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  1. John_S_in_Penna

    Several million dollar collection for sale.

    Does the real owner, Dick Shappy, know what's going on with this seller? In my mind, the seller is dishonest, lying about the true ownership until you caught him. Anyone who knows Dick Shappy should alert him.
  2. John_S_in_Penna

    1979 Buick Park Avenue for sale

    Mr. JFV, welcome to the AACA Forum! Your for-sale ad will require MUCH MORE INFORMATION than the mere 4 words you have given. Please read the posting suggestions. But to help you out, here are some important ideas: ---Give contact information: Telephone at least. ---Post several pictures, exterior, interior. ---Provide a detailed, accurate description of the car's good points and weaknesss. ---State your asking price. ---Indicate the car's location, since this forum reaches people all over North America and beyond. 1979 Buicks are good cars. I hope you read this and succeed in your sale.
  3. John_S_in_Penna

    1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown Imperial

    Mr. William, are you a dealer or broker? All of your forum postings have been links to your Ebay listings, with no other commentary. And there have been quite a few lately.
  4. John_S_in_Penna


    "Very sad" must mean that he's overcoming some difficulty. If he were missing Hershey due to a Mediterranean cruise, there would be a different adjective. Ken, I don't know you, but we wish you strength, health, and many years of antique-car enjoyment. I like the antique architecture that you include in your antique-car artwork.
  5. John_S_in_Penna

    50% off parts from a 1995 Buick Roadmaster

    Mutt, your car looks good. What is the matter with it, that it's good only for parts? Bad engine or transmission or electrical system?
  6. John_S_in_Penna

    Buying on ebay. Don't use your phone!!!!

    This buyer seems like a good, honest man. He quite readily admitted that it was his own mistake. You need more buyers as forthright as he is.
  7. John_S_in_Penna

    Say it ain't snow !

    In Pennsylvania in 1816, ice formed on the Allegheny River ON THE 4TH OF JULY in "The Year Without a Summer." That was extremely abnormal, however, and affected a large part of the country very deleteriously:
  8. John_S_in_Penna

    Say it ain't snow !

    Is a small, light September snowfall really rare in your part of Canada? Even parts of the northern United States can have one light snow in September. Even at the end of August, the low temperature can occasionally be 40 degrees in northern Pennsylvania. Thanks for sharing the experience from an area I haven't frequented.
  9. John_S_in_Penna

    Does anybody have a time machine?

    Collectors have usually focused on the roadsters, convertibles, phaetons, and other models considered sporty. Looking at today's car shows, you'd think that those models were more common than they were. This picture, though, gives a good glimpse back to 1941, and we can see that almost all the cars visible are 2-door sedans and 4-door sedans. Thanks for sharing this window into history!
  10. John_S_in_Penna

    1878 Green Bay to Madison, WI 'Auto' Race

    I think your local historical society should have a record. An event of such significance should have been well covered in the newspapers of the day, and maybe written about later as well.
  11. John_S_in_Penna

    Vintage "Buicks at Service Stations" Photographs

    Elpad, thank you for sharing all these pictures. They are very interesting. Please continue! The picture above shows a Buick 2-tone color combination which I have never seen : Dark blue with turquoise.
  12. John_S_in_Penna

    Do You Like Bugatti's? Interesting read!

    Don't worry, West! I can't write a symphony, not even a measure of it, but I can hear and appreciate Beethoven's "Ode to Joy!" I just like excellence. Maybe this writer has learned some appreciation of old cars, and in other writings shows the admirable qualities of a superb author.
  13. John_S_in_Penna

    Do You Like Bugatti's? Interesting read!

    No breaks, sorry. There's a lot of good in the article, but I hope you won't hate me for saying I would hold a professional newsman to a higher standard. He presumably has been trained and is getting paid for his work. I've seen good writing and appreciate it, but his informality almost makes it sound as if he's a man off the street writing a blog. Everyone should strive for excellence, whatever his level of understanding. It's really impressive to see excellence in English, just as one may see excellence in music.
  14. John_S_in_Penna


    In a strong stock market, Tesla has fallen 25% in only one month. Not so good, but that alone doesn't indicate they are failing. Up-and-coming stocks tend to be more volatile than stable, established companies. Their stock has fallen almost as much twice this year, before recovering to new highs. I think it remains to be seen how well they do in the future.
  15. John_S_in_Penna


    Is Tesla still receiving subsidies? Are its cars' owners still receiving subsidies such as tax breaks? I love to see true advancements in any product, but they need to be financially sustainable.