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  1. Great Classic Sedans

    A Peerless Model 8-125, from 1929. A 1932 Custom 8, possibly the last Peerless built, ordered by George Matowitz, Cleveland Chief of Police.
  2. 1927 Buick For Sale

    The three woodies all look great, but the one in Mark Shaw´s picture would be about 100 less steps to get to from the OP´s car than the depot hack, station wagon and sedan delivery. I can´t believe the old thing still has headlights!
  3. Dupont

    If the one that´s at The Nethercutt is not a Classic Car, I don´t know what is. Here are a couple more.
  4. 1927 Buick For Sale

    A lot of Station Wagons have pretty much all wood doors -- like a Model A Ford and even a Packard Station Sedan -- if you wanted to Buickify it, there´s a great photo of a 20s Buick for sale on Walt Miller´s site( it´s like 8 bucks. Photos:, and pinterest.
  5. Peerless For Sale Department

    A 1925 Peerless 6-70 5-Passenger Sedan is FS on Hemmings Motor News online. They have relisted it as a ¨1925 Peerless ROLLIN BODY SEDAN¨ (from 1925 8-67 Sedan). Photos here on ¨New Peerless Discovered¨ thread. I kinda wish the ad in Hemmings could have had Raulang spelled right, but it´s still a very interesting motor car. Finest 6-70 in the world.
  6. Peerless For Sale Department

    The February, 2012 Hemmings Motor News has an ad for a Peerless not known to me. It is a 1927 Model 6-60 in Maine. "...4-dr, needs reconstruction, $8,600." Telephone: (207) 866-3704.
  7. Peerless For Sale Department

    The 1927 6-90 boattail coupe in S.W. Missouri is for sale again on e-bay. FS ´til Wednesday morning, $29,995 or best offer. Same one in this thread on post #149.
  8. Peerless For Sale Department

    This outstanding 1910 Peerless is back on the market again after the sale fell through. Also back on the HCCA Classifieds.
  9. Packard

    The builder of the car 80 years ago did a great job, with...arguably...the best reputation of any car builder in the world. This Packard Model 115 Convertible Coupe was a miracle in its day. Not only did you get a lot of car for $910, it and the Model 120 saved the company. The unbuilder has a basket case for sale. The 100 h.p./200 Ft. Lbs./237 Cu. In. engine is a gem, though you can´t see it in the pictures. An explanation of whether all the parts are there and if the engine has been rebuilt would go a long way to explain the price.
  10. Last Denhart still farming

    I´m thinking Buick 1908-1910, judging by the rad shell.
  11. Peerless Coachbuilders

    Another company added to the Peerless Coachbuilders thread ------ now with 44 known firms. A Mrs. Fleischmann had a specially built roadster body made by Humer-Binder Co. of New York City for a standard Peerless Mod. 56 chassis, through the New York Peerless distributor, the Van Cortlandt Corporation. Features included 6 Rolls-Royce-style lamps, blue body with English vermilion running gear, wire wheels, and FOUR side-mount spares. There was a nice story about it in the October, 1920 Automobile Journal, where they estimated you could get one for yourself for seven grand. A little expensive, but you could spend more on a Locomobile or Pierce-Arrow 48 if you wanted. UPDATE: Article and photo of the 1920 Roadster attached:
  12. Peerless Coachbuilders

