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  1. Fat Fender Friday

    Post some pictures of your favorite fat fendered Buicks.
  2. 1965 Cowl Tag Codes

    ALL 1st generations were built in Flint (hence the FB number). Some Rivieras have the star, some don't.
  3. For $750, you can enroll in the week long class (June 4 - 8, 2018) on "Small parts reproduction" at MacPherson College and learn how to do that yourself. www.mcpherson.edu/autorestoration/institute/
  4. That bottom piece is die cast and there's nothing behind it. After you've driven the car for a while, you'll see that the corners and curbs are lit up pretty well. Remember, you'll be approaching the corner and you'll want to know what's in front of you at the intersection. Once yore in the intersection, you'll want to know what lies down the road. What's outside your window is really of no consequence. The reflectors for the cornering lamps are designed to put the light where you need it. What I can't see in any of the pictures you've posted is the turn signal lamp burning. You're cornering lamps aren't so bright that the turn signals can't be seen are they?
  5. In order to do that, you'll need to cut out the bottom of the reflector. On my 63 with factory installed cornering lights, everything is well lit.
  6. Only the earlier 63 and maybe the 64 mirrors are reversible,
  7. Take I-40 out of Barstow and it goes through Yucca. Then drive to Kingman, AZ and take US-93 into Las Vegas.
  8. Heat riser rebuid?

    Here are some pictures of an exhaust manifold "donut" that I found that fits inside the manifold and creates a ball to fit into the cone of the pipe. Sorry that I don't have a part number, but if you take your manifold into a NAPA store or other jobber, you can tell them what you want and they can probably find it for you. If I find the part #, I'll add it. Ed
  9. 1965 Cowl Tag Codes

    Looks like something you'd enjoy researching. When you figure it out, please let us know. It will solve a 30 year old mystery. 🤔 Ed
  10. How did you connect the carburetor to the electric solenoid that controls the kick down feature in the transmission?
  11. There seems to be two different locations that these mirrors were located in. One where you had to look through the vent window and the other almost even with the steering wheel. Neither was optimal.
  12. The early mirrors have a separate bezel from the body. You can rotate the bezel so that it will work on the passenger's side. When I say it will work, I mean, it can be mounted. It's really difficult to set it up so that you can see anything through it. Most guys just use them for symmetry or added bling.
  13. Heat riser rebuid?

    Chances are that you won't be driving the car in extreme conditions when you need to use the choke that much anyway. The shop manual states that this choke thermostat will cause slow engine warm up or stumbling when it is stuck open - same as not having one. But it also stares that operation should be checked at 70°. If you're a fair weather driver like most of us, you'll not really notice this.
  14. 1965 Cowl Tag Codes

    About the star, go back and re-read Winston's post #4. 🤔
  15. 1965 Cowl Tag Codes

    Matt, You should hang onto that Riviera and drive it to the ROA meet here in Overland Park in June. Ed