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  1. I have to Brag

    I hereby confer upon JackM the COOLEST GUY award.
  2. Henry Ford?

    I think by then he was gettin´ around in his private Pullman car more than road trips. photo from The Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village THF80274.jpgRAIL
  3. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts has an impressive collection of motor cars, many of them displayed in a replica of a round barn. The 40-vehicle collection spanning 1899-1962 was started by Josiah K. Lilly III and is in the Cape Cod region. There´s a 1909 White steam car, a 1910 Peerless, a 1912 Mercer, a 1915 Stutz, and a 1931 Duesenberg, as well as 100 acres of gardens, art, and historic buildings. If you were zigging and zagging a little you could pick up the Crawford Museum, Cleveland, OH; The Henry Ford Museum/Deerfield Village near Detroit, MI; and the Gilmore Car Museum near Kalamazoo, MI.
  4. 1928 Buick Coupe wire wheels side mounts boulder CO craigslist

    Quite a nice car. The Standard Catalog by Kimes and Clark shows an opera coupe that´s close and the closest in the listings is a Country Club Coupe for $1765, 128" w.b., and about 6,500 built out of 220,000 total. This one does seem to have the 2 doors, seating for 4, and top hat compartment of the era´s opera coupes.

    LX. Looking at ebay motors, I see 2 new condition Boyce motometers w/ dogbone bases and Peerless logos are FS, as well as 3 hubcaps, several radiator badges, a Peerless tire pressure gauge, and a genuine Peerless/Buckeye jack.
  6. Forum New Look

    Yes, me too. The site appears only as an outline; a little hard to navigate. I assume an update is going on, or North Korean/Russian/Chinese hackers. Remember the Korean hacking we had on this site a couple of years ago?
  7. My Dad bought a new 1960 Mercury Monterey and in less than a year hit a train, hard.
  8. The '57 Is Finally "Home"

    It looks really nice, Victoria Lynn. I had no idea! You should get a 1957 Metropolitan in pink and white two-tone (and continental kit), and park it next to that Ford, though people would wonder about you...
  9. 1950 Hudson is this a good deal

    Downgraded from a straight eight to a V-8, rube goldberg gas tank stuck in the trunk, goobered-up suspension, so take off a thousand for each. I bet it would sell as-is in Cuba, though.
  10. Peerless For Sale Department

    You're right, Don is extremely knowledgeable about Peerlesses, especially from the 1920s, and has restored a number of great cars.
  11. Peerless For Sale Department

    I am not a dealer in antique automobiles, but if someone desired to start a Roaring 20s Peerless Collection or museum these cars are available right now: 1925 6-72 7-P Touring Phaeton 1926 6-80 Roadster 1927 6-80 Landaulet 1928 6-80 Roadster Coupe 1929 6-61 Deluxe Coupe
  12. Peerless For Sale Department

    Anthony Cartonio, the late Ralph Cartonio's son, has emailed me that he would like to sell two Peerlesses located in Maine. More information to follow... Anthony Cartonio E-Mail: Phone: #(207) 776-1610 1. 1929 Peerless Model 6-61 Deluxe Coupe Purchased from Peerless authority Don Bettes after he meticulously replaced all of the body wood. Appears primered and ready to paint. D/S/M, wire wheels. 2. 1926 Peerless Model 6-80 boattail Roadster June, 2017 photo below.

    LIX. On Ebay Motors, a Peerless Tire Pressure Gauge, Peerless Logo Jack, a 1920s Radiator Shell, a 1920s Hubcap, and 3 Radiator Emblems are for sale.
  14. Rarest of the Rare on Craigslist

    Good things: A prop company could use it in films/tv. Pimp My Ride, maybe. A dealership test car: if a car salesman applicant could sell this for 4 figures, he's hired. Worth it if there are ten Krugerrands in the ashtray or Gwenneth Paltrow's in the back seat and needs an escort to the Academy Awards. On the negative, Seventies or Eighties American cars(#&3+ !!!jdbfsdhfvgdlkjf?...choose another decade) too old to drive too new to collect on craigslist, out of a shipping container owner wants engine and interior condition to be a surprise body doesn't look too good, either