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  1. Rolls-Royce got into the V-8 game in 1905. 1 sold, 3 made.
  2. day away from end --- bids have reached $16,900 on the ebay auction
  3. Photos of the Peerless mentioned above, a 1928 Model 6-80 Roadster Coupe. These pictures were taken by Peerless authority Don Bettes 10 or 20 years ago when the car was in storage in Mansfield, OH 1992-2011 -- before having a partial restoration. You can see what the last owner had to start with. He acquired a world-class hoard of parts for Peerlesses. I was able to assist him in selecting the right engine from among several spares......there being an 8U, 18C, 12K, and 332 V-8 to choose from. Body would be by Peerless Body.
  4. The last time I watched one on tv they had a driver ramming another car into the wall, and they said it was a good move instead of kicking him out. Demolition derby. I read that in the old days you had some local yokels drive their cars to the track to race. On a road. Maybe I would go see a Nascar event if the race crews had to yank their cars out of a dealer lot. They could install safety equipment and competition tires...and tune things up a bit, but no ground-pounding engines. No Maclarens, Lamborghinis, or Bentleys, either. Then maybe I'd buy a $25 ticket.
  5. I think this Peerless Corporation photo is one I've not seen before. What's not to like.
  6. Dosmo - any info on the location? It reminds me of an oilfield around Midwest, Wyoming.
  7. Now that the 1928 PEERLESS Mod. 8-69 V-8 Sedan which Significant Cars had FS in Indianapolis has sold, another motor car from the same private collection in Dayton, OH has been put on the market, a 1928 PEERLESS Mod. 6-80 Roadster Coupe. This boattail coupe with rumble seat is on consignment by AND the good old boys at e-Bay. 40 high-quality photos on the Significant Cars website. Car is partially-restored, descibed as a "stalled project". Ebay starting figure is $15,000 (below reserve); bidding ends Wednesday(3/29/17). The car needs some body work before painting, and interior work. Based on the ad copy, these are some pluses: +complete chassis, mechanical & drivetrain restoration +engine tested...................the correct 230 c.i.d. Continental flathead six +extensive body work done + "all parts there to complete" +wood wheel restoration +new tires +complete body wood restoration This is, I believe, a car that sat in the Dexter Dotson Collection of Virginia for a while, then belonged to Ed Matthis of Ohio from about 1992-2011. I've seen pictures of when it was in a storage unit pre-2011. Though not finished, car has benefited from time in the latest owner's restoration facility, with engine rebuilding in-house. _ _ _ _ IN THE INTEREST of HELPING THEM FIND a GOOD BUYER -- Pics from _ _ _ _
  8. This 1928 Peerless V-type Eight for sale by Significant Cars in Indy sold.
  9. Bryan, The "Standard 8" in B.C. has the correct 246.7 Cu. In. engine. I think Doug made a typo...I sent him a PM about that 6 days ago but he hasn't read it. The code for the three straight-8s is: "A": 246.7, "B": 322.0), "C": 322.0 Cu. In. A small 8, but a lot of car for $1,495. Doug was right on the 85 h.p. part. Only 7 of these "Standard 8s" around, according to KPAIE. About 2000 built. If you want to go see what one looks like, you could drive 99 miles south and see the one that Doug D. in Ridgeway, MO has. "Doug 30 peerless" bought his from a Chrysler dealer near Vancouver. I called the Hoover Presidential Library once and the archivist I talked to, Spencer, had never heard of the Hoovers owning a Peerless, or the White House having one in the garage. The ebay seller said she had one of the diecast Peerless models, and the person who sold it to her said it came with info that it was a Hoover Campaign car, and also some figures representing Herbert Hoover and his entourage. Those weren't pictured in the ad and she said they were no longer with the car. Seller no longer an ebay vendor. Not much to go on. I've looked at the models for sale on ebay & never seen another mention of Pres. Hoover. Wrote Ele Chesney, but she didn't reply. Could have been made up, I guess, but people aren't crazy about cars Hoover rode in like they are for ones Presley/Kennedy/Gable/Monroe rode in, so why bother? The library staffer said H.H. had a dislike of riding around in luxury cars(wasteful and inefficient), preferred trains, and that he didn't make a lot of campaign appearances for the '32 election. He did make one in Cleveland in Oct., '32, and one in Chicago. Maybe there's a grain of truth to it, like a car provided by a government official for a day or two, or a car dealer taking the President from the train station to the hotel. I looked at some pictures of the Hoovers, too, and found very little. There was one film clip of him getting in a big sedan, w/ some resemblance to a straight-8 Peerless, but it wasn't a dead ringer for Ele's car*. It was a dark color, not the light color seen above in the diecast model(her "Custom 8" was light gray before Bill Harrah had it repainted 30+ years ago). So, the H.H. thing is interesting but unverified. My guess is that H.H. passed his hand over the Peerless, or maybe even rode in it. Maybe a 5% chance he owned one, 3% chance one was in the White House garage, but the odds he had access to a car like this are better. Pierce-Arrow was the preferred WH car for years at that time. * There are some photos around of a dark sedan, a nice big General Motors model, Herbert Hoover bought for himself just before the election, which may be it: photo:
