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  1. My wife and I just vacationed there last year. We stayed at a B&B on Mud Island and did Graceland [I thought it was real interesting] Beale Street and took a "Smoked Ribs" tour. When we went to Beale Street at night [more then once] they now barricade the ends of it and have police stationed there. Much safer then it used to be. As a matter of fact I street parked my convertible Reatta when we went to Beale. All the "neat" stuff is in the old part of Memphis so you need to pay attention but I don't think Memhis is any more dangerous then any other old town.
  2. I actually bought a NOS front ABS lead last year and sold it to drtidmore in Texas. Been watching for a long time and have not seen that often. Purchase delivery price to me was $37.00, the guy didn't know what he was selling.
  3. Well then you just provided a great service. Thanks for your efforts.
  4. That's not the temperature control needed for a 1990/91 Reatta. It is the push button unit located just above the radio.
  5. Knowing the parts numbers isn't that important as all those parts are discontinued...
  6. Then you should have listed it for sale in the Buy/Sell section...
  7. I remember all of that, but still I was blown away by how nice really clean ones look. After I saw them I took a hard look at mine and decided I would do something about it and as luck would have it I found some really nice ones. It really dresses the car up and when one does the taillight then you can really see what our cars looked like brand new. BTW did you see Fox W.'s pictures in the "My favorite Reatta pictures" farther up? His taillight looks outstanding as well. The car looks like new!
  8. There is a complete used one on Ebay [Missing the letter "I" and has a cracked reflector] for $279.00 plus $130.00 freight. I would refinish one and sell it for that.
  9. Kdirk will know as he looks for NOS all the time. Let's see what he says...
  10. When Kendall and I next schedule a get together I will let you know so you can grab the stuff you need. Offer to others; If 2seater doesn't want the engine/tranny, anyone who wants it for free just has to come for it. I am not interested in crating it or putting it on a pallet for shipping, must be picked up. Engine has 265,000 miles the tranny about 160,000. Engine runs great. The tranny is a GM rebuilt but first shift from 1st to 2nd depends on ambient temperature being 50 degrees or higher. Otherwise I'll take it to Gibson's for the $10-20.00 they'll pay.
  11. Hey 2seater if you want the Red's engine and tranny after we pull it just come and get it. Free for pick up. Just let me know. Ran when parked!
  12. I agree it is a great writeup and having hung out wirh Kdirk I was ashamed of my cornering lamps on the Red. The Red's also looked poorly against the 'verts [which were original]. In the Red's defense it was a "carport" car from Florida so I am sure the sun got to it and oxidized them out. However rather then trying to refinish mine I was fortunate in finding a pristine Reatta in a yard near West Bend that had numerous excellent parts that I was able to grab. I believe the car was only junked because of a Teves brake issue and I am sure an uniformed mechanic just quoted a complete unit rather then just the ball or switch. Anyhow the lamps I just bought [now installed] are on a par with the cornering lamps that are on the 'vert and I am no longer ashamed to be seen in public. [lol] I also bought the fog lights as they are excellent as well. Sorry to steal the thread, now back to regular programming.
  13. With that "S" I would guess Studebaker.
  14. I already bought the last front strut mount. At $9.00 I couldn't pass it up, especially when I drive one of my three Reattas daily... Thanks!
  15. I lift on the cradle bolt closest to the door. Using my jack I can lift the whole side which makes changing tires much easier. If I am changing oil I still lift at that point and then put a jack stand on that cross piece in your picture only at that corner where the tow hook is.