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  1. Good observation, TheMoneyPit. The correct, very large, headlights that came on this Standard Eight Peerless were replaced by some small sealed-beams decades ago. An owners manual or looking at one of the other 6 examples would tell you which is correct. The A(Standard 8) did have a different size than the B(Master 8) and C(Custom 8) units. Current owner found the car in a 3rd-floor parking garage of the Blackhawk Collection. The only other known Model ``A´´ Peerlesses are in WA, BC, NY, MO, ME and Denmark. There may be a coupe in CA. The copy should read: Where else can you find a Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky-designed straight-eight diamond-in-the-rough for less than the price of a new Mercedes? Below is another Standard Eight in Washington, which Pistorius Restorations[Odessa, FL] did a partial restoration of:
  2. Peerless For Sale Department

    The February, 2012 Hemmings Motor News has an ad for a Peerless not known to me. It is a 1927 Model 6-60 in Maine. "...4-dr, needs reconstruction, $8,600." Telephone: (207) 866-3704.
  3. Owners of 1924 Peerless Model 6-70 Cars

    There are a number of write-ups of the 1923-24 Winter NY Auto Show & Auto Salon that describe how the Springfield booth featured a Springfield-bodied Peerless Sedan with a radio. All the Springfield Peerlesses were equipped with radios, standard...not all Peerlesses. Peerless had bodies built by at least 43 coachbuilders(some custom, some semi-custom, some production), so 1924 Peerless cars with bodies by Peerless Body, Raulang, Budd, Pullman, etc. would not have radios. The website has a paragraph about it. Peerless built 3,926 cars in 1924, and only a small percentage of that would have Springfield Body Company coachwork. In modern terms, Peerless is more like Rolls-Royce than GM regarding annual production. It averaged 3,600 cars per year. Rolls-Royce, last year, built 4,011 cars. The last time I checked, GM had built 424 million vehicles since ´45, working out to around 6.6 million a year. My Grandfather´s 1926 Elcar had a radio when new, but it may have been a dealer-installed option.
  4. A very under-appreciated and little-known, but very important model for Peerless. I think they deserve their own thread here on the Peerless Forum. Please if you own one or think you own one; write-in and tell us about it. This six-cylinder car was introduced at a NY auto show, probably in January 1924, at a time when Peerless was an all-V-8 company, like Cadillac and Lincoln. Only 2,786 6-70s were made, but they were the start of a whole "line" of luxury Peerless sixes also including 6-72s, 6-90s and 6-91s. The general whereabouts of only one of these 2,786 cars is known by anyone in the Peerless Motor Car Club. If this serial number data is correct, that makes the line's production from 1924 to 1929 14,719 cars, near the top among the eleven lines Peerless sold 1920-1932. The first Peerless I ever saw was a 6-70 5-Passenger Touring Phaeton which was a Los Angeles, California car, later turning up in central Montana for a spell. Four models of Peerless using the Superb Six 289 Cu. In. engine: Model..............................................Production......Model Years Six-70..............................................2786...............1924, 1925 _____________________________________________________________________ Six-72..............................................5565................1925, 1926, 1927 Six-90..............................................3174................1927 Six-91..............................................3194................1928, 1929 There are probably only five or ten people worldwide who even talk about 6-70s, but I'm still interested in them. With the power of the world wide web, maybe we'll learn of some unknown ones! In addition to the model name stamped on the firewall, 6-70s can be identified by the Cadillac-influenced rad shell design combined with the new aluminum six.
  5. Thinking of selling my Peerless hearse

    I´m not suggesting that Brian, who owns the hearse on this thread, should go ambulance instead of hearse, just posting a picture of an interesting professionial body on an uber-rare car. I had never seen a photo of a Peerless ambulance before -- and I´m pretty certain I won´t be seeing a Model 19 ambulance conversion anytime soon -- with three ought-nine Peerlesses in the world. There were a whopping 1,618 Peerlesses from that year built, though.
  6. Thinking of selling my Peerless hearse

    Not very readable, but there´s a guide from Peerless in 1912 about commercial bodies available for rebuilt Peerless chassis´, including this Kansas City Ambulance. For sale, $92, by milwaukeeauctionhouse vendors on e-bay. The one in the illustration is on a 1909 Peerless, the most expensive U.S. automobile that year.
  7. Owners of 1924 Peerless Model 6-70 Cars

    In 2017 another Peerless 6-70 showed up in the pages of the October, 2017 Hemmings Motor´s a 1925 6-70 5-Passenger Sedan, for sale in North Carolina for $25,000.
  8. "New" Peerless Discovered!

