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  1. jeff_a

    1929 Mercedes SSK

    Some of the replicars are collectible in their own right. The Glenn Prey Cord, the Samco Cord Royale are two. My Dad & I looked at one of the latter for sale at Royal Chrysler in D.C. in 1970. If you find a nice 1966-69 Mercedes SSK Replica built by Excalibur Motors at that price, buy it. Some of them looked and performed well. This one in Post 1 might be neat for a kid's first car...they might not be going over 60 much. The one for sale at least is in presentable condition as far as the body, top and tires. Maybe it's a fair price if it test drives well and is close. A few of these replicas were build-it-at-home kit cars of indifferent quality and powered by V-W or Pinto fours, but the early Excaliburs were designed by Brooks Stevens and had 300 hp V-8s. I did hear of someone who saw an ebay or craigslist ad for an SSK replica, and it turned out to be the Real in you could put all your kids through Harvard on the net worth.
  2. jeff_a


    What if someone had a 30m yacht in Los Angeles and took this car with him to a car show in Cabo San Lucas or Agua Caliénte. He drives it around a little after the car show and a hotel owner buys it to display in his lobby as a static display, not to drive. Then you happen along awhile later and buy it from him, maybe paying a 10% sales tax. Would any laws be broken, or would there be a 200% import tax on this used car, like my teacher said was assessed on him bringing a new refrigerator and washing machine to a Mexican friend in 1975?
  3. Well, some Peerlesses have a plain cap, some sport motometers, some have a Peerless Eagle, and a couple have Cormorant radiator ornaments. The correct one for 1927 & 1928 is the eagle, like the one on the oldmotor link 4 posts back. You need to give the seller some points for the early Packard motometer with the biplane on it. Last time I heard, they were worth a few dollars.
  4. Rusty12. Have you seen the discussion of the Peerless Boat Tail on the "Peerless For Sale Department" thread? Please see posts #171, 175, 176, 178 & 184. Contacting Anthony Cartonio, son of the long-time owner and restorer, may be helpful as well.
  5. jeff_a

    New to the forum

    Is that last picture of an old 60s Bronco? I've noticed the prices on those in good condition are $25-40K. What do you think is driving that...some nostalgia thing or unbeatable performance?
  6. jeff_a


    The pictures of the '22 Elcar are deceptive, I think. My guess is that the coupe is pretty big, height-wise. I know someone went to a lot of trouble to pose with "The Tramp" Charlie Chaplin impersonator, but it takes away from the kind of car it is, along with the faded paint. From a long ways away it looks like just another Model "T" or Dodge but it was a higher grade car...I think you'll agree. We are(maybe wrong word since I've never owned one) getting enough discussion about Elcar, maybe there ought to be an Elcar Forum now.
  7. jeff_a


    I got to meet Lloyd once, but didn't know they had Elcars, too. Thanks for posting the photo: looks like a new car! Did you see the '22 Elcar some one has for sale on the Car For Sale Forum(last post 4/22/18)?
  8. I haven't seen the Peerless Mod. 69 Roadster in person, but was pleased to see the photos of it at last summers Owl's Head Museum Auction. Also, seeing the link to the RM Auction was neat. ..even better photos. Before--about all I had to go on was a picture taken at the "Hodgson's Frozen Custard Knucklebusters Car Show" held in Maine about 2001(rec'd 2nd Place). I can't tell you if it came out of Cleveland as a Roadster or Roadster Coupe, but I lean toward it being a Roadster. The late Ralph Cartonio owned it for years and restored it. He told me it has 1 of 3 bodies built like it by Hume Body Corp. of Boston. He said once he rebuilt it from a basket case; and he was a gifted body & paint man. This one has 2-tone fenders, which I've never heard of on any other Peerless except a '27 6-90 that was in NM for a long time(pics findable on a web search of "1927 Peerless") and was restored by him, but I have to admit it looks good. I think I have a photo of what he started with, and it didn't have a coupe top. This Boat Tail could conceivably be a 1926, 1927, or 1928...the only 3 years for this design. Peerless records seem to have gone AWOL 60 years ago, so there aren't any master lists of order date/issued ser.#s/1st owner/body supplier, etc. Here on the Peerless Forum there is a thread with 1916-1932 ser. # data which tells us that the engine ser.# is one from the end of 8-69 production -- at least on paper. The bullet lights instead of drum, plus cowl band & forward placement of cowl lights suggest it's a late 1928. Peerless, like Packard and Duesenberg, had a plethora of body suppliers: 47 known to me. I own the KPAIE spreadsheet of all remaining cars, and there may be no other Peerless V-8 boattail roadsters, but there's a Dave Noran who has a 1928 8-69 Coupe or Roadster. I met him at Hershey in 2013 but my notes of the discussion are unclear which body style......I did write down that he's from the Philadelphia area and "it's 1 of 362 8-69s built for 1928"......last year for the V-8.
  9. jeff_a

