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  1. You don't state where you live so it's hard to recommend where to look for parts for you. I did a "row52.com" search for Buick Skyhawk but didn't put any zip code into the search. row52.com Click on "Vehicle search" Don't worry about the year, just type in make and model and search. There will also be a list of "pullers" who work the different yards. You can contact them, tell them what you need, and see if they'll pull and ship to you. You can try the same thing using the other J body models that were mentioned in post #4. Good luck You can also search "adhuntr.com " (yes it's spelled that way) and look for CL listings around the country. Here's a start for you. http://www.adhuntr.com/p/results.html?ie=UTF-8&q=buick+skyhawk+parts&x=47&y=19&min=&max=&l=all&c=all&t=&p=
  2. Use your imagination and put yourself in this video in a Riviera instead of a Wildcat. Listen to Matt as he describes the car. Kind of spartan in some respects - manual steering, manual brakes, no a/c, but well appointed in other aspects - power windows, AM/FM radio w/ power antenna. This young man and his dad own a body shop in Wichita and from what I've been told, this is not his only 4 speed big bodied Buick.
  3. My 1984 Riviera convertible had a "headliner". It hid the bows, was color matched to the interior, and provided that extra layer of insulation from three heat and noise. I had a 96 Sebring JXi but don't remember anything about it other than it was way under powered.
  4. There's a thread on the forum that recently showed pictures of an XP-715 body (1st generation Riviera) built as a 2+2 Pontiac. It has a 4 speed transmission. LOTS of work and it's well executed but there's been no description of how it was done, but it is a three pedal car.
  5. The Reatta forum has been going since 2000; the ROA forum since 2006. But there's still a huge difference between the two. It's either a popularity issue or a technical difficulty issue. You can decide.
  6. Who's the dude peaking from the back seat taking a picture of you?
  7. The windows and the seat get their power from a circuit breaker located behind the kick panel on the driver's side. Remove the kick panel and the circuit breaker is mounted on a brace that's at about the same height as the top of the kick panel you just removed.
  8. Here are some pictures of the two styles of front turn signal housings. I cannot tell you what came from which year nor can I tell you when the change was made. If you study the wires, you'll see that the dark wire goes to the parking lights, and the green wire goes to the turn signal. In the housing with one 67A and one 1034A, a dark wire runs to both lamps. In the housing with two 67A's and one 1034A, you'll see a dark wire going to each 67A and only a green wire going to the 1034A.. Both housings use the same 1034A bulb but only one wire runs to the 1034A bulb in the housing with two 67A sockets . The second filament in the 1034A bulb is not used. You'll also notice that there is no cornering lamp housing or plug in either housing. Some day when I'm into this box, I'll check part numbers. But not now.
  9. Here's a link for 67A bubls. 10 pack for $4.73. http://fastenerclub.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1200 There is no minimum order but if you spend $100 you can get free shipping. I put a 10 pack in a cart and went to checkout and my total would have been $6.73; $4.73 for the bulbs and $2.00 for shipping. These bulbs have a single bayonet contact on them and are used in the lower bulb housing. They come on when you turn on your parking lamps. Here's a link for the 1034A bulb. The $50 minimum is for free shipping, not a minimum order http://www.bulbtown.com/1034A_Amber_Miniature_Bulb_Bay15d_Base_p/1034a.htm?gclid=CJH-77PuuNMCFcm3wAodf64Dpg&cvsfa=3271&cvsfe=2&cvsfhu=3130333441 These bulbs are for the front turn signal AND parking lamp. They're a two filament bulb with two contacts. The lower filament stays on with the 67A for the parking lamp, When you activate your turn signal, the upper filament comes on and blinks for a turn signal. The 1034, but without the A, is for you tail lamp/stop lamp. Same bulb but clear, two filaments. Lower filament for the tail lights, upper filament for the brake lights. Now I'll throw a monkey wrench into things. Somewhere along the line, Buick went to two 67A's in one housing and used a 1034A for the turn signal but only ran a single wire to the housing that would activate the upper filament. You'll have to pull the lenses to know which set up you have. No difference really except for where the illumination comes from. The 67's and the 1034's are not interchangeable, they have different diameter bases and a different number of contacts. Hope this helps Ed PS - I took the bulb numbers from page 23 in my 1963 RIviera Owner's Manual
  10. Looks like you've just volunteered to be the one to find out. 😆
  11. Here's a link to your original 1034A bulb. From the pictures that I've seen online, and who knows if the correct bulb is represented, the 1034 has only one contact and the 1157 has two contacts. Make sure you get the correct one. http://www.bulbtown.com/mobile/product.aspx?ProductCode=1034A&gclid=CP3vj--VuNMCFVm5wAod89IOiw&cvsfa=3271&cvsfe=2&cvsfhu=3130333441
  12. The sockets DO NOT come out of the housing, they're crimped into place and are an integral part of the housing.. Bulbs comes out from the front. It might be hard to get old bulbs out. 1) They're corroded in place, and 2) the wires are stiff and the springs can't be compressed to allow removal. Some time ago I posted a link to a video that showed how to restore old light sockets with innards from aftermarket pieces. I did a couple and it really made an improvement in the way everything worked. You might search the archives for it. Ed
  13. I found this on CL. Lots of older Buicks, 54 - 58, some 1st Generation Rivieras, and assorted other 50's and 60's car. At the end of the video the seller states it's not an auction, but selling to first come first served. You can email the seller for a complete list and he say's that he'll send more info an pictures of the car(s) you may be interested in. Happy Hunting.
  14. The A suffice after any bulb number stands for Amber (yellow/orange) An internet search found quite a few places that still sell them. Chances are they're still available from your local jobber, you'll just have to find the right one and have them order some for you. Phillips has a good internet site for finding the correct bulb. Ed
  15. The 3T on your data plate is for the rear arm rest. Find some sand and punch it; see if one tire spins or both of them. Posi tags sometimes get lost during fluid changes. As Pat says, the horn bars are fragile. Best use is to push up from the back. That way you're not pushing the bar away from the hub. Keep us up to date as you get into it. Ed