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  1. Can I reuse 1955 Packard 320 headbolts?

    Unless they've been abused or damaged, of course you can reuse your V8 Packard headbolts, they are hi grade and robust as all heck. Hundred and hundreds of these engines have been rebuilt using the existing headbolts, can't say I ever head of a failure due to a head bolt.
  2. HH56, here's a pix of the part, soldered on both ends, one to a flange on the side of the tank and the other to the filler neck within the left-side tail light. Note the evidence of many previous repairs.
  3. If you've still got the brass accordion on your tank filler, you're probably one of the very last to do so, most everyone else having replaced it with a section of gasoline-compatible rubber hose; to my knowledge no one has reproduced the brass bellows. I tried fixing mine several times by annealing it to relieve the "work-hardening" and soldering the leaks but after 2 or 3 attempts I went to gasoline delivery rubber hose.
  4. David, what you've been told is not quite accurate, all the 1934 Eights and Super Eights regardless of wheelbase used the same gas tank.
  5. Packard Question

    It might be too "high end" for you but a premium shop for work on Packards is right in Lebanon, NJ. Automotive Restorations, Route 22 West.
  6. Strange slits cut into lower side skirts of Pistons????

    An expansion slot to control skirt expansion, an extremely common feature found on the vast majority of pistons.
  7. coil position

    I can't speak definitively about your 1926 DB, but many, many cars had their ignition coils mounted at an angle with the high tension tower facing downwards.
  8. renew distributor pigtail wire insulation

    A good selection of distributor leads is as close as the local NAPA store.
  9. Why One Noisy Valve?

    Yes they can. If the cylinder head is off you can make the job easier by blocking those valves that are open with wooden wedges so they stay open when the rocker/lever roller assembly is removed. But even with the cylinder head on the rocker lever/roller assemblies can be removed and replaced. Curious why you didn't post your question in the Packard section of this forum.
  10. Why One Noisy Valve?

    Worn cam follower roller or associated pin.
  11. Packard engine question

    Packard made one or more non-magnetic diesel V16s in the 50s for the US Navy for use in minesweepers. They never made a V-16 automotive engine. EDIT: The production of the V-16 marine engines for minesweeper use was 40 units according to Bob Neal's superb book on Packard engines.
  12. Move over Tesla this was around 100 years ago

    Railway Express Agency (REA) was using electric delivery trucks in New York City as late as the early 1960s. Big, solid rubber tire beasts perhaps dating back several decades. I'm hopeful someone will turn up a photo.
  13. 1934 Brewster Town Car

    One of the better-known Brewster Buicks.
  14. 6v to 12v conversion for automatic choke

    Why reinvent everything for no net gain or benefit? The original carburetor and automatic choke (Slsson) were a rather flawless combination that gave long, reliable performance.
  15. Two piece driveshaft

    Have it revulcanized. Steele Rubber has been offering this service for some years. Not inexpensive!