    Bodies from these firms have been used on Peerless cars; custom, semi-custom and production (many of these are described on the excellent site): 1. Austin 2. S.S. Albright 3. Bela Body Co.(Massachusetts) 4. Biddle & Smart 5. Brewster, Long Island City, NY 6. Brooks-Ostruk 7. Brown (Cleveland, OH)(hearse and ambulance bodies in the teens and 20's) 8. Brunn, Buffalo, NY 9. Budd (1923 Limousine photo in Standard Catalog) 10. Croall & Croall 11. James Cunningham, Son & Co. (built custom bodies for Peerless 1909-12) 12. A. T. Demarest, NY, NY (in 1923 they built LeBaron-designed Sporting Roadsters) 13. Fisher 14. Gotfredson 15. Gustafason 16. Hayes Body Corp., Grand Rapids, MI 17. Holcker Manufacturing Co., K.C., MO (built Peerless hearse bodies 'till early 20s) 18. Hume Body Corp., Boston, MA 19. Humer-Binder Co., NY, NY 20. Judkins 21. C.P. Kimball 22. Theodore Kundtz Co., Cleveland, OH 23. Leahy Coach Works, Schaumburg, IL 24. Meritas Fabric Body Corp., Los Angeles, CA 25. Merrimac Body Co. 26. A.J. Miller (the only known surviving Peerless professional car reported to be bodied by them) 27. Moore & Munger 28. Motor Coach Works, Toronto, Canada 29. Mullins, Salem, OH 30. Murphy, Pasadena,CA 31. Murray 32. Peerless Body, Cleveland, OH 33. Pullman, Chicago, IL (one 1924 Peerless has been found with a Pullman body) 34. Quinby, Newark, NJ 35. Raulang, Cleveland, OH 36. Rollston 37. Rubay, Cleveland, OH 38. C.T. Silver 39. Springfield 40. W.F. Stewart Co 41. Walker-LaGrande 42. Weymann (photo of 1931 Limousine in Standard Catalog) 43. Willoughby Coach 44. C.R. Wilson
  13. "New" Peerless Discovered!

    I confirmed with the owner on the phone today that it is a Model Six-70, and that it has a Raulang body. Bids went up to $10,005 at closing, whether it sold: unknown. This Peerless came from Ohio to North Carolina with the previous owner(Bob Arnold), who had a 1915 Pierce-Arrow, too. Partially-restored about twenty years ago. Sold to current NC owner six months ago. It´s great to find that another 6-70 exists after ten years of looking. That leaves 1 1924, and 1 1925, out of 2,786 built. I even got a serial number(301,515), consistent with the later part of production, running from March 1924 to March 1925.
  14. "New" Peerless Discovered!

    Dear Peerless fans, In my continuing quest to find all of the surviving Peerlesses, I have discovered another one today. There is a restored 1917 Peerless Touring in Sweden. A V-8 of course! ----Jeff NOTE: Oddly enough, there's a picture of the car on wikipedia's page about Peerless! Color Photo found on: ( Go to Contents, then scroll down to Cars A-Z until you reach Peerless )
  15. "New" Peerless Discovered!

    The HMN ad doesn´t show engine compartment photos. If you type in, one finds some. These clearly show a Peerless ¨Collins Six¨ or ¨Superb Six¨ 289 Cu. In. engine, and also lists an auction ending in 20 hours(3:00 PM Friday) with bidding up to about $9,500. lists it as a 1925 6-70. This is the only existing Peerless sedan with the interesting ¨1/8 windows¨ behind the windshield, TTBOMK, and that does conform more accurately to a 1924/1925 Model 6-70 than a 1925 8-67. The Cadillac-like rad shell this Peerless has was only used on the V-8 Peerlesses in 1923 and 1924. They appeared on only one Peerless Six model, the 1924 6-70(and a few early-1925 6-70s). In April, 1925, the 6-70 was replaced by 6-72. I´m thinking this is actually a 1924 or early-1925 Model 6-70 Sedan/126¨ w.b./$2,995 new, making this one of TWO in existence. The other 6-70 is a 1924 5-Passenger Touring Phaeton now in Texas(rough shape when I last saw it 8 years ago). photo: 1924 Peerless Six-70 Touring Phaeton, Bozeman, MT photo: Kathleen Brown
  16. "New" Peerless Discovered!

    The new Hemmings Motor News (OCT 2017, p. 486) has a 1925 Peerless Model 8-67 5-Pass. Town Sedan listed for $25,000. It´s incorrect -- it´s really a Model 6-70 5-Pass. Sedan. I talked with the owner on the phone 9/1/17. I´ve never heard of it before --- 1 of only about 8 1925 Peerlesses known to exist --- four 8-67s, three 6-72s, and one 6-70. Really good condition......lots of photos. photo : HMN Please see post below, the car is a Model Six-70, even rarer than a V-8 Peerless. The horsepower of the 8-67 V-8 Peerless, costing $3,895, is listed as 70(The History of the Peeress Automobile Company by Richard Lichtfeld). The same book says 80 h.p., $2,995 new, on the 6-70. Not my car, contact Brian at:; Hemmings Ad:; PH: 919-Eight Six Eight -2629.
  17. "New" Peerless Discovered!

