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  1. closing hole on top of a model A

    The horizontal top bows, the chicken wire, the cotton batting, and a black kind of imitation leather/vinyl(really a rubberized fabric) is EXACTLY the way it came out of the factory in 1929(Ford and 30 other American carmakers). It's called the Top Insert . You should get a catalog or go online for Mike's "A"-Fordable Parts, or Mac's Auto Parts Model A catalog for the right stuff. Though you can get cotton batting at a quilt store and chicken wire at a farm & ranch store, suppliers like this sell it all. They call the waterproof fabric "cobra long grain roof material" in the Mike's catalog(
  2. 1922 Elcar K6 Coupe Ultra Rare For Sale

    The Elcar Museum is in Bristol, IN. I haven't had gas money to go there or checked about it recently, but there was an article about an event there in 2010 in Hemmings Motor News. Some years ago the contact information was It's a private collection -- and I don't know how open to the public it may be.
  3. Elcar

    There will be an auction in Ohio this August with 2 Elcars. The Lloyd Young estate sale, held by Mike Clum Auctions( AUG 10th &11th 2018, near Columbus. An outstanding set of cars, catalog not out til May[also Buick, MG Midget, REO, Cadillac, Ford, Pierce-Arrow, Peerless, Packard, Templar, Baker, Franklin, Marmon]. Looks like a Coupe and a Sedan, nice condition, 1924 and 1926, based on the preliminary photos.
  4. Elcar

    I've been interested in Elcar automobiles for 40 years. My family had one for over 60 years. There may not be enough enthusiasts to have an Elcar Forum...but since many have CCCA Classic status[Models 8-80, 8-81, 8-90, 8-91, 8-92, 120, 130, and 140]...I'll put in a word for the company. The company began as a coachbuilder, literally, with 44 years of buggies, carriages and harness starting in 1873(Elkhart, IN); then built about a thousand Pratt and Pratt-Elkhart automobiles from 1909-1915; and about 18,000 Elcar automobiles from 1916-1931. In-line-eight models introduced in 1924. Elcar photo from 1928 Elcar illustration from Philadelphia Free library.
  5. 1922 Elcar K6 Coupe Ultra Rare For Sale

    David, I think it's a unique piece of car history, too. A little early for a coupe. Though the model list seem to just call it a 3- or 4-Passenger Coupe, it's looking a little like an Opera Coupe with the seat in back. I wonder if it has a top hat compartment behind the driver. To the British, it's all about what connections something has to royalty; the French are keen on how you pronounce things; the Germans are more interested in the mechanical details. We Americans obsess over how something looks. This car has a somewhat dowdy paint job currently....but if it had 8 hand-rubbed coats of Copenhagen Blue lacquer & a shiny Elcar motometer or griffin radiator ornament, and an elegant couple in evening dress popped out of it....there would be a bit more of a rush for the car. Did you know there's an Elcar Museum? My grandpa's favorite car, a '26, wound up there. Jeff
  6. Peerless For Sale Department

    The February, 2012 Hemmings Motor News has an ad for a Peerless not known to me. It is a 1927 Model 6-60 in Maine. "...4-dr, needs reconstruction, $8,600." Telephone: (207) 866-3704.
  7. 1922 Elcar K6 Coupe Ultra Rare For Sale

    Speaking of 2-Passengers, one of the photos shows a r.s. seat much smaller than the l.s. seat. In that time period, it usually suggests an Opera Coupe with a bench seat in back for two and a kind of jump seat(in front, r.s.) that folded out of the way for rear seat access. I was wondering if that's what it is.
  8. Touring car

    The rad shell looks a little like that on a 1915-1922 Peerless, but the cowl doesn't look quite right for that.
  9. The Missing Peerless Records Collection

