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  1. What is this 1950s 2 door station wagon?

    Photo is found in a couple of places on the net - http://rebrn.com/sub/OldSchoolCool/?from=236763 http://rebrn.com/re/my-uncle-and-cousin-in-the-s-236594/
  2. I have avoided adding my 2 cents, but shall now. I have/use/love/recommend the Mohawk A-7. It is a 2-post asymmetric. For me, safety was a major factor. I went with American made. While they are expensive, I bought my used. It came from a closed auto mechanic training facility.
  3. Tight Lug Nut

    I can vouch that this same photo appears on a a Czech facebook page in a post by Telescope Tyres and Batteries. https://cs-cz.facebook.com/Telescope-Tyres-Batteries-526790877456112/ So ....
  4. 1964 Olds Dynamic 88 disc brake conversion

    Joe P. would be the one to know, but I would check to know whether not the original wheels will work after the conversion to disc brakes.
  5. 1970 GTO conv. 100% original 9+pt car

    When I google the VIN i get this? http://www.fossilcars.com/pontiac/gto/835267
  6. What Is It? 2017/08/26 1132

    Chief of Department John Kenlon (light hat in front) with the FDNY's first gas-powered and -propelled pumper, which was assigned to Engine 39 (it was unsuccessful and gone by 1914). Chief Kenlon was the FDNY's longest serving COD (1911-1931). Photo was most likely taken in 1911, when the pumper was first put into service, in front of the quarters of Engine 39/Ladder 16 on East 67th Street in Manhattan. The quarters were once shared with FDNY Headquarters. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/27584616439866772/
  7. Magic Potions

    Well now, my 1976 Ford Pinto, 6 cyl., had a toilet paper filter. It also had 185K on the odometer when I passed the car on to owner #2. So, it may be stated with certainty that the tp filter did hurt/harm the engine.
  8. 1956 Buick Roadmaster

    Daytona Auto Parts
  9. 1962 Corvair 700 brake/turn signal circuit/lights

    Are you a member of CORSA or the Corvair Center Forum? Go here for help - http://corvaircenter.com/phorum/list.php?1
  10. I have been getting a whole bunch of 404 Not Found errors today, when clicking on links. Here are but 2 examples: Not Found The requested URL /forum/57-buick-post-war/ was not found on this server. http://forums.aaca.org/forum Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 Contact Us
  11. OK, I give up!

    My search for "carb" moments ago yielded: FOUND 2,103 RESULTS
  12. 1962 Corvair 700 sedan electrical

    Corvair electrical problems are like the air we breathe; present everywhere. The fact you have 2 different sockets is probably because someone else had to address a lighting problem. The most common tail light problem is the loss of a ground. Most Vair owners run a new/separate ground from the housing. If you have a Corvair, you must have a Volt-Ohm Meter/continuity tester.
  13. Hudson Museum Closure

    The Hostetler Hudson Museum, Shipsewana, IN is in danger of closing! It seems it would not take a whole lot of money to keep it open? Please see this thread -
  14. A Bit Off Topic Museum Closing

    When I spoke to the son at the museum he did indicate that all cars were in running order. A pity to see this museum go by the wayside. Do not know how it can be prevented. Would a "GoFundMe" campaign help it stay open, I wonder? http://www.wndu.com/content/news/Classic-Cars-in-Shipshewana-may-have-to-be-sold-off-430013343.html Per this article it appears the museum is about $6K short annually from being able to stay open? http://www.goshennews.com/news/local_news/shipshewana-s-hudson-car-museum-collection-may-be-sold/article_2be3371d-94de-583a-a625-8166b42791bf.html $6K does not seem like an unduly large sum to raise, does it?
  15. Harkens back to the GM Parade of Progress Futurliner, does it not?