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  1. marty14

    abs sensor

    4464013 is either the right or left front sensor
  2. marty14

    Quarter window rubber and its scrapper

    4534162 Right outer window belt w/strip 4534163 Left outer window belt w/strip 4480626 Right QTR WINDOW W/STRIP RETAINER 4480627 Left QTR WINDOW W/STRIP RETAINER 4415088 R QTR WINDOW FRONT W/STRIP 4415089 L QTR WINDOW FRONT W/STRIP have all of the above NOS except for the retainers which are used
  3. hell my grandmother probably does too!!!
  4. I have all the parts for this NOS 4372103 mast repair pkg
  5. marty14

    part number

  6. I have them both NOS 4463589 Left Tail light 4464275 rear reflector
  7. marty14

    Thinking of Purchasing..?

    the 1988-93 ABS systems on the Imperials, New Yorkers and Dynastys were different 1989-91 TCs were all alone and did not interchanges with any other Mopars
  8. marty14

    Single Engine Module Control (SMEC)

    year and engine might be helpful???!!!
  9. marty14

    trunk struts

    4463451 same as 4464327 trunk prop have 18 NOS 45.00 each plus shipping
  10. marty14

    Rear calipers

    have them NOS or used
  11. marty14

    Lebaron wagon

    get one with a 2.2 Turbo
  12. I have 4464341 Bordeaux trunk lid carpet.
  13. link to your ad?????????????????????????????????????????
  14. marty14

    TC headlight covers for sale

    the day after you toss them someone will want them
  15. 4425075 is the 16 valve drive gear I have 11 of them NOS 52.00 each plus shipping to see all the 16 valve TC parts.............. for a year put in: Q and for a DESCRIPTION put in: 16 valve (Q=TC)