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    1953 Merc?

    There are some good buys to be had in cars that need work but you must be very careful not to over pay. From the description this sounds more like a $1000 or $2000 car. For $5800 you should be able to get something nicer that needs less work.
  2. Rusty_OToole

    1922-23 Haynes big 6 question

    The best source for color illustrations is old magazine ads. They often featured cars with flashy paint jobs in the 20s, even to color schemes that were not actually available on the cars.
  3. Rusty_OToole

    1949 Chrysler stalling

    Could need a tuneup. Could be worn out engine. Could be idle speed. Could be governor points need cleaning. Could be a lot of things. I would start with compression test and tuneup if they have not been done in a while, otherwise clean the governor points. Be careful, they are soft silver. Spray with contact cleaner and drag a strip of white typing paper between them to clean. If they leave a dirty streak on the paper do it again.
  4. Rusty_OToole

    1940 Plymouth

    I could also point out, the engines seldom need a complete rebuild. Often a ring and valve job is all they need and this can be done for a few hundred dollars, restoring original performance for another 25000 to 50000 miles. Old cars of that era require a lot more maintenance than modern cars, but the work is easy and cheap to do. Get a factory repair manual and learn to do your own oil changes and lubrication jobs, and tune ups to save money or find an old bald headed or gray haired mechanic who knows how to work on the old models.
  5. You can use your own judgement as to what size and brand to buy but 2 important things to know. It must be anchored down so there is no mistake about it. Every time we get a bad wind storm a few of these shelters get blown across the road, the ones that are anchored down correctly stay put. Another tip is to cover the roof with plywood before you put the cover on. This gives extra support and prevents the covering from sagging or tearing under heavy snow loads. And of course, you should brush or sweep the snow off after a heavy snow storm. If you do these things even a cheap shelter will last a lot longer, probably 5 years at least.
  6. Rusty_OToole

    1940 Plymouth

    2 things that get Plymouth newbies in trouble: left hand threads on the left side wheel nuts, and 6V positive ground electrical system. This means the wheel nuts turn backwards and the battery cables go on backwards, to modern cars. Check your wheel nuts because sometimes they get changed, the left side should be marked L and the right side R. Generally they are a well made, reliable car superior to the competition of the time. They had full pressure oiling and insert bearings when a certain popular rival had splash lubrication and babbitt bearings, and independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes when another rival had beam front axle and mechanical brakes. Most mechanical parts like fan belts, spark plugs, brakes, etc can be bought from your local NAPA store. You may have to wait a couple of days, but they can get them. Then there are specialist parts places like Andy Bernbaum and Vintage Power Wagons. Old Dodge Power Wagons use basically the same engine and VPN has good buys on many engine parts. The engines are well behaved and continue to perform without excess noise, bangs or knocks in an advanced state of wear and decay. I know Plymouth owners who were amazed at how far gone their engines were, when the only symptoms were that they were hard to start, low on power and burned a lot of gas. Check your compression and oil pressure. Compression ideally should be over 100PSI but 85 or 90 is enough to be going along with. All cylinders should be within 10 pounds of each other. Oil pressure 35PSI @ 30 MPH. If the engine is worn don't panic, you can have it completely rebuilt for around $3000 or if you can do the work yourself, under $1000. As Jay Leno points out, they have plenty of power to handle modern traffic even though they are only rated at 87HP. The old long stroke, high torque design makes driving so easy, and allows the engine to "punch above its weight" in other words, it feels a lot more powerful than a modern high revving, low torque engine of the same horsepower.
  7. Rusty_OToole

    1940 Plymouth

    There must be lots of guys in your area familiar with the popular Plymouth, one who comes to mind is Jay Leno. Not suggesting you give him a call, but for fun here is his take on the 41 Plymouth coupe.
  8. Rusty_OToole

    Ring Gear RIvets

    I like the rivets, if properly installed they are sure to be a tight fit. Not hard to do, you can peen the rivets with a hammer. I don't know how you could get bolts to fit as tight unless they were tapered bolts in a carefully reamed, tapered hole.
  9. Rusty_OToole

    1948 Dodge Transmission Question

    To clarify, Fluid Drive was standard on American Dodges in the late 40s. This was a device that allowed slippage like a torque converter, and it was matched to a 3 speed manual trans. You could drive around like an automatic except you have to use the clutch pedal to put it in gear, and the trans does not shift itself. But, you could leave it in second and drive around town in traffic all day or shift into high on the hiway. They will take off from a stop in high gear but very sluggish.
  10. Rusty_OToole

    Chrysler 323.5 Straight 8 Flathead

    If you don't like flathead or sidevalve what about underhead cam? I think if it was mine I would rebuild the engine that is in it, unless the rod is sticking thru the block. Why waste money on another engine when the one you have is known to be decent? As far as serial numbers go, when you have it out for the rebuild you could file off the old number and stamp anything you like.
  11. Rusty_OToole

