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  1. Hi. The following vehicle is for sale on the north side of Indianapolis. 1985 Riviera, 5.0L, blue with blue/gray interior 168K miles, engine overhauled at 149K (ten years ago) Long list of new and newer parts. I have seen the car and it is in overall nice condition. Body appears to be solid and virtually no rust and ding free. The vinyl top and some of the bumper fillers will need to be replaced. The interior is also in nice condition. It starts right up and runs well; however, I have not driven it. For photos and additional information contact: Contact Bob Einfalt, roberteinflat@comcast.net, 317 842 8563 I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Galena, my home town! Michael 10506 84 drop top
  2. Greetings. The ROA web site, www.rivowners.org is changing service providers. Unfortunately, there may be a short period of time when service is interrupted. In the event you are unable to access the site using www.rivowners.org, you can use http://01836c2.netsolhost.com. If you need to contact the ROA office, please use ROAoffice@qwest.net. If you need to contact Ray Knott, please use rayjean@racsa.co.cr. We are sorry for any inconvenience during this transition. It is our understanding that things should be back to "normal" within 24 hours. Michael ROA 10506 Interim Webmaster
  3. If there is anyone driving through Indianapolis for the ROA meet in Ashville and you have a space for a one-way rider, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.
  4. Greetings. I would like to add illuminated entry to my ?84 convertible. Can anyone tell me what the timer looks like and where it is located? The best I can find in the service manual is ?L H Shroud near the junction block.? Other than the door handle/switches and lock cylinder/fiber optic and the timer, is anything else needed? Thanks. Michael ?84 convertible 10506
  5. Greetings. My ?84 convertible is equipped with the Automatic Door Lock option and I?m attempting to diagnose a problem. Both doors lock/unlock when the key is turned in the door handle lock cylinder; however, when shifting from or to Park, nothing. I tested the ADL relay according to the directions in the service manual. I get correct signals on everything except from the momentary 12 volt on the wires coming from the gear selector switch. Where do I find information in the manual on how to diagnose the gear selector switch? Apparently, I?m blind because I can?t find it. At least I know where it is located! LOL Thanks. Michael ?84 convertible ROA 10506 BCA ???