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  1. Owen_Dyneto

    1930 Packard vin# plate

    Very common for dealers to fail to stamp their names and delivery dates. And factory deliveries were always stamped as such. And just to get the name correct, it's a patent plate, not a VIN# plate.
  2. Owen_Dyneto

    1929 Compression

    Packard's published engine specifications for the 640/645 call for 84-87 psi compression.
  3. Owen_Dyneto

    Got an old photo of you as a kid next to a car?

    Great idea for a thread! Pix of myself at 16 with my first car, a 1937 Dodge bought at local church auction in 1957 for $25.
  4. Owen_Dyneto

    maintenance of fabric covered top, 1930's

    What are you calling "fabric"? Rubberized fabric as in the center roof panel of early closed cars? Or plain canvas? Or something else?
  5. Owen_Dyneto

    RTVing intake and head gaskets

    I typically use a copperized head gasket sealant on metal sandwich head gaskets for engines like Packard flathead engines, but would NEVER use RTV there!! In fact there are very few places where I might use RTV, perhaps a differential cover. And gaskets on manifolds on similar engines should not have a sealant as, due to different expansions, the manifolds actually "walk" back and forth against the block as things heat and cool.
  6. Owen_Dyneto

    53-56 Caribbean

    Easy to distinguish a 5-main from a 9 main 327 or the 359, just count the main bearing oil gallery plugs down low on the manifold side of the engine, there will be either 5 or 9.
  7. Owen_Dyneto

    Torquing bolts/studs

    You might be guided by data in this chart.
  8. Owen_Dyneto

    Brake lights on again!

    As 23hack said, you probably need to adjust the pedal free play.
  9. Owen_Dyneto

    Anyone ever have "siping" done to their tires?

    Lesters are still "siped".
  10. Owen_Dyneto

    Trickle charge battery with cables on?

    Sure you can do it that way, I suspect the majority of folks with under-seat batteries have been doing it that way since these cars were new. The only downside is that you miss the opportunity to check the electrolyte level in the battery.
  11. It would be great to have some of the critical dimensions, it looks like it might replace NE 5033469 used in 33/34 Packard Eight and Super Eight, and in short supply. No offset between the two ends, exactly 180 degrees apart?
  12. Owen_Dyneto

    Data for 1929 Olds Ignition Timing

    Your really don't need the original specification, you can do far better by timing "by ear". Just keep advancing until you get the first trace of spark knock on a hard pull in high gear.
  13. Owen_Dyneto

    1934 Super 8 oil cooler question

    Yes, as trimacar said, you seal the ends with paper gaskets. And as to worrying about oil temperatures being too high without the cooler, I've driven my '34 about 40,000 miles with just a shunt in place and no engine problems.
  14. Owen_Dyneto

    1934 Super 8 oil cooler question

    A large number of '34 Eight and Super Eight 1934 Packard owners have been thru this problem. You can try if you're willing to make the effort but chances are very largely in favor of the heat exchanger core not being repairable. Just make a shunt to transport the oil from the inlet across to the outlet. Make sure you don't choke down the diameter of the internal oil passage as this is a full-flow system.
  15. Owen_Dyneto

    1948 Ignition V12 problems Lincoln/Zephyr

    Your car and your choice of course but were it mine, rather than mongrelize a nice bona fide Classic, I'd just have the distributor rebuilt.