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  1. Steve_Mack_CT

    Trade advice,comments

    Here is a fun comparison between two of my favorite cars, a big boy and his little pal. From a show this past weekend. It just seems like a fit for this thread..
  2. Steve_Mack_CT

    Trade advice,comments

    Spitfire I can live with, TR-7, on the other hand... Aren't you the same guy who periodically says an MGB is one of the most fun cars to drive? Are you are just choosing to frighten the OP with the bad today? 😀
  3. Steve_Mack_CT

    Trade advice,comments

    Triumph owners wont sneer at you in a Model A....
  4. Steve_Mack_CT

    American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Next year bring your dad to the Klingberg show here about an hpur and a half to the south. 75% prewar!
  5. Steve_Mack_CT

    American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Beauty and the beast. And you already know my thoughts on the RR, lots of eyeball! 😆
  6. Steve_Mack_CT

    Trade advice,comments

    We have had 2 Model As and a TR-6, not that different, I think from an MGB. Both are enjoyable but different cars. I could't go around the block without questions, comments and inquiries if the mimosa yellow, Ansa exhaust equipped TR was for sale. Maybe not fast by some standards but lots of fun. A real sports car, simple yet managed to give off a certain vibe. A great car. The A will transport you to a different era, sound like no other car, has running boards, both antique and rodders appreciate them as does the public. The quintessential parade, ice cream, local show vehicle. Why not both? Space issue? Here for consideration is plan B, MG TSeries, a bit of both?! 😊
  7. Steve_Mack_CT

    Sad news, Cecil Bozarth

    Thanks VL. Cecil I think had quite a few friends here. Sometimes we get to know our virtual friends pretty well over time!
  8. Steve_Mack_CT

    FOR SALE - 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Coupe

    Didn't comment initially due to a full garage so I am not a player BUT agree they are both good deals, I love this coupe! IMHO a really fair price!!
  9. Steve_Mack_CT

    Model A Fords Ready to Enjoy!

    Great looking cars Pete!
  10. Steve_Mack_CT

    Sad news, Cecil Bozarth Cecil's obituary. CBoz on the forum, CCCA and Lincoln mainly.
  11. Steve_Mack_CT

    Pierce Arrow

    Well, its certainly a good looking car AJ!
  12. Steve_Mack_CT

    Sad news, Cecil Bozarth

    I don't think this was posted, and I just heard this AM that Cecil passed away on May 24. He was a long term regular poster here, very nice guy. Will load obituary later as I have not been able to with phone app.
  13. Steve_Mack_CT

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Mike, I will start, $22,500. Well bought and sold at that price. Maybe more car for the money but a few more $$ and your in late 30s, early 40s Ford V8 coupe range and they seem to command a little bit more. Love the green Buick recently listed here.
  14. Steve_Mack_CT

    Pre war cars insane prices

    I always look at hobby stuff as disposable income. No different then a vacation, a concert or sporting event. Of course i try to maximize the money when selling but it is what it is. Choices as Ed says. We spend on things other than cars but I dont feel guilty about what i do spend as other, higher priorities come first. Ed is a pretty sharp guy although you gotta watch those CCCA guys when they start invading the Model T part of the hobby!! 😂
  15. Steve_Mack_CT

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Greg I think the math of an increasing population allows for small slices of interest to add up enough to likely keep our cars from the scrapper. Actively corrosponding with, collaborating, parts swapping with 3 other speedster guys right now. It just hit me, 3 guys in their 30s, 1 old dude at 54. They probably assume its age causing me to look to a pro to help finish the car!!! For the record, its time that is the barrier not physical shape. i still crawl, lift, twist and turn a wrench as well as most! 😁