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    Heading to USA

    The best antique car museum in the south would be the one in northern Mississippi -- not far from Memphis -- the Tupelo Automobile Museum/140 cars /30,000 sq. m. building... ....still photo and 7-minute video enclosed. There are a couple of museums in Missouri, too. The Auto World Museum in Fulton, the new Evergreen Historic Automobile Museum in Lebanon, and the St. Louis car Museum(a sales place, but they seem to have 30-40 higher-end cars on their website[don't think that little '54 Corvette @ $80K will go in your plane's cargo bay too bleedin' well]). Looks like you will be getting here Please have fun.
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    Owners of 1924 Peerless Model 6-70 Cars

    Yeah, it's gold-plated compared to the deal on the nearly identical one 12 years ago.
  3. A very under-appreciated and little-known, but very important model for Peerless. I think they deserve their own thread here on the Peerless Forum. Please if you own one or think you own one; write-in and tell us about it. This six-cylinder car was introduced at a NY auto show, probably in January 1924, at a time when Peerless was an all-V-8 company, like Cadillac and Lincoln. Only 2,786 6-70s were made, but they were the start of a whole "line" of luxury Peerless sixes also including 6-72s, 6-90s and 6-91s. The general whereabouts of only one of these 2,786 cars is known by anyone in the Peerless Motor Car Club. If this serial number data is correct, that makes the line's production from 1924 to 1929 14,719 cars, near the top among the eleven lines Peerless sold 1920-1932. The first Peerless I ever saw was a 6-70 5-Passenger Touring Phaeton which was a Los Angeles, California car, later turning up in central Montana for a spell. Four models of Peerless using the Superb Six 289 Cu. In. engine: Model..............................................Production......Model Years Six-70..............................................2786...............1924, 1925 _____________________________________________________________________ Six-72..............................................5565................1925, 1926, 1927 Six-90..............................................3174................1927 Six-91..............................................3194................1928, 1929 There are probably only five or ten people worldwide who even talk about 6-70s, but I'm still interested in them. With the power of the world wide web, maybe we'll learn of some unknown ones! In addition to the model name stamped on the firewall, 6-70s can be identified by the Cadillac-influenced rad shell design combined with the new aluminum six.
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    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    Waiting for a Tucker station wagon, or the Tucker Carioca, that never went into production: Why doesn't someone fab one of those together? From Car Life Magazine. The Plymouth Prowler resembles this a little.
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    It's so impossible to find Peerless parts sometimes, I thought that when one of us finds one for sale we should post it here. If someone finds something else for sale, put the post here ...and number it with a roman numeral like I have. Thank you. I. Peerless sedan rear seat accessory FS. On e-Bay, someone has a real Peerless accessory for sale for about 4 more days. It's for sale by "turkey1717" and is listed as a "Peerless Luxury Touring Car Cigarette Accessory". I think it could be for: a. a mirror and compact case b. cigarette case and matches case c. small notebook and pen case All 3 of these things have been advertised as accessories in the back seats of some of the nicer models of Peerless closed cars 1926-1931, according to ads. I'm sure it's genuine. It's an ornate container, mostly sheet metal, with wood-grained front, and 2 velvet-lined compartments inside. There is a colorful Peerless eagle logo at the top, and the dimensions are about 3 1/2"x7"x2". Stamped with Doerr Co. on back. I think they were asking about $80.00 for the item.
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    Something from a post in Cars For Sale Forum regarding a 1930 Peerless Model 6-61A Sedan for sale that may be helpful: Q: Jrbrks (9/20/18) "Can anyone address how difficult mechanical parts are to locate or purchase?" A: jeff_a (10/2/18) "Thanks for asking. I looked at some previous posts of yours and saw that you know your way around antiques and have a 1929 Franklin. As you know, pre-WWII cars are all made of rare parts, except for the Fords. Maybe this is obvious & old news, but if you got that Peerless, this is what's out there.... Ebay. Looked today and saw a couple of distributors, some rotors & points that supposedly were shared by Peerless & other makes, some new hydraulic brake lines, a radiator & shell, and 3 aluminum Peerless hubcaps. Sometimes also original & r/p motometers, Peerless radiator emblems, instrument panels, V-8 engines, Radiators, timing chains, 4-barrel Ball & Ball Carburetors for Peerless V-8s, rad shells, engines for a Model 56, a 1929 6-81, a 1929 6-61, distributors, and logo tire gauges. The best thing I ever saw there was the Car Serial number plate for the last Peerless built. Parts. The 300+ Peerless owners have worldwide as extras. It may seem an impossible task to find out who they are....but I keep a register of all known Peerless cars & trucks worldwide (361). It took ten years of my life to do the research...but it's fascinating to find there are 8 in MO, 18 in NY, 4 in S. Africa, 2 or 3 dozen in Europe, etc. A Peerless owner in Maine. Amassed world's largest collection of Peerless cars, about 12 counting parts cars + 2 or 3 school buses full of parts. The gentleman died in 2015, but his family has many parts for sale(See "AACA Peerless Forum", "Peerless For Sale Department" thread, Post #161). Family has sold 1 car but picked up 4 in the last 5 years. A Peerless owner in Ohio. He bought a collection w/ 4 truckloads of cars & parts in 2011, including spare engines, spare frames, & enough body panels to build a couple of sedans, eventually having 7 cars 1927-1930. Still has 4. A couple of years ago, he advertised he had a lot of parts for sale, including photos(see Peerless Forum under "Peerless Parts for Sale Thread", posts #98 & #102). Don't know how much is left, if any. Not a parts source, but there's a shop in the Tampa, FL area that's restored 7 Peerless cars recently(1926-1931 model years). They may be able to help you with your car or share repair knowledge. Pistorius Collectible Autos, Good news! The 1929 Peerless is by far the best-represented of all the surviving cars. Unlike the 1908s(1 left) and 1921s(1 left), there are about 60 of them, plus several 1930 6-61s like this one. The Six-61 Sedans cost $1,395 in 1929. Re: replica parts, it's limited. Lucas tires of course, spark plugs, some r/p motometers on ebay, a bronze Peerless Eagle radiator mascot sold in Irvine, CA. Also some cast stainless radiator mascots from MI, and some door handles of the same material. I have followed this Peerless for 4 or 5 years, since it was in SW Missouri. Someone had it in a garage for decades. Don't know if that owner did any work on it , but it's a highly original car. Kind of unusual model. Technically doesn't exist. It's really a "continuation car" of a 1929 6-61, but sales were so good in 1929 they had to continue production into the 1930 model year for a few months after they got orders for 8,236 in one day at the New York Auto Show. In theory, all Peerlesses for the '30/'31/'32 model years were straight-8 cars. Triple cowl vents & "6-61A" designations on the I.D. plate separate it from the 1929 6-61. Same Continental engine and h.p.: 215 cu. in. and 62 h.p., I believe."
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    Peerless Model 6-60 {1928}/Model 6-61 {1929} 5-Gauge Instrument Panel F/S on E-Bay......Price: $600 buy-it-now sale Nearly new condition -- speedometer missing -- has Peerless Eagle Emblem in center intact Seller: "mr-dash"
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    1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator 302 Reduced

