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  1. There are 2 listed in the current Packard Club membership directory.
  2. '37 Data Tag Info?

    ....there are a few folks left who know that 1938 was the one pre-war year there was no traditional Packard data plate....! A minor point perhaps, but that's not entirely true. The 1938 Packards produced at the Canadian plant continued to use the traditional metal plate.
  3. '37 Data Tag Info?

    In 1939 Packard's dealer in Riverside, CA was Riverside Motors, 3583 Market Street, Riverside CA.
  4. Changing Brake Pads

    You're speaking of drum brakes so they are brake shoes, not pads. The primary shoe, the one that first contacts the drum and transfers a rotational cam-type force to the secondary shoe, will be the front shoe and primary shoes typically have shorter lining length.
  5. Rear Main Seal for a 41 Century 320 engine

    Nothing wrong with a rope seal, properly installed they will typically last the life of the engine.
  6. Trico Vision All wiper assembly

    Trico Visional wiper repair kits continue to be available from the Michigan region of the CCCA.
  7. Head Gasket Sealer

    I have used Permatex's copperized head gasket sealant for decades and recommend it highly, never a do-over. It comes in aerosol so I hand the gasket by a hook and spray both sides just minutes before installing.
  8. Spark Plugs for 1932 Std Eight

    Autolite 303. And the ferrule unscrews so you can maintain the correct knurled thumbscrew connectors.
  9. AC K10 spark plug --- modern equivalent

    Try Autolite 303, that's what I have run for many years in my '34 Packard Eight, that plug performs perfectly in my engine. Also Autolite 308 a possibility.
  10. Zenith carburetor adjustment

    I presume you already know that, while not inexpensive, you can purchase a correct reproduction Detroit Lubricator carburetor for your 902 Packard.
  11. How to Clean out the Gas tank on a 32 Packard

    I don't entirely agree with Friartuck. On mid-30s and earlier cars where the filler cap is only 2 or 3 inches above the level of fuel in the top of the tank, a LOT of gasoline can spew from under the filler cap on turns. I see it regularly on my friend's 31 Pierce Arrow; reasonably sharp turns at nearly any speed can dump gasoline all over the rear apron, fender, and highway, His tank was serviced many years ago and the baffles removed.
  12. How to Clean out the Gas tank on a 32 Packard

    Yes, the internally baffled tanks do present problems. And I agree with Rusty, once it starts it will never stop unless it's dealt with properly. I wish I could offer specific help, but all I can offer is assurance that it can be dealt with. My '34 Packard has the same 25 gallon, triple compartment tank and about 20 years ago I started picking up rust in the fuel filter. I took the tank to a nationally recognized premier restoration shop that specialized in prewar senior Packards. What they did or who they sent it to I do not know, but it was fixed and has remained trouble-free to this day.
  13. Outside Rear View Mirrors-37 Packard 120 Conv Coupe

    Take a look at the rear view mirror on this '41 LeBaron; it mounts on the short cowl section between the hood and door. These Packard accessory mirrors for this era Packards were reproduced by Jay Fisher who unfortunately is no longer in the business and to my knowledge no one has bought his tooling. Whether Packard actually offered a mirror mount like this for the earlier cars I don't know but regardless it may give you an idea about an alternative place to mount the mirror.
  14. Tool Identification?

    Valve seat pilots and cutters. The correctly sized pilot was selected to fit into the guide and then the correct size and angled cutter used to cut the seat. Nice for historical purposes but more modern high speed stone seat grinders do a superior job.
  15. Try Pulfer & Williams, now a part of LaVine Restorations.