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  1. Now that the 1950 Crosley Super Hotshot has found a new home, it is time to start on the 1950 Crosley Farm O Road (FOR). I purchased this vehicle about 2 years ago. It was located in South Carolina and I email the owner several times to get pictures and information, but my wife said the car was too far away and would cost too much to go to get it. Several weeks later a friend of mine was going to Pigeon Forge TN for a car show and I jokingly told him he could go pick up the FOR for me and put it in the bed of his pickup truck. He called me when he got down there and asked if I was serious about buying the FOR and I said two things needed to happen, one I had to get my wife to agree and I had to get the owner to agree to my price. Wife begrudgingly said go for it and after several emails and phone calls a price was agreed upon and now I had to get my friend and the owner together as the owner was out of town. Long story short, got them together and my friends loaded the FOR in the back of their pickup and headed home with it. But not before they called me and said it looked like a piece of junk! I said I knew what it looked like and it was not a problem. As they were heading up the highway a Sherriff pulled them over and told them that a strap was dragging on the road, but the main reason he stop them was to ask, "What the hell is that thing in the bed of his truck?" LOL The next day they arrived home and we unloaded it onto my trailer and I brought it to my shop. Here are some pictures of it as I received it.
  2. Yes, it is. A guy my wife works with had it and was going to restore it, but it was in nasty shape when I got it, sitting under pine trees and rusting away. There was no floor, big hole in the roof, engine was stuck, all tires flat, etc. But he told me it came with a plow that was partly under a stack of 60-70 sheets of OSB 1/2"X 4' X 8'. He said if I could get it out without knocking the stack over I could have it, well I got it out easily. My original plans were to part it out, but when it had a plow I decide to see if I could get it running. This was the week before Hershey a couple years ago. I filled the cylinders with transmission fluid and left it sit while I was at Hershey. When I got back I put a little pressure on a breaker bar and it cranked, put a battery in it and cranked it over to loosen every thing up and then dumped some gas down the carburetor and it fired up! Redid the brakes, put a floor in it with leftover Crosley roof sheetmetal, JB Welded the carburetor float bowl, and put a boat motor gas can in the bed. Has been running good ever since, knock on wood. Nothing is pretty on it but it does do what it needs to do. I keep resisting the urge to fix it up. And I have very little in it and it plows much better than the 1973 Chevrolet 3/4 ton stake bed truck that I had before it.
  3. With winter wanting to rear it's ugly head it was time to get things ready. I haven't touched the plow 1956 Jeep since last spring so I decided today was the day to get it ready. Charged battery, put gas in auxiliary boat motor tank in bed, and dumped some fuel in the carburetor and it would fire but not stay running. After several tries and tapping the carburetor and fuel pump it came to life. I checked the operation of the plow and forward and reverse and all were fine till I tried the brakes, pedal goes to the floor. I rebuilt the brakes several years ago when I bought the derelict Jeep that had been sitting in the back yard of a friends place for 8 years under some pine trees. I carefully pulled the Jeep into the garage and filled the master cylinder and pumped the brakes till the pedal returned to normal. Back outside it is now ready for snow (I hope we don't get any!). Then it was on to my winter ride, after my Thunderbird was wrecked I bought a parts car and used the parts from it to rebuild my car. I took the old parts from the wreck and beat them straighter and put them on the parts car. It is a low mileage (86K) car that seems to run good, and has brand new tires on it, so I thought I might as well beat it over the winter and save my Ram truck. It was sold to me with what the previous owner thought was a blown head gasket, but when I put antifreeze in it, the water pump was leaking like a sieve. There is no sign of a blown head gasket so now it is in the shop getting a new water pump. Will get back on the FOR tomorrow to get those last few bits of filler done.
  4. I spent some time this afternoon cleaning the shop some and cleaning the FOR body. It looks pretty nice in the shop now, cleaner is always good. The FOR still needs a little filler in a few places, hood, rear panel, etc, but all in all it is looking pretty good. I also removed the coil bracket and starter solenoid and a few wild screws on the inner fenders. So things are starting to shape up on the body quite nicely. A good sanding and fresh primer should get it looking good. It will not be long before I will be digging out a few more parts to prep for paint like the dash panel, steering column mount, and any other small parts I can find that get body color. I need to get a few more holes drilled in the body before it gets painted though, holes for rubber bumpers on hood, holes for spare tire mount, holes for top brackets, drain holes in rear of tub, etc. Oh, and I still need to make the battery cover plate, and spare tire bracket before I paint it so I can test fit them without scratching the new paint. I hope everyone is enjoying the restoration of the FOR...
