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  1. The 1971 Lincoln Mark III is now sold waiting pickup.
  2. Thanks for checking out my ad for a 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe. This is one of dads collection that is for sale. It is a 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe with the original 292 cubic inch V 12 engine. It has a 3 speed standard transmission with overdrive. There are 63K miles on this beauty! It was repainted many years ago, somewhere in the 1960's I would guess. It has it's bumps and bruises, but overall it is in good shape. The chrome is fair, glass is all good. The interior looks fair, some areas need some attention, while I was taking pictures of the interior I heard the clock working!!! It has power windows. He hasn't driven it much in the last few years but it is running and driving. The car is complete and a survivor and would fit very nicely in the HPOF class. Production for the 1948 Lincoln Continental was limited to 1299. This car is a full "Classic" and can be bought for only $22,000.00. One of the cheapest Classics going! Car is located in Southwestern PA near Pittsburgh PA. Message me for more details. Dale
  3. The Metropolitans are now sold. Still lots of cars to go and it is car show season. Look the list over and see what sparks your interest.
  4. Bud, Which signs are you interested in? The Cadillac sigh is sold. The neon sign is broken.
  5. I was talking to dad today about that and he said it was something in the rear end that he pulled out and then put the pan back on and filled it with fluid. We were towing with four wheels on the ground with a tow bar and I was riding in the Nash. I couldn't quite remember as I was a lot younger. That's my story and I am sticking to it. lol
  6. Paul, Turn around, why do people put a limit on fun???? The more the merrier! I remember going to get the Nash, It was in 1982. Dad had been looking for a Nash for years and this one came up in Hemmings, he called about it and it sounded interesting. He had just purchased a 1983 Ford Ranger pickup truck, 4 cly. 4 spd. and told me we were going to Tulsa Ok. to pick this car up. We, dad, mom and I, left South Western PA and drove straight thru to Tulsa, me sometimes riding in the bed of the truck along with the 4 new tires for the Nash and other supplies. We arrived at the previous owners house early in the morning and there sat the Nash. Dad looked it over and decided it was what he was looking for, we took all the wheels and tires off of the Nash and hopped into the Ranger and headed for a tire shop to get the new tires installed. Then it was back to the Nash to install the new tires on the car and disconnect the driveshaft for the long ride home. We took the front bumper off and installed a tow bar and hooked it to the Ranger and before we left the previous owners had prepared a meal for us. We ate and then we were off to Indiana to pick up a new windshield for it. I road in the Nash and kept and eye on trucks and large vehicles that were passing us as the buffeting winds from them would cause the Ranger to first head towards the center lane, then once the rig got further up the side of us it would then push us towards the berm of the road. After a couple of vehicles passing us I got the hang of it and we would continue straight down the road. Somewhere along the way we had a bad storm with heavy rain, coming in the passenger side window and going right out the drivers window. We stopped over night somewhere in Indiana and got a good nights sleep. The next morning we got up and met the guy that had the windshield and then headed home. Had some fun driving thru the McDonalds parking lot, I think he forgot I was behind him... Driving up through our housing plan I wanted to see how much power I had over him and started steering the wheel back and forth and drug the back of the Ranger any way I wanted it to go. When we stopped at the house he was surprised at how much the truck swerved coming up through the plan!! Was a great adventure and we made it back home safe and sound. Took a couple days at work to recover from the adventure but was well worth it. So take the plunge, buy the Nash and start an Adventure!
  7. My dad is selling his collection and has a 1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible for sale. 390cid V8, automatic, power steering, power brakes, power windows, fender skirts. Runs good. Paint is fair, top has a small golf ball sized tear in it on the drivers side sail panel, interior is original and could use some sprucing up. Top works good. $9,500.00 Car is located in SW PA, near Pittsburgh PA. Private message me for more information. kimndale97 at gmail dot com
  8. My dad is selling his collection of cars and among them is this 1954 Nash Ambassador Custom 4 door sedan with the Lemans Dual Jetfire engine and Hydramatic transmission with Air conditioning. It is originally from Tulsa OK and is a fairly solid car, minor rust on floors that was patched when he got it. The structure is in good shape. Paint is good, not a million dollar job, with a few small bubbles on the lower panels. Small dent (scrape) on the drivers quarter panel. Interior was replace with non-original style upholstery and headliner. Chrome is fair, bumper could stand to be replated. Glass is good, tinted side and rear windows, windshield was replace and is clear. Compression test was done and cylinders range from 140-155. Carbs could use rebuilt. A/C does not work and belt is removed. Car has been in storage for about 10 years and the brakes now need work. He drove this car regularly to show before that. Own a rare piece of automotive history!! A bargain at $5,000.00 Car is located in SW PA near Pittsburgh PA. Private message me and I will be glad to talk. kimndale97 at gmail dot com
  9. Here are a few more pictures of the 1954 Nash Ambassador Custom. It has been started and checked over and runs good. The compression was checked and all cylinders are in the 140-155 range. Carbs could use a overhaul. Paint is good (not a million dollar paint job) with a few minor rust areas shown in the pictures and a dent(scrap) on the drivers side rear fender. Interior is good, not original style but looks nice, new headliner. Originally a Tulsa OK car, does have small repairs on floor but structure is solid. Price is $5,000.00
  10. It was a pretty much dry location, (dry basement of a building with heat) but the cars were closed up and mildew started. I think most of it happened on those humid days in the summer.
  11. Yes it is mildew on the interiors, going to start cleaning them as I get time.
  12. Getting close to car season around here. There are still some nice cars available, pick one and you could be cruising around in a new car soon. We are slowly moving them around and getting them running.
  13. SW PA as listed in the first post.
  14. The 1957 Imperial has been sold. It is nice to see these cars moving and another hobbyist starting on a new journey as they take possession of each car.
  15. Yep, parts here, parts there...