    I've never even heard of a Boss 302 Cougar, so thinking production and survival much lower than the Mustang version. Nice looking....with rarity/mileage/ & how it goes down the road in it's favor! The only Cougar I've seen that desirable was one for sale about a year ago that had an unheard-of 428 or 429 mill in it.
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    Wanted ANY Pre-1929 touring car (Please read for insight)

    Here's how a person could get the impression the $3000 touring car was a reality. Look at a copy of The Standard Catalog of American Cars, Vol. 1, 1805-1942. See they have thumbnail value estimates of most cars in there: there are Ford touring cars for $1,500-3,000, a 1906 Duryea for $2,600, and even a '24 Duesenberg for $9,900. THE CATCH is that they are all Condition #4 and #5...also it's a wild estimate from a 22-year-old book, often of cars that don't exist. You're not gonna find an ought-six Duryea, even in junkyard condition in that range. The good news is, you live in the best part of the whole USA to find antique cars and people to help you with them. Also, the comments above all sound true. You might find a car in your price range somewhere........but you'll be buying yourself a bit of work, too. Maybe that's what you want. Maybe a farm auction that has 2 or 3 cars in it, or an online antique car sale site(there are a lot). Here's a car from a Saskatchewan farm auction 2 months ago that might have sold for 2 or 3 thousand, and another one I would expect fetched double that. Which would you rather have? 1917 Ford 1924 Ford Touring
  10. 1935Packard, In the 70s, my Great Aunt Marie gave me a box of letterhead stationery from dozens of hotels she and her husband picked up travelling in the 20s-50s. He was an attorney known for writing unbreakable contracts and she just enjoyed fine hotels like the Broadmoor in Colorado. The Roosevelt and Brunswick from the United Hotels list were among the ones I got. Most were about 5" x 10". There was an article in Special interest Autos, October, 1980, about someone who bought a 1941 Packard Clipper in the 70s. He found $17 in collectible old coins under the seats & an old toy in the trunk that sold for more than the car had cost him.
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    "New" Peerless Discovered!

