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  1. f147pu

    11B Franklin Expert Wanted:

    Henry (Hank) Manwell is in Liverpool
  2. f147pu

    Carb and Vaporizer Question

    Do not worry about the vaporizer. If you ever have one do NOT use it. They have been responsible for many fires in Franklins. The choke is all you need.
  3. f147pu

    145 Oil Filter Conversion

  4. f147pu


    You really should have this done professionally. They do excellent work, quickly and very reasonable price. I can't remember the name but it has been in other posts.
  5. f147pu

    Watson webbing on 26 franklin

    Email me @ cchoward@snet.net
  6. f147pu

    Oxford Sedan?

    I think you mean what is different in the Oxford. They have leather upholstery.
  7. f147pu

    Franklin Trek 1978 Item Information Sought

    It is a memento of the 25th Trek, 5.5" high. The same thing was done in copper for the 10th Trek. Gordon Howard
  8. f147pu

    Series 11A Floorboard Screws and Washers

    The O. H. most likely means Oval Head. The screws that I supplied to the Club are 5/16 x 24 X1.5" and fit later cars.
  9. f147pu


    The correct factory name for this body style is "Sport Sedan".
  10. f147pu

    How to Repair Bendix on 1930 Franklin Starter?

    As I wrote above it is a "support clip". Look at the parts book, pages 1004 and 5. That goes on first, on top of it is ref #R-3890 "driving spring lock" then the screw. The lock washer has two tabs one up and one down to lock the screw. I think the clip is to give the lock washer and screw a flat base. If you don't use them or at least the lock washer the spring may bottom out and never hold the spring tightly. I would never want a bolt or screw to bottom out when tightened down. They don't build stuff with unneeded parts.
  11. f147pu


    The correct name for this body style is Sport Sedan. Gordon Howard
  12. f147pu

    How to Repair Bendix on 1930 Franklin Starter?

    In your parts book those are dwg #84027, ref # R-3892 driving spring support clip.
  13. f147pu

    Starter Stuck on 1930 Franklin

    Have you tried turning the engine with the crank?
  14. f147pu

    FS Starters & Generators

    All are sold pending pick up and payment at Trek.
  15. Have the following which I can deliver to the Trek. DR starter no gear reduction unit DR starter with gear reduction DR generator with cutout Another DR generator with cutout O.D. starter, has shaft wobble stiff turning by hand no cutout, for parts? O.D. " looks clean inside, maybe rebuilt " " O.D. " turns nicely by hand no cutout starter with no ID, brush end of starter has a flat ribbed plate, looks die cast A.K.? O.D. NOS starter armature All available for best offer on each, any combo or all, deliver to Trek or pick up here in CT. I expect all will need at least a good going over if not rebuilding. Got these years ago when we cleaned out my local Franklin dealer. Gordon Howard