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    Ha! Got it. Very clever.
  2. You need a steel baffle if the base of your carb is aluminum. But it wouldn't hurt to use one anyway.
  3. Best tool for that would be your shop/chassis manual.
  4. I've bought stuff from these guys before. They also have choke coils. Don't know what their overseas shipping policies are. http://www.carburetion.com Ed

    FIDDY FO - FITTY FO. I say tomato, you say tomato; let's call the whole thing off. The picture was of Emily Ratajkowski walking down the street wearing boots* and some DKNY lingerie, from one of their ad videos. She's walking a dog. Type her name in Google then click on the images tab. Compared to some of the "images," what she's wearing in that picture will make her look over dressed. Ed * Remember someone objected to the high heels, I was offering boots as an alternative. Then someone suggested putting her in the back seat. Nothing "suggestive there", right?
  6. Rodney, Find out if Tony has someone in the U.S. who can get one from Jon and ship it to you.
  7. If you're referring to the picture in post #4, that's a 63 dash. If it were a 64, you'd have to remove the headlight switch to mount the tach where it is. The mid year changes in 63 were staggered so you could have a 120 mph speedometer and a ribbed dash. No 64's came with a plain dash or a 120 mph speedometer.
  8. 1976 Riviera s/r

    Here's an older thread from this forum that covers the S/R. Check out post #10. It shows consoles available in '76. It appears that just the one console was used for cars equipped with 40/40 seats and a floor shift.

    I figured that she was walking towards one. 😆 can I repost it if I photos hope a Buick into the picture? Perhaps a headlight of a a fiddy fo?
  10. 1976 Riviera s/r

    I saw an NOS one that a vendor was trying to sell at the ROA event in Flagstaff. An ROA member in St Louis had a similar car. Jeff wound up restoring his.
  11. 1976 Riviera s/r

    1976 Buicks. All pretty much the same. And as NC Riviera noted, the similarity to the other GM divisions is very evident. Electra Regal Skylark
  12. 1976 Riviera s/r

    Lots of parts were shared by GM amongst its divisions, especially windshields, but this Riviera is much bigger than the intermediate sized Chevrolet. One reason behind the poor sales of the Riviera for the years 74 - 76 was that they looked too much like the other Buick models from the same years. Nothing to really set them apart, especially having to follow the boat tails from 71 - 73. Here's a picture of the car I had a question about in my previous thread. Ed
  13. 1976 Riviera s/r

    Only two interior colors were available in the S/R in 1976, Red and Tan. Someone help me here but wasn't it the S/R in 76 that was available with the Formula Five wheels with red painted webs? I remember an ROA member from St. Louis who had a white / red S/R with those rims.
  14. Only if you spell "classicc" with three c's