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  1. . . . or a '68 Riviera, which is a very close kissing cousin of the '69 Riviera !
  2. 68RIVGS

    Painting Exhaust manifolds?

    To me, the patina of rusty cast iron exhaust manifolds looks much more natural than any painted or ceramic coated versions ! I'm with Seafoam65 n that topic !
  3. 68RIVGS

    69 Riv Cowl Screen?

    On second generation '68 -'70 Riviera - the upper portion of the cowl screen was secured under the lower windshield molding which is fastened with sheet metal screws. The lower potion of the screen was held in place with spring steel clips that also secured the rear rubber hood cowl seal .
  4. I believe the stand up hood emblem was an option, or maybe an owner added item from a later model Riviera Mr. Paul ?
  5. You are correct Pat - '69s wheel well trims are identical !
  6. . . . good for you Sebastian - now just enjoy it, and happy motoring !
  7. Never bothered to keep track of it Sebastian, the gas gauge doesn't work, and always reads FULL. I'm too lazy to fix it, so I just top it up every second week in our summer season, or before going on a long trip. I use 94 octane and probably average about 15 mpg. Others here can probably provide an accurate answer for you.
  8. The 430 will get about 9-18 mpg, depending how heavy your right foot is - not sure what that is in litres per kilometer. It likes high test fuel, or Av gas f you can get it, but it will perform OK on non-leaded fuel with proper tuning. If fuel consumption is a concern, the 430 is not the most economical engine to operate !
  9. 68RIVGS


    I second Jason's suggestion ! There must be some reliable transmission shops in or around the London, Ontario area ?
  10. Just to add a little to Jason's post - the original, white AC Delco PF24 filters had the letters AC embossed on the bottom of the filter ! Those are now probably 'unobtainium' - and I'm on my last one from a 'bulk' purchase made 22 years ago at $1 each, from my local GM dealer. I bought their entire stock of 22 - just too good a bargain to pass up ! Who in their right mind would buy one of these incorrect facsimiles at $26 US + $75 for shipping ? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/253055719085?rmvSB=true
  11. . . . thanks Mike - all those Riviera's are beautiful - some more than others !
  12. . . . just putting the battery back in, top up the tranny oil, and were good to go !
  13. I have always used AC Delco PF-24s = fresh oil and a new filter every season, whether it needs it, or not !
  14. . . . what Pat said !! From the Fisher Body Plate: Paint Code L6 Paint Code L is Medium Teal Blue Mist, and 6 is a White vinyl roof.