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  1. DAVES89

    I need ECM help

    Okay in the last 2 days drove 400 miles since the regulator install. Car started and ran flawlessly so it looks like I am good. So it looks like a field test to check the regulator is to depress the schrader valve on top of the engine. If air comes out and then fuel [under pressure] the regulator needs to be swapped out. This regulator had just under 281,000 miles on it so I would think it was just worn out.
  2. DAVES89

    I need ECM help

    Just tried starting it before getting ready to leave and it started right up. Think I am good but still taking an extra battery, jumper cables, and ECM. Tomorrow I head out to Gibson's for another backup regulator. There is a 2004 3.8 out there that just came in and if it is the same I'm grabbing it. These regulators are $100.00 at Advance.
  3. DAVES89

    I need ECM help

    I have a number of ECMs but after a conversation with Kendall [my mechanic friend] decided to try the fuel regulator on the rail as I had one in back stock. Turned out that was the culprit. Took the car for a 130 mile ride and the car ran flawlessly. Tomorrow it goes for a 330 mile trip and Saturday about the same. I'll know for sure after this week is over. As a precaution I have tools, extra ECMs and an extra car battery in the car. Thanks for everyones input.
  4. DAVES89

    I need ECM help

    Well here is what I am dealing with. I have codes E024, E027, E028 that all go to history. The car has been getting harder to start by the week. So much so that I turn the key to the "run" position to hear the fuel pump run and that back to off and then turn to start. Then after starting it kicks and bucks [sometimes]. The rest of the day it runs good. Yesterday that all changed. In the afternoon I went to start it and it would just grind and occasionally "kick" like it wanted to start. So to be sure what it was I popped the hood and tried doing a visual check of the fuel pressure at the fuel rail [keep in mind I am parked in a parking lot]. At first I got air and then gas that would jet up and hit the bottom side of the hood so I think pressure was good. I then checked for spark by pulling on of the spark plug wires at the coil. Good spark. I have never seen air come from the schrader valve at the fuel rail. Where could that be coming from? Any ideas? I am thinking the ECM for the E024 code. This is on the Red [1989]. Just now I went to start it and I turned the key and let it grind for about 3-5 seconds. Turned it off tried again and it popped right off. Turned it off again and tried it again popped right off, tried a third time popped right off again.
  5. DAVES89

    I need ECM help

    As a "junker" I have a number of ECMs. It looks like an issue I have been having tells me to replace my ECM. Does anyone know the correct part number for a 1989 Buick Reatta ECM? Thanks!
  6. Something is not right as you were having "running" issues when you drove through long grass...
  7. DAVES89

    rough running and poor start up

    Was this fixed and then running great?
  8. DAVES89

    Passenger side vent window

    Usually when someone breaks a side window they have also broken the mirror. Did you need a mirror as well?
  9. DAVES89


    Didn't know there was one...
  10. DAVES89

    Rattling noise from crankshaft area

    Well it's the wrong color for me to tell you to sell it to me for salvage, so I'll tell you what it needs... The harmonic balancer is probably bad. You could go to youtube and look for what it sounds like and then how to swap it out. You may want to do the crank sensor at the same time.
  11. Ron, I sent you a PM asking for your address so I can mail your part. Please PM me your mailing address.
  12. I can be your co pilot...
  13. Over the wekend I did a favor for a guy who does a lot of woodworking [He's actually a High School shop teacher]. He asked if there was anything he could make for me. I told him what I needed was some 1988/89 door pull retainers. He said he could make them out of plastic but he could also make some wood ones. I thought that was an idea worth trying so we will see what he comes up with. The sample I gave him was out of the Red's passenger door [it was already starting to break] so he is using that to make one. He said he would use Maple and then shape it to fit. I thought that I would use our existing caps and hold them on with double stick tape. Will keep the forum posted.
  14. Welcome back Sean, glad you bought another one. Your idea was good, so yeah we kept it.
  15. DAVES89

    Tonneau Cover

    Jim Finn's son makes them. I'm not sure what you call it or how to replace it as mine has not broken yet, but they are available. Contact Jim.