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  1. 1964 Thunderbird is SOLD, pending pick-up. Still some nice cars looking for new homes...
  2. Avanti Rescue

    Check that upper rad hose. In the one picture it looks like there is a mark from where the old battery was rubbing on it??
  3. 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe V-12

    Moving on up.
  4. Is there any place you can park a car for the entire week of Hershey for one fee? We have a friend coming and need a spot to park a car from Tuesday till Saturday. It wouldn't be moved the entire week. Thanks, Dale

    Awww man! I was working on a deal with Reed to get some parts for my Thunderbird!!! He had just what I wanted. LOL I just looked at the time he joined and the time he messaged me and said that he is scamming. Wish there was a way to fry their computer when you ban them!
  6. 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe V-12

    Any interest in this awesome car?
  7. Have spent a couple days getting the 1964 Thunderbird out of storage and cleaned up and running and moving. Cleaned up the master cylinder and wheel cylinder, replaced the rubber hoses and changed the engine oil and filter. The car now runs and drives and stops. It has also had a good cleaning both inside and out and looks really good. The interior is like new with no rips or tears and the carpet is good. It still has the original floor mats with the Thunderbird emblem. The paint is fair, was painted with lacquer probably 40 years ago and has some defects and buffing burns in it. Top looks good but it is separating at the seams, still looks good. Chrome is all good. Engine compartment still needs some cleaning and I might get to it soon. This car is in great condition, almost no rust at all!!!!!!!!!! Bottom of car is solid as new, front fenders and rear quarters have a few small spots of rust, nothing major. New muffler on drivers side, passenger side might need replaced soon, rest of exhaust looks original and in good shape. Will need tires and general maintenance. This car is a really nice car, it is a shame he didn't drive it more! Spent most of its driven life in sunny Tennessee. 112K miles. A bargain at $4,000.00.
  8. Do to someone's carelessness I am now looking for parts to repair my 1990 Ford Thunderbird and need a NOS headlight assembly for the drivers side. I need a New Old Stock headlight or one that is as close to new as possible. I have found the parking light assembly. If you have one you want to sell, let me know. Send me a private message or post here. Thanks, Dale
  9. Here are pictures of the 1948 Lincoln.
  10. Here are some pictures of the 1987 Lincoln Mark VII, Bill Blass Edition. It has the 5.0 Liter V8 with automatic transmission, all options including the sun/moon roof. In great condition with 124,400 miles. No rust, runs great and rides awesome. Air ride has been changed over to coil springs, almost new tires on wire wheels. Clean and tidy, ready for touring, a rare antique. A bargain at $3,500.
  11. I am working on a customers 1937 Chevrolet truck and looking to install the wiring harness and have a question as to where the harness goes through the firewall. There are two holes in the firewall, one on the passenger side that is about 1 3/8" diameter and one on the drivers side that is about 3/4" in diameter. Pictures below show the two holes, the passenger side has a grommet that I just installed. Which is the correct hole to run the wires through? I believe it is the larger hole on the passenger side, but want to ask those that may know. Thanks for your input. Dale
  12. The 1971 Lincoln Mark III is now sold waiting pickup.