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  1. Need title for news article

    Women who stay young by their involvement with old cars Old cars keep these ladies feeling young Women active in the old car hobby
  2. 1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    Amen David. In addition to the 35 here, in the last week I fell in like with an MG TC, a 61 Lincoln Continental sedan & Lincoln Connies 41 & 48. It takes a while, but not too long, to advance to love. At least none of these are projects so I have learned something...
  3. 1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    Well, I met Tom here who has become a good friend, we bought, traded and I have consigned after but the forum was the catalyst. We haved a project car listed here and a couple other sites right now. 12 or so inquiries, 2 serious, 1 from here still in play, 1 from elsewhere. 10 email, phone number collectors, same as any where else I think... I think others have bought and sold here also. Still the best place to meet and network with other hobbyists. ☺
  4. 1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    When I think of entry level Full Classics, the Cadillac 60 Special and other Cadillacs as well as the Lincoln Continental come to mind. Maybe a few Sr. Packards. This car is unique in that it is a little less common, in a way. The other cars mentioned are nice, and actually cars we are thinking about. But, when one looks at CCCA tour coverage, 50% or more of the cars are what I listed. The rest are usually higher end Packard, A CD cars, PA, cars out of my price range anyway. This one is a little unusual and fits somewhere in between, which is why it's interesting, as well as condition and a fair price, typical for Tom. Yes, it's priced a bit more than some other "entry" Classics but very modest in terms of CCCA cars. I think that's what he is saying. ☺
  5. 1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    Great looking car indeed!
  6. 1960 Thunderbird

    Also look carefully for rust. A friend of mine had one in HS, his dad filled rockers with bondo, otherwise a nice enough car and different around 1980. I believe he had a 59. Didn't know about suspension differences until now, but I do know from experience you could melt the rear tires with ease if one wanted to. 😆
  7. 1960 Thunderbird

    The example in post #7, imho is twice the car the OP is currently considering. I would give that one some thought.
  8. K-W Master Vibrator

    They seem to sell when they go up on MTFCA forum if that helps.
  9. 1914 Ford T Speedster project

    Hi Dave, yes it is. Got your PM and will follow up tomorrow. Thanks for the interest. I am in central CT. Thanks, Steve
  10. 14 T Speedster Project in CT

    Some new pics for the weekend over in the "cars for sale" general section of the forum. Thanks for the interest thus far, still available, and would be a fun project for sure.
  11. 1914 Ford T Speedster project

    A couple more... Thanks, Steve
  12. 1914 Ford T Speedster project

    Some new Pictures for the weekend. If you had this car to work on over the winter you would be tearing up the roads by now. Thanks for your interest, PM any questions. Steve

    Congrats to you and the buyer. Our Packard 120 went to Switzerland as well. Seems like a decent demand for prewar American cars there. Great old roadster!
  14. Duesenberg J grille shell

    These guys do a lot of speedster stuff. Younger guy just keeps getting better!
  15. 1932 ford

    If you can live with a 31 A Vicky one for sa le in CT now, body only, $3,500, CTCraigs.