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  1. x3!! The only detrimental thing I noticed was the rusty rear side of the spare tire - glaring and staring at you in the middle of the impeccable trunk ! Almost all of the optional chrome road wheels end up looking like this, as the manufacturer was only concerned with the outside face of the wheel. A light media blast, backside only, and a coating of some protective paint (...silver/grey?) would certainly reduce the rust problem, and enhance the appearance of the reverse side of all the chrome wheels! Granted, this is not factory, probably due to the additional manufacturing process and expense involved, but it sure would improve the appearance, and pristine look of the reverse side of these optional chrome road wheels ! . . . thanks for posting Winston!
  2. Gremlins

    . . . going strictly on memory Paul, but if your window mechanism is the same as '68s there is an arm that has a large pivot point (...near the front of the glass), that can rust and seize, or does not allow the mechanism to pivot freely. That may be the source of your problem, and the motor cannot overcome the resistance necessary to get that large heavy, front window glass moving. During my resto I changed out all the non-tinted glass, for date correct, tinted versions from an AC parts car. On both front window glass mechanisms this pivot point was rusted and required freeing up before installation. A little lubrication of light grade oil on all rollers and pivot points may help?
  3. . . . welcome to the wonderful world of RIVIERA, and the ROA forum !
  4. . . . sure l@@k like push bars to me !! LOL
  5. I was fortunate enough to score two NOS AC cannisters off 'evilBay' years ago - they were advertised as Cadillac parts! Once installed, my headlight problems went away, but prior to that I replaced the vacuum manifold on the lower portion of the firewall. The original Riviera plastic manifolds did not age well, and were prone to stress cracks in the plastic housing which rendered the vacuum system "useless". I also replaced most of the vacuum lines in the system with new rubber lines, as rubber deteriorates with age, and engine heat. . . . keep us posted on your progress jonahboo - it may just help others with vacuum headlight problems !
  6. Nothing like resurrecting a thread from the dead !! Those Summit vacuum canisters look very similar to the Riviera units, but the application states Chevrolet Camero? The price seems very reasonable for those new Summit cannisters, especially if they will fit a Riviera ! Corvette autos with hidden lamps and headlight doors also used similar vacuum components that will fit Riviera - headlight switch, and vacuum relay. Sounds like there is definitely a leak somewhere in your vacuum system as Pat stated. Could be as simple as a split hose, or very complicated to try to isolate a specific faulty component. The '68, or '69 shop manuals have a lot of information on the vacuum headlight system. Ever wonder why most of the manufacturers stopped using them ? As I stated way back in 2007, a real P.I.T.A. ! . . . good luck, and keep us posted johnaboo.
  7. Fuel Tank Help

    . . . good posting Paul and Jason !
  8. . . . admitting it is just the first step to recovery Paul !! LOL
  9. No - but the bumper has to come off to access 4 speed nuts that secure the bezel to the bumper along the top edge of the bezel. There are 4 pins that align the top of each tail light bezel to the bumper opening. Then when you have the bumper off you can remove the taillight housings quite easily, if need be. Left and right side housings are interchangeable side to side, but the bezels are left and right only. On reassembly leave the retaining speed nuts off the locating pins on the top of bezel, so you won't have to pull the bumper next time round ! Simply secure the bezels with the self tapping screws to the cage nuts at either end of the bezels. The top speed nuts are almost inaccessible with the bumper mounted on the car ! The cast pins in the bezel can be brittle and corroded with age, and may easily break off the bezel !
  10. The '69 bezels had two vertical bars cast into them - they were introduced late in the '68 model year. It is not uncommon to see both types on later '68 Riviera, but '69 Riviera should only have the vertical bar bezels. Both types are interchangeable, and mount with screws at iether end of the bezels.
  11. Your welcome Mike, that's what ROA is all about !! When you say bubbled - do you mean pitted? You can see some of the pitting in the right bezel. The bezels were cast in pot metal, and very prone to pitting with age and exposure to road salt in winter driving ! The NOS bezel was purchased from the Buick Farm, (...their last one), and I managed to trade a decent right side '69 picked up in my travels, for a decent '68 from fellow ROA member "Briz" in sunny Florida. His '68 had one of each type and he wanted a 'matching' pair ! Decent non-pitted '68 or '69 original bezels are becoming quite scarce to find. It took roughly 2 hours to mask the bezels, and approx. 2 minutes to 'rattle can' them !
  12. I do Mike, but I'll need some time to smell them, oops - I mean find them! LOL Sorry Ed - just couldn't resist - I thought to myself: Has that Ed guy been sniffing high octane AV GAS again ? (. . . My Riviera photos are scattered over 3 computer hard drives). The left hand bezel is an NOS one, and you can see it almost closely matches the grill surround color, and does provide a nice contrast. The right hand side is Ed's argent silver as most original bezels had faded, or lost the painted inserts completely. I ended up repainting both the bezels with the same color paint I used on the grill surround, which is a close match to the '86 GM Medium Grey Metallic on the car. (. . . colors will vary depending on your browser color adjustments) Not exactly factory, but a mild custom look - I call them Randyisms, and " i " likes it, so there !!
  13. They are '66 -'70 centre caps and those wheels look good with the trim rings !!
  14. 2010 Hershey ROA Meet
  15. I'm sure it's specified somewhere Mike, but I could never find the specific formula. As my car is an '86 GM Medium Grey Metallic (...non-original), I color matched the grill surround for a subtle mild custom look. The same grey was also used for the painted areas in the pot metal tail light bezels if that helps Mike. A picture from the 2010 Hershey meet (...next post) - that really doesn't show the correct color, but you can see the results. Click on smaller pictures to enlarge for viewing.