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  1. DAVES89

    Dimmer switch works after 2 years!

    Good for you. Hopefully you made "the tool" to remove the top pad. While you had the top pad off that would have been the time to replace the inverter. While you can get it from the bottom, wrap your arm good as there are sharp edges that can scrape or cut, it is easy from the top. Just reach down and grab it and give a sharp pull and the clip on the inverter will break off. Then swap out the inverter and push it down as far as it will go and let it "hang" amongst the wires. That way if you need to swap it again it is easier from the bottom.
  2. Well I guess I will turn out the lights when everyone is gone...
  3. DAVES89

    ac programer removal

    He might be talking about the temperature controller above the stereo.
  4. DAVES89

    ac programer removal

    What car and year would this be?
  5. Well look at that... A Buick Roadmaster "Super Bee"...
  6. DAVES89

    Black IPC help

    Danial I have an extra 1988/89 IPC. Shoot me an email with your contact info and I'll get it out to you. lemke1044@aol.com Your one of the "good guys" that have contributed greatly to the forum and as a reward for your service to our country. Thanks
  7. DAVES89

    Black IPC help

    Not matter what has stopped working my rule of thumb is this. Check the fuse. If that is good I then look at the component that is giving me trouble as bad as I never think the wiring has failed. That is why I keep known good working replacement parts on hand. However you can pull the IPC check the connection and then reinstall. If that doesn't do it the IPC is bad.
  8. DAVES89

    1990 Reatta Pick-n-Pull Shopping List

    Almost the most important thing is the Headlight Switch. The 1990 switch is a one year Reatta only part.
  9. DAVES89

    rough running and poor start up

    That's my guess too. I once drove through deep water with the Red. Car died and took awhile to starg again. You didn't say what year Reatta you have but if it is an '88 to '90 Ronnie could also be right, but I would start with the Crank Sensor.
  10. I had purchased some A/C parts for my daughter's car from Rock Auto. Turned out I didn't need them all so I did a return tag. I needed a box to use to send them back in, and as luck would have it it the box I used to send the parts back in had a very small box in it. I opened the small box and found two Reatta Crank Sensors in it. I had used that box to take over to Kendall's when were doing the rebuilt engine/tranny install and loaded it up with parts I thought we might need. I thought I had emptied it out completely but evidently not. Nice day brightener!
  11. DAVES89

    1989 White/Burgandy at local You Pick

    I think I have one in my parts supply. Shoot me your information in an email and I will mail it to you. lemke1044@aol.com
  12. I had gone to a big box hardware store today and as I was walking to my car I spotted a Reatta that this older man had just gotten out of. He was too far off and I had heavier items in my hand so I just continued to my car to drop them off. By the time I got back to his car he had disappeared into the store so I just eyeballed his car. It had the sunburst steering wheel [badly worn] but the suede seats [seat cover on driver's side]. The car looked worn out as the cornering lamps were badly weathered, headlights were up, headliner was hanging. He had the windows open so I think the A/C was probably out as well. I think I may see this one at Gibson's soon.
  13. DAVES89

    1989 White/Burgandy at local You Pick

    I keep thinking about that white/burgandy Reatta and now I believe I remember the car. About 3-4 years ago I would see this car driving down the highway and I would wave and he would wave back. Then he got my name and called me for some parts. As we talked he also told me that he had bought parts from Jim Finn. I believe this is that car. Too bad that another one died...
  14. DAVES89

    Code E041

    You can take a look in the cam magnet hole and see what the magnet looks like. [It means you have to remove the sensor]. If the magnet is "Good" then it should either be the connector for the cam sensor of the cam sensor itself. Prior to my engine rebuild my magnet was going bad but still had a couple of "corners" left so I swapped out the sensor and it worked for the balance of the time before the rebuild.
  15. DAVES89

    Reatta Rally 2018 - Good times!!

    Looks like a new car Reatta dealership. They all look great. Thanks for the pictures.