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  1. Can the administrators please remove Dshoes picture posting priveledges?? Please?? That`s frickin` sick bro.... Signed, Half Blind and Finally Liking It
  2. I was under the impression he asked about the linkage..yes, rear carb is `65 or `66. Front carb is definitely `64 to early `65, short arm...the linkage is also `64 to early `65 Tom
  3. Pat, I remember helping to push it. I told them it needed a set of plugs because they were fouled and that changing them would be easier than pushing that beast. I was serious but they didnt take me up on it. Oh well... Tom Mooney
  4. She needs a ribbed center cap Tom
  5. Push the top of the panel up into the dash and pull the bottom out. This will allow the wiring harness to clear the bottom edge of the opening. As Seafoam states, first be sure the fuse is OK, Tom
  6. Go after the flasher first. If you want to test the rest of the switch, wiring and bulbs you can put a jumper wire in place of the flasher and check to see if all is OK otherwise. Obviously the signals will not "flash" with the jumper wire in place. Tom Mooney
  7. Wow...he also drove with 2 feet! Check out the wear on the brake pedal pad....LOL Tom
  8. The linkage is definitely the 2nd version `65 Tom
  9. All, When polishing the covers one has to be vigilant about it. I have seen the top edges of the ribs get distorted when someone uses a polishing wheel on the outer rim. If the polishing wheel is too wide the polishing will groove the top edge of the ribs adjacent to the rim. Tom Mooney
  10. Over the years I have bought and installed these kits....but it has been a long time ago. They were very common to show up in the `80`s at most Buick swap meets. The kits contained 2 different jumper harnesses. There were also 3 hex head screws and clips to accept the screws when installing the light under the hood. There were instruction sheets which covered various years but I dont remember any Riviera specific instructions. I think the instructions may have been relatively generic. One harness was to install the light in the engine bay. It had an in line fuse and pulled power from the stud at the firewall which directs power into the fuse box. I probably still have a couple of these harnesses laying around somewhere... The second harness was for installation under the trunk lid. It was simply an orange wire about 2 1/2 feet in length which plugged into the existing trunk light power source and provided enough wire to locate the reel out trunk light in a central or close to central position. I dont think it is possible to locate the light smack dab in the center of the Riviera trunk lid because the depression in the center of the support ribs is larger in diameter than the feet of the trouble light. I remember fishing the jumper harness thru the voids created by the support channels and thru one of the oval holes near the center. I cant remember if the install was on the drivers or passengers side. There is an early version of this kit and a later version. It is entirely possible, even probable, that the kits I was installing were a later version of the trouble light with different components and installation guidelines and not the same kit as Tom T. installed in his `64. I would note, however, that the illustration I posted above dates back to `64, albeit, a different model and not the Riviera. Tom Mooney
  11. Not criticizing you or anyone else Bill. As I suggested twice in my post, I thought that perhaps I had missed something in the thread. BTW, I may have not chosen my words well in post #3. The illustration appears earlier than 1968 but I chose the `68 illustration because it was much larger than earlier versions and presented better upon scanning. The car looks like it may be a `64 or `65 Skylark? Good luck with the trouble light, Tom
  12. 1965rivgs

    1965 Wildcat convertible upholstery $100

    Deal of the decade! Congrats to Mark and John, Tom Mooney
  13. 1965rivgs

    1965 Wildcat convertible upholstery $100

    Holy Cow Mark, that is what I would expect to pay for an excellent used boot! Wish I had a `65 and not the `66....SUPER deal! Tom Mooney