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  1. Rusty_OToole

    1942 buick color last one built

    It's definitely a blackout model painted some medium dark color. Look up blackout model to find out what trim is painted and what is chrome. Look up the color chart and cross off black, all the real dark colors, and all the real light colors like yellow and beige. You will be left with 3 or 4 colors that might be the right ones. Then look for black and white photos of cars those colors until you find a match.
  2. It's a lot easier on cheap cars like Chev and Ford that had vacuum wipers, no heater, no radio, manual trans etc. Then all you have to worry about are the lights and horn. Plus of course the alternator, coil, ammeter (if any) and starter.
  3. There are workarounds you could use to half ass a lot of things. One I have not worked out, is the way the trans controls work off the coil. I think you would have to keep the 6V coil and trans controls and either wire them thru a resistor or Zener diode, or to a center tap off the battery, or maybe use a 12V coil and control the trans thru a system of relays. You would still need a combined 6V/12V system though.
  4. You are right, I have been working on old cars for 50 years, read all kinds of books and magazines, followed the internet for 20 years and don't know anyone who has done this. I don't know anyone SMART who has even tried. Have seen a few posts from guys who "thought" it was easier than fixing the 6V system, or were told by some half assed friend that it was easy. Then came here in anguish, asking for advice. If I had to do it I would start with the idea of keeping the system half 12 and half 6 volt but would have to change it from - to + ground. Doing this would involve changing the generator to an alternator, changing the lights and horn for 12 volt ones, reversing the leads on the ammeter, rebuilding the radio with 12v tubes and a 12v + ground vibrator or electronic equivalent. Then taking a center tap off the battery and rewiring the transmission, windshield wipers, etc. It would be a good idea to change the flywheel ring gear and starter to the 12V equivalent but as this would involve removing the engine you could skip that part. Until you burn out the 6V starter and chew up the ring gear. Then I would cross my fingers and hope nothing is polarity sensitive besides the radio. I could probably do the job in under a week for a few hundred bucks worth of parts. It would be a lot easier just to fix the 6V system if there was something wrong with it. Or if you want a 12v car, trade for a newer one.
  5. Rusty_OToole

    Replacing press fit seals and cleaning differential

    Suggest you get a repair manual. Pinion seals can be tricky. Most rear axles have a crush spacer to set the pinion gear clearance. You must put the yoke back exactly as it was and tighten the nut very carefully not to lose the adjustment.
  6. Rusty_OToole

    Bonding moments

    My earliest car related memory is of a picnic when I was a little boy. After eating my father sat on the running board of the car smoking his pipe. When we left, he accidentally left his pipe on the running board. When we got home he was surprised to find the pipe still on the running board. I couldn't have been more than 2 or 3 years old.
  7. Rusty_OToole

    water Jacket 49 dodge

    Core plugs are a stock item in any good parts store, they are used in all engines and come in a few standard sizes. Measure the size of the hole. The ones in your Dodge are the flat type, actually they are shaped like a shallow bowl. You fit them into the hole with the dome out. Then use a drift and a hammer to drive them in. This flattens them out and makes them grip tight. You should use a little sealant around the edge. The water tube, you just slide into place. No need to fasten it or use any sealant.
  8. Rusty_OToole

    Rebuilding 1951 Dodge

    How bad is the oil burning? How many miles have you put on it since you put it back in commission? How many miles on the engine? You may just need a few long drives to get things working again. Some Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas and in the crankcase, and a few long drives of at least 100 miles may free up the rings. If your oil pressure is good and your compression is decent then you may just need a ring and valve job. Hone cylinders, replace rings, grind or lap valves, good to go for another 30,000 or 40,000 miles.
  9. Rusty_OToole

    thermostat is there a housing needed on flat 6 engine

    Good idea to drill a small hole to release trapped air, otherwise your thermostat may never open. If you are really clever you will drill a hole and put a cotter pin through it so it can't get plugged up. Some thermostats come this way.
  10. Rusty_OToole

    Late 20's spotlights

    Street lighting was poor or non existent back then. If you did much night driving a spotlight was handy for finding road signs, street numbers, etc. In the teens and twenties you could buy a guide book with directions from one town to the next, they painted bands of different colors at the top of telephone poles at intersections, you found your route by the colored bands. You needed a spotlight to see them at night.
  11. Rusty_OToole

    Auto Theft Devicey

    It clamps around the tire. If someone tries to drive off it digs in and stops the tire from rolling, or makes a big BUMP BUMP every turn of the wheel. Looks like it was made for a Model T or a car with the same size tires as a T. You would need one made for your tire size. It has to fit tight and not flop around.
  12. Rusty_OToole

    thermostat is there a housing needed on flat 6 engine

    Go back to the same place, take back the one you bought and get one that fits. Take the neck along and try it if you have to.
  13. Rusty_OToole

    thermostat is there a housing needed on flat 6 engine

    You need the thermostat that fits into the recess on the neck. It does not have to look like the old one as long as it fits, it should be 180 degrees or, for hot weather use, 160 degrees. These days 180 is fine year round if the rad is in good shape.
  14. Rusty_OToole

    thermostat is there a housing needed on flat 6 engine

    If you have the water distribution tube out you may as well pry out the core plugs on the left side of the engine. Then you can wash it out good with a pressure washer. Get in with a long air hose or a long wire and poke around. You can get the water jacket very clean this way. You will need a new water tube if you wrecked the old one, and of course new core plugs. There is an old trick for cleaning radiators. Turn it upside down and connect the bottom outlet to the exhaust pipe of a car. Rev the car and the exhaust will blow the rad clean, all the muck comes out the filler hole and upper outlet.
  15. Rusty_OToole

    Switching from 6 volt system to 12 volt system

    If you want a Camaro buy a Camaro. If you want a Model A buy a Model A. Don't try to turn a Model A into a Camaro.