    Dear Peerless fans, In my continuing quest to find all of the surviving Peerlesses, I have discovered another one today. There is a restored 1917 Peerless Touring in Sweden. A V-8 of course! ----Jeff NOTE: Oddly enough, there's a picture of the car on wikipedia's page about Peerless! Color Photo found on: ( Go to Contents, then scroll down to Cars A-Z until you reach Peerless )
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    "New" Peerless Discovered!

    1925 Peerless 6-70 Touring Phaeton from Canada, now in Sidney, MT photo: Mack Auction Company The Light Yellow & Brown Sedan is still for sale.
  13. You've had some cool cars come out of your building!
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    "New" Peerless Discovered!

    A new Peerless appeared for sale in the September Hemmings Motor News, a two-tone green Mod. 6-60 Sedan with disc wheels in California. I talked to the seller 2 days ago and found it has already sold. I'm waiting for information on where it went and who the new owner is. I think it's been around San Diego about 25 years. These were 1927-28 cars, with a replacement sold until early 1930, the 6-61 & 6-61A.
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    Why? Why?

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    1930 Peerless Six 61A

    Bernie, I'll send you a PM.
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    1930 Peerless Six 61A

    Bernie, It doesn't look like L.A. Marshal has checked in lately. It's possible that L.A. or the Peerless have a NY connection, but I heard it was in Springfield, MO for decades. The last 2 owners have had it for just 2 or 3 years in AZ, but the Six-61A goes back to 1953 in Springfield. Not all bad, though, to be able to trace a car back that far. It looks like the car is quite complete, has been kept indoors, and isn't an orphan car in the sense of being the only one of its model to survive. Having the only Marmon V-12 would be great, but you can't call up other owners and ask for the firing order or a sales manual. Some may not know the engine has 7 main bearings; and a fuel pump, new for Peerless that year. The 6-61s all had horizontal hood louvers, like Blackhawk, Roosevelt, and Stutz models of the era. A light yellow 6-61 Roadster was restored by Mark Garvin of MA and shown at Hershey in 2012. 3 years later, it sold at the Owl's Head Museum auction in ME for $57,200, a big amount for Peerless' lowest price car, ever. I think the Roadsters went for $1,195. Don't get used to the idea that all 6-61s look like this. This one's in perfect condition, and there are only two left in the world(known 6-61 Roadsters) out of possibly 8,000 built(6-61s of all body styles). Most were like the green one below, sans the sidemounts and wire wheel options. However, it IS useful to see how far you can go restoring the lowest-priced Peerless model of 1929(I think Oldsmobile and Buick were comparable in price). Peerless also fielded the 6-81, 6-91, and 8-125 that year. 1929 6-61 Sedan $1,395+ 1929 Peerless 6-61 Roadster from the 2016 New England Auto Auction $1,195 new(D/S/M & wire wheels included) (D/S/M & wire wheels extra [those were a $225 option on the 1928 6-91]) There are nearly 20 Peerlesses I know of in your state, including one in the Bergen area, which is way closer to you than Clarkson. I checked KPAIE today, and this Peerless roster shows 83 1929 Peerless cars + 11 that were continuation cars intended for '29, but built after the September 1st cut-off for the model year.
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    Classic Era Picture Challange

    I would buy this Open Front Town Car in a minute....but it would take me decades to raise the 87K. My second-favorite model of this marque. One can find this in Tennessee, alleged original with recent maintenance, "Rollson" Coachwork. Unique, Classic, and rare. And it's on ebay for a day or two more.
  19. The AACA General Discussion Forum mentions a CL ad of a big Locomobile F/S. Posted 28 days ago. Year:¨1925¨, ¨1926¨, ¨1929¨. Runs & drives & titled. In southern California.
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    Help identifying this Peerless Coupe

