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  1. 1928 sedan

    I hadn´t even noticed the bullet headlights. For some reason I just looked at the one on the drivers side and it looked like a drum headlight. The odd thing about the sedan is the built-in roof visor, which was on the ´27 Peerless closed cars but only, I think, on the early ´28 ones. Generally, the ´28 closed cars had cadet visors instead of the earlier French-style ones. So, it could be a late ´27/early ´28 Peerless.
  2. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    Bryan, you´re thinking of the 1911 Oldsmobile that sold at the Hershey auction ten years ago. Fewer cylinders, but engine twice as big, it sold to Jack Rich for about a million and a half and wasn´t in as good condition as this one.
  3. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    The ´37 Pierce in the little tent is interesting, too. I´m about 30 years away from affording it and I predict you can sell it in 30(minutes) with the right phone call.
  4. 1928 sedan

    Fours guys, wearing ties, in a big sedan, pulling a trailer. Maybe they´re in a jazz band going to a gig. That Peerless rad shell was in use 1925-1928, immediately after the Cadillac lookalike one in 23-24. The best guess on my part is that it´s a 1926 or 1927. Between 6-80, 6-72, and 8-69 it´s hard to tell. Interesting club medallion on the radiator. I have a photo of Louis Chevrolet in front of his new 6-80....I´ll have to check it.
  5. ID vintage hood ornament

    A similar, but different, radiator mascot is on p. 15 of Great Cars and Grand Marques by Automobile Quarterly, 1976, in a 10 pg. chapter called ¨Mascots¨*. That one, from the Allen R. Thurn Collection is described: ``a very French and very stylized mascot from the late Twenties´´. It is shiny metal, and has a lass balanced on her right foot, her left knee bent, holding her long hair in her left hand, her right arm forward, and a bunched-up piece of cloth goes from her chest down her back to her left ankle. Not the same design, maybe not from the same maker, but one could be derivative of the other. *Based on an earlier AQ article by W.C. Williams, ¨Mascots, the Automobile´s Grand Afterthought¨, VOL 13, No. 3
  6. New Peerless Owner Department

    Tom Griffith is the new owner of a 1927 Peerless Model 6-90 ``Roadster Coupe´´. It was for sale on Hemmings by Brian Livingston from Marshfield, Missouri. These Boat Tail Coupes are pretty striking and rare. Aluminum crankcase Peerless 289 six matching the horsepower of the 322 Peerless V-8s.
  7. "New" Peerless Discovered!

    It turns out it´s the car Brian Livingston had for sale in the Springfield, Missouri area last December. See post #113 on this thread. Nice car really, a boattail Roadster Coupe with the aluminum 289 six in it. Thanks for the post, Richard. It seems like a lot of the good Peerlesses are in Wisconsin! Did you ever find out about the two cars an acquaintance of yours has, a 1904 and a 1906 Peerless? Maybe it was in Farmington, IL. You told me that you heard about them or saw them when you were at a party in 2015, the one with the steam locomotive back in the outbuilding, on tracks.
  8. Saturn SC at Hershey

    Well, if it´s 25 years old & in stock form it fits.
  9. Peerless Research Findings

    434. I saw an 1899 ad for Peerless Bicycles, listing these models: $35, Model No. 50 for Men and Women, Road wheels of exceptional merit $50, Model No. 51 for Men and Women, The Standard ´99 Peerless Road Wheel $65, Model No. 52 Bluebird Racer, Renowned winner of many races, 20 lbs. $75, Diamond Tandem, Single or double steering $85, Combination Tandem, Easy mounting, easy steering THE PEERLESS MFG. CO., Cleveland, Ohio. Home Furnishings Review, VOL 15, 1899.gdoc 435. Regarding the ad above, David Baird and I actually saw an 1890s Peerless bicycle for sale in 2013. A bicycle collector in Cleveland wanted $5,000 for it. He also had a Winton and a couple of Pierce bicycles for sale.
  10. 1927 Buick For Sale

    The new Antique Automobile (Sept/Oct 2017) has a nice photo of a Buick woody on p. 10. It´s in a story West Peterson wrote about an original 1941 Model 49 Special estate wagon a friend has.
  11. Dupont

    Yeah, I appreciate the traditional term Classic Car, but I just drove downtown to have a Classic Coke (TM). For some reason, I´m attracted more to the earlier part of the spectrum of Classic Cars. I would rather have a ´22 Leland Lincoln or a ´26 Packard Single Six than a ´38 Cadillac or ´41 Lincoln(not that I could afford any of them). That reminds me of a story I read once you might appreciate. In a memoir of a WWII infantryman, American soldiers somewhere in Europe were taking five. A bunch of them were exchanging pictures of their girlfriends or wives, but this guy was showing his buddy a picture of The Most Beautiful Car Ever Built(in his opinion), a 1941 Lincoln Continental. To his surprise, his pal countered by showing him a photo of a 1936 Cord 810. I guess it´s all a matter of taste.
  12. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    Bush Mechanic, Since you like trains.........also consider the Boothbay Railway Village, Maine. It´s between Portland and Camden. Has steam train and automotive says open daily until OCT 17th. I´m sure your experience in Hershey will be stellar! Jeff
  13. Great Classic Sedans

    A Peerless Model 8-125, from 1929. A 1932 Custom 8, possibly the last Peerless built, ordered by George Matowitz, Cleveland Chief of Police.
  14. 1927 Buick For Sale

    The three woodies all look great, but the one in Mark Shaw´s picture would be about 100 less steps to get to from the OP´s car than the depot hack, station wagon and sedan delivery. I can´t believe the old thing still has headlights!
  15. Dupont

    If the one that´s at The Nethercutt is not a Classic Car, I don´t know what is. Here are a couple more.