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  1. The '66-'67 electric types were much more reliable than the vacuum systems in '68-'69s ! Even the optional door locks were vacuum operated with miles of color coded rubber hoses to make them function. One split hose and the entire vacuum system was rendered useless !
  2. There is no seal at the top of the bellows type boot Mike, the originals were just a tight, slip fit, around the chrome plated, steel shaft of the actuator rod. When the shafts age, they become pitted, or the plating fails and the thin rubber, bellows type, sleeves get chewed up. They should have used stainless steel for the vacuum canister rods, and maybe an 'O' ring to seal the top of the bellows type boot? I use a light oil on the shafts to protect them from dirt and corrosion, and allow the rod to slide freely through the small, slip fit opening in the top of the boot. . . . so far good, and working as designed, but nothing last forever !
  3. They did stamp the VIN number on the '66 frame on Riviers. Jason Zerbini had found his on the '66 'frame off', in two locations as I recall, that he brought to the ROA annual meet in Hershey, PA 2010. Don't know about the tin Indians ?
  4. Sorry Paul, and Mike, these rare, NOS AC units were installed in my car when I completed my restoration some 30+ years ago ! They replaced my original units that were rusted very badly, and totally non-functioning, and they have performed flawlessly since then. The picture was primarily intended to show what '68/'69 vacuum canisters look like, my apologies for any confusion. The person I bought the NOS AC units from in Florida had a case of 6 NOS units, listed under Cadillac parts and they all sold on 'evilBay' for $45 a pair, many, many moons ago. She was clearing out the garage after her husband had passed away. Obviously, she never really knew the value of these NOS items ! . . . like I said; right place, right time, with some spare US greenbacks.
  5. . . . a couple of project cars that probably need some TLC and maybe a little more !
  6. Correct drain plug washer

    Copper type seals get crushed after the first application, and may leak each time they are reused there after ! The nylon type washers are more durable, and can be reused without any leak problems. Simply match the nylon seal to the corresponding surface of your oil pan plug. . . . it's not exactly rocket science Rodney !
  7. Unfortunately, the Pontiac GTO actuators are different than the '68 - '69 Riviera type vacuum actuators ! Here is a picture of the '68-'69 Riviera type vacuum actuators. These were probably the last NOS units in captivity that I was fortunate enough to score on 'evilBay' quite a while back. They also fit Cadillac, and were listed under Cadillac parts - huh ? . . . right place, right time, with some spare cash ! .
  8. . . . still looking BadgerRiv Fan - they are almost 'unobtanium' - a very scarce item !
  9. The '68 and '69 vacuum canisters and vacuum headlight systems are identical ! It might be some other component in the vacuum headlight system that is not working, or quite up to par Carbuff2, so don't assume it's the vacuum cannisters. One split hose, vacuum leak, or a single faulty component can render the system useless ! The Shop Manual for both years covers the vacuum headlight system, and the various components quite thoroughly, trouble diagnosis or finding the faulty component(s) can be a P.I.T.A. ! Certain years of GM Corvettes also used the same parts for their vacuum headlights and air vents. . . . good luck !
  10. You might be fortunate enough to find a correct NOS new gasket, that was not needed, but they are scarce !
  11. . . . ' unobtainium' as Pat, and others have stated, common to '69-'70 Riviera only !
  12. . . . sold for $327.66 US greenbacks - someone else figured it was NOS too !
  13. I vote for NOS - The hardware (...silver cad plated, self tapping screws on the mast tube, and the screw threads at the base of the motor housing mount are still clean), the pot metal motor housing doesn't show any signs of corrosion, or an accumulation of dirt. The mast tube was made from galvanized metal that darkens with age. It has the finish of a 50 year old part that was stored under unknown conditions in it's original GM Buick packaging. Look at the condition of the box that also shows it's age, after being stored all these years. In any case, this NOS electric antenna assembly will fit all 2nd generation Riviera ! Note how far the retracted antenna protrudes from the top portion of the antenna black nylon bushing!
  14. Grumpy Cat

    . . . think you mean - shoulda, woulda, coulda? Paul !!
  15. Grumpy Cat

    . . . too cute Paul !! LOL