  10. Yes, the 1929 6-61 Peerlesses have quite a presence to them. They took orders for 8,000 in one day at the New York Auto Show. The "Polo Tan" one above set a record for sold prices of a Six-61. I had no idea Dave was over 50. I hope that you do go to Ft. Langley with your Peerless Standard Eight, and they let you in on an exhibition basis. Maybe they'll give you a ribbon as an Honorary Model A, or Best Straight-8 Model A. Always wanted to go to Ft. Langley for their Cranberry Regatta(October) and their HBC Rendezvous at the Parks Canada historic site(over B.C. Day weekend). The 1930s Peerless models had wood wheels standard, with an option of wire wheels at extra cost. One of the finest Peerless cars out there, and most seen at shows, is Ele Chesney's Custom Eight 7-Passenger Sedan, complete with wood wheels. You can get diecast models of her car in 3 different scales on ebay. Anson produced 10,000 in 1:18 for a now defunct bank. One ebay vendor said there was a version made with figurines of President Hoover and his entourage when this was his campaign car for the 1932 election. I've never been able to verify that. Maybe some Herbert Hoover scholars can chime in. Here's a 1931 Peerless Master Eight belonging to Jeff Spence in us all three models with wood wheels on one page:
  11. A 1920 would be one of the Mod. 56 Peerlesses, subdivided into Series 1 through 7, year 1916-22. That was followed by the Mod. 66 when wheelbase went from 125" to 128", built just for 1923 and 1924. The "Equipoised" V-8s with an improvement in timing and balance, plus removable heads, didn't come out until 1925(with the Mod. 8-67); and continued into '26-'28(Mod. 8-69). I'll try to post some photos of Walt's 1920 Mod. 56: photos from pinterest,, and the Peerless Co-Operator
  12. The thingies on the ceiling fold down to block glare from the sun. You're probably not used to seeing them on 87-year-old cars. My 3/4 ton Toyota pickup has them, and it's not noteworthy....but in 1930 it was. They were in all 3 of the 1930 Peerless models(Standard 8, Master 8, Custom 8). Maybe other makes had sunvisors 87 years ago, but I don't know of any. One source* says the sun shades were part of 4 or 5 changes for the 1931 model year. I'm sure it's the original interior. I talked to Mr. Schrecengost, 84, 5 years ago, the owner in 2012. It had been in storage for 50 years, but the pre-2000 owner had some trophies from local car shows around Sligo, PA(a little town near Pittsburgh). He had the Peerless listed with one of those online marketers for collector cars at $59,900. It changed hands and now Jeff McIntire from Homer City, PA owns it. I don't know, Bryan, what would your family do with 115 horses, a 90 mph speedometer, and a 322 under the hood. You'd turn into speed demons, that's what. It would be kind of cool for someone to have both a 1920 and a 1930 Peerless. KPAIE shows just 13 of these Model "B" Peerlesses around, plus 7 "A", 8 "C" and a few unknowns, for all of the 1930-1932 cars. Glad you appreciate the interior of the 1930. It was a collaboration by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky and "a foremost woman illustrator"(she designed "the exclusive type of hardware and fittings"*in the interior). You probably didn't find a gym bag full of 100s today on your way out of the house, so couldn't pony up the 359/mo for it, but if someone reading this is thinking of getting it, there's a fantastic DriveReport in a back issue of Special Interest Autos of a Survivor 1932 Peerless "Master Eight"/Mod. "B" Sedan. The article talks about the pros and cons. It was the April, 1984 [SIA #80] issue, with 8 pages and 20 photos. Speaking of the interior hardware, the one Ele Chesney has, a 1930 "Custom 8"(Mod. "C"), is fitted with solid sterling silver throughout --- but it's supposed to be a special-ordered car, and I wouldn't expect any of the other 1930/1931/1932 Peerlesses to have that. Personally, I like the 1930 Standard 8/Mod. A for sale by Doug in BC. Also here on the Peerless For Sale Department thread. He's dropped his price to 27,500 USD. Seven inch shorter w.b., same color, smaller straight-eight, but it looks like a new car. For my part, I haven't found a sack full of money to buy that one either. *Wager, Richard, Golden Wheels, 1986, pp 70-87. An excellent chapter on Peerless in his book on carmakers from the Cleveland area.
  13. Hi Doug, Yes, I've corresponded with Dave Proctor and seen several good pictures of his car on VCCC Tours over the years. photo from pinterest of Dave Proctor's Peerless 6-61 Roadster Your two cars, both in the same area, would make a good pair for someone though not exactly two of a kind. Only two 1929 Peerless Mod. 6-61 Deluxe Roadsters in the world, to my knowledge: Dave's, and a tan or light yellow one that sold at the Owl's Head auction in Maine last August. ----Jeff photo from big annual auction at Owl's Head Museum in Maine of Mark Garvin's Peerless 6-61 Roadster before it sold
  14. At first I thought shortened chassis, Du Pont, straight-8: the 1930 Du Pont Indy Car. But that had a Continental 8 with manifolds on the r.s. It would be nice if they showed us the louvered hood, or finished their research and told us its history, but they sort of leave us having to trust them. You do get a free hub cap wrench on the left rear wheel.
  15. Glad to see they mentioned Peerless cars.