    1948 Dodge Transmission Question

    From the tone of your questions I get the impression you would be a lot happier with a slightly newer car. One that came with auto trans and air conditioning. One from the late fifties, that also has V8 engine and 12V electrics (anticipating your next 2 questions). It would be possible to install air and an auto trans in a 48 Dodge given infinite money but I don't know why anyone would bother. Fluid Drive may not be the greatest auto trans in the world but it does work well within its limitations. The difference is not worth the thousands it would cost to do the conversion if you ask me.
  12. Rusty_OToole

    Saw this reproduction ad today “Whirlaway”

    That's the kind of advertising they did back then. If you didn't balk at 'Futuramic Oldsmobile' or 'Hydra- Matic Drive' why draw the line at 'Whirlaway'?
  13. Rusty_OToole

    What GM Car Used This Interior

    You will need to find a good upholsterer to redo your interior. It does not interchange with any GM car or any other car.
  14. Rusty_OToole

    What do you think?

    A 68 Chrysler with only that many miles shouldn't take much to put back in commission. Wait till you find out what it needs then you can work out a plan that makes sense.
  15. Rusty_OToole

    What do you think?

    Are you going to keep it or sell it?
  16. Rusty_OToole

    What do you think?

    Clean it up and sell it as is. You won't get your money back rebuilding it.
  17. Rusty_OToole

    1958 IH Metro shocks

    Worst case you could take the extended length, collapsed length, diameter, and end type and try to find a match. These dimensions plus a couple of photos should allow your favorite shock absorber company to match them up.
  18. Rusty_OToole

    Fisher Body

    On the smoothness of six cylinder engines. A straight six has the smallest number of cylinders giving perfect primary and secondary balance, and overlapping power impulses. This makes it inherently smooth. The reason straight sixes were so popular for so long, even among luxury car makers like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes Benz. The crankshaft throws are made so each is offset 120 degrees, or 1/3 of a revolution from the next, with the center 2 paired together. In other words pistons #1 and #6 rise and fall together. Likewise #2 and #5, #3 and #4. So as the engine turns whatever one cylinder is doing, there is another doing the opposite. If all parts are in balance, i.e. all pistons weight exactly the same, all connecting rods, and the crankshaft itself is in balance the engine will run very smoothly. This is why your Dodge engine is smooth. On newer engines they added counterweights to make the engine even smoother, this became necessary as speeds went up. This was more a matter of controlling flexing of the crankshaft than anything.
  19. Rusty_OToole

    Maximum amount can be bored on block ?

    Engines back then were expected to be rebuilt 2 or 3 times during their working life. Practically all of them would take a 1/8" overbore, some larger. If you could find a factory repair manual it should tell you. Or you could have the block sonic tested. A few years ago a local Dodge specialist rebuilt the engine for a 1941 Dodge, he said it had the thickest cylinders he ever saw. This guy is used to rebuilding Chrysler hemis and 440 for hot rods.
  20. Rusty_OToole

    radio supression distributor cap

    If you need it to stop radio static. An alternative is to replace just the coil wire with radio suppression wire. This would be easier and cheaper.You can also add an extra condenser or capacitor to the coil or distributor.
  21. Rusty_OToole

    Sears Allstate tires

    For years Sears Allstate tires were about the only source for obsolete sized tires for twenties and thirties cars. They were available everywhere in the 40s, 50s and 60s. They used to be common on older restorations and well preserved original cars. When did companies like Coker get into the old car tire business? Up until then Sears was the only game in town for obsolete tires.
  22. Rusty_OToole

    Color Codes 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook and parts

    You can still get most everything for your car from regular auto parts stores like NAPA or Rockauto. Look up Vintage Power Wagons for engine parts, the power wagon used the same engine as Dodge cars and they have a large stock of NOS parts including pistons for $65 a set. Andy Bernbaum is a good source for parts for any Chrysler product 30s - 60s.
  23. Rusty_OToole

    Pontiac Streamliner 8 air cleaner

    The white lead and oil compound is called litharge or pipe dope. Used to be a common item in a plumber's toolbox. You can buy a stick of pipe dope at the hardware store, or use Permatex.
  24. Rusty_OToole

    Pontiac Streamliner 8 air cleaner

    The white lead and oil compound is called litharge or pipe dope. Used to be a common item in a plumber's toolbox. You can buy a stick of pipe dope at the hardware store, or use Permatex.
  25. Rusty_OToole

    Pontiac Streamliner 8 air cleaner

    The white lead and oil compound is called litharge or pipe dope. Used to be a common item in a plumber's toolbox. You can buy a stick of pipe dope at the hardware store, or use Permatex.