    Thanks to Joanne Pistorius bringing it to my attention...another Peerless 6-90 has turned up, a 1927 6-90 Sedan. That makes 8 or 9 known survivors out of about 4000 built. Pistorius Restorations down in Florida restored a red 6-90 Sedan a few years ago. The latest 6-90 is in southern California: new owners the Smiths. I don´t have much data yet...but will add when I receive it.
  9. "New" Peerless Discovered!

    Dear Peerless fans, In my continuing quest to find all of the surviving Peerlesses, I have discovered another one today. There is a restored 1917 Peerless Touring in Sweden. A V-8 of course! ----Jeff NOTE: Oddly enough, there's a picture of the car on wikipedia's page about Peerless! Color Photo found on: ( Go to Contents, then scroll down to Cars A-Z until you reach Peerless )
  10. Visionary?

    Can´t think of anything nice to say about it except I like the air-conditioning nozzles on the dash.
  11. Peerless For Sale Department

    At the August, 2017 Owls Head Museum Auction, an orange and cream Peerless Model Eight-69 Roadster was for sale, but appears not to have sold. It belonged to the late Ralph Cartonio of Maine. Nice looking car with wire wheels, 332 Cu. In. Peerless V-8, a golf bag door, and dual side mounts. The engine serial number (37,502) is next-to-last of the factory serial numbers allocated for all the last-edition Peerless V8 cars(1926-1928 Mod. 8-69): Model 69......36,001-37,503. Photo by Owls Head Museum.
  12. Dupont

    Beautiful car pughs had for a while. Same as the illustration in every way. I had it posted because it shows in print the 140 h.p. the 322 Continental straight eight is capable of, according to Du Pont Motors.
  13. New Peerless Owner Department

    Julie and Steve Smith from out in California are the new owners of a 1927 Peerless Model 6-90 Sedan. An uncle owned it for 5 or 6 years and Julie inherited it. Factory serial numbers say that 4,176 Six-90s were built of this one-year model. New prices were in the $1,695 - $1,995 range($1,895 for the Sedan).
  14. New Peerless Owner Department

    A big welcome to Gord Nelson of Alberta, Canada! He just bought the 1929 Peerless Six-81 Four Passenger Victoria that's been for sale for a month on the "Peerless For Sale Department" thread (post #95). Gord might never read this, but I thought I'd mention the sale anyway. I find it astonishing that a car in this condition at this price...with color photos...could be listed here with no one inquiring about it or any of the other 1916-1940 antique cars for sale(all 3 of the 3-Ps, plus a Hudson, a Marmon, and a 1940 LaSalle). The person dispersing the 20-vehicle collection says no one has contacted him yet about any of the cars after reading my For Sale post. My idea was to give folks on the Peerless Forum advance warning of these cars being available before they are FS at antique car dealers' showrooms and websites at twice the price. Please tell us more about this Victoria you bought from Dr. Mercer's Collection, if you get a chance, Gord. Rick Pikulski tells me that you also get a few pages of correspondence between Dr. Mercer and I with the car. Please look at the great photos here on the Peerless Forum from Pistorius Restorations in Florida of the 1929 6-81 Sedan they just restored and have for sale (recent posts). These will give you serve as a guide for what your instrument panel should look like. Y'all might want to join the Peerlesss Motor Car Club, too despite the fact there are only two Peerlesses in your province. I think you got a great deal. Check out the current post in "General Discussion" Forum: "What Will It Cost" where people are talking about professional upholstery jobs of the era. I'm thinking you purchased your Peerless for less than an interior job would have cost if it had had animals living in it, missing seats and so forth. Jeff P.S.: Sorry to get up on a soap box.
  15. Dipping a Toe in the Water - sixties sedans

    Hi good luck with your search. Have you ever seen a 1962-1964 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk or Avanti? A few are for sale at Hemmings Motor News online and Autabuy.
  16. 1928 sedan

    Enigmatic photo, West. In theory it could be a 1926, 1927, or 1928......and a Mod. 6-60, 6-80, 6-90, 6-72, or 8-69. My best guess is that it´s a 1927 6-72 with replacement headlights from a 1928 6-60 -- since there should be cowl lights on a bright cowl band if it came with bullet headlights -- plus, it´s a big car & the headlights look too small on this one. I checked the picture of Louie´s Peerless and it has cowl lights, radiator shell, and roof visor similar to the one in West´s photo, but drum headlights. 1928 Peerless Six-60 in Pioneer Auto Show Museum, Murdo, South Dakota -- between a Locomobile and a Buick.
  17. Elcar

