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  1. Chevy 1984 K5 Blazer Siverado

    Ebay's "Buy it Now" prices are only prices being asked. I can't speak specifically to the value of your seat, but asking prices can sometimes be far afield from actual selling prices. I think you did the right thing by giving the seat to your buyer.
  2. New AACA LIbrary?

    Does the building's interior need to be modified for our club's needs? Rearrange offices, create a large antique-car display room, etc.? The library stacks, and especially the high-density storage units, have weights greater than normal office use, so the floor may need to be strengthened if storage is somewhere other than the lowest level.
  3. Local artist in Michigan

    The painting of the car is superb! I'd much rather see a more attractive background, however. But if you commission him to paint your car, you could undoubtedly get a nicer background.
  4. Puerto Rico

    I think you found a good example, Annie, of how newsmen sensationalize things: Human nature tends to find the worst case and play it up. Here is what may be a more accurate account as information comes in: "Much of the island is expected to be without power for weeks, with some locations said to be potentially without power for four to six months, officials said." [Emphasis added]
  5. '67 or '68 Electra?

    If the car is priced realistically and is as good as it appears, go for it! It's amazing how compartmentalized we car fans are: The typical 1968 Buick collected is a Skylark or a Riviera, and just about every other of the many models and body styles Buick produced is overlooked. Add a nice '68 Electra to the next Buick meet and there will be something new to talk about!
  6. 1964 Ford Thunderbird HT

    Mr. Fuhrman, have you or the owner advertised this nice-looking Thunderbird in any other places? Our forum has fewer buyers than places such as Hemmings Motor News.
  7. Cars & Parts now seperate in buy & sell

    I had thought long ago that that would be an improvement. It is! And it was probably a lot of work to put all the old ads in their new categories, so we thank you. Another separation to consider: putting "for sale" and "wanted" in separate classifications. Our magazine Antique Automobile has such separations, even with fewer items for sale, and it works nicely.
  8. The owner of the 1936 Oldsmobile has written at some length about his long-time ownership, and we published his account in our AACA regional newsletter. The advantage of long-term ownership: The knowledge he accumulated is probably invaluable to anyone restoring one.
  9. This 1936 Oldsmobile isn't mine, but I know the owner. He has owned this car for almost 82 years: He got it new in December of 1935 and still owns and drives it! It had been been his everyday car until 1956, and from some point in the 1960's on, it had lain dormant in a garage until he resurrected it. His ownership has been longer than that of Allen Swift, the much publicized Massachusetts owner of a Rolls-Royce. The late Mr. Swift had his car for 77 years. No need to trace the chain of ownership of an 81-year-old barn-find when YOU are the only owner for those 81 years!
  10. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    Actually, it's a $40,000 price, with a dollar change. I can't speak to Franklin pricing, but personally I like the tan-and-orange color scheme. I hope Mr. Druk does well and does fairly in finding a good buyer.
  11. WTB 1958 Century doors for 4 door hardtop

    Joe, the fact that your doors are rust-free is an excellent beginning. A good body shop should have no trouble eliminating the dents and creases. Many, many people restoring cars have probably begun with worse conditions and might have been glad to have had your rust-free doors. Hope your restoration goes well!
  12. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    John's observations are extremely helpful. If the car were for sale at the Hershey car corral, for example, we could be gathered 'round this nice-looking car and discussing it in just the same manner. We're talking tens of thousands of dollars here, and the selling dealer may be aware of these points anyway. I'm aware of an AACA Past President, knowledgeable about a certain make, who has made similar helpful observations on a different car; and a national car-magazine editor who pointed out that a claimed custom-bodied Chrysler was evidently not what it seemed. Thanks to all of you, and we hope Mr. Druk sells his Franklin to a good home.
  13. 1985 Buick Riviera

    Yes, it looks like a nice car. Be sure never to assess a car's value by others' ASKING prices. Posted asking prices, especially by old-car dealers, are often DOUBLE a car's true worth and therefore almost irrelevant. Another way to judge values is to look at several "completed sales" on Ebay. Be sure to give some contact information, Mr. Bandit, so someone seeing this posting can contact you. (Just as you would in Hemmings Motor News.) All the best to you on your sale.
  14. Your cars look good, Mr. Steel. Cars in the HPOF class are always interesting to see; but I'm glad that you and other owners at least wash them after you bring them out of their hibernation. There's nothing historic about dirt.
  15. Puerto Rico

    Steve, are you saying that meet is in doubt, or has been cancelled? I know one of our own region members who often attends the Puerto Rico meets, telling us how excellent they are.