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  1. Some years ago, Darrin grilles were recast using an original unit as a pattern. If this is a recast, you'll want to be sure the mount holes line up before committing to a purchase. It's been said that some of the recasts don't fit well.
  2. jimkf

    Help With Grille ID

    I think it's 70s AMC or Jeep but can't be sure. It belongs to a friend and he says there are no part numbers or other markings on it. Any ideas?
  3. jimkf

    NOS Kaiser-Frazer inner fender panel

    Fits 1949 and '50 Kaiser or Frazer.
  4. jimkf

    What car is this gas tank for?

    Henry J.
  5. jimkf

    What car is this gas tank for?

    Henry J.
  6. jimkf

    What car is this gas tank for?

    1947 thru 50 Kaiser and 1947 thru 1951 Frazer.
  7. jimkf

    51 Dragon value?

    In 1951, the Dragon was a trim variant based on the Deluxe model. For 1953, the Dragon became its own model with options like power steering and fancier interiors. 1951 Dragons are under appreciated because of the more upscale 53 cars, however, a nice 51 Dragon can be a great car to own. The 1951 cars are simpler to maintain, parts are more plentiful and it's the first year for the new body style. Looking at the pictures, the car appears to be an early model Dragon based on the bulge in the firewall. Early 51 Kaisers had the bulge added to use up leftover 49-50 Kaiser Motorola radios. Later cars don't have the bulge and the radio is the same as in the 52-55 Kaisers. I'm part of the NADA Value Guide appraisal group and Kaiser and Frazer cars are my specialty. Based on the pictures, I think the earlier assessment of $3-5K is in line with a car of this condition. There is a following for these cars so it shouldn't be a problem finding a buyer in that price range.
  8. jimkf

    What is this part go on?

    Looks like part of the clutch shaft assembly for a Kaiser Darrin.
  9. jimkf

    What is it?

    Kaiser Darrin.
  10. jimkf

    What is It??

    Looks like a customized 51 Henry J.
  11. jimkf

    Unknown item threaded into exhaust manifold

    Yes, I did miss a critical word...air. As the exhaust valve cycled, it drew air into the manifold which was supposed to reduce the amount of unburned fuel being sucked out of the combustion chamber. I have no idea if they really worked.
  12. jimkf

    Unknown item threaded into exhaust manifold

    The device pictured was supposed to allow into the exhaust manifold thru a butterfly valve under the cap as the exhaust pulse went by. This was supposed to improve mileage by reducing the fuel pulled out of the cylinder during cam overlap. Did they work? Who knows...some folks swore by them...other at them as being snake oil. I saw one for sale on ebay a while back and it was made by Clear-Ex.
  13. jimkf

    Unknown GM part

    It's a transmission shift control assembly and fits a Chevy, probably from 1949 thru 54.
  14. I checked our club registry and the car is not listed. So, I encourage you to add it by going to this website: https://eskimo.com/~hhagen/reg/reg.htm About your car, it does look like someone took a few liberties and added parts from other years. The front bumper bridge and bullets as well as the headlight doors are from a 1953 Kaiser. The same holds true for the rear fender spears, tail lights and bumper - bridge and bullets too. The hood ornament and 'V' are also from a 53. Two door Kaisers are not common and one that appears to be free of major rust is even more rare. I attended Sunday's auction and saw the car on a trailer in a nearby parking lot. I thought it looked pretty good. Our club site - www.kfclub.com