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  1. The date on the shoulder belts is `69 Tom
  2. Does anyone have these price lists from the `60`s? Tom
  3. Complete power antennas are all over Ebay frequently Tom
  4. Where are the tail lights? Tom
  5. Bill, There are 2 stirrup shaped, spring loaded clips which secure the forward edge of the dash pad. They index into brackets on the dash pad and as the dash pad is installed and pushed forward the spring loaded stirrup clips engage the brackets and rotate as the pad is pushed forward to pull the forward edge of the dash pad down and tight. Often, the forward edge of the dash pad is stuck by overlap of windshield sealer so watch out for that. Otherwise, if a good yank of the pad rearward does not do the trick, you can disassemble the dash fascia and once you have access to the stirrup clips, encourage the release of the clips thru direct manipulation...hard to describe in text but when you are "there" my description will make sense. Hope this helps, Tom P.S. When you install the dashpad, resist the temptation to push hard on the forward edge....unless you relish the experience of triple Benjamin's evaporating before your eyes.....ask me how I know!!
  6. I would recommend tightening up the steering first and move on from there. Be sure the brake reaction rod bushings are fresh and double check to be sure the 2 bolts which attach the rod to the lower control arm are tight. Tom Mooney
  7. Yes, one ground wire should work as it grounds the inner structure of the hood which both horns are mounted to. I checked the late `63 thru `65 illustration and the factory only used one ground wire to the small horn on the Riviera. Looking thru the shop manual I realized I had seen each horn grounded by an individual ground wire on the full size cars...because the small horn is piggyback mounted to the large horn via an insulated clamp a dedicated ground for each horn is necessary. I also recall a service bulletin regarding the rear most screw for the small horn interfering with the top of the cowl. I suspect it is a `65 bulletin, Tom
  8. Bill, If you refer to post #35 fig. 11-202 the engineers are grounding the left horn and in the diagram it says "to the right side" for the ground wire. I realize this is an early arrangement but if they grounded both horns in that arrangement it makes sense that the grounding needs in the later arrangement did not change. Horns pull quite a few amps and demand a good solid ground to sound properly. "Clean, bright and tight"! A hinge is not a solid connection by its nature and although it is likely a ground will be obtained one way or another (thru the hinges or latch when the hood is closed) such a ground may not be consistent. I sent you a diagram with measurements for installation...what is the wiring arrangement on that diagram? Tom
  9. The wheel is from/for a `72 model. Condition is very poor, not much value here especially if shipping is involved. Tom Mooney
  10. This is the first Riv GS I ever saw in person, that was back in the `80`s. I messaged the owner to arrange an inspection as I am interested as a buyer but after providing my phone number in 2 messages he has not called?? Perhaps he will respond before the auction is over, Tom Mooney
  11. Remember "ground" is a matter of degree, you may have a "good" ground or a "bad"/partial ground. The sending unit itself is an example of a ground in varying degrees. The degree to which the sending unit grounds versus the gauge is what determines the position of the fuel gauge needle. To test the gauge provide both a full ground and a full open to eliminate the gauge and then move on to the sender. This is first step can be done without getting into removing the fuel tank. Tom
  12. Sean, What is the DOMINANT trend for a mid-`60`s POP? A mix of single and double alpha characters or either both single or both double? Tom Mooney
  13. This pic is from an Ebay listing which is current. This appears to be a very honest car, priced on the high side IMO as it is listed by a dealer. Many good pics including detailed interior shots like the painted headliner moldings which are correct for a standard interior car. This listing is close to me so I could view this car for a SERIOUS buyer, Tom Mooney http://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-Buick-Riviera-/112421169207?hash=item1a2cd2e837:g:6u8AAOSw9OFZKQ8Z&vxp=mtr