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  1. The 4GC is notorious (at least in my experience) for casting warping which results in the passages between the upper and lower carb body not sealing via the gasket. I have owned a handful of`62 Olds Starfires over the years and that is the standard carb. I had carbs I disassembled a dozen times before I realized what was happening. The good news is Riv owners can substitute an AFB for the 4GC without any other mods. If you know someone with an AFB equipped Buick it only takes a few minutes to substitute your 4GC for an AFB as a troubleshooting technique. I wish I had that option for the Starfires. Good luck, Tom Mooney
  2. Winston, Good question...off the top of my head I dont remember any overspray but I can inspect a car tomorrow if it helps, Tom Mooney
  3. Hi Dennis, The `64 Wildcat had a one year only paint in the lug nut area which is very close to what I would call dirty silver. The `65 thru `67 1/2 version of the wheels was charcoal gray and the 67 1/2 thru `70 wheels were black. The correct caps for `64 have a silver Wildcat head on a black background. Probably best to post a pic of your center caps to confirm as there were several versions. Hope this helps, Tom Mooney
  4. Bill, The diameter of the holes is in the drawing you posted. Just need to do the conversion from decimal to fraction, Tom
  5. Rodney, Factory installed option on the plate? Can you please elaborate? Thanks, Tom Mooney
  6. Didnt review the exterior pics after posting my "quiz" question or before Jason`s post but just did...the tech at the dealer must not have been paying attention as I believe the installation instructions call for the sensor to be mounted on the driver`s side cowl panel, not in the middle as this car displays. Nice car.... Tom
  7. for sale

    Great deal on a nice original car Ted...good luck with the sale, Tom Mooney
  8. Custom interior are all chrome, standard interior A pillars only Tom Mooney
  9. Does it feel like the brakes are dragging after driving for awhile? If so, you could be overheating the linings and causing them to fade. Check the free play between the brake pushrod and the piston in the master you installed. If there is not enough freeplay the piston will not fully release the pressure in the hydraulic system and can cause the brakes to drag. Tom Mooney
  10. Pretty sure there is a `63 service bulletin which addresses the relocation of the washer fluid bottle from its original location to the passenger side. Tom Mooney
  11. Lol...a quick ratio box was available on the `65, `66 and `67 GS models Tom Mooney
  12. Jan, Although the choked period of operation directly impacts emissions I dont believe there was any legislated guideline IN 1963 which made a modification to this system necessary....yet. However, there definitely was a California requirement that any `66 Buick equipped with a typical V8 with automatic trans had to have a closed PVC system and an air pump (first year for this system). I dont know whether these systems were legislated directly or if basic emissions specs required manufacturers to use these systems at their own discretion. The `66 California carb was also distinct due to a provision for the air pump system plumbing and was also jetted leaner. The rare `66 Super Wildcat was exempt from the air pump system due to limited production but was required to have the closed PCV system as I believe this system was to be applied, by law, even earlier to the `64 and `65 models. So the closed breather system was already in place several years earlier than the `66 models. These emissions related changes were intended, or should I say required, on cars produced for sale and registration in the state of California Tom Mooney
  13. I dont think 19:1 is correct. Seems this spec might be correct for a Cadillac or some other land yacht. Quoting from memory I believe the stock ratio is around 17:1. I`m quite sure the factory quick ratio box is 15:1 Tom Mooney
  14. Where did you read that the stock `64 box is 19:1 ? Tom