  5. I am getting closer to a second coat of primer now with the front panel ready now. Today's plans are to do a thorough cleaning of the body and the work area and see how things look. I still have the rear panel and the hood to rough in where the spot welds are. It shouldn't take too much to get them ready.
  6. I did a little online research and decided that I would give the heat and hammer method. It worked and now the front panel is looking much better. Hope to smooth it out tomorrow.
  7. I was hoping to get the front panel ready today but I have run into a problem with too much metal for the area.? The front fender was damaged and I thought I straighten it good enough but I find that I need to shrink the metal between the headlight bucket and the grille area. I push in on the area near the headlight and the area near the grille pops out, and when I push in on the area near the grille the headlight area pops out. There is a inner fender that is between the grille and headlight supporting the front panel. What is the proper way to shrink metal? I never seem to have much luck in shrinking metal so I put it out there to the experts, and not so experts, for some advice.
  8. Another day of progress on the FOR today. A very light coat of filler on the spot welds on the rear tub area and the upper lip of the tub. With that done, the body is about ready for another coat of primer. Still need the right side of the headlight panel roughed in.
  9. Today I got the front fender and part of the front panel roughed in. It is looking pretty good. Most areas just have a skim coat on them, not much thicker than a sheet of cardstock. I hope to get the rest roughed in by the weekend and possibly get another coat of primer on it.
  10. Today I got the left front fender somewhat roughed in. It will need a little more filler to get it right.
  11. Another day, another panel. Today I had a little time to work on the FOR and got the left side of the cowl panel roughed in. It is starting to look pretty good. Also took a few pictures of the left front fender and headlight panel that will be next. I am sure glad that this isn't my 1958 Continental. ?
  12. Moving on to the cowl panel today to rough it in. It will need a little more sanding but quiting time came.?
  13. The waste oil furnace is up and running. Most of the cars are put away for the winter and the FOR is now back in the shop. I started on the right front fender, applying a skim coat of filler. It is pretty much roughed in now, only a few areas need a little more filler. One good thing about a Crosley, they are small and the body parts are small. ?
  14. More furnace progress to report on. I welded the repair panel in the furnace this afternoon and put the refractory panel in. All looks good now. I need to get one bolt a little longer than what they supplied to hold the refractory panel in, then everything can go back together. Once it is running I hope to get back on the FOR.
  15. Just a little update on the waste oil furnace repair. I got the furnace prepped and ready for the new parts which have arrived at the house today. I cut out the bad metal and gave the furnace a good cleaning. Now I hope to get the parts out here this afternoon and see if they fit! Hope to have it up and running by next week!
  16. If you are looking for something to do July 11-13, 2019, come to the Crosley National meet in Wauseon Ohio. This will be the 50th Anniversary of the Crosley Automobile Club and the 80th Anniversary of the production of the first Crosley Car in 1939. There is fun for the entire family, games tours, rallies, Crosley only flea market, food, prizes, Crosley car show on Saturday and picnics. Spotlight class with be the 1939 Crosley. Located at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio, just off the Ohio Turnpike on exit 34. Make plans to attend, bring a car, finished, original or under restoration, or no car at all. Camping on site or hotels in the area. More information at www.crosleyautoclub.com
  17. Not car related, but if I want to stay warm this winter I needed to fix my waste oil furnace. It is a Lanair 180 that is about 12 years old. It developed a hole in the combustion chamber and there is a replacement panel and fire board available for it. I have it all tore apart and cleaning it up now waiting on the repair parts now. And they are calling for cold weather next week... brrrr
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    Radiator identification

    Looks like early mustang to me???
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    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    You were right across the street from us when you took the pictures of that barn find 29? Studebaker. Wish I would have seen you.
  20. Sold pending pickup in Hershey.
  21. Selling a crankshaft for a 390 engine, looks good. $100. obo. Located SWPA, could bring to Hershey if you are interested. PM me.
  22. Took the Hotshot to the local festival about 10 miles away and it ran great! They have great food, fresh squeezed apple cider and lots of craft booths, was the biggest I have seen it. The weather was great too. And I forgot to take pictures.?
  23. I got the Hotshot carburetor all together and it runs good again. Hope to take it to a local fall festival tomorrow.
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    1957 Chrysler 392 Hemi Block

    Any interest?
  25. Is anyone interested in a 392 Chrysler Hemi block with a bad cylinder. My dad bought the engine several years ago and had a bad score in the one cylinder. He took it to a machine shop where they were boring out the cylinder and broke through. I didn't look real close at the rest of the bores but I think they are ok. If someone is interested in it we could deliver it to Hershey. He would like to get $150.00 for it. SWPA area here if you want to pick it up. Also have several other items for the 392, check other parts for sale ads. PM me if you are interested.