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  1. D Yaros

    Rebuilding 1951 Dodge

    If you are going to do the rings, while in there, you should also do the bearings and replace the rear seal on the crank. You do not want to have to go back into the engine to do these things 6 months from now!
  2. D Yaros


    Hmm? Is there some PhotoShop ping going on? ==>
  3. D Yaros

    1962 Starfire Wheel Color

    I can confirm that the back side of the wheels were in fact painted gray.
  4. Maybe it is just "stupid and older than dirt" me, but I am having trouble trying to figure out how cutting the tire tread can be a good thing? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mobility Research tested the performance of size P205/55R16 siped and non-siped all-season tires and size P205/50ZR16 siped and non-siped high performance tires. The P-metric tires were mounted on the drive axle of a test vehicle -- a modified pickup truck -- that was driven on stretches of medium-packed snow until the vehicle's test position (right rear) wheel broke traction. Ten runs were performed each day for three consecutive days. Results showed that siped all-season tires achieved 33% more traction than their non-siped counterparts, while siped performance tires achieved at least twice as much traction as non-siped performance tires, according to Mobility Research President Paul Schultz. Proper siping "can make a fair tire into a good tire," he says, adding that sipes also improve stopping distances. In addition, the presence of sipes may extend a passenger tire's life since they "cool" the tire by letting air into the tread, which reduces harmful heat build-up, he claims. Sprunk adds that siping doesn't compromise a tire's structural integrity because "you're not taking any rubber out when you sipe. You're just cutting into it." However, excessive or inaccurate siping can hurt tire performance. Saf-Tee Siping tells customers never to sipe deeper than 13/36-inch. "If you cut too deep, you'll get tread squirm." Narrow cuts are recommended ("the more narrow you cut, the more traction you'll get") and the space between cuts should measure less than a half-inch. "Otherwise, you defeat the purpose." Major tire manufacturers Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire LLC (BFNT), Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and Michelin North America Inc. discourage siping passenger tires. "We don't recommend altering a tire in any way," says a Michelin spokesperson, who adds that if a Michelin-made tire "becomes unserviceable due to siping," its warranty would be voided. Jeff Schroeder, director of product development for Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., also cites other reasons to discourage siping. Sipes "loosen up tread elements," he says. "As you put cuts into (a tread), suddenly you have blocks that are moving more independently," which leads to increased wear. http://www.moderntiredealer.com/article/311129/to-sipe-or-not-to-sipe-dealers-say-yes-tiremakers-say-no _______________________________________________________ Then there is this: Why Don’t My Tires Come Siped From the Manufacturer? First, the siping process we use would be too expensive and time-consuming for manufacturers. Plus, typical factory siping leaves small, vacant gaps in the tire tread. The Les Schwab siping process creates gripping edges without gaps and without removing any rubber, allowing the individual sipes to support each other. https://www.lesschwab.com/article/performance-tire-siping.html Sorry, but I just don't buy this bit of commercial propaganda.
  5. Looking for a good home -
  6. Looking for a good home -
  7. D Yaros

    Data for 1929 Olds 6 cylinder ignition timing

    See my post on this in the other thread you have going.
  8. D Yaros

    Data for 1929 Olds Ignition Timing

    You might try contacting these OCA Model Year Advisors: 1928-30 Phillip B. Fischer (309) 367-2831 pbfisch@mtco.com B Staley (317) 996-2215 bstaley442@aol.com
  9. D Yaros

    58 Caddy Water Pump

    Does the pump at this link look like it? http://www.fusickautomotiveproducts.com/prodinfo.asp?number=W1256C
  10. D Yaros

    Another Mercury - 1955 I believe - but what model?

    The building in the background looks the same as the one in the 1958 Mercury shot; Covington, KY.
  11. D Yaros

    Where do you get your air?

    Best solution would seem to be, as suggested, get the proper length of hose needed for this job.
  12. D Yaros

    56 -68 gm wanted

    Here is a 1962 Oldsmobile convertible
  13. D Yaros

    Wanted to buy: '64 Big Car Chin "Spoiler"

    Well, it "sort of" looks similar to what I call the air dam/gravel shield device on my 62 Dynamic 88 (which also has the 394 c.i. engine) The dam/shield top attachment point is in the area at the bottom of the radiator and the bottom attachment point is at the bottom of the bumper. It is made out of reinforced rubber which is somewhat stiff, but not rigid.
  14. D Yaros

    Hot Rod Restoration Workshop

    I like the idea myself. One may, and shall pick and poke at the concept and doing so may yield some constructive criticism. I understood it as teaching auto restoration skills by means of hands on hot rod building. I wonder what the cost is for the 5 month course + room & board?
  15. D Yaros

    "Mini Ductor" Removes Stuck Bolts

    Neat and it can be yours for only $500! https://www.amazon.com/Mini-Ductor-Venom-MDV-777/dp/B01N0LR0M0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1525294518&sr=8-2&keywords=mini+ductor+2