    In April, 2017 someone had a blue 1910 Peerless Model 27 Touring Car for sale on the HCCA site. It was in South Dakota, have never heard of the car before, and was unsuccessful in getting more info re: provenance & whether it sold. Impeccable condition. 1 of 10 1910 Peerlesses out there, TTBOMK. $285K. $4,300 new.
  18. New Peerless Owner Department

    Ken Roberts is the new owner of a 1929 6-81 Peerless Sedan, bought from Larry Howk of Victor, New York.
  19. New Peerless Owner Department

    A big welcome to Gord Nelson of Alberta, Canada! He just bought the 1929 Peerless Six-81 Four Passenger Victoria that's been for sale for a month on the "Peerless For Sale Department" thread (post #95). Gord might never read this, but I thought I'd mention the sale anyway. I find it astonishing that a car in this condition at this price...with color photos...could be listed here with no one inquiring about it or any of the other 1916-1940 antique cars for sale(all 3 of the 3-Ps, plus a Hudson, a Marmon, and a 1940 LaSalle). The person dispersing the 20-vehicle collection says no one has contacted him yet about any of the cars after reading my For Sale post. My idea was to give folks on the Peerless Forum advance warning of these cars being available before they are FS at antique car dealers' showrooms and websites at twice the price. Please tell us more about this Victoria you bought from Dr. Mercer's Collection, if you get a chance, Gord. Rick Pikulski tells me that you also get a few pages of correspondence between Dr. Mercer and I with the car. Please look at the great photos here on the Peerless Forum from Pistorius Restorations in Florida of the 1929 6-81 Sedan they just restored and have for sale (recent posts). These will give you serve as a guide for what your instrument panel should look like. Y'all might want to join the Peerlesss Motor Car Club, too despite the fact there are only two Peerlesses in your province. I think you got a great deal. Check out the current post in "General Discussion" Forum: "What Will It Cost" where people are talking about professional upholstery jobs of the era. I'm thinking you purchased your Peerless for less than an interior job would have cost if it had had animals living in it, missing seats and so forth. Jeff P.S.: Sorry to get up on a soap box.
  20. Square hole in garage floor

    If you had a hole that size and dug it down to 5 1/2 feet it would be just big enough to lube your car, change the oil, etc. as long as it´s in the right location to park the engine above it. My great grandfather´s shop had a pit about 2´-4¨ x 4´, and 5´ deep, for truck and tractor servicing from about 1910-1990. Not really necessary nowdays in a repair shop with lifts. If this was a service pit, someone might have filled it in sometime later for safety. I saw plans for a two car garage, circa 1911, and they had a washing area with drain when you first drove in, brick grease traps under each car, and one ¨repair pit¨.
  21. 1920s Car Radio

    Neat to see such an old thread continued. Some of the Peerless sales literature mentions Peerlesses in 1930 being wired for the Transitone radio, though I´ve never seen one installed. My Grandfather Brown told me his 1926 Elcar came with a radio new. He bought it in 1927, I believe, and the car and the radio still exist in the Elcar Museum in Indiana. In NY, a new line of Springfield-bodied Peerlesses was introduced at the 1923-24 Auto Show and Auto Salon. ¨Springfield boasted that it was the first vehicle to include radio as standard equipment." Source:
  22. Old 1930s bugatti

    Mr. Hujar1993 could not possibly have seen the car in person and thought it was a Bugatti: it says ¨Packard¨ in big letters on the front license plate. Maybe he´s just using the word as a blanket term for old valuable cars. The little motorboat behind it looks kind of five-hundred-thousand-dollar-ish, but what the black car is worth I have no idea.
  23. I have to Brag

    I hereby confer upon JackM the COOLEST GUY award.
  24. Henry Ford?

    I think by then he was gettin´ around in his private Pullman car more than road trips. photo from The Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village THF80274.jpgRAIL