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  1. The '57 Is Finally "Home"

    It looks really nice, Victoria Lynn. I had no idea! You should get a 1957 Metropolitan in pink and white two-tone (and continental kit), and park it next to that Ford, though people would wonder about you...
  2. 1950 Hudson is this a good deal

    Downgraded from a straight eight to a V-8, rube goldberg gas tank stuck in the trunk, goobered-up suspension, so take off a thousand for each. I bet it would sell as-is in Cuba, though.
  3. Peerless For Sale Department

    The February, 2012 Hemmings Motor News has an ad for a Peerless not known to me. It is a 1927 Model 6-60 in Maine. "...4-dr, needs reconstruction, $8,600." Telephone: (207) 866-3704.
  4. Peerless For Sale Department

    You're right, Don is extremely knowledgeable about Peerlesses, especially from the 1920s, and has restored a number of great cars.
  5. Peerless For Sale Department

    I am not a dealer in antique automobiles, but if someone desired to start a Roaring 20s Peerless Collection or museum these cars are available right now: 1925 6-72 7-P Touring Phaeton 1926 6-80 Roadster 1927 6-80 Landaulet 1928 6-80 Roadster Coupe 1929 6-61 Deluxe Coupe
  6. Peerless For Sale Department

    Anthony Cartonio, the late Ralph Cartonio's son, has emailed me that he would like to sell two Peerlesses located in Maine. More information to follow... Anthony Cartonio E-Mail: Phone: #(207) 776-1610 1. 1929 Peerless Model 6-61 Deluxe Coupe Purchased from Peerless authority Don Bettes after he meticulously replaced all of the body wood. Appears primered and ready to paint. D/S/M, wire wheels. 2. 1926 Peerless Model 6-80 boattail Roadster June, 2017 photo below.

    It's so impossible to find Peerless parts sometimes, I thought that when one of us finds one for sale we should post it here. If someone finds something else for sale, put the post here ...and number it with a roman numeral like I have. Thank you. I. Peerless sedan rear seat accessory FS. On e-Bay, someone has a real Peerless accessory for sale for about 4 more days. It's for sale by "turkey1717" and is listed as a "Peerless Luxury Touring Car Cigarette Accessory". I think it could be for: a. a mirror and compact case b. cigarette case and matches case c. small notebook and pen case All 3 of these things have been advertised as accessories in the back seats of some of the nicer models of Peerless closed cars 1926-1931, according to ads. I'm sure it's genuine. It's an ornate container, mostly sheet metal, with wood-grained front, and 2 velvet-lined compartments inside. There is a colorful Peerless eagle logo at the top, and the dimensions are about 3 1/2"x7"x2". Stamped with Doerr Co. on back. I think they were asking about $80.00 for the item.

    LIX. On Ebay Motors, a Peerless Tire Pressure Gauge, Peerless Logo Jack, a 1920s Radiator Shell, a 1920s Hubcap, and 3 Radiator Emblems are for sale.
  9. Rarest of the Rare on Craigslist

    Good things: A prop company could use it in films/tv. Pimp My Ride, maybe. A dealership test car: if a car salesman applicant could sell this for 4 figures, he's hired. Worth it if there are ten Krugerrands in the ashtray or Gwenneth Paltrow's in the back seat and needs an escort to the Academy Awards. On the negative, Seventies or Eighties American cars(#&3+ !!!jdbfsdhfvgdlkjf?...choose another decade) too old to drive too new to collect on craigslist, out of a shipping container owner wants engine and interior condition to be a surprise body doesn't look too good, either
  10. Interested in a CORD replica

    My Dad and I looked at a Cord "Royale" replica at Royal Chrysler in VA in 1969. It had A/C and a 440 V-8. We thought it looked nice, by my father thought the Chrysler engine was shoe-horned into the body somewhat in you'd need a 30" extension to wrench the rear spark plugs.
  11. 1930 Peerless Six-61A question

    Peerless six-61A, Thanks for your mention of Springfield on the other post. Now I know it's the Peerless owned by Bob Ventress in Prescott, AZ and before that by the Paula Cudworth family(sold in June, 2016), and Carl Warren, going back to 1953 in the Springfield, MO area. I corresponded with the family after seeing it for sale in Autabuy Magazine. They sent me a letter with photos....and serial numbers for the record I keep of all remaining Peerlesses, K.P.A.I.E. Like I said before, the 6-61 is an interesting model -- technically a 1929-model-year car, but so many orders came in when introduced at the '29 NY Auto Show it wasn't till early '30 that they stopped building them. The ones finished after 9/1/29(about 4,000 out of 8,097 according to serial numbers) and after a certain serial number were called 1930s. They did make a few changes: side as well as top cowl vents...calling them 6-61As...and I think fender lights instead of cowl lights. Officially, all the 1930-1932 Peerlesses were straight-eight cars(Standard/Master/Custom), and the 1929s were three sixes & an eight(6-61/6-81/6-91/8-125). These 1929-ish cars have survived in greater numbers(70+) than all other model years. Glad you like the Peerless Forum. It's important because not too many books are out there on Peerless except some owners and sales manuals. If you think about it, this would be a book if you printed it out and bound it(try reading all of it in one sitting!). Also glad you wrote a post on the "New Peerless Owner" thread. Jeff Brown
  12. Elcar

