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  1. Owen_Dyneto

    1938 Packard Senior Series Sidemount Lock Problem

    These are Oakes locks, the problem is not entirely uncommon when they haven't been used in 40 or maybe even 50 or 60 or more years. Try a small shot of PB Blaster into the key slot and allowing to soak for a few minutes. If that loosens it up, then a little graphited lock lubricant now and every 25 or so years would be a good idea.
  2. Owen_Dyneto

    Hood strap on a '35 car -- where does it attach?

    Don't know about 1935 senior and newer but on 1934 and back for a few years the end attaches to the same little fixture that holds the rear inside hood rubber bumper pad.
  3. Owen_Dyneto

    Car Identity and Year of Manufacture

    I'd gladly appreciate any help identifying the make of this car and the year of manufacture.
  4. Owen_Dyneto

    Preserving Headlamp Reflectors

    I'm with Tinindian on this, I had my '34 Packard reflectors resilvered perhaps 45 years ago and have polished them 2 or 3 times since then, they still provide acceptable illumination.
  5. Owen_Dyneto

    Classic BMW 1973 restoration

    Probably not the best place to post your query as the car is not as "classic" as defined by the CCCA. Perhaps you'd get better coverage posting in the German (VW,, Mercedes, BMW) section.
  6. Owen_Dyneto

    Misfire Teaser - straight flathead 6

    18 posts Report post x #1 Posted 4 hours ago The real mystery, the internet tells me the firing order should be 153624. However, it's set-up as 142635. Same, just depends if your reading around the cap clockwise or counterclockwise.
  7. Owen_Dyneto

    Radial tubes in bias tires....comments?????

    Radial tubes in bias tires quite common these days, there should be no issues whatsoever with their use.
  8. Owen_Dyneto

    Flat Head Straight 8 327

    The L-head Packard 327 engine was produced from 1948 thru 1954. "327" was cast into the cylinder head, not the block as buckeye2 indicates.
  9. Owen_Dyneto

    1935 Packard twelve 20 000$

    Based on the vehicle number, the car is a 1936, not a 1935.
  10. Owen_Dyneto

    Packard starts stalls starts stalls

    Yes, all the 35-36 models except the junior "120" model have vacuum assisted mechanical brakes.
  11. Owen_Dyneto

    Found it-Wanted Packard 1201 Drum Dust Cover

    Best of luck finding one! Many street corner repair garages just tossed them away when doing brake work, saying you didn't need them (somewhat true), so they are indeed very hard to find. I'm missing one on my '34 Packard, I've been looking on and off for decades, not always that seriously, but have never found one.
  12. Owen_Dyneto

    What model is this ashtray from?

    What do you say it's Packard?
  13. Owen_Dyneto

    Side Mount Mirrors

    Perhaps the fellow on the East Coast that you were thinking of was Jay Fisher who made a huge array of various mirrors. But he gave up the business some years back and to my knowledge no one picked up his tooling or operation. I recently loaded a See-Rite sidemount mirror with clamping base for 33-34 Packard metal sidemount covers to American Arrow for reproduction, perhaps they have others as well.
  14. Owen_Dyneto

    1930 Packard vin# plate

    No, it's only stamped on the Patent Plate. In the event the patent plate was missing or the number mutilated, Packard could identify all the particulars of any car built in 1929 or later thru the "theft-proof" or body serial number, the large embossed number on the cowl. Unfortunately those factory files have not survived on only very small segments of them have been recreated by a few Packard historians. PS - minor point but take a look at the plate, it's a vehicle number (VN), not a vehicle identification number (VIN). VIN generally refers to that very long federally mandated identification number that came along long after Packard was gone.
  15. Owen_Dyneto

    Company that makes Body Tags for Cars name please

    Pulfer and Williams, now a part of LaVine Restorations. A very large range of tags, and excellent quality.