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  1. RivNut

    Need Parts

    That spacer is a metal tube that is flared on one end. Nothing reproduced. Contact Larry Daisey, Gene Guarnere, or Steve Lorenzen.
  2. RivNut

    Need Parts

    CARS has repo bumper spacers.
  3. RivNut

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    The plate on my '1964 Riviera. See if it's not meant for my car. As you know, I'm Ed. The year: 1964. Buick's model number for the Riviera: 4747. It's Ed's 1964 Riviera.
  4. Excellent place to share. I think that another contributor shared this same experience a couple of years ago. I personally have never found one thing in the OPGI catalog that I can't find elsewhere for less money and cheaper S&H. If in doubt, check here for the experience of others.
  5. RivNut


    I think that you should get up close and personal and give it a hands on inspection.
  6. The correct lug nut was a steel nut with a stainless acorn cap. Those caps would crack and come off leaving you with a nut that wouldn't fit any sized socket. If this is what you have, I think Tom is saying you can run solid stainless versions that wouldn't be prone to cracking. Or Tom's eagle eye sees something the rest of us don't recognize.
  7. That makes 26 and Linda and I would be glad to chauffeur them to and from as well.
  8. I'd say that the mirror was a dealer installed option and the installer didn't bother to check out where it was supposed to go. Luckily for you, the new skin was correct.
  9. It's really too bad that judging boils down to the individual judge. As I gather, if there are two judges for one class at a meet, you might get 400 points or 396 points depending on which judge looks at your valve stem caps. Are valve stems and caps even mentioned in the judges guide? Or the same scenario for year to year judging. One year you get 400 points but the next you get 396 because the judge for the second year knocks you down for the chrome stems and caps that the last year's judge didn't.
  10. PLEASE NOTE: There is some construction on I-435 Westbound for those of you coming from the East on I-70, from the South on I-49, or from the East on US 50 HWY. The construction is only about two miles from the hotel, BUT your exit onto US 69 HWY is right where the construction is. Therefore: When you get to the Nall Ave exit, be in the right hand through lane of I-435. (Don't get so far over that you get into the Metcalf Ave exit though. Stay in the right hand "through" lane.) The construction will split I-435 west bound into two separate two lane through lanes. Before the split, stay in the right hand lanes marked for the exits for Antioch Road and Quivira Road. The exit for US 69 HWY south is between those two named exits. Just bear right and follow the way I showed you in the video. When I made that video, the construction had not yet been started. Kansas City streets are laid out like most all cities in the agricultural midwest. They're laid out like a checker board. North/South streets (named) all run parallel to each other. East /West streets (numbered) run parallel to each other. N/S and E/W streets intersect at right angles. Numbered streets have larger numbers as they go south. Very few, but some E/W streets are named. College Blvd happens to be one of these streets - of all the luck, wouldn't you just know it. If the Johnson County Community College did not sit on that street, it would be 111th street. So, if you get lost work you way back to College Blvd - other major east/west streets on either side of College Blvd are 103rd and 119th. There are 8 numbered blocks per mile. 103rd is one mile too far north; 119th is one Mike too far south. Named streets that are one mile apart starting from the east are: Roe, Nall, Metcalf, Switzer, Quivira (now you've gone too far west,) Pflumm, and Lackman. If you get this far west, stop and ask for directions. See you there. Ed PS - If you're coming from the airport or down I-29 from the north, DO NOT pay any attention to street names until you cross the KANSAS river. You'll only confuse the issue. If you're interested as to why, see me when you get here.
  11. RivNut


    Love these high school yearbook ads.
  12. These cool wheel covers were standard equipment with the Grand Sport option. Pretty cool because of their looks ANF their uniqueness. 👍👍
  13. RivNut

    First Generation Dash Pad

    Gary, I have a question about one of the cars you have listed in your signature. Buick did not produce a Riviera in 1994. ????
  14. IF you're buying them new, and IF you're buying directly from the manufacturer, you might be able to have them mill the wheels with the hub clearance you need. Wouldn't hurt to contact them.