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  1. Winston, When I work on a `65 areas that are covered from new are ALWAYS significantly darker than the areas which have been exposed to UV light, even in very well kept cars. An area to easily inspect is the very top of the hvac cover plate as this is usually covered by the radio plate...sometimes this area isnt completely sheltered from light though. Sure fire evidence is the wood under the personalized name plate but most are unwilling to remove same just to inspect. Ive been thru many parts cars which have had the plates fall off or from which I have removed the plates and the difference in tone/shade is like night and day. But who knows. maybe your car is different. I would not trust the shading/tone in Polaroid pics from back in the day. These are notorious for funky shading, aside from the variables in all photos such as light levels, etc...Another source is the original advertisements and factory pics, more reliable than old Polaroids but still subject to some shade variance, although somewhat less I think. Tom
  2. 1965rivgs

    WTB '65 wheel

    Paul, If the wheel is in nice shape that is a great price. Maybe it would help a prospective buyer to post a pic or two Tom
  3. Unusual to see a tri-tone `70! If that is the original color scheme.. Tom
  4. Oh, those ARE unusual circumstances! Makes sense now... Tom
  5. Im on the MN/ Canada border without access to any reference material...email me in a month! Lol ! Tom
  6. Pcv (positive crankcase ventilation) system should be pulling fresh, somewhat filtered air in thru the breather, thru the pcv valve and into the intake manifold in most states of operation. If there is blowby coming OUT of the breather at idle or light engine load, or there are smoke signals puffing out of the valve cover when the breather or pcv valve are removed while the engine is running the rings are most likely worn out. Tom
  7. Winston, Originally the wood in your interior was a close match to the wood wheel and the shift knob. The wood has faded to a lighter shade as compared to original. Tom
  8. Tony, Do you have the metal baffle under the valve cover and below the PCV port on the valve cover? Maybe you have excessive "blowby"? Is your engine sending smoke signals out of the valve cover if you pull the PCV valve out while running? Tom
  9. Randal, So you bought the car 10 years ago and recently had it moved? Maybe I`m confused?! Tom
  10. 1965rivgs

    WTB '65 wheel

    Winston, Where did you obtain this info regarding time frame? If it appeared in The Riview I guess I missed it? Tom BTW, NICE pic of the dash in your Dad`s car. Maybe the first day of production, possibly the second.
  11. Alex, I agree, the original mats have numbers/letters on the reverse side but I dont recall ever seeing "rubbermaid" on the mats. Maybe I missed it? There are variations of these mats throughout the `60`s and `70`s with distinct changes in shape and size. Tom
  12. Tom, check the shop manual in the CRUISE accessory section for a diagram illustrating both the dual 4 barrel and single 4 barrel vacuum connections. Tom
  13. This is correct Tom
  14. Hi Al, I didnt notice the difference in the lenses when I posted, just assumed they were the same lens thru 2 different distributors. The lens being sold by AZ Carman looks to be a better product, and at that price, I would hope it is. $$$$ Tom
  15. Vacuum source, the intake manifold Tom