    Yesterday I found a picture of the Peerless Library as it looked in 1912 at the company HQ in Cleveland. Photo below, the second one I have seen of any of this material. Please look at some of the earlier posts on this thread for more background. I am being an optimist thinking any of the books still exist, but you never know. The Library Journal (VOL 171, p 1119) thought a lot of these company archives. In 1946 they said: "Cleveland P.L. Gets Automotive Collection. The Cleveland Public Library became one of the richest sources of information on the early years of the automobile industry on Aug. 12th, when James A. Bohannon, president of Brewing Corporation of America which he established on the foundations of the old Peerless Motor Car Corporation, presented the priceless Peerless Collection of Early Automotive Literature to the Cleveland institution. The 770 volume collection, dating back to 1896..." Photo from: Horseless Age, VOL 30, No. 13, p. 483, 9/25/12: "An Automobile Engineering Library" by D.R. Stevens
  10. I read today that the Cleveland Public Library was given the "Peerless Collection of Early Automotive Literature". This consisted of 770 volumes dating back to 1896 and was presented August 12th, 1946 during the 50th anniversary of the automobile and the sesquicentennial of Cleveland. The collection contained books and magazines gathered by the Peerless Motor Car Company and James A. Bohannon. Mr. Bohannon was the former President of the Peerless Motor Car Corporation. This was in Cleveland: The Making of a City, by Wm Ganson Rose, p. 1048. Kent State University Press published the book and it can be read online in Google Books. Published several decades ago. Oh, wouldn't it be great if this archives were still with us! We could look up the original owners of each car...paint scheme, engine and model availability for each year...and lists of coachbuilders used[i have only been able to track down 42 47 of them].
  11. The AACA General Discussion Forum mentions a CL ad of a big Locomobile F/S. Posted 28 days ago. Year:¨1925¨, ¨1926¨, ¨1929¨. Runs & drives & titled. In southern California.
  12. Distributor cap NEEDED. Autolite IG-323

    Did you find the distributor cap you were looking for Tom? I left your post up for awhile to improve visibility, knowing you have a fascinating project.
  13. The Missing Peerless Records Collection

    I think with something like 2,980 of 3,000 American carmakers having left the auto industry by 1934, morale was probably getting pretty low for everybody in the business. Not everybody could pull off a Packard 120 miracle at that time. Isn't the figure for car companies in The Standard Catalog of American Cars, VOL I, 1805-1942 3,000 to 5,000? In the case of the Stutz Motor Car Co. records, did everything in the pile go to the midden heap, or did some of it persist to the present-day? I don't know where the big Stutz collections are....but a couple of them would probably like to have those files.
  14. The Missing Peerless Records Collection

    A comment I found in 2018 on the Peerless records, suggesting they were an important resource. From HOBBIES, Volume 51, Issue 8, p. 120, I found a small fragment of information regarding the Peerless Library on Google Books: "Until 1932, when Mr. Bohannon put Peerless in the brewing business and it's library in storage, the Peerless Library 770-volume collection, dating back to 1896 when Horseless Age, (now "Motor Age") made its bow as the worlds first automotive magazine, is said to contain one of the most complete existing chronicles of the industry's early years. Automotive engineers from all over the world had visited Cleveland for the sole purpose of research in this library. Actual transfer of this collection to the..." (that's all it says - I don't have a copy of the original magazine)
  15. 1925 Locomobile Junior 8 For Sale

    Just in case someone was undecided about getting this...and wished some spares were available...I noticed today when you go to parts on ebay motors someone has: a NOS timing chain for a 1926 Locomobile Junior 8 a wood-spoked rim, wheel, and 6 x 20 tire for a " " " " a wood steering wheel a " " " " I did not say they were cheap, but these '26 Locomobile parts deals I suspect are once in a blue moon. "mrbubblessupplycheap", I think, is the source of these in Kenvil, NJ. ....I also saw an owners's manual stating that displacement is 198.9 Cu. In., and the 8 has 25.3 SAE h.p.(that's a tax rating, not produced h.p.); a refurbished "Locomobile" script emblem; plus a postcard of General Pershing's 1918 Locomobile staff car that went into the Smithsonian in 1928 -- the big sedan with wire wheels and a vee windshield modified when Pershing found the flat windshields cracked up around 100 m.p.h.
  16. 1925 Locomobile Junior 8 For Sale

