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  1. D Yaros

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Could it be a vacuum problem?
  2. D Yaros

    1950 Oldsmobile 98 Deluxe Futuramic

    I like the stance of this Olds.
  3. D Yaros

    64 wildcat radio

    Goes to show what I (don't) know! Right?
  4. D Yaros

    64 wildcat radio

    Will someone else answer definitively, hopefully. Shall opine that I would be very surprised if Buick/GM used different sized radios for different models in 19 and 6.4
  5. D Yaros


    I do not believe present day one may park were shown in the 50s era photos? Too bad!
  6. D Yaros

    Wanted: 1959 Buick two door hardtop/convt

    If you are willing to broaden your options, I do have a 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 convertible available. ==> http://62olds.atwebpages.com/
  7. D Yaros

    Just drill a hole and mount

    Looks like a bug deflector to me. Remember them very well. A popular 50s era aftermarket add-on item. Most were colored (orange) as I recall?
  8. D Yaros

    FS - 1958 Chev. Impala

    I was a "young whipper snapper" back in fifty & eight. All of GM's 1958 offerings were not viewed kindly at the time. Why? They represented a very radical change from the 55 through 57 models. The earlier ones had straight, clean, crisp lines to them. The 1958 models appeared heavy, bulbous and curvy. Then there was the fact that in 1958 they went berserk with regard to chrome trim. Wherever it could be done chrome trim was installed. The level of public acceptance for 1958 designs is attested to by the fact the body styles were a 1 year only design. I have to admit that a mere 60 years later I do find the 1958 GM offerings to be more appealing than they were at the time.
  9. I have to say, IMHO virtually every continental kit I have seen detracts from the lines of the car. Not so here, it looks pretty good!
  10. D Yaros


    Pic #1 has to be circa 1938 and was taken at the Arrow Brook Golf Club: Arrow Brook Club Becomes NYC' s Summer Cit y Hall T H K old Arrow Brook Country Club will house New York City'a city hall this summer, according to a recent announcement by city officials. Negotiations for purchase of the property have been going on for several months, and was decided on because of its proximity to the grounds for the New York World's Fair next year. The building, a three-story wood and stucco structure built nine years ago, stands on a rim of a bluff with a view of the entire fair grounds and Cedar Grove cemetery. An 18-hole golf course adjoining the building will later be graded and added to the World'H Fair parking space. The grounds and golf course occupy 100 acres in area, with a 3,600-foot frontage on the fair grounds. The Mayor's office and a room for the Board of Estimate meetings will be located on the second floor, and the ground floor, which is now chiefly a large locker-room, will be set up as a reserve police precinct. http://archive.lib.msu.edu/tic/golfd/article/1938jun40.pdf ==> I have been advised the pictured Buick in Photo #1 is a 1940. That being so, the photo cannot be circa 1938. Duh!
  11. D Yaros

    General Motors

    On our block when I was a kid, and even into the early '60s, there were two brothers who lived next to one another who both drove Ford Model A's. One also had a Kaiser. The Kaiser was always garaged, whereas the Model A was always parked on the street. Our house was always nothing but Oldsmobile; from 1948 through 1967.
  12. D Yaros

    Help ID Dodge Brothers and '70s gauges

    I agree, but would also point out that, at least in the 1962 Oldsmobile horn button/ring section, I did find some discrepancies. So proceed with caution.
  13. D Yaros

    1949 Cadillac help needed

    For whatever use it might be, here is Hagerty's opinion as to value on the '49 Series 61 4-door sedan: #2 Excellent$21,400 #3 Good$15,300 #4 Fair$9,500
  14. D Yaros

    1953 Ford Victoria

    Andrew, thanks. I sort of suspected such, even though I had never before heard the term.
  15. D Yaros

    1953 Ford Victoria

    Could someone please educate me, what is a "Coronado deck"? Tx