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  1. If anyone needs parts I can bring them. I have wheel speed sensor leads, NOS and like new 1990 headlight switches, Tan visors, the tan seat belt trim pieces [in like new condition], 1990/91 interior door panel, outside mirrors [and the glass they mount in], glovebox/cubby latches, Riv wood grain dash parts, and almost anything else you can think of. I will bring along Teves brake parts in case anyone has an issue. We want you to be safe and get home. Let me know what you might need. My email is; lemke1044@aol.com
  2. 7 days without "Girls on Buicks" makes one weak...
  3. In my opinion the 1988/89 is the Reatta. It has the same styling as the 1991 but has the touch screen. As all years "look" the same what we are talking about is the braking system. All 4 years have ABS brakes however the brakes on the 1988-1990 Reatta uses the Teves brake system. I have owned the Red [my 1989] for 11 years and 150,000 miles and have yet to replace the pump/motor, pressure switch, accumulator ball. I have replaced the front sensor leads. The Black I have owned for 9 years and about 100,000 miles the same [no brake part replacement other then front sensor leads] the 'vert 7,000 miles [no brake parts replaced including sensor leads in 4 years]. So I would say a low mileage well taken care of car should give you years of service no matter what year you buy. The 1991 uses a conventional ABS brake system but the sensor leads for that car are even harder to find then the 1988-1990 models. There is a Buick Reunion coming up in Brookfield [Suburb of Milwaukee] in 2 weeks. Why don't you come up and you will see 20-30 Reattas and you can decide for yourself what year might suit you best.
  4. There is a Red/Gray 1989 coupe that just came up on the Appleton Wi. Craigslist. The car is in Marquette Michigan. 38,000 miles and the dealer wants $5995. Looks bone stock and with that few miles shouldn't have anything wrong with it.
  5. I originally painted the center caps on my chrome wheels and on occaision touch them up with nail polish. Great color selection and small brushes in a bottle that keeps for years.
  6. The Rawhide "boys" come to my church as part of their rehab. A number of the attendees of our church are staff members there. It is a very well run organization and a great non profit. I just happened to remember a grade school/high school classmate went to Rawhide and credited them for saving his life. I can attest to that as he was going nowhere fast and in all kinds of drug/alcohol trouble.
  7. 89 rdg you are trying too hard. Go easy kemosabee...
  8. I just set the trunk lid on the latch. That way if I have to get in the car I can just lift the lid. Never had any rain leak in either. I do close when I wash my car.
  9. About a year after I bought the Red I got pulled over by a state patrol officer. She told me she really liked my car but then gave me a 10 day written warning which meant I had to comply. So all my cars have front license brackets/plates. My neighbor has a rust bucket 2006 mini van and never got the front bracket and has never been pulled over. Go figure.
  10. I thought maybe I grabbed that one from the Reatta in West Bend, but as I can't find it that makes sense that I didn't grab it as the last Reatta was made 26 years ago and I guess my thought was if anyone needed one they would have it by now. But as I write this I realize now that people buy intrastate and some states don't require a front plate and others do. So if I ever get back to that yard and am so inclined I will grab it for the next guy that may need one.
  11. It was in the right place but whomever has one to sell hasn't responded yet. Try Jim Finn, he may have one. I know where there is one but it is 75 miles away and I can't see going there just for that one item.
  12. I would take a look at the switch at the Rack and Pinion. There was a discussion on that some time ago that when one makes a turn it shuts off the A/C.
  13. Remove the glove. It is held in place by 10 torx screws. Two each outside edge of the glove box, three each going up inside the glove box and three down inside the glove box.. I believe it is either a #15 or 20 torx. Once the glove box is out you have to remove the control arm for the plenum door A/C/Heat, then you are pretty much there.
  14. The Red cycles from -2 to 10. It hangs for a long time on 0 and -1 before going to -2 and then back to 10. I still get plenty of cold air because I cleaned the evaporator, radiator, and condensor. I also adjusted the blend door [it was way wrong] for max A/C. I followed that up with taking the little rubber boots off each side of the dash and installing duct tape to block off air flow to the doors. Also following a suggestion from kdirk, I installed new weatherstripping at all the vents when I was doing the dash swap to reduce/eliminate any "blow by".. The 'vert has always blown cool but I also cleaned all the things as stated above. The Black developed a leak in the A/C years ago and while it would work has no freon. This okay by me as the Black is a winter only car. I have 6-7 cans of R-12 in back stock and am probably a bit low on freon for the Red but I am reluctant to add a partial can and waste the rest. Besides until it trips for low refrigerent I don't want to start anything.
  15. The chrome 7 spoke Buick Lesabre wheel is a great looking wheel. It was also used by Cadillac. Ronnie, myself and a few others run it. It is a 16" wheel. Another one that looks great and is a 17" wheel is the Lucerne. God luck with your new Reatta and welcome to the asylum!