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  1. Buyer's premium

    I agree with Bill that there's a conscious or unconscious element of greed. Bill, please realize, though, that that thought is in European auctions as well. According to