    I've been interested in Elcar automobiles for 40 years. My family had one for over 60 years. There may not be enough enthusiasts to have an Elcar Forum...but since many have CCCA Classic status[Models 8-80, 8-81, 8-90, 8-91, 8-92, 120, 130, and 140]...I'll put in a word for the company. The company began as a coachbuilder, literally, with 44 years of buggies, carriages and harness starting in 1873(Elkhart, IN); then built about a thousand Pratt and Pratt-Elkhart automobiles from 1909-1915; and about 18,000 Elcar automobiles from 1916-1931. In-line-eight models introduced in 1924. Elcar photo from 1928 Elcar illustration from Philadelphia Free library.
  13. New Peerless Owner Department

    A big welcome to Gord Nelson of Alberta, Canada! He just bought the 1929 Peerless Six-81 Four Passenger Victoria that's been for sale for a month on the "Peerless For Sale Department" thread (post #95). Gord might never read this, but I thought I'd mention the sale anyway. I find it astonishing that a car in this condition at this price...with color photos...could be listed here with no one inquiring about it or any of the other 1916-1940 antique cars for sale(all 3 of the 3-Ps, plus a Hudson, a Marmon, and a 1940 LaSalle). The person dispersing the 20-vehicle collection says no one has contacted him yet about any of the cars after reading my For Sale post. My idea was to give folks on the Peerless Forum advance warning of these cars being available before they are FS at antique car dealers' showrooms and websites at twice the price. Please tell us more about this Victoria you bought from Dr. Mercer's Collection, if you get a chance, Gord. Rick Pikulski tells me that you also get a few pages of correspondence between Dr. Mercer and I with the car. Please look at the great photos here on the Peerless Forum from Pistorius Restorations in Florida of the 1929 6-81 Sedan they just restored and have for sale (recent posts). These will give you serve as a guide for what your instrument panel should look like. Y'all might want to join the Peerlesss Motor Car Club, too despite the fact there are only two Peerlesses in your province. I think you got a great deal. Check out the current post in "General Discussion" Forum: "What Will It Cost" where people are talking about professional upholstery jobs of the era. I'm thinking you purchased your Peerless for less than an interior job would have cost if it had had animals living in it, missing seats and so forth. Jeff P.S.: Sorry to get up on a soap box.
  14. Elcar

    Congratulations 1927, and welcome to the AACA Forums. This thread is the de facto Elcar Forum here. My grandfather had a 1926 8-81.
  15. 1921 Premier 6D

    Please put this on the Premier Forum, too. It will stay visible much longer.
  16. Premier at Auction

    On March 12th, 2015, a 1910 Premier comes up for auction at the Bonhams Amelia Island event. Pre-auction estimates are: $175,000-225,000.
  17. Premier at Auction

    A blue 1921 Premier Model 6D 4-Pass. Touring Car is FS on the Buy/Sell forum today.

    Anthony Cartonio of Maine has told me that he would like to put some parts up for sale from his father's collection. When I get more information I will list it here. If some cars are put on the market from Ralph's collection, I will list them on the "Peerless For Sale Department" thread.
  19. Classic Era Peerless

    Photo: vancouverexpress and conceptcarz 1930 Peerless Custom Eight owned by Ele Chesney. Next to the Green Dragon factory race cars and the 4-car prototype fleet of V-12 and V-16 cars in 1931, this is the most written-about and viewed Peerless. The good public relations is partly due to concours and museum showings in Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, and California in the last 40 years; plus it being reproduced as a diecast model by the thousands in 1:18, 1:24, 1:27, 1:32, and 1:40 scale(there was even a limited edition release of a Thomas Kincade "Painter of Light" version) .

    LVIII. For sale on ebay motor today, a Peerless radiator and shell listed as for a 1926 and at $400. Emblem background appears green.
  21. Go Jeep, CJ-5 or CJ-7, you can even get one with an AMC 258 six.
  22. nice car, wrong forum
  23. FOR SALE 1925 to 1928 Peerless radiator

    Thanks for putting the picture up...I saw it in the Buy/Sell Forum. The rad shell and radiator would be for a 1925, 1926, 1927, or 1928 Peerless, which model(8-67, 6-72, 6-80, 6-90, 8-69, most likely) I don't know.
  24. 1930 Peerless Model A Standard Eight 5P Sedan - $15000

    Like one of Jay Leno's Duesenbergs, this Peerless was found in a parking garage, but in part of the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, California; not New York City. Never on display there. How the seller was able to find it and buy it from Don Williams, I don't know. Alexis de Sakhnoffsky-designed body. Thanks for posting this, George.
  25. About 10 years ago someone here on the forums told about a late Seventies Firebird he ordered new. The right front fender was for a Firebird...the left one was for a Camaro. Refused to accept it because, if they couldn't get the fenders right, who knew about the rest of the car.