    Chicago Fire Patrol, Those pictures you sent of the Peerless that used to be in one of your Companies in 1924 are outstanding. It's the best documentation of what a 1924 Peerless 6-70 Roadster looked like I've seen, since none appear to have survived. I updated both posts I wrote in reply to your query....since I made some mistakes.
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    Help identifying this Peerless Coupe

    Hello Keith in Chicago, I must have been in a hurry when I wrote that, concluding that the Peerless Roadster was a Mod. 66. To continue the reasoning of "no Mod. 66 in '24"...I think the car is a Mod. Six-70, new for 1924 and $2,235 with an aluminum 289 six engineered by Cadillac. Great photos! It's actually the same model/body style used in my profile picture. I'll correct my last post. Generally, the V-8 Mod. 66 cars have a drum headlight, smooth from front to back, nickel-plated. The I-6 Mod. 6-70 should have a headlight with a raised rim from front to back on the main body of the unit, plated on the rim only. This Chicago Fire Patrol Roadster is an exception, showing the whole headlight plated, which threw me off a little. The forward portion of the unit is raised, which is correct for the 6-70 headlight. Other differences: ___________________6-70(1924-early 25)________66(1923-24 model years) Exhaust: ...........single, r.s....................................dual Cost:...............$2,235-3,295........................$2,690-4,090 C.I.D.: ...................289.........................................322 H.P.: ...............about the same (70 or 80) Rad Shell:............the same Now you are supposed to say you still have the Peerless in one of your stations...which would make it 1 of 4 surviving [2,786 built] of the Model Six-70 cars. Jefferson M. Brown, Peerless historian 1924 Peerless Model Six-70 Roadster
  22. I saw an attractive car for sale on a blue 1938 Buick Series 90. Jump seats, no division window. Price: $21,000, looks like Condition #2. Too good to be true at that price? Good interior & exterior photos, no engine photos. VIN: 13291373 Miles: 80,831 Ad# 847165
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    Rarity ? Pure sales talk?

    Craig, Thanks for the Curbside Classics link that explains what the car was. I didn't know it was a concept car. I imagine someone had this great idea to mock up a Camaro like that and show it around. Someone did a lot of work to modify it, but it's still a crazy idea. I guess this one isn't just rare, it's one of zero in existence.
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    1930 Peerless Six 61A

    Maybe 14,000 Peerless trucks were built, but the chances of me finding one in the States is in line with your chances of finding a polar bear in Alice Springs: not likely I'll ever profit from that square of beer. The things were stoutly built, and became one of the preferred supply carriers in World War one. Eventually a couple more will turn up beyond the 10 or so known(in UK, Ireland, S. Africa, NZ). Maybe India, Iraq, Russia or France. Seriously, thank you for the good words. It's fun looking up where they all are, or trying to. After I began studying the carmaker, I found that the first car in the town I live in was a Peerless, a 1904 4-cylinder Model 8. It was a $4,000 car and arrived here from Montana after a 7-hour drive over the Continental Divide. When you look at the one-cylinder motorettes Peerless started out's amazing that they eventually sold $300,000,000-worth of cars.
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    Rarity ? Pure sales talk?

    "Rare" is kind of like "Yankee". To a lot of foreigners, all of us Americans are, going back to that song from the Revolution, "Yankee Doodle". I know a guy in England who imports American cars from the 50s and 60s, and his business is YankTanks. To someone from Alabama, a Yankee is a person from north of the Mason-Dixon Line. To someone from Pennsylvania, a Yankee lives in New England. As the story goes, a guy in Maine was asked if he was a Yankee and he said "No, I'm a Down Easter, Yankees would be the folks in Vermont who eat pancakes for supper". An owner of a 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle at a car show might tell his neighbor it's a rare car, 1 of only 60 with that combination of interior & exterior colors, a 110 HP 307, power moonroof, etc., when it's not a rare car but just has a rare set of options. 1 of only 60 looks better on your display sign than 1 of only 386,737, the number of 1973 Chevelles. Maybe the hypothetical owner of the car could instead be celebrating the popularity of the Chevelle nameplate. GM is better known for their large production numbers, not the micro-sized numbers of Duesenberg(about 1,100 total) or Rolls-Royce(about 3,000 a year these days). The Chevelle owner could brag on that and say he has 1 of only 424,000,000 Post-War GMs. I don't think that's a negative at all...but have yet to see it on a placard at a car show. I've seen an ad for a first-generation Camaro with wood-grain side panels. Now THAT would be something you never a '55 T-Bird with a trailer hitch!