    I hope you find one, Cars of Chaos {good name for wheels from the Roaring Twenties}. 5 or 10 years ago, I saw a couple of rickity early Elcars come up for sale in farm auctions(ND, MN). I´ll tell you if I see another. No matter what car show you went to with your Elcar, nobody would ever stick you in `` the Elcar row´´. Not just Rare, Unique.
  18. Elcar

    I've been interested in Elcar automobiles for 40 years. My family had one for over 60 years. There may not be enough enthusiasts to have an Elcar Forum...but since many have CCCA Classic status[Models 8-80, 8-81, 8-90, 8-91, 8-92, 120, 130, and 140]...I'll put in a word for the company. The company began as a coachbuilder, literally, with 44 years of buggies, carriages and harness starting in 1873(Elkhart, IN); then built about a thousand Pratt and Pratt-Elkhart automobiles from 1909-1915; and about 18,000 Elcar automobiles from 1916-1931. In-line-eight models introduced in 1924. Elcar photo from 1928 Elcar illustration from Philadelphia Free library.
  19. Any value to a 8 cylinder Continental motor?

    It looks like a mid 30s pr. of front fenders and radiator shell. The hood is consistent with a 1929 Pierce-Arrow Mod. 125, a 1930-31 Peerless Standard 8, or a 1930-31 Peerless Master 8. The motor looks a lot like a Continental 17S(246.7 Cu. In.) or 13K(322 Cu. In.)...both used in 1930s Peerlesses(Standard 8/Master 8/Custom 8).
  20. 1928 sedan

    I hadn´t even noticed the bullet headlights. For some reason I just looked at the one on the drivers side and it looked like a drum headlight. The odd thing about the sedan is the built-in roof visor, which was on the ´27 Peerless closed cars but only, I think, on the early ´28 ones. Generally, the ´28 closed cars had cadet visors instead of the earlier French-style ones. So, it could be a late ´27/early ´28 Peerless. Cowl lights moved from near the windshield on the ´26/´27 Peerlesses to a plated cowl band on the 1928s...though there are exceptions with some early ´28s versus later ones.
  21. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    Bryan, you´re thinking of the 1911 Oldsmobile that sold at the Hershey auction ten years ago. Fewer cylinders, but engine twice as big, it sold to Jack Rich for about a million and a half and wasn´t in as good condition as this one.
  22. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    The ´37 Pierce in the little tent is interesting, too. I´m about 30 years away from affording it and I predict you can sell it in 30(minutes) with the right phone call.
  23. 1928 sedan

    Fours guys, wearing ties, in a big sedan, pulling a trailer. Maybe they´re in a jazz band going to a gig. That Peerless rad shell was in use 1925-1928, immediately after the Cadillac lookalike one in 23-24. The best guess on my part is that it´s a 1926 or 1927. Between 6-80, 6-72, and 8-69 it´s hard to tell. Interesting club medallion on the radiator. I have a photo of Louis Chevrolet in front of his new 6-80....I´ll have to check it.
  24. ID vintage hood ornament

    A similar, but different, radiator mascot is on p. 15 of Great Cars and Grand Marques by Automobile Quarterly, 1976, in a 10 pg. chapter called ¨Mascots¨*. That one, from the Allen R. Thurn Collection is described: ``a very French and very stylized mascot from the late Twenties´´. It is shiny metal, and has a lass balanced on her right foot, her left knee bent, holding her long hair in her left hand, her right arm forward, and a bunched-up piece of cloth goes from her chest down her back to her left ankle. Not the same design, maybe not from the same maker, but one could be derivative of the other. *Based on an earlier AQ article by W.C. Williams, ¨Mascots, the Automobile´s Grand Afterthought¨, VOL 13, No. 3
  25. New Peerless Owner Department

    Tom Griffith is the new owner of a 1927 Peerless Model 6-90 ``Roadster Coupe´´. It was for sale on Hemmings by Brian Livingston from Marshfield, Missouri. These Boat Tail Coupes are pretty striking and rare. New price was $1,725. Aluminum crankcase Peerless 289 Cu. In. six, matching the horsepower of the 332 Cu. In. Peerless V-8($2,795 as a coupe).