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  1. Peerless Research Findings

    448. I found some interesting data looking in Automotive Industries, VOL 50, No. 2, January 10, 1924. Not only did examples of the new Mod. Six-70 exist at this date, but they(and a Durant Eagle) "were given first priority" at the New York Auto Show being reported on as one of the few new chassis' that year. Peerless and 70 other American car-makers exhibited. There was a photo of a 2-P Roadster on page 99. A piece of the coverage: "PEERLESS SIX - Bearing the Peerless, instead of Collins, name, a six-cylinder model comprising 3 body types has been introduced by the Peerless Motor Car Company." Here is the 1924 Peerless Six-70 Roadster at the January 5th-12th, 1924 New York Auto Show 449. "New Peerless six with five-passenger phaeton body" from page 60 of article. Introductory prices of the Roadster, Phaeton, and Sedan were: $1,985, $1,985, and $2,675.
  2. Auto in old photo

    Great photo, Cheryl. It would make a neat cover for a novel about life ninety years ago.
  3. Peerless For Sale Department

    I don't think the average person can conjure up an image of what this car might look went to and found a similar car. Pictured is a 1925 8-67 Peerless 7-Pass. Touring Phaeton(prints available from Walter at Autolit for $7.99): In my opinion, the one for sale in Maine would have these lines, but smaller wheels, 126" wheelbase instead of 128", and different headlights. Baseball legend Walter "Big Train" Johnson had a Peerless just like this one. There's a photo you can find online of him arriving in it to pitch the first game of the 1924 World Series in Pittsburgh. This original photograph(available from for $37.99) is more like the Peerless for sale in Maine. I believe it is a Model 6-72 5-Pass. Touring Phaeton. Both are good examples of the Permanent Top. These had cloth exteriors, were designed to have a sleek look, and did not retract. The 6-72 was a 1925 model made through 1926 and 1927. The line of cars starting with the 6-70 in early 1924, the 6-72, the 6-90(1927), and the 6-91(1928-29) all had the same 289 engine.
  4. Peerless For Sale Department

    Anthony Cartonio, Peerless Collector Ralph Cartonio's son, emailed me today saying he would like to sell the 1925 Peerless Mod. 6-72 5-Passenger Touring Phaeton. This was stored indoors from 1960 to 2011 when Eugene Swantz of San Diego owned it. When Ralph bought it, It came with a rebuilt Peerless Permanent Top, good side curtains, 2 front fenders, and a spare engine. The engine is the 289 c.i.d. Peerless Superb Six, matching the horsepower of the Peerless Equipoised Eight(both with aluminum crankcases). He hasn't sent me a photo or an asking price, but Anthony says he is open for offers on this very complete car. Anthony Cartonio lives in southeast Maine PH: #(207) 776-1610 E:
  5. Locomobile

    Thank you. I have to remember that a '25 Franklin 10-C was rated at 30 h.p./199 Cu. In., and a '27 Peerless 6-60 was 199 Cu. In./62 h.p.(both sixes), and not everyone was dragging around a 300 or 400 Cu. In. engine in those we're-fine-at-40 m.p.h. days.
  6. Locomobile

    I read on the AACA Locomobile Forum that this is a 1925 Locomobile. NZ, I always enjoy reading your comments on antique cars and appreciate your grasp of the hundreds of makes and models out there. Could that sub-200 Cu. In. be true for the Locomobile Junior 8? I couldn't find it's displacement anywhere, but with 3 times the horsepower of a Ford and a sticker price north of $2,200 for this 124" w.b. Brougham Eight, I would have thought their OHV straight-8 to be in the 240-280 cubic inch range.
  7. on craigslist

    Thank you for putting up the link to the cars for sale, Xander. I recognize it as matching some photos Don Bettes sent me 7 years ago of Mark Garvin''s two 1929 6-61 Peerlesses. He restored one...showed it at Hershey in 2012...sold it at Owl's Head for $57.2K in 2016, it being a Deluxe Roadster in No 1 condition. The 6-61 was the lowest-price Peerless model EVER built, in a 1930 holdover version called the 6-61A, but it was a hard act to follow for other car-makers in terms of what you got for the money.

