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  1. Curti, Yes that is the gas filler in the tail light. It is a 1953 Nash as it has the over riders on the bumpers.
  2. Just a short update on this, I received a refund to my PayPal account from eBay. I also received a survey from them, I hope they see how disappointed I am in them.
  3. Looks good Alice! Have fun with Dexter.
  4. The 1954 Plymouth has been picked up and we shuffled a lot of the cars that were in the building so I can now get better pictures of a few of the cars if needed.
  5. I have been fighting with eBay and Paypal for about 3 weeks on a purchase I made with an e-paypal gift card. It withdrew money from both the e card and my paypal account, which overdrew my bank account as I keep very little in that account. I called Paypal, who said they know there is a glitch in eBays system but it was not their problem, transferred me to eBay, ebay says they can't see where it took money from both card and paypal and there is no glitch and transfers me back to paypal. After several calls, eBay says, "Yes, I see where it took money from both the card and your paypal account", but we can't fix it, it is paypals problem... Back to paypal. Paypal says they can fix it, it was a glitch in eBays system and they know about it and they have to initiate the refund. Several more hours on the phone and back and forth between the two because neither one can initiate a 3 way call. Finally a "teammate" from eBay says that paypal will be issuing a mass refund in a few days, I should have the money by Friday April 7th, maybe???? NO money yet!!!!!! This week I called on Monday and it was almost like starting over, but I think????, I might have gotten somewhere, again back and forth between the two until I said I want to speak with a supervisor, he was able to 3 way call and I actually have a conformation number. I even got a phone call from eBay yesterday confirming the call that I made on Monday. I might get my money back this week??? Overall I have spent about 5 hours on the phone, been transferred back and forth too many times to count, have killed the battery on many cordless phones and still am waiting. I have really got a bad taste in my mouth from this experience and the lack of desire to fix it on eBay and paypals side.
  6. The 1954 Plymouth 4 door is SOLD, pending pick-up. Thanks for all the interest in it.
  7. I am taking offers in the order I receive them. Thank you for all the kind comments on the cars and prices. I have been swamped with emails, calls, and messages. Between work and life I am making progress. Thanks, Dale
  8. 1964 1/2 Mustang is sold, pending pickup. Thank you for all the interest.
  9. If you have contacted me about any of the cars listed and I haven't got back to me, please message me. I think I have messaged or called everyone that has shown interest in the cars but just checking. Also added a few pictures of the 1964 1/2 Mustang, 1957 Imperial, 1965 Thunderbird and 1954 Plymouth.
  10. A few pictures of the 1957 Imperial. 392 Hemi. Seat are redone and material for rest of interior is in trunk.
  11. Nash runs good, he hasn't had it out in a couple of years though.
  12. I am dealing with offers on these cars in the order I receive them. I hope everyone understands!
  13. SOLD The 1964 1/2 Mustang During the restoration. It is now complete and has new white interior and top.
  14. Here are pictures of most of the cars. he has a couple of them at his place and I will get those pictures up as soon as possible. Thanks, Dale