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  1. My pleasure Eddie ! Buicks.net has a very comprehensive listing of all the Big Block Buick part numbers that includes all the 400,430 and 455 exhaust manifold part numbers by year. Just do a google search for 430 exhaust manifolds and it should come up. All the members here are quite helpful !!
  2. Hi Eddie and a warm Welcome to the ROA, and the ROA forum on the AACA website ! You are correct in that a 400 manifold will fit, as well as 430s, and some 455s. Just remember you need a left side manifold with a flat surface to accommodate the heat riser valve. Some of the 455 manifolds have a flat surface, but some also have tapered ends that were used for non-heat riser exhaust systems. The bolt pattern is the same for all, and you will probably need exhaust gaskets to seal a 'used' manifold to the head. The original manifolds were bolted directly to the heads without gaskets but the mounting surfaces were flat and clean ! A search on the internet should yield all the part number information as to interchangeability for various years. The various internet Buick sites are probably good sources for 'used' manifolds, as well as 'evilBay'. 430 engines were also used in Wildcats and Electra 225s so there should be no shortage of used exhaust manifolds.
  3. . . . doesn't cost anything to dream, even if it is in technicolor !!
  4. . . . at least you'll know for the next time Mike !! 😁
  5. 68RIVGS

    Halogen Headlights

    . . . thanks for the simple schematic KongaMan - I'm sure others will appreciate it too !
  6. 68RIVGS

    Halogen Headlights

    . . . got a schematic for this fix KongaMan ?
  7. The wire ribbon on the new switch will not feed down the steering column with the lower connector attached ! I disconnected the lower connector on the new switch wire ribbon after carefully making a diagram of all the pin locations, with appropriate wire colors.(...see shop manual ). The pins can be removed from the connector using the tip of an Exacto blade and bending the small tang that locks them into the circular connector. Then the new wire ribbon was pulled down through the steering column easily by securely taping it to the old wire ribbon. after the switch portion was cut off. Once the new switch wire ribbon was fed down through the steering column, the connector pins were then reinserted into the plug in column connector at the bottom of the column. The new switch was secured at the top of the column with the same screws removed from the old switch, and the hazard warning actuator was instaleed. The turn signal arm was installed and the switch was tested before replacing the cancelling cam, steering wheel, and horn bar. Clean all the horn contacts while you have it apart. . . . trust this makes the replacement a little easier !
  8. All the 2nd gen Riviera had vacuum locks, '66 - '70 with miles of !/8" color coded hoses ! When did they go electric ?
  9. FYI: If you decide to use a double row timing chain, you may have to shim the '68 mechanical fuel pump, or slot the mounting holes slightly so the mechanical fuel pump arm will clear the double row chain, or just install an electric fuel pump.
  10. . . . do yourself a favor Stavros, and replace that old vacuum manifold with one from Mike S ! They are much sturdier units - I also installed the same one in my '68 Riviera. You will need heat to remove those manifold bolts, so the availability of a cutting torch is a 'must have' , to generate sufficient heat to remove exhaust manifold bolts, or you can try Tom's suggestion above? . . . a job I have avoided for a few years now, but will attempt this Fall - both exhaust manifolds have cracked !
  11. I've had a Pertronics #1181 for GM 57- 74, 8 cyl. in my tool box for just over 12 years, since June 2006 and it has never failed ! . . . judging from all the positive responses here, maybe I should attempt to install it in my car ? 😄
  12. 68RIVGS

    1968 Riv Power Antenna

    . . . bummer ! ! They do show up on 'evilBay" from time to time, if you were looking to replace the manual with an electric antenna BBK. They are common to all 2nd generation Riviera, and some other GM cars from that era.
  13. ...pretty sure the fender has to be removed, as the blower motor is tucked way up under the upper rear portion of the right fender. In any case, the wheel well must be removed, and after doing that, you can determine if the fender should be pulled.
  14. . . . been soooooooooooooo long since I've even looked at mine Jason, I might well be wrong ! I'll have to dig up my originals to double check and confirm later. You would assume they are all the same for 2nd gen cars, judging from your evilBay pic and Pat's photo !
  15. Recovered trunk cardboards would give a more finished look to the overall trunk area Mike - just my opinion ! You could reinforce the jack shaft cut out with some plastic edging to reduce wear 'n tear on the board ? Printed cardboard trunk liners must be a '66, and maybe a '67 only luxury Mr. Paul ?