    LXII. Heidi Ho! On ebay, someone in Australia has what looks like an extremely early Peerless car item, a Script Brass Tag saying: "The Peerless Motor Car Co. Cleveland, O. U.S.A." for sale. Whether it''s from a 1915 Model 48-Six or one of the radically different, technically advanced 1902 Peerlesses, I don''t know. I've never seen one of these. Starting price 15.63 USD/20.00 AUSD, auction ends 3/22/18.
  9. Peerless Photos

    This is a 1923 Peerless Town Car on display at the Chicago Auto Salon on December 9th, 1922. From a story in the 12/14/22 MOTOR AGE, Vol. XLII, No. 24, Page 11. Coachbuilt body by Demarest. This does incorporate the Cadillac-lookalike rad shell brought about by the emigration of many of the key staff at Cadillac to Peerless in 1921. The design was on all 1923 and 1924 Peerlesses, and the 6-70 up through March, 1925.
  10. P-A Barn Find

    I like the positive attitudes a couple of people have made about the car. Though I agree that 1926 Buick Master 8 and 1926 Pierce-Arrow Series 80 sedans would look similar from 4 blocks away, I don´t think Pierce-Arrow was aiming at the Buick buyer any more than they were in 1916. They are somewhat different. __________________________________COMPARISON__________________________________________________________________ Vehicle: 1926 Buick Master 6 Sedan...............Pierce-Arrow Series 80 Sedan Cost: $1,395...........................................................$3,895 Body: steel..............................................................aluminum Engine: 75 h.p. six with 4 main bearings.........70 h.p. six with 7 main bearings Production for Year: 266,763(Buick)...............about 8,500(7,500 Series 80 + about 1,000 Series 33) Type of Company: Centralized merchandising co. with different departments/America´s Rolls-Royce, Presidential motorcar I couldn´t find 1926 GM production, but know they are very successful at volume sales, averaging 5,800,000 per year more recently(1946-2009). Pierce-Arrow sales averaged about 2,300 per year(1901-1938).
  11. The AACA General Discussion Forum mentions a CL ad of a big Locomobile F/S. Posted 28 days ago. Year:¨1925¨, ¨1926¨, ¨1929¨. Runs & drives & titled. In southern California.
  12. Locomobile

    Too bad it´s on craigslist, but maybe it will help sell it. In thirty years, there won´t be any more cars like this popping up, and all there´ll be are post-World War Two Chevrolets and Fords. In my opinion, it has a lot more intrinsic value than all the Chevelles and Mustangs you can line up. They are asking a lot, but that´s just car-show-itis coming through a little. They do say best offer, it runs, and seems to be very complete. Looking at the Locomobile Society site, there are a whole 21 staight-8 Locomobiles of any type surviving. I´ve only seen one Locomobile before. It was a 1926 and nowhere near this big...possibly a Junior Six. I wish they would make up their minds whether it´s a 1925, 1926, or 1929; and list it as a Locomobile, not Durant. The sellers may not be up on the make. After viewing the Standard Catalog, it looks like it may have a 124¨ wheelbase, a 66 h.p. OHV engine, and be a 1926 Junior Eight Brougham costing $2,285 new in Bridgeport, CT. It matches a factory illustration on page 896.
  13. Peerless Trucks

    I read a brief mention recently in Motor World Wholesale, July, 1922, that said the U.S. military still had over 2,000 trucks in Germany as part of the occupation. Now surplus, it was arranged to have them shipped back to the States and distributed to rural counties as part of a Department of Agriculture Bureau of Good Roads project to improve farm-to-market transportation. At the last minute, all but 30 were sold to the highest bidders in Germany, due to the Graham Anti-Dumping Bill. Peerless trucks proved themselves extremely durable during the war, and some may have been in that group.

    MEMBERSHIP In Peerless Motor Car Club $30 USA/$40 Foreign. Please Contact Newsletter Editor Mark Desch:
  15. Peerless Headlight Question

    I just heard from Ed Fallon, the seller, today. He determined that the 1930 Peerless Standard Eight uses Twilite headlights(and the two bigger Peerless models use Tiltrays). He located and fitted some....and the straight 8 car has sold to a Hong Kong buyer. That makes 4 in the States, and one each in Denmark, Canada, and China. Ed sent me this photo of what the car looks like with the right units up front, along with a cryptic reference to it being his ¨Elliot Ness car¨. No real Ness connection...except that the last Peerless off the assembly line in November, 1931 belonged to Cleveland Chief of Police George Matowitz, whose boss at one time was Public Safety Director Elliot Ness.