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  1. Bill and Anne, An interesting quest you´re on....if for no other reason than the nice graphics of all manner of motorcars being suggested. I´m not either of you, though neither are any of the other posters here, but listen to the Assistant Curator of Vision & Discernment for your collection, please(me, for five minutes). If I really had that job, I would say go to Hemmings online and print out all 328 cars for sale which are Packards. If you can´t find the right car there......something´s wrong. Have the curator convert them into something like playing cards - 3 x 5 cards will do - then stack them w/ the undesirables on the bottom and the desirables on top. Grab the top 33 cars and pick one from there. Done. You just did 1880s-style data processing, and you would have some pretty cool cars in your new mix, I trust. Personally, I like the 1924 626 Single Six Roadster in CA, and the 1928 443 Murphy Convertible Sedan in MO; but you may like the red 1938 Super 8 1605 Convertible Sedan in MI, the Carlton Carriage Coachbuilt 1936 120 Coupe de Ville in Virginia Water, U.K.(for the life of me can´t figure out if it seats 2 or 5), or the 1934 1100 Victoria Convertible in Nebraska(needs a lot of work - - - but a finished one would be good*). Yes -- there are other fine car builders** -- but Packards have numbers and quality -- so it´s a good statrt. I scrolled through all 328 cars, and saw that they weren´t all Packards. Hemmings Motor News had all the blurbs of cars for sale which used the word ¨Packard¨ ads for Cords, Pierce-Arrows, and a few others got in, too. .........Jeff * There is a ´35 12 Convertible Victoria in OK(no photo) -- a ´35 1201 Eight in OH -- and a maroon ´40 Super 8 in NY. ** One can get a ´30 L-29 Convertible Sedan in MO for less than two Woodrow Wilsons.

    LXI. On ebay, there is what looks like the correct ignition switch for a 1927 Peerless FS. IMO, it is for a 1926/27 Peerless Mod. 6-60, and possibly for the Mod. 6-80(26-27), 6-90(27). I think all 1928/29 Peerlesses used the more elaborate glass-faced instrument panel. ¨1927 28 Peerless Dash Switch with Key Vintage¨ . Buy It Now for $55.00. Until 3/8/18. Seller: ¨w.j.w.¨
  3. Peerless Photos

    In June, 1927, two men drove a Peerless 6-80 from San Francisco to Cleveland in 80 hours. Judging by limited info here, we presume they were 14 hours Los Angeles-to-S.F., then 80 hours to Cleveland on the Lincoln Highway. Nice photo of the 1927 Six-80 boattail Roadster! Maybe someone will get the whole bound set of sales bulletins and read the rest of the story. This is an excerpt from a large set of Co-Operator bi-monthly bulletins [1925, 1926, 1927] for sale on ebay for $425.25 by Troxel´s/Paperheaven.
  4. Vintage Oneida Truck

    From Finland car collector Raul Valkila´s(brockway) flickr gallery. More protection for the driver than usual - - - nice logo!
  5. 1956 Rambler Station Wagon

    Brings back some memories of the Alcan. In February, ´64, our family took one of those from central Kansas to central Alaska. It was a ´59 Rambler Cross Country. We also had a ´54 New Yorker, 3 of us in each car.
  6. 1928 Peerless Coupe

    What was the 1 other Peerless you saw years ago? With your car going from Missouri to New York that will make 18 known there when it arrives. Since you joined the PMCC, I sent you access to the KPAIE registry an hour ago, it will arrive as a Google Docs email. 359 vehicles at present on KPAIE: 351 cars/7 trucks/1 hearse.
  7. 1928 Peerless 4D Sedan

    There were also listings of some old & new Peerless dealers, like Priaulx Motor Co. in Cambridge, Ohio(I used to live thereabouts), and Fisk Motor Co. in Superior, WI, right across from Duluth, MN. One puzzling account was a customer who wrote of all the success he had with three Peerless cars, his first going 65,000 miles before trade-in; the second, an ¨Eight-51¨, going 110,000 miles; and the third, an 8-69; mostly for his work as a Standard Oil road man and warehouse manager. I´ve never heard of an Eight-51 -- maybe it´s a typo when 8-67, 66, or 56 was meant. I did once see a reference to a Model 6-95 and thought it was an error........later finding in an obscure article that the 6-91 was briefly called a 6-95 when it passed into the 1929 model year.
  8. 1928 Peerless 4D Sedan

