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  1. Bijur Filters

  2. 1953 Buick Roadmaster Brakes

    Failure of the compensator valve.
  3. muffler explosion

    A friend had that happen to him with a just prewar Packard. Cause was a very sloppy-fitting distributor rotor (missing the little metal clip that assures a snug fit).
  4. Just curious why you're looking for a more complex solution when the Packard V8 engines are both plentiful and inexpensive.
  5. Rust removal in engine: oxalic acid

    I pretty much agree with Rusty, that sounds like a massive overdose. I've used oxalic acid many times over the years for cleaning cooling systems. I used about 1-2 cups for a 20 quart cooling system, and predissolve it in warm water first. Then I go for a drive, maybe an hour or so, and then drain, flush; and fill again using a neutralizer like sodium bicarbonate, and flush yet again before returning to whatever my normal coolant was.
  6. Main Bearing shims in Babbit Bearings

    Just the simple absence of shims wouldn't concern me if everything else is up to snuff, many cars, Packard among them, never used shims in the first place.
  7. Packard Ornament but What Year?

    Yup, a cheap knock-off.
  8. Timing 1941 120

    Never ever head of a distributor mount that did not allow for any adjustment. Please, take another look, or remove the distributor and examine. Are you absolutely certain that the two ears you see are not part of a mounting plate like this? This is from a somewhat earlier Packard but is typical of what was used right up thru 1954. If there was insufficient adjustment in the slotted holes, then you loosened the cross-bolt and readjusted the position of the distributor within the clamp.
  9. Timing 1941 120

    Take a closer look at the distributor mount, maybe even use a small mirror. Unless some idiot has modified it, the original distributor mount is moveable to adjust the ignition timing, and the range of movement is also adjustable.
  10. 1958 Cadillac starting issues

    Very likely the problem is simply that your ignition timing is a bit too far advanced.
  11. Can I reuse 1955 Packard 320 headbolts?

    Unless they've been abused or damaged, of course you can reuse your V8 Packard headbolts, they are hi grade and robust as all heck. Hundred and hundreds of these engines have been rebuilt using the existing headbolts, can't say I ever head of a failure due to a head bolt.
  12. HH56, here's a pix of the part, soldered on both ends, one to a flange on the side of the tank and the other to the filler neck within the left-side tail light. Note the evidence of many previous repairs.
  13. If you've still got the brass accordion on your tank filler, you're probably one of the very last to do so, most everyone else having replaced it with a section of gasoline-compatible rubber hose; to my knowledge no one has reproduced the brass bellows. I tried fixing mine several times by annealing it to relieve the "work-hardening" and soldering the leaks but after 2 or 3 attempts I went to gasoline delivery rubber hose.
  14. David, what you've been told is not quite accurate, all the 1934 Eights and Super Eights regardless of wheelbase used the same gas tank.
  15. Packard Question

    It might be too "high end" for you but a premium shop for work on Packards is right in Lebanon, NJ. Automotive Restorations, Route 22 West.