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  1. The triangle part is the flexplate. The starter ring is part of the torque converter; that's why the starter motor for a nailhead/dynaflow has a longer snout on it.
  2. From the movie "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." Huge cast of characters, funny movie. Well worth watching. Did you notice that the passenger door is in the back seat?
  3. Pete, et al. Are 49 parts unique or are some shared with years before and after?
  4. I'm betting that if your car could talk, when you take it for a drive, it says the same about you!
  5. Chris, Any chance of getting a picture of the Fisher Body plate? That would help sort out a couple of things. Was the interior black and someone changed it to silver or was the interior silver and someone changed the door panels to black? Ed
  6. Nothing forward of the firewall is coded on the Fisher Data Plate*. The only way I know that my '63 had factory installed horns is that they're on the window sticker. No reference to them on the data plate. Ed *My '63 came from the factory with cruise control, tilt wheel, Guidematic, Twilight sentinel, four note horns, and cornering lights. None of which is coded on the data plate.If the option was not installed at the Fisher Body plant but rather it was installed during final assembly, then it will not be stamped into the data plate. Different assemblies in different plants, Engines, chassis, and body. All were married together at final assembly along with the installation of the front clip, steeting column, radio,, heater, etc.
  7. Okay, how about the better days. Gotta keep this on topic
  8. The build date to which Jim makes reference will also determine the size of the "dent" in the vacuum canister. There also a service bulletin that was published showing how to route the positive battery cable so that the bell on the large horn would not interfere (possibly short) with the positive cable.
  9. Marissa Miller. Best known for Victoria's Secret lingerie model, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, and Buick spokesperson for the Enclave
  10. I found this link while browsing CL's. https://omaha.craigslist.org/pts/6030576631.html
  11. !0,000 miles at a sustained 120 miles per hour. Ahh Haa, got off my tablet and onto the desk top. Here's the link that I was talking about. As it says in the beginning, it's like driving from Flint to Detroit, then to Los Angeles,on to Miami, to New York, and back to LA in 3 and 1/2 days.
  12. Jason, When I read your last article on the restoration of your 66, I noticed that you gave credit to Falcon Global. If I may ask, what did you source from them? Ed
  13. For some reason I can't get the link to post but if you're wondering what a 60's era Buick nailhead will do 'cross country' there's a 17 minute video on YouTube that show the details of running a 60 Buick 10,000 miles in less than 5,000 minutes. The feat was sponsored by Buick but couldn't be published because of something. Seven professional drivers, a modified fuel tank, and Firestone NASCAR tires. For you non-math guys, that's an average speed of over 120 mph for 5,000 minutes, or 83.333 hours, stopping only to change drivers and tires; the engine was never shut off, and between tire changes, refueling was done at speed from another similar Buick. Both cars were running a 401 with Dynaflow. Type '1960 buick 10000 miles 5000 minutes' into the YouTube search window. It's a little longer than 17 minutes. Well worth watching. You should now have confidence to drive your car anywhere IF you've been doing proper maintenance. Ed