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  1. New Youtube Clip

    I cringe every time I see a set of `50`s wide whtewalls on a `60`s car...ESPECIALLY on a class act like a `67 Eldo! That is AWFUL! Tom
  2. The `65 GS bushing is also a "wagon wheel" bushing, just less empty space and more spoke. The Police option bushing is a solid bushing. I have both of the above in NOS parts. Tom Mooney
  3. Rocky, You must have has an air bubble in your grease gun Tom
  4. Original Red/black car, sold for 107K, see the other post on this forum, titled "wow,..." for pics of the body plate and the lack of correct vinyl top moldings. Tom
  5. Great post Mitch, both in terms of the quality of "judged" cars and the auction world. Tom
  6. I understand your point, especially because I lean toward a "purist" aspect regarding the GS cars, but the paint on the car was probably 10-15K in most urban areas. Someone did not get a "correct" car but they did get a very, very nice car in terms of appearance....much nicer than the pics show. Tom
  7. Car hammered at $88K after 2 bidders went toe to toe for awhile thru several ovations from the crowd. It was a fun time and quite exciting, top sale of the day from what I am told. The losing bidder appeared rather upset as he exited the arena. I was tempted to offer my assurances that he probably did OK...but none of my business... Tom
  8. Surprised no one has posted this. It runs thru tonight, Tom Mooney https://russoandsteele.com/vehicle-details/?show_vehicle=171726&current_index=0&total_results=4&tsauction_id=197&=&caryear=0&caryearto=0&search_text=riviera&page=featured&showpage=1
  9. ...along with premium prices. That is why I frequent a different auction house "dragon hoard" ? LOL...never heard that one before! Tom
  10. Wow what a car!

    Hi Matt, You might get more exposure by opening another thread with title. Tom
  11. Wow what a car!

    That`s why I posted pics and limit my comments to questions raised. I know way too much about these cars to accurately represent the average buyer and the last thing I would want is to get involved with someone`s sale or potentially repress anyone`s participation. A few years ago our forum developed the "Riviera Police" and it was overall ugly...not good. Tom Mooney
  12. Wow what a car!

    Car is not over restored, original in many aspects including the interior save for the dash pad and the wood side panels. The items which are not "correct" are a result of poor restoration and/or ignorance Tom
  13. Sure you can! In a convertible! I generally love vinyl top cars...it`s a problem... Tom
  14. Jon, I am quite certain the rebuild kit for the `66 4051 would be the same for the equivalent `65 carb. It has been over a decade since I researched the 4051 via the parts book breakdown but I`m reasonably sure the only difference between the `65 and `66 dual quad rear carb is the choke calibration. Tom
  15. Jon, I have many Buick parts books, at least one of which I have stated has a listing of the 7 digit part number and application for the 4051 carb. See my previous post in this thread. What else do you want to know?? Tom