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  1. 1965rivgs

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Bob, You can buy refrigerant oil with the green dye already mixed in..think the last time I bought a quart was at Napa. At this point, what I would do is, put your old dryer back in, this shouldnt take more than a couple of minutes...and put shop air on the system (120 to 180 lbs depending on your system) and listen. If you have a leak that wont hold 30 inches of vacuum it will surely present itself with over 100 lbs of pressure. Just my 2 cents...this is a technique I have been using for years for hard to locate leaks, especially in the evap case. In your case you will be able to listen for escaping air in any of several locations related to the case because I am assuming you still have the hoses, etc removed from the case but in the circumstance of a fully assembled car one can listen for the escaping air pressure at the evap case drain hoses. Tom
  2. 1965rivgs

    1967 Riviera tires

    Hi Jim, Attached you will find not one, but two (!) Buick zone letters announcing the availability of radial tires. These zone letters are rather rare and come to you courtesy of the Riviera Owners Association library. If you are not already a member please consider joining the club. In addition to our library and personal service as per this post, you will receive an award winning, bi-monthly publication, The Riview. Hope this is helpful, good luck with judging! Tom Mooney ROA Tech Advisor and Librarian
  3. Tom, It has been awhile since I worked on the `67-`69 calipers but if memory serves the oring is stationary in the caliper housing, correct? This makes the finish on the piston the critical sealing surface and not necessarily the housing bore? Or is the situation reversed? Are the Buick calipers interchangable with any other divisions?? Thanks, Tom
  4. 1965rivgs

    1967 Riviera tires

    Hi Jim, I will post the relative info after I have scanned it. The documentation seems to be just what you need but it lists the availability of the radial tires at the very end of January `67. It is very, very likely your car was assembled at Buick within a week of your body date so about the beginning of December `66. Will the AACA accept radials on your car if its assembly predated the availability of radial tires? Or will they recognize the availability of radials for the entire model year? I dont know anything about AACA judging, just curious, Tom
  5. 1965rivgs

    1967 Riviera tires

    Hi Jim, Upon re-reading your post I`m curious why the AACA needs Buick based info when their own judging manual states radials were available on Buicks?? Doesnt make much sense to me? Tom
  6. 1965rivgs

    1967 Riviera tires

    Hi Jim, When was your Riviera produced in the model year? What is the date code on the Fisher Body firewall plate? Thanks, Tom Mooney
  7. Hi George, Apparently Konga Man sent a PM to Mike before I responded so I wont have the parts to make patterns, sorry, Tom
  8. Hi Mike, I could use them, sending a PM, thanks, Tom
  9. Interested in the door handles pending price, condition, thanks, Tom
  10. 1965rivgs


    Vicky, I`m not sure but it is my understanding Cars has retainers available in the original size, which is 2 1/8, and a size which enables folks to use original Buick wheels with the 2 inch hole, so with a 2 inch retainer. Perhaps they sent you the 2 inch retainer. Did you call them? Tom
  11. 1965rivgs

    Floor Mats

    Gene, Are they soft and supple? Tom
  12. 1965rivgs

    Reading tag?

    Hi Pat, It is my opinion, for what it's worth, the small to large emblem change occured over the holiday break from '64 TO '65. I have a west coast zone letter which announces the availability of the white custom interior, i dont remember the exact date, but it is well after the emblem changeover. Could buick have been building the white custom interior before the zone letter? I suppose it is possible but i would be skeptical regarding legitimacy... Tom
  13. Kevin, Your heater control valve is not cable operated. It is vacuum operated, Tom
  14. 1965rivgs

    Reading tag?

    Ed, The power vent switches are mounted flush on the door panel just like the power window switches. Once in awhile a `65 Riv pops up with a STANDARD white interior and loaded. This puzzled me for a long time, as I saw the pattern repeat quite a few times, and then I learned the white CUSTOM interior was a mid year addition. So, early in the model year if a buyer had to have a white interior the only choice was the standard version...so the buyer had no choice but to load up the options into a standard interior version. Keep this in mind, I guarantee you will see them surface once in awhile Tom