    You're right on the various cars whose 1st letter is P. My collection goal is to have a '28 Peerless, '28 Pierce-Arrow, and a '28 Packard: all sixes. I have snow all around me in the Beaverheads, but not quite spring here in Salmon River Country. Not enough snow, except for 5 days, to cross-country ski here this winter, though I was skiing in MT November 1st and snowshoed in February 30 miles north.
  17. 1925 Locomobile Junior 8 For Sale

    Al, If I could afford a 20 x 60 Butler building and could get a job with a $20,000/year salary, I'd buy it, but am not in a financial position to do so. I did have a lottery win back in March, but it was ten dollars. In my opinion, there is a lot of intrinsic value to the 1925 Locomobile Sedan, compared to a Ford or Chevrolet. Which is more of a page out of automotive history(unless you have Thomas Edison's Model "A" or one of Louis' 1912 Classic Sixes)? Maybe in Bridgeport, Connecticut you can go to a show and there's a whole row of Locomobiles....but not anywhere I've lived. Just can't see why someone would pay 50 Grand for the big rental car when I was a teenager, a Chevelle, and not 5 or 10 Grand for this. Jeff
  18. Peerless cars had electric fuel pumps from 1929 on.
  19. 1934 Chrysler Airflow coupes

    Thank you for the photo of the restored 1934 Airflow, Matt. If you had a car collection representing the development of the industry in the U.S., Pre-WWII, I think you would want to have a 1904 Oldsmobile, a 1909 Ford, a 1928 Ford, and a 1934 Chrysler Airflow in terms of automotive history significance. After the train network, they put the country on wheels. You might want to add an '02 Peerless, a '16 Chevrolet 490 and a '36 Cord for three more game-changing cars.
  20. 1926 Locomobile Photo

    An intriguing vehicle from the Adrien Cote' Collection/Saint-Laurent Museum in Montreal. One of 14 high-end cars for sale there about 2 years ago(also 2 Hudsons, Stanley, Stearns-Knight, Studebaker, Graham, Franklin, Hupmobile, Auburn, Cord, Peerless, Lincoln, REO, & Oakland cars). This one sold to parts & persons unknown. A Minnesota car collector I know picked up a '22 Hudson and a '27 Peerless V-8 from the same guys. Caption says: "1926 Locomobile Junior Woody Wagon". Photo from Musee' Saint-Laurent, Trois Pistoles, Quebec
  21. Cool Woody

    This sold at a museum clearance sale in Montreal, Canada two years ago. I think it's pretty neat. You have to admit it's not a dime-a-dozen woody. Has anybody seen where this wound up? Photo from Musee' Saint-Laurent, Quebec
  22. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    I like your log house. I built a 1,300 square foot one for myself in Wyoming once. Once I read about an old boy who had a nice arrangement with his wife and vintage cars. He was starting to get some resistance from her when he would buy another antique, so he said every time he got another one she was welcome to buy a major piece of jewelry - as long as it didn't cost more than the Pierce-Arrow, Locomobile, and so on. She was an astute buyer, getting things like estate jewelry, Patek Philippe watches, etc. As time passed, her jewelry became more valuable than all the cars! I would have told her to buy Lalique radiator mascots.
  23. Lloyd Young Estate Auction of Cars

    I got to meet both Shirley & Lloyd at the Gathering at Gilmore meet, where they had their 1920 Peerless(listed by the auction guys as a '26 for some odd reason) the year both Pierce-Arrows and Peerlesses were in the tour and show. I had no idea they had so many other nice motorcars.
  24. Website skimming eBay ads/pics

    Coolest thing I've heard in awhile!
  25. peerless information

    Photo Credit: Brian Coffee This may be the Peerless Eight-69 you bought last March after 25 years in Ohio.