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  1. 1992 Chevrolet Camaro convertible, 305, five-speed manual, 36,000 miles, runs and drives beautifully, clutch and transmission feels great! Asking $13,500 or best offer. Contact Randal at 719-214-7892, Pueblo, Colorado
  2. starfireelvis

    Where will you be at Hershey?

    And I was here on Saturday...
  3. starfireelvis

    Where will you be at Hershey?

    Let's see--where was I at Fall Hershey... I know--all over the place!
  4. A friend of mine has had a 1963 Lincoln Continental for two years now, and only recently found that the gasoline gauge is not working; she had both the gas tank and the sending unit replaced after purchasing the car, which had sat dormant for about a decade and saw limited driving during the 35 years before. The gauge worked fine for most of the two years since, until she found that she ran out of gas with a reading of about a quarter of a tank in it recently. She has also purchased a 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible, and the gas gauge on it is not working as well. Would these possibly be grounding issues? Any troubleshooting tips would be appreciated... Thanks, Mike
  5. starfireelvis

    Intermittent power window problem on '63 Continental Sedan

    Moving this one back to the top; my friend has recently purchased a 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible, and has a stuck side window on the rear driver's side. Are there special considerations regarding the power windows on the convertibles during these years? Please offer any troubleshooting tips for either the '63 or the '67. Thank you...
  6. On the chance any of my many friends and acquaintances I look forward to seeing each October are reading this, unfortunately I will be at home (actually, my Mom's house), as I will be missing Fall Hershey for the first time in 15 years. Long story short, I slipped and fell while working in mid-August, and had surgery at start of September to reattach quad muscle tendon to left kneecap. I am recovering nicely, but on the IR list for the rest of the old car season, which includes my very favorite event of the year in Hershey. I will be thinking of everyone, and please ENJOY your stay in Hershey, and hoping for great weather over there this coming week. I hope someone will start a thread for posting pictures (and hey, even video) of the swap meet and of course the Car Show on Saturday, as that will be the next best thing to being there. ?
  7. The link below deciphers the Lincoln VIW Plate codes, of that is of help in answering my question. Thanks again for any answers or clues that can be provided...
  8. starfireelvis

    Questions about 1960 Dynamic 88 Fiesta wagon

    As an FYI for future reference, my friend Paul confirmed that, according to the parts manuals he has at his disposal, there is no difference with the rear bumper between the Fiesta Wagon models, and the rest of the 88/98 line-up. And, thanks for the feedback from everyone regarding my original questions...
  9. starfireelvis

    Hershey Vehicle Registration

    Mailed mine in late last week; a suggestion to give you peace-of-mind would be to include a self-addressed stamped envelope that allows for confirmation of your entry to be returned to you safe in hand, well ahead of time. Though I've never had a problem picking up my packet at Fall Hershey, I am mindful of the 1200 to 1500 vehicles entered, and the tremendous undertaking that is involved in making sure every single entry is accounted for. I always take the returned SASE, including the confirmation, with me to the registration tent, just in case--better to have something and not need it, than the other way around... As always, very much looking forward to early October and the annual pilgrimage to Fall Hershey!
  10. A friend of mine just bought a 1960 Olds Dynamic 88 Fiesta station wagon that has been sitting a number of years. Two questions that I believe I know the answers to, but would like confirmation of, or to be corrected upon. First, I am of the understanding that the Dynamic 88 engines for both 1959 and 1960 were the 371 c.i. V-8 rockets that were carried over from 1957-58 (without the J-2 triple carburetor option). And that the Super 88s and Ninety-Eights from both years have the new 394 V-8 engines. Did the buyer have the option of obtaining a 394 in a Dynamic 88, or not? Also, pertaining to the rear bumper--is the wagon rear bumper interchangeable with the rear bumper from all the other 1960 Olds models, or was it exclusive to the wagon only? It appears that any rear bumper from '60 would work--yes, or no? Thanks for your clarification, Mike
  11. starfireelvis

    2016 Grand National - Williamsport

    Was my pleasure to park next to you, and meet you John. It was a great day!
  12. starfireelvis

    2016 Grand National - Williamsport

    The number I heard bandied about was 637 vehicles registered; also heard as an FYI that there were 550 trailers parked as well. Given that the expectation was reportedly originally for about 400 vehicles, the Susquehanna Region and the AACA did a tremendous job in making the meet a terrific success...
  13. starfireelvis

    Intermittent power window problem on '63 Continental Sedan

    Bringing this one back to the top; at the end of last year, prior to storage, the problem with the windows had seemed to work itself out; however, after getting the Lincoln out of storage this week, the ol' bugaboo reared its ugly head again, and none of the power windows work, either from the gang switch or at each door, nor do the power vent windows. To update, I am pursuing this on behalf of a friend who lives in another state, and trying to assist from afar. I am thinking that it may be another blown fuse, which will be checked tomorrow, which will likely resolve the problem for a time. But if everything stays true to form, the fuse (if it does temporarily resolve things) will likely blow again. Are there relay switches involved? A newly refurbished gang switch and two new motors were obtained early last year. Any other suggestions (or feel free to confirm what has been suggested previously) how to troubleshoot this issue? Again, the vehicle sat fairly dormant (though well-protected and housed) for 35 years, and just cracked the 18,000 mile mark late last year, if that is a consideration. Thanks again for your assistance in advance, Mike
  14. if you have one available, let me know; email is Thanks, Mike