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  1. Thanks for the reminder, it's renewal time!
  2. Advice on a Bentley please.

    Digger if you want a project like this, maybe the same car, even, same mechanical situation, nice body, I think the same price, CT. Orrie Simko Classic cars, Collinsville CT. Check hemmings or Google.
  3. Advice on a Bentley please.

    When I was a kid in the 70s we vacationed on the CT shoreline (well, it's kind of the beach but that's another story.. ). Guy used to keep an S1 there, a fee cottages down. I never recall it breaking down, and he used it a lot. I do get Matt Harwood's point on postwar cheap cars. Economies of scale and big 3 engineering killed Packard, RR/Bentley chose a different route and found a way to survive. I think those S1 models and earlier postwar RR/Bentleys are interesting cars but a sound one could be a better route.
  4. 10 years in storage

    Just like a full scale basket. You can bet what's missing won't be easy to find. Might need a shop to make some parts... Still pretty cool. I built a 1/8 scale model RR as a child, I am pretty sure it was a 20/25. I think it was rare, as I have never seen another one. Doors and hood were hinged and wheels may have turned. That's gone, still have the 63 vette, but they are all over the place.
  5. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    I appreciate sedans and have had a couple. Club sedans are among the most attractive cars of the Classic era. Also, the Buick being discussed here is very attractive.

    Clean looking car Vicente!
  7. In 79 or 80 I was given a Craftsman rollaway tool chest, still have the base, gave dad the two drawer basic top when I bought a monster top a few years later.
  8. Rare 1968 Eldorado Find - Paint Code 00

    Congrats on your new project! Along related lined, is FWD on these cars generally considered Sounds? I have not heard too many horror stories about them.
  9. Advice on a Bentley please.

    George, this sounds like a car here in CT. If so, while I cannot advise on the mechanics, Orrie, the seller is a straight shooter who is one of those bright younger people in the hobby/business.
  10. Rare 1968 Eldorado Find - Paint Code 00

    That generation Eldorado is really cool. Got talking with a guy this past summer with a 67 or 68. He invited me to check it out and it was cool inside as well. If we were to acquire another U.S. made 60s car, I think this would be a model I would look at. This one I can see due to unusual color, but generally speaking seems to me like one of those cars that is much cheaper in the long run to find ready to roll, but it would be cool to see this car saved.
  11. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    Interesting direction. Having an incredibly well documented type of collector car is a double edged sword I think. This is where the one of one guys get the last laugh...
  12. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    Yes, while hard enough to see with relatively common cars and even restored cars I get cutting up early Fords and tri fives and such is just the say it is. No way to treat a car like this Buick. Has nothing to do with ones rights and everything to do with stewardship. I see people doing stupid things all the time that are none of my business but they are still stupid. Not an attack ad much as an observation, nothing personal.
  13. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    David C. Your observations are unfortunately right on. Why these people just don't buy a late model corvette or such is beyond me. But maybe we should be listening to the expert who tried to educate Mark. Surely he knows the intimacies of how to properly upgrade that poor old Stude... Dale, I get your opinion, I am not generally into telling others what to do but the comment on stewardship sure seems to apply here. Why applaud it?
  14. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    He may be nice guy but he is also an idiot. Meanwhile, I look for nice original cars and it never ceases to amaze me how many nice old cars have been bastardized and unceremoniously dumped on the market...
  15. Looking for career advice

    Best of luck with it. I spent a couple years very early on in the car biz, I worked for a company that basically taught the finance manager in the dealership any trick they didn't already know to extract as much money as possible from the poor unsuspecting customer. I might write a book on it someday. A little more selling after that, building materials, wholesale which was actually fun. But close to 30 years in health insurance and related, last 10 contracting with the government. Less fun but more financially rewarding. I mention only because as dry as it sounds the opportunity was there for my situation. Opportunity is everywhere but keep an open mind. One thing my boss told me when I was in the car biz, for some reason this business attracts losers, stick it out and the cream rises quicker than others. Not sure I agree but it was an interesting point of view. In the meantime you can always relax behind the wheel...