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  1. RivNut

    Halogen Headlights

    They're all over the internet.
  2. I'll have to answer this with a "not yet." I'm not to the point of purchasing tires, but I think I will based on some replies I've read from others.
  3. RivNut

    Please introduce yourself...

    Welcome Caleb. Scroll down the main Buick menu and you'll find a forum dedicated to the Riviera. Lots of great technical advice, especially for the 63 - 65 and 66 - 70 Riviera owners. Be sure to check out the Riviera Owners Assn. There's a l8nk to their website in my signature block. Ed
  4. RivNut

    Kick down not working

    Without a vacuum modulator, your transmission will not hold upshifts. The vacuum modulator plays no part in the kick down. There are two terminals on the 65 ST400, one is for the kick down and one is for the variable pitch torque converter. Are you sure that you're not hearing the vanes in the torque converter "switch pitch?" I don't know how you'd hear a transmission shift gears without it being in gear and running.
  5. Oxalic acid is used by bicycle restorers as a rust remover. BUT, we've found that you can buy a 5 lb. bag off of eBay for a couple of dollars more than you you pay for 12oz. of wood bleach at your local hardware store. $14.99
  6. RivNut

    Halogen Headlights

    There is a thread on a 'hot light switch.' Lots of good reading that might answer your question. Focus on Tom T.'s comments on the use of relays.
  7. CARS, Hirsh, POR15, are among the very few that have the actual color. Classic Buicks relabels Ford Green as Buick Green. GM Alpine (Detroit Diesel) green has been used but it's too light.
  8. Buick engine green is not a color that you can pull off the shelf at your local jobber. You have to special order it from a specialty company. The engine is 55+ years old and chances are it's been pulled and repainted at least once with what was readily available.. Detailing an engine is relatively simple so don't be too concerned, use the wrong color as a negotiating tool.
  9. Green is correct for both the 401 and the 425. And not just any green - Buick Green. If you will search the threads you can find threads/posts that will show you where the Engine Serial Number is located and the Engine Production Code. If the Engine Serial Number matches the VIN then the engine is original and if it's original it's a 425. No 401's in the RIvieras in 1964.
  10. RivNut

    Kick down not working

    The vacuum modulator is on the passenger's side of the transmission. A steel tube attaches to the base of the carb at the back of the carb on the passenger's side. It connects to the trans via a short piece of vacuum hose.
  11. FOLEX Carpet Cleaner for grease, and dirt can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. WHINK Rust Stain remover for rust stains can be found at Wal-Mart.
  12. Assembly manual for all 1970 models. Individual pages bound in a 3 ring binder. $35 plus S&H. We're getting ready to downsize and all sorts of things are coming out of the woodwork. 😎 Ed
  13. In Kansas, I get antique (over 35 tears old) tags that are good for the time I own the car, and cost me a $17 registration fee per year per car. No inspection and no limits. Ed
  14. Why is CARS selling a vented cap for these cars when the tank is vented via a hose. Won't gas splash through the vent?
  15. You could start by looking at carb numbers, intake casting numbers, etc. Someone else will have to help on this one -- The '65 LX engine (A8 option) came with a distributor that was calibrated to be timed at 12 degrees BTDC instead of the 5 degrees on the JW, KW, and LW engines. I don't know if the 64 A8 engine had the same distributor or not. If there's an aluminum band around the distributor look to see what the number is that's stamped into it. The number for the '65 A8 distributor is #1111058. The number for the 5 degree distributor is #1111055 Your last sentence is the most important one. Ed