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  1. The solution, short of driving over to a collection that has that vintage Peerless{Crawford; Nethercutt; Coquitlam, BC; Tupelo, MS; etc.}, would be to look at owner manuals for sale on ebay showing mechanical illustrations. I don't have any manuals from the 1911-1914 years. A little harder to find -- there was a special booklet that came out about 1912 or 1913 explaining how the new Peerless starter worked. I found this in the store(probably a Saturday Evening Post magazine ad -- buy for $14.99). Walt, the business owner, has a 1920 Peerless Limousine:
  2. jeff_a

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    I've seen J214 at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, the star of their 250-car collection. Chris Summers said that before it was restored it looked like a truck had driven over it, twice. It's a little on the rococo side, but was built for someone who designed opulent theaters.
  3. jeff_a

    1910 Premier

    Though I haven't seen it and it's not mine........there's a 1910 Premier 4-40 Touring Car on consignment on the Significant Cars site. Price: $185,000
  4. Richard Lichtfeld's book on Peerless says Peerless, G.E., and Gray & Davis worked on an electric starter, which became available on one model in late 1911. Maurice Hendry's chapter on Peerless in the VOL 11, No. 1 A.Q. says something about G.E. and Gray & Davis working with Peerless to introduce the uniform-voltage separate starter-generator setup on the 1913 Peerless cars.
  5. jeff_a

    Need help to ID year/make in this old postcard

    Yeah, what looks like a garish hotel has lifeboats on it if you look close. I was on a family move and we stopped for an hour here on the MV Matanuska, bringing our '54 Chrysler New Yorker and '59 Rambler Cross-Country along, while doing the Inside passage before that became a thing with cruise ships.
  6. jeff_a

    Need help to ID year/make in this old postcard

    Boy, lumber must have been cheap! I've been to Ketchikan, but never seen wooden streets. It's amazing they had embraced cars so thoroughly in '30 or '31, considering it was an island with not too much a road system then or now. I'll try to show the same street scene (Front Street) today:
  7. jeff_a

    Peerless For Sale Department

    The beautiful Peerless Mod. 56 Four-Passenger Roadster that belonged to Lloyd & Shirley Young sold for $29,000 today at the Ohio auction. {photo 6 posts above}
  8. jeff_a

    Loyd Young auction

    Lloyd & Shirley's Collection was one of just 18 worldwide to have all three of The Three Ps of premium cars. Their Peerless won a 1st at the 2013 Gathering At Gilmore Pierce-Arrow-Peerless Meet.
  9. jeff_a

    39 Buick Roadmaster for sale, mine

    Looks like it's fit for a king! Wonderful car to show up at a high school reunion in, too.
  10. jeff_a

    Peerless For Sale Department

    On August 1st , a 1927 Peerless 6-80 was put up for sale in Grass Valley, California for $3,950. It's on Craigslist Phoenix, not an auction. Looks pretty complete --- needs work. Louis Chevrolet had a Peerless identical to this, you know! These have Continental flathead sixes, 215 Cu. In./62 h.p. Thanks to Mike in Washington for spotting this!
  11. jeff_a

    How do you deal with an unresponsive seller?

    Dan, thanks for telling us about your story. I don't really know what's going on, but it sounds like if it did go through successfully you would be doing most of the heavy lifting, with 2 international border crossings, you coming down on the price of your car and not getting a break for the other car. The part about "I can't talk I'm on a boat" while he's talking and on a boat raises some concerns. It reminds of a case where somebody paid for a car sight unseen hundreds of miles away and the seller started getting coy about talking to the buyer any more. First it was I'm studying for the bar exam; then I'm in the Canadian Coast Guard, on a boat. The other person might be a car dealer in New Jersey, or a lollipop salesman from Pocahontas, Arkansas trying to unload his cousin Vinny's Caddy for a better one. Who knows?
  12. jeff_a

    Owners of 1924 Peerless Model 6-70 Cars

    A third Peerless 6-70 has been found: a 1925 6-70 Five Passenger Touring Phaeton in excellent condition. It will be up for auction in S.E. Saskatchewan on September 15th by Mack Auction Company of Estevan, SK, Canada. There will be 18 antique other cars(including: ´24 Buick Touring project, restored ´37 Packard 120 Convertible Sedan, ´30 Erskine Regal Coupe project, ´65 Mercury Pickup restomod) and a Cessna plane in the sale...about 100 miles north of Minot, ND. That makes two 6-70 5-P Phaetons and one 6-70 5-P Sedan known out of 2,786 built. The Peerless Six-70s have aluminum 289 Cu. In. Collins sixes designed by the Cadillac Engineering Dept. & built by Peerless for 14,000 Peerless 6-70, 6-72, 6-90, & 6-91 models 1924-1929.
  13. jeff_a

    1981 Airstream Excella - ACT FAST !

    I always thought these were nice though uncommon.
  14. jeff_a

    Hudson auction

    Pretty nice of Mr. & Mrs. Hostetler -- the town got a heck of a deal. A building and some money. I realize that's small change to some people, but that's more than seventy bundles of one thousand 100-dollar-bills.
  15. jeff_a

    1981 Airstream Excella - ACT FAST !

    Here's the link: A little bigger & a lot less expensive than a new Airstream class B motorhome ($170K)