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  1. 1962 Corvair 700 sedan electrical

    Corvair electrical problems are like the air we breathe; present everywhere. The fact you have 2 different sockets is probably because someone else had to address a lighting problem. The most common tail light problem is the loss of a ground. Most Vair owners run a new/separate ground from the housing. If you have a Corvair, you must have a Volt-Ohm Meter/continuity tester.
  2. Hudson Museum Closure

    The Hostetler Hudson Museum, Shipsewana, IN is in danger of closing! It seems it would not take a whole lot of money to keep it open? Please see this thread -
  3. A Bit Off Topic Museum Closing

    When I spoke to the son at the museum he did indicate that all cars were in running order. A pity to see this museum go by the wayside. Do not know how it can be prevented. Would a "GoFundMe" campaign help it stay open, I wonder? http://www.wndu.com/content/news/Classic-Cars-in-Shipshewana-may-have-to-be-sold-off-430013343.html Per this article it appears the museum is about $6K short annually from being able to stay open? http://www.goshennews.com/news/local_news/shipshewana-s-hudson-car-museum-collection-may-be-sold/article_2be3371d-94de-583a-a625-8166b42791bf.html $6K does not seem like an unduly large sum to raise, does it?
  4. Harkens back to the GM Parade of Progress Futurliner, does it not?
  5. How old was your car when you bought it?

    My 1962 Oldsmobile was 43 years young when acquired by me in 2005; certainly a lot younger than me!
  6. 2017 national meet photos

    Perhaps even more remarkable is that this 86 LeSabre is displayed with a fire extinguisher. I was there on Saturday and can state as fact that I saw very few fire extinguishers. I guess our Oldsmobile cars must be a "hot commodity" as at our Nats virtually all were displayed with the requisite extinguisher?
  7. 1955 Olds engine at idle

    Am not an authority on these things, but would offer the advice of start with the simple and go from there. If the vacuum is fluctuating is there a vacuum leak? You say it misses badly at idle, but drives well. The miss goes away on acceleration? Could it be a carb problem, as opposed to a valve/ignition problem? Just throwing out ideas....
  8. 2017 national meet photos

    Knowing full well your location the question of the day is: Were you aware that you had to travel north to get to the Nat show site?
  9. 1956 Roadmaster Carburetor or fuel pump issues

    A really nice looking Roady; especially taking into consideration that it is a Mor-door. You will get good advice from the folk here. I would advise that you look on ebay for the factory service manual for your ride. You will find yourself turning to it quite often.
  10. 2017 national meet photos

    I would have to say the odds of that happening are not good. As I presume you have figured out by now, I am not a Buick owner. "Some men are Baptists…others Catholics…My father was (and I am) an Oldsmobile man." I was there solely as a spectator who knows of and likes Buicks, who hobnobs with you Buick guys here and who knew that Nat was being held in my neighborhood.
  11. 2017 national meet photos

    Ok, I won't tell you that, but in fact it was me! So close, and yet so far?
  12. 2017 national meet photos

    I was there on Friday and Saturday. Looked for, but did not find you. In terms of talking to Buick owners, I did and found them to be very approachable, friendly and all around decent folk.
  13. 2017 national meet photos

    I did chat with him. An interesting individual! I learned about the tonneau cover feature, and that both spots did work.
  14. 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire Wheels

    I am not, and make no claim to be, an authority on this matter. However, I would be more than a bit surprised to learn that Oldsmobile had a special wheel for the StarFire model. That was not the GM/Oldsmobile way of doing things back-in-the-day! I stand to be corrected on this by anyone with greater knowledge -
  15. 2017 national meet photos

    Was back on Saturday. Ran across two items of interest. The first is a "Twin-Six" experimental engine. What attracted me to it was a lack of valve covers. Guess pollution was not a big worry when this baby was developed in 1915? The other was the model car hauler - Trust you folk all enjoyed the Milwaukee environs, had a great meet and get home safely!