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  1. Peerless six-61A, Thanks for your mention of Springfield on the other post. Now I know it's the Peerless owned by Bob Ventress in Prescott, AZ and before that by the Paula Cudworth family(sold in June, 2016), and Carl Warren, going back to 1953 in the Springfield, MO area. I corresponded with the family after seeing it for sale in Autabuy Magazine. They sent me a letter with photos....and serial numbers for the record I keep of all remaining Peerlesses, K.P.A.I.E. Like I said before, the 6-61 is an interesting model -- technically a 1929-model-year car, but so many orders came in when introduced at the '29 NY Auto Show it wasn't till early '30 that they stopped building them. The ones finished after 9/1/29(about 4,000 out of 8,097 according to serial numbers) and after a certain serial number were called 1930s. They did make a few changes: side as well as top cowl vents...calling them 6-61As...and I think fender lights instead of cowl lights. Officially, all the 1930-1932 Peerlesses were straight-eight cars(Standard/Master/Custom), and the 1929s were three sixes & an eight(6-61/6-81/6-91/8-125). These 1929-ish cars have survived in greater numbers(70+) than all other model years. Glad you like the Peerless Forum. It's important because not too many books are out there on Peerless except some owners and sales manuals. If you think about it, this would be a book if you printed it out and bound it(try reading all of it in one sitting!). Also glad you wrote a post on the "New Peerless Owner" thread. Jeff Brown
  2. Congratulations 1927, and welcome to the AACA Forums. This thread is the de facto Elcar Forum here. My grandfather had a 1926 8-81.
  3. Please put this on the Premier Forum, too. It will stay visible much longer.
  4. A blue 1921 Premier Model 6D 4-Pass. Touring Car is FS on the Buy/Sell forum today.
  5. Anthony Cartonio of Maine has told me that he would like to put some parts up for sale from his father's collection. When I get more information I will list it here. If some cars are put on the market from Ralph's collection, I will list them on the "Peerless For Sale Department" thread.
  6. Photo: vancouverexpress and conceptcarz 1930 Peerless Custom Eight owned by Ele Chesney. Next to the Green Dragon factory race cars and the 4-car prototype fleet of V-12 and V-16 cars in 1931, this is the most written-about and viewed Peerless. The good public relations is partly due to concours and museum showings in Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, and California in the last 40 years; plus it being reproduced as a diecast model by the thousands in 1:18, 1:24, 1:27, 1:32, and 1:40 scale(there was even a limited edition release of a Thomas Kincade "Painter of Light" version) .
  7. LVIII. For sale on ebay motor today, a Peerless radiator and shell listed as for a 1926 and at $400. Emblem background appears green.
  8. Go Jeep, CJ-5 or CJ-7, you can even get one with an AMC 258 six.
  9. nice car, wrong forum
  10. Thanks for putting the picture up...I saw it in the Buy/Sell Forum. The rad shell and radiator would be for a 1925, 1926, 1927, or 1928 Peerless, which model(8-67, 6-72, 6-80, 6-90, 8-69, most likely) I don't know.
  11. Like one of Jay Leno's Duesenbergs, this Peerless was found in a parking garage, but in part of the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, California; not New York City. Never on display there. How the seller was able to find it and buy it from Don Williams, I don't know. Alexis de Sakhnoffsky-designed body. Thanks for posting this, George.
  12. About 10 years ago someone here on the forums told about a late Seventies Firebird he ordered new. The right front fender was for a Firebird...the left one was for a Camaro. Refused to accept it because, if they couldn't get the fenders right, who knew about the rest of the car.
  13. RE: The Purple & Ivory Cabriolet Depicted on Posts No. 19 and 22 I have come up with a theory to explain this Peerless, A.J. Thirty years ago there was a sale of ten or more Peerlesses at the Stelford place in Illinois, where the Cord prototype was found. One car, to whom it went I don't know, was one of the twelve 1931 Peerlesses and ten 1932 Peerlesses on my list.* I have it written down as 322 c.i.d./120 h.p./Custom Eight/"Rolling Chassis, body fire during Prohibition Era", but just a few body parts missing/Film footage suggests it may be a 2-Pass. body style: possibly a Cabriolet with r.s./138" w.b./Motor number: 13K 3130/Car serial number: unknown. Maybe Ralph Cartonio bought it, brought it back to life, had reason to list it as a 1932, showed it once (in New Gloucester, Maine), and few have seen it since. If we see it at a show somewhere and the above Motor number turns up, my theory would hold a little more water, but Ralph was a skilled body and paint man and had a lot of 1923-1932 Peerlesses go through his shop. * KPAIE
  14. The first straight eight Peerless --- a 1929 8-125 7-Passenger Sedan --- photo: The Creative Workshop, Dania Beach, FL 2016 Concours d'Elegance of America at St. John's --- owner: Daniel Johnson Production: 1,154 7 Known
  15. I'm glad you found what you were looking for. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a 1930 Peerless 6-61 in person, and there is not a similar setup in the Peerless 1927/28 Six-60 Instruction Book I own. An Auto-Lite distributor was in use at that time. Are you referring to the cylindrical part or the bell-shaped one? My finely-honed automotive detective skills cannot discern which car you have (guessing you picked up one for sale in New York State or the one that was in Missouri until recently, but don't know). Please type an entry in the New Peerless Owner Department topic here on the Peerless Forum and tell us about your car. Quite a few 6-61 and 6-61A cars survive. Thank you for using the AACA Foums for the first time!!