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    I do have a '68 Riviera Christophe, as in the signature picture, but it is a tribute car (. . . a clone), and not a true GS from the factory. The Fisher body plate will give you some information on the car, but you should also have a copy of the'68 Buick Shop Manual. They are available in hard copy, or CD format, but in English only., and all the information you need to know about your Riviera will be found there ! Next to the car, it is probably the best investment you can make !
  2. The plastic filler pieces have a molded groove at the very top edge that fits right into the metal lip of the trunk opening Ken. Pat's trunk picture shows exactly how those plastic fillers should fit right into the metal trunk lip ! The trunk seal weather strip rubber should cover the top edge of fillers though.
  3. I understand your wanting to fill that gap, with a 'stock' filler - there was a time when little tings like that really bugged me too ! The filler piece you have fabricated looks just as good, and those empty screw holes are finally filled with two shiny, new screws. . . . enjoy Ken ! FYI - From your photos Ken, I just noticed your trunk filler pieces are not seated properly in the lower lip along the trunk opening? They also mount above the supports in the bumper and the screws secure them in place. The blind captive nuts mount on the 4 bumper supports. See Pat's trunk photo for comparison - they are properly positioned into that lower lip. That is why the filler pieces were made from flexible abs plastic to fill the gap between the body and the bumper.

    It's a "keeper" Christophe - those wide "whites" really look good on the RED car ! . . . enjoy !
  5. They all come with the large caps supplied Mike, but smaller aftermarket caps are available. If you had the vacuum door lock option that would use the smaller port on the manifold.
  6. Engine shuts off

    Possibly fuel starvation ? On my '68 the aged, old rubber fuel line hose would collapse and cut off the fuel flow to the mechanical vacuum fuel pump - replacing the old rubber fuel line with new rubber fuel line solved the problem !
  7. If it's any consolation kreed, I installed a '69 centre filler pieces in my '68 but it interfered with the gas flip filler door, so I turfed it. . . . seemed like s good idea at the time, but you still end up with a gap above the fuel filler door, so that filler piece didn't really accomplish much !
  8. Good shot Mike - that vacuum distribution manifold is a lot sturdier than the original, and you can utilize one of the existing screw holes to mount it. It has ample vacuum ports for most Riviera requirements - GM # 1239606
  9. Al - Badger Riviera Fan - did you see that? I know you were after one !
  10. . . . great pic Gene, so glad we got to meet him !
  11. Original '68 Riviera GSs with buckets are getting scarce - there are still a few left, but the good ones are few and far between ! You just have to keep beating the bushes, and keep looking !
  12. . . . the hardest part of the whole operation is finding that 1/4x20 threaded hole in the Q-Jet ! LOL
  13. Heat riser rebuid?

    If your a fair weather driver like most of us northern classic Riviera owners you probably don't even need it Steve. But if it is removed you will need to add a spacer to compensate for it. The underside in your photo is tapered for the flared exhaust pipe. You could also use the old unit minus the baffle, spring, shaft and counter weight as a spacer too. Just weld the baffle shaft holes closed to prevent any exhaust leak, and install a new Felpro exhaust gasket on the flat side. The electric choke modification will help with cold weather starts when needed !
  14. You should check out the ROA website Steve when you get a chance - www.rivowners.org - and consider becoming a member, tell them #155 sent you ! LOL Plenty of Riviera owners there from all years and various international locations ! Where is Essex - near Toronto?
  15. Splined steering column?

    . . . It was so long ago I don't even remember the name Mike, but I think he was from Florida. He was at Fall Carlisle, PA and had a display trailer set up, so I left my best steering wheel with him and picked it up the following spring. It cost about a $100 US greenbacks way back then, and has stood the test of time as it still looks great.