    closing hole on top of a model A

    The horizontal top bows, the chicken wire, the cotton batting, and a black kind of imitation leather/vinyl(really a rubberized fabric) is EXACTLY the way it came out of the factory in 1929(Ford and 30 other American carmakers). It's called the Top Insert . You should get a catalog or go online for Mike's "A"-Fordable Parts, or Mac's Auto Parts Model A catalog for the right stuff. Though you can get cotton batting at a quilt store and chicken wire at a farm & ranch store, suppliers like this sell it all. They call the waterproof fabric "cobra long grain roof material" in the Mike's catalog(
  10. jeff_a

    1922 Elcar K6 Coupe Ultra Rare For Sale

    The Elcar Museum is in Bristol, IN. I haven't had gas money to go there or checked about it recently, but there was an article about an event there in 2010 in Hemmings Motor News. Some years ago the contact information was It's a private collection -- and I don't know how open to the public it may be.
  11. jeff_a


    There will be an auction in Ohio this August with 2 Elcars. The Lloyd Young estate sale, held by Mike Clum Auctions( AUG 10th &11th 2018, near Columbus. An outstanding set of cars, catalog not out til May[also Buick, MG Midget, REO, Cadillac, Ford, Pierce-Arrow, Peerless, Packard, Templar, Baker, Franklin, Marmon]. Looks like a Coupe and a Sedan, nice condition, 1924 and 1926, based on the preliminary photos.
  12. jeff_a

    1922 Elcar K6 Coupe Ultra Rare For Sale

    David, I think it's a unique piece of car history, too. A little early for a coupe. Though the model list seem to just call it a 3- or 4-Passenger Coupe, it's looking a little like an Opera Coupe with the seat in back. I wonder if it has a top hat compartment behind the driver. To the British, it's all about what connections something has to royalty; the French are keen on how you pronounce things; the Germans are more interested in the mechanical details. We Americans obsess over how something looks. This car has a somewhat dowdy paint job currently....but if it had 8 hand-rubbed coats of Copenhagen Blue lacquer & a shiny Elcar motometer or Pegasus radiator ornament, and an elegant couple in evening dress popped out of it....there would be a bit more of a rush for the car. Did you know there's an Elcar Museum? My grandpa's favorite car, a '26, wound up there. Jeff Photo: from v.milke and W.S. Locke. 1926 Elcar 8-81 Landau Roadster(owned by Glenn D. Brown 1926-1990) in front of the CCCA Museum circa 2012.
  13. jeff_a

    1922 Elcar K6 Coupe Ultra Rare For Sale

    Speaking of 2-Passengers, one of the photos shows a r.s. seat much smaller than the l.s. seat. In that time period, it usually suggests an Opera Coupe with a bench seat in back for two and a kind of jump seat(in front, r.s.) that folded out of the way for rear seat access. I was wondering if that's what it is.
  14. jeff_a

    Touring car

    The rad shell looks a little like that on a 1915-1922 Peerless, but the cowl doesn't look quite right for that.
  15. jeff_a

    The Missing Peerless Records Collection

    Yesterday I found a picture of the Peerless Library as it looked in 1912 at the company HQ in Cleveland. Photo below, the second one I have seen of any of this material. Please look at some of the earlier posts on this thread for more background. I am being an optimist thinking any of the books still exist, but you never know. The Library Journal (VOL 171, p 1119) thought a lot of these company archives. In 1946 they said: "Cleveland P.L. Gets Automotive Collection. The Cleveland Public Library became one of the richest sources of information on the early years of the automobile industry on Aug. 12th, when James A. Bohannon, president of Brewing Corporation of America which he established on the foundations of the old Peerless Motor Car Corporation, presented the priceless Peerless Collection of Early Automotive Literature to the Cleveland institution. The 770 volume collection, dating back to 1896..." Photo from: Horseless Age, VOL 30, No. 13, p. 483, 9/25/12: "An Automobile Engineering Library" by D.R. Stevens