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  1. . . . thanks for sharing Paul - an ideal replacement gasket that matches the deteriorated foam originals !!
  2. . . . shoulda seen it when it was just a rolling chassis at Hershey, PA in 2010 - it was a real work of art ! Too bad most of it disappeared when the body went back on - a real bonafide winner for sure ! Excellent article Jason - almost time for another project. LOL
  3. . . . and how much 'gold' did you fork out for that brandy new switch Mr. Paul? I heard that they were scarce and priced accordingly - I paid $65 US for a NOS Red Boyne in 2001. Now comes the fun part - installing it !
  4. It does have a correct, proper right hand rear view mirror option, rear widow defogger and different size white walls (front to back).
  5. Correct Tom - if I remember correctly, BPM Red ( GP 2.895 #5698899) fits all with cornering lamps. The one Craig has (...#7800483) is a Delco, White, or Green switch, fits all, and is less cornering lamps? Both types had the hazard warning switch. ( Info from '68 Buick Parts Book - effective date May 1968)
  6. Craig has, and has listed many NOS Buick parts on various Buick sites and he is still living somewhere in the '60s !! . . . if your interested in what he has - CALL him !
  7. . . . one of the best automotive magazines available ! They have done feature articles on most of the different generations of Riviera. If you go to collectibleautomobile.com you can download the CA index for all publications starting May 1984. 'evilBay' is also a good source for finding back issues of the publication, as Steve stated !
  8. . . . my most little or no fun option was vacuum anything - '68s and '69s were full of them !!
  9. . . . well deserved Jason - too great !!
  10. Thanks for the 'heads up' Terry - Danbury and Franklin are very good sources for quality die cast models ! . . . some collectors prefer 1:43 scale Ed - a big advantage is they don't take as much space to display compared to larger 1:18 scale models ! Usually the fine details and small parts are reasonably close to scale on high quality 1:43 die cast cars like Minichamps,
  11. They are stainless steel 'belt line' mouldings and will polish up quite nicely Paul !
  12. Try a search on the ROA website for Darwin's Riviera production articles in Past Issues of the Riview ?
  13. I concur with Jason for second generation cars on this one - the adhesive will help seal out moisture in the areas specified !
  14. B e a u t y is always in the " i " of the beholder !
  15. . . . as Pat stated, it's a custom interior, and a nice one that matches the '69 pattern right down to the pleats and all the button inserts ! The only 'factory option' available for '69 was vinyl seats with cloth inserts that were a similar colour,to the vinyl seats and the interior.