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  1. Jim, My `63 Buick parts book is showing blue, fawn, silver and chrome for the 4747 model? It would seem those colors would coordinate with the blue, sandalwood and silver standard interior trims? Tom
  2. Hi Darren, In `64, the custom interior trim was equipped with chrome knobs and the standard interior trim had colored knobs to match the color of the interior. My `64 Buick parts book, for the 4747 model, lists medium blue, fawn, silver, black, red, and chrome. There is a listing for a dark blue knob but that is the 4337 model only. Regarding the shape of the original knob the pictured knob is very close but looks like the features/changes in diameter are rounded off. Could be the angle of the pic or the fact it is black instead of chrome? The original knob has 3 distinct enlarged diameters after the threaded stem and the transitions are sharp edged and more angular than the knobs pictured. Tom Mooney
  3. The first time I came across the cruise "teed" into the PCV vacuum hose I was sure someone had done some rearranging as I would personally not arrange the vacuum lines in that manner. I was accustomed to working on the dual quad setup which has the cruise connected directly to the carb base. But after running across a second car with the cruise "teed" into the PCV line I checked the shop manual and found the illustration pictured in this thread. This is factory correct, I have seen it many times since on original cars, Tom
  4. Was this car an original GS? Did anyone read the trans code on the Protectoplate? I couldnt make out the characters but didnt try to zoom....poor quality pics Tom
  5. The remote control in the `65 glovebox takes up much less space than the plunger in the `63-`64 models. Tom Mooney
  6. The dealer book for a `67 should be about $250 for an exceptional example. The way I perceive factory literature is the lit is not likely to lose value so even if I sell the lit for what I payed for it, ultimately I have the pleasure and the EDUCATIONAL VALUE of ownership for no cost. I have a small library and am quite confident it has doubled maybe even tripled in value since purchase. I never fail to learn something I didnt know before when I put my nose in the original literature. For instance, while doing research to answer your question about `67 upholstery, I learned, unlike the `66 Riv, which offered the plum interior in cloth/vinyl only, the `67 Riv was available with plum in all vinyl only. I would like to have a `66 or `67 GS in Plum/Plum some day and I much prefer the all vinyl in the Plum color....so I have refined my search by learning a little something....again. After all these years hanging out around Rivieras still learning basic features. Glad the pics confirmed your sample, Tom
  7. There are two samples in the `67 dealer book, champagne and black. The black sample is a bear to photograph and because the field is black and the indented pattern is dark the contrast is not good. So I will post pics of the champagne material. Hope this helps Paul, Tom
  8. Not saying this material is not correct but the sample in the dealer book appears to have a more distinct and repeating pattern as compared to these pics. Maybe it is the narrow pleats that make the difference? I`ll try to get pics... Tom
  9. Back in town...will see if I can get a pic which illustrates the pattern. Tom
  10. Those are sales codes. Tom
  11. Bracket stands out as looking too new to my eye...maybe an Eastwood kit detail/touchup? Maybe not... Tom
  12. Ken, KJ code in a Jeep is: `65 230 L6 4WD `66-`68 327 V8 4WD `69-`71 350V8 4WD Hope this helps, Tom Mooney
  13. Hi Paul, I checked the `67 dealer book here in the ROA library and the `67 cloth definitely has a distinct pattern but it is very subtle and the cloth appears as though it has more threads per inch or is "finer". I can imagine after years of service the pattern would appear smooth but the sample in the dealer book has a pattern. Tom Mooney
  14. This car looks too "new" in several areas to be absolutely original...it has been "massaged". I am not doubting the stated mileage, but it has been "massaged" too thoroughly to be an unquestionable model for very specific original details. Beautiful Riv, would love to add this to the garage if I was a buyer....is that Riviera Red? Tom Mooney