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  1. Thanks Ed - unfortunately, the easiest way to get the pan off is to pull the engine - see Jason's post #5.
  2. Question - To replace the rear crank seal on a 2nd generation Riviera 430, is it necessary to pull the engine and tranny as a unit, or can it be accomplished by just removing the ST400 tranny and the oil pan ? As I recall, the engine mounts need to be loosened to raise the engine to gain clearance so the pan will clear the frame cross member for removal, but the engine is also supported by the rear tranny mount, so it may be a lot easier to pull both as a unit ?
  3. '65 Window Sticker

    . . . yah got that right Ed !!
  4. The aluminum front drums were bigger (...wider shoes), than the .cast iron rear drums, but the bolt pattern was the same. To put aluminum fronts on the rear you had to change the brake shoes - same diameters, but different widths, and remove the heavy centre hub. Since most of the braking was on the front drums, something like 60/40 - there was little advantage to swapping the rear cast iron drums, other than esthetics.
  5. Pontivera

    . . . very coooooool car !!
  6. I can probably find a home for the fender splash shields Jason - those look brand new? Shipping to Canada - Postal Code K2S 1J1, whenever you can, no rush - the parcel will just get hung up in all the Xmas rush stuff !
  7. . . . . a little house cleaning Jason?
  8. Dum,dum?

    . . . the calking material is also called perma-gum, because it remains soft and pliable.
  9. Dum,dum?

    CTC (...Canadian Tire), carries a strip type, grey calking product for sealing too - similar to the 3M calk, it works fine, just like the original GM stuff!
  10. Thanks for those links Randall, and thanks for your great pics Tim !!
  11. Thanks for the great photos EmTee - a lot of nice Buicks there, in fact, a lot of nice vintage cars there ! !
  12. . . . any more pictures, or additional info from attendees on this recent meet in Lake George NY ? I did see the article in the latest Riview, and I also heard that Al Schmidt had an offer for his '70 winner from Wayne Carini !
  13. '65 Window Sticker

    Never knew that, . . . thanks for that update Dave !
  14. '65 Window Sticker

    Thanks, that's him Jim ! The email address I have is mrtromm4@gmail.com He will also laminate your reproduction copy for a fee, and you can order multiple copies for additional cost. I'm sure other ROA/AACA members might be interested.
  15. '65 Window Sticker

    There is a member on v8buick who can reproduce your window sticker for any year, or model of Buick. Don't recall his contact info at the moment, but I will find it and post it later !