Engine oil leak 1990 Reatta

    Check the oli pressure switch. It might be reading correctly but could be leaking at the electrical connection. I had that happen on one of my Reattas.
  6. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    Maybe Ronnie could move my post on my engine rebuild and swap from his forum to here. I think it is a great read and could answer some of the questions about doing a modified stock build. I am happy with the extra power I got. [And I am getting new injectors for Christmas]!
  7. Door help

    Great ideas are hard to keep secret...
  8. Door help

    Most guys don't know that the Olds Trofeo has the same switches but that they are backlit. Just tap [like you did] into the theatre wire and you are set. Did it on my vert and it looks great. Kdirk told me about that.
  9. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    The one that would really know is Daniel. I also remember him saying the "easiest" Reatta to use is the 1991. OBD 2 and a more mainstream braking system.
  10. Door help

    Speaker connector?
  11. Reatta Resources - Comments

    Just took a look and I think the list is correct. However I don't believe Eddie Volund will rebuild CRTs for $100.00 anymore. You might want to delete the price and encourage the interested party to contct Eddie for current price. Otherwise good job.
  12. About 12 years ago I decided I wanted a Reatta. I looked for what seemed like forever and found one I wanted in Fort Lauderdale [I live about 30 miles south of Green Bay]. After the owner sent pictures we agreed on a price, I flew down the week of my bithday to get it. My birthday is December 16 and this was to be my birthday/Christmas present. It was probably my best gift ever. It was a fun drive back and believe it or not no snow anywhere until after I got home and the car was in storage.
  13. Reatta Resources - Comments

    I think it is a great idea Ronnie. You should also put a link to your repair tutorials.
  14. Parts reduction.

    Harry, Which year car is it for. The mirrors are the same but the plug is different, but I do have the whole assembly. If interested email me at; lemke1044@aol.com
  15. The car thinks it is in the "Accessory" position which is why you see the radio page. It is either operator error [you have the key in the "accessory" position] or your ignition is worn.