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  1. The car has an interesting history in that I, owner #3, bought it from the owner of the dealership where it was originally sold in 1961. Of course, when I bought it in 2005 the Oldsmobile dealership (Martino Oldsmobile in Lansing, IL) was closed. Another interesting tidbit is that back in 1961 both Owner #1 and Owner #3 (me) resided in the same county and state (Lake County, IN).

    The wheel cover looks like a a modified Cadillac "sombrero style"?
  3. On 14 Apr 2018 I added 50 photos of the car to the online listing at http://62olds.atwebpages.com
  4. On 14 Apr 2018 I added 50 photos of the car to the online listing at http://62olds.atwebpages.com
  5. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    I visited, spoke at length with Eldon, Jr. and enjoyed my time there.

    March, 1946 Winston Churchill and Gen. D. Eisenhower visiting Richmond, VA
  7. Skylark Badging

    Thank you for that bit of knowledge, JohnD. I appreciate it!
  8. Cincinnati Salvage Corps

    Salvage corps = precursor of municipal fire brigades.
  9. Skylark Badging

    Not being a Buick guy, I have a question. In the "FOR SALE" section there is a 1953 Buick Skylark. One of the photos shows the car to be sporting Roadmaster badging. Is that correct? Was the Skylark a Roadmaster? I thought Skylark was a separate model. Tx.
  10. Sign reads $2,500 OBO HOWEVER - Taken on: November 19, 2009 Taken at: Moultrie, GA Swap Meet
  11. 1950s Chrysler Imperial?

    I too was thinking, they were riding in mighty high style! $4,483 purchase price in 1955 = $41,717 in 2017.
  12. Beveled Glass For Gauges

  13. Please help ID Econo-Minder

    It is a Cadillac gauge. Question: If you are driving a Cadillac, is economy a big concern?
  14. Auto Inspection Companies

    What I am trying to point out is, not all inspectors are bad/incompetent/whatever. In my case I was able to tell him what I wanted photographed/inspected. His opinions were noted, but not relied on by me in making my decision. The photos were relied on by me, heavily. After all, pictures do not lie, right? I think for a commercial inspection to be of value one has to be able to direct the inspector in terms of what to inspect and photograph. Many inspection services do not allow such. That they do not is a red flag!. Some only allow communication with the inspector after the inspection has been completed. Another red flag. Some allow no one-on-one communication. You get a report and that is it. Run from such entities! Of course, we all agree that doing your own inspection is best. That is not always possible. When it is not, we want someone who is knowledgeable with respect to old rides, and the particular marque. That said, even if I hired/asked Matt Harwood to look at a ride for me I would want to tell him what to look at and photograph. If, when doing so he said, "I know what to inspect and do not need your directives," well, I would be looking to find another inspector!