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  1. Try a search on the ROA website for Darwin's Riviera production articles in Past Issues of the Riview ?
  2. I concur with Jason for second generation cars on this one - the adhesive will help seal out moisture in the areas specified !
  3. B e a u t y is always in the " i " of the beholder !
  4. . . . as Pat stated, it's a custom interior, and a nice one that matches the '69 pattern right down to the pleats and all the button inserts ! The only 'factory option' available for '69 was vinyl seats with cloth inserts that were a similar colour,to the vinyl seats and the interior.
  5. It just makes for less resistance to bleed the air out of the system, and with the cap off the ps reservoir, if the engine was started the power steering fluid would oil spray anything and everything under the hood, including the underside of the hood !
  6. The manual does not have that information Chris, and mirror locating information for different models is usually furnished on a printed instruction sheet included with an accessory mirror.
  7. x4 with Winston - while they do look OK, custom wheels on a custom car, stock wheels for an original car !
  8. New rubber is more resilient than the old weather strip it replaced, so it will take some time for the new material to compress a little after you have the correct installation !
  9. . . . yah just can't rush mother nature, still way too early here in the frozen north !!
  10. Does look pretty good but the grill is damaged, and they are almost 'unobtainium', even in 'good used' shape, and that vinyl roof may be a little crusty ?
  11. Nothing available, no one makes aftermarket, or repro tanks for 2nd generation Riviera that I am aware of. The '66 to '70 models all used the same tank due to the position of the spare tire well design, sunk into the trunk floor. Your best bet is 'good used', the condition of which may be uncertain, or simply have the original tank serviced when you get the car across the pond?
  12. WARNING ! . . . collecting dealer promo's, or die cast cars, any scale, or any model, can be very, very, addictive and harmful to your wallet !! LOL . . . don't ask me how I know !
  13. The regular marker lamps were small rectangular openings, while the larger opening was for cornering lamps, which was an option for any Riviera.
  14. . . . they could park it in my garage anytime !!
  15. As Pat stated the mounting holes are identical but the '68 hood spear comes to a peak and stands taller, while a correct '69 is much flatter. '68 and '69s are close kissing cousins and do share quite a few trim pieces that are easily interchangeable between the two years, but they may not actually be correct for the model year. Another subtle difference is hood hinges - they look the same, but '69 hinges allow the hood to open higher than the '68, whooda thunk ?