    I saw a March, 1928 Peerless Co-Operator company newsletter for sale on ebay calling the car with the fitted trunk and landau irons on Post #4 the 1928 Six-60 Brougham. They were reporting brisk sales and the lowest price ever for a closed Peerless at $1,195. Only 4 pages, about $30 by paperheaven/Troxel´s sellers.
  9. I´ve never been there....but I read that there is a museum that started out as a rock shop and has 10 or 12 cars, in Catoosa, OK, called the D.W. Corelle Museum. It apparently has ¨an eclectic collection¨(avon bottles, rock and gem specimens, old farm equipment remnants outside). It´s on old Route 66, 115 miles from Ft. Smith. #(918) 266-3612. I canoed through the area once and didn´t hear about it, but a 2015 Tulsa newspaper article said they exist. Might be worth calling when in the area........they have Dodges! 1899 Locomobile 1902 Olds 1906 Cadillac 1914 Olds 1914 Dodge Touring Car 1917 Packard Twin Six 1919 Franklin 1927 Stutz 8 1930 Ford Cabriolet 1935 Ford Sedan 1948 Dodge Coupe
  10. Classic Era Peerless

    Thanks Ed and A.J., for the talk about the German/Dutch/Austrian leanings in convertible top design. So, you probably both feel that the two cars in the foreground are your kind of Peerless, despite their very likely non-existent-ness in the present day; what with the coachwork, European Salon history, and cabriolet body style. In 1927, Peerless told their dealers that 20% of sales were foreign, so I would be surprised if any of the cars in this Peerless stand went back to the States. I don´t know which models -- but I´m leaning toward the fore cars being Master Eights with 125¨ wheelbases and the big battleship in the back being a Custom Eight with 138¨, like this: image from the British site, reproduced from original Peerless Motor Car Corporation sales brochure P.S. to John_Mereness: I think this is the color scheme someone was trying to replicate in the car you drove 5 posts up, 40 years ago. A.J. wants to hear what it drove like when you and your dad took it out for the weekend. Mike West was going to tell us about a ´32 Master Eight he drove flat out after a boisson with the late Brock Yates, but he hasn´t yet.
  11. Can Anyone Identify This Car?

    Geez, Rusty, looks like a 1926 or 1927 Peerless Roadster. If it´s not, maybe an Essex or Stutz. In ´26, Peerless offered the boattail roadster as a Model 6-80, 6-72, and 8-69, with different wheelbases and engines. The optional disc wheels have the same pattern as a ´29 Peerless with I´ve seen.
  12. Classic Era Peerless

    Great photo...I see it´s just been put up on I have not heard of De Ley of Holland before, nor seen these Peerless photos. Almost a convertible victoria look, and the somewhat bulky top-down look reminds me of some of the 1930s German cars. The swoop of the bodys rear half and the trunk design are very unusual. Many other body details are different - but the bumpers, parking lights, and sidemount clamps are consistent with 1930s Peerlesses. I´ve entered De Ley into the Peerless Coachbuilders thread on the Peerless Forum already, company number 45. I looked on the web a lot and couldn´t find a match of the location at first. It somewhat resembles a photo on p. 2 of the latest Peerless Motor Car Club newsletter, The PEERLESS CO-OPERATOR(Summer/Fall 2017) entitled ¨24 ème Salon de l´Automobile - Paris 1930¨. I looked some more, and see by the building details it is probably the 1930 RAI Amsterdam Autosalon, which seems to have had Minerva, Peerless, Panhard et Levassor, Ford, Opel, and Durant, plus many other exhibitors. Durant was still turning out new models in 1931...till January anyway. Thank you very much, A.J. I´m thinking that if one of these turned up in the Schlumpf or Mahy collections, you might sell your baseball cards to get some cash. Have any Walter Big Train Johnson or Babe Ruth rookie cards? (1907 card with the misspelled name would be a good one)
  13. 1928 Peerless Coupe Part of a Peerless website created 17 years ago with pictures of the same boattail coupe.
  14. 1928 Peerless Coupe

    Mark(mil*man), For about a 5-year run, about 2011-2014, the Peerless Motor Car Club had a booth at Hershey. By a miracle I made it once; Peerless promoter David Baird and I had a 30 x 30 tent there in 2013 and were mobbed with people wanting information. We also had one of just three 1909 Peerlesses in the world on display -- and a 1917 Pierce-Arrow -- owned by David. Cadillac Carl and Mark W. both appear to know which Peerless it is you just acquired. I haven´t a clue. 1. The restored yellow&black ´28 Mod. 6-80 B.T. Coupe for sale in Joplin, MO? There was a full-page photo of it in Automobile Quarterly, VOL 11, NO 1, pg 100, the issue with the 32-pp Peerless Story. 2. The partly-restored ´28 Mod. 6-80 B.T. Coupe for sale at Significant Cars in Indianapolis that had a small fortune spent on complete wood replacement and a rebuilt engine? 3. The unrestored blue ´27 Mod. 6-90 B.T. Coupe for sale on e-bay, and on the Peerless Forum about a year ago? Not the same -- but close -- was in S.W. MO, price was $39,500. Sold to a collector in Verona, WI. 4. The restored yellow&black ´28 Mod. 6-80 B.T. for sale by a collector in Turkey? Brando & Joanne Pistorius of FL have restored 6 or 7 Peerless cars in the last 6 years and are really up on them. There´s a ´29 Mod. 6-81 Victoria F/S right brand new. John_S is right -- you have an interesting car. Even if you had a Peerless with lots of surviving examples, a 1929 6-61 for example, just as a Peerless it is sixteen times as rare as a Packard. There are a few carbuilders who made boattail roadsters(Auburn, Duesenberg, Essex, Hispano-Suiza, Lincoln, Packard & Stutz), but boattail coupes are almost unheard of...only a 1-off ´26 Rickenbacker comes to mind besides the ones Peerless constructed 1926-1928. The Peerless Co. called their boattail coupe the ¨Roadster Coupe¨, and their boattail roadster the ¨Roadster¨. They were available in the 6-60, 6-80, 6-72, 6-90, and 8-69 models...with 4 engines spanning 199 to 332 cubic inches. In an hour, you can learn a lot about Peerless just by getting a copy of the 1973 AQ issue mentioned above on ebay. Last copy I got was 10 bucks. You need this if you own a Peerless: it walks you through the Peerless Motor Car Company´s entire history, has veddy good photos, and is well written. Reading the AACA Peerless Forum, as Tinindian said, will get you abreast of what´s going on with Peerlesses, too, if you have the time to read it[the thing´s book-length now]. Use the AACA Forums Private Message function to send me your mailing address & I´ll be happy to send you a couple of copies of our Co-Operator publication {like most things in my life} pro bono. A.J., thanks for saying something positive about my understanding of Peerless, but people like Richard Lichtfeld, Don Bettes, Brando and Joanne Pistorius, Don Elliot, and Alan Clendenen have forgotten more than I know. I´ve only seen 16 Peerlesses in person and often get questions I can´t answer. I appreciate you giving me credit for being all-knowing....but I never began studying the marque until spotting a 1924 6-70 in a roadside used car lot 11 years ago. You´d give me a lot more credit if I could find a coach-built straight-eight Peerless for you somewhere! Jeff
  15. 1928 Peerless Coupe

    Hi Mark. More later --- have been doing an assignment and couldn´t write much here for awhile. Great to hear about your new car! Please contact Mark Desch: to see about joining the club. $30/yr. U.S., $40 foreign. I own a roster of what I think are all the Peerlesses worldwide w/locations/owners/ser.#s/etc. that still survive: KPAIE. Interested to see which one you got.