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  1. Please help ID Econo-Minder

    It is a Cadillac gauge. Question: If you are driving a Cadillac, is economy a big concern?
  2. Auto Inspection Companies

    What I am trying to point out is, not all inspectors are bad/incompetent/whatever. In my case I was able to tell him what I wanted photographed/inspected. His opinions were noted, but not relied on by me in making my decision. The photos were relied on by me, heavily. After all, pictures do not lie, right? I think for a commercial inspection to be of value one has to be able to direct the inspector in terms of what to inspect and photograph. Many inspection services do not allow such. That they do not is a red flag!. Some only allow communication with the inspector after the inspection has been completed. Another red flag. Some allow no one-on-one communication. You get a report and that is it. Run from such entities! Of course, we all agree that doing your own inspection is best. That is not always possible. When it is not, we want someone who is knowledgeable with respect to old rides, and the particular marque. That said, even if I hired/asked Matt Harwood to look at a ride for me I would want to tell him what to look at and photograph. If, when doing so he said, "I know what to inspect and do not need your directives," well, I would be looking to find another inspector!
  3. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    The town in question is Shipshewana (LaGrange Co.), IN.. It boasts a population of 658 . And yes, it does have lodging - http://www.shipshewana.com/
  4. Auto Inspection Companies

    Interesting! Guess it is all a matter of perspective. An inspector killing your deal might be viewed as a wonderful lifesaver by a potential buyer? I used an inspection service once to look at a car for me in WA state. I was in WI, and not desirous of taking a trip to the coast. I was able to request/instruct as to specific things I wanted inspected. I was very satisfied with the result/report. I say that, as it convinced me not to buy the car!
  5. Who knows? What I do know is, I would not be hiring a lawyer in the 21st century who thinks 20th century events strike a responsive chord/speak to: Generation X (Baby Bust) Xennials Generation Y - The Millennials - Gen Next iGen / Gen Z Gen Alpha or that he is "with it" in terms of either current affairs or current law/legal trends!
  6. 1950 Buick 2 door hardtop

    Pray tell, when was that ("putting it in the shed")?
  7. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    My understanding is the agreement between Hostetler and the city mandated that the museum be kept open during his lifetime.
  8. Flying car. Forgetting history?

    Being a former Pinto owner, I was always a fan of:
  9. Compar-O-Meter Automobile Headlight Tester

    My suggestion, in terms of testing, would be to shine the beam from an older 2-cell flashlight at it and see what, if anything happens?
  10. Here is a current Milwaukee, WI billboard ad. I wonder how old the attorneys are?
  11. Engine to identify

    Keiser, Somehow I knew you were going to say that. Seems like a step backward, expect for the fact that 6V was the norm and 12V was the oddball (and more expensive due to law of supply and demand).
  12. Engine to identify

    Pray tell what was the voltage in use by Dodge prior to 1927?
  13. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Guess I did not realize at the time I registered for a replacement that Kidde wanted the old extinguisher returned? At any rate, FedEx picked up the defective one today.
  14. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Mine arrived today after being advised by Kidde on 11 Dec there was a delay in filling replacement requsts.
  15. Torque Wrench history

    While I have both types, I am more than old enough to recall when the clickers came onto the market. Their accuracy/reliability was questioned. I suspect it still is. I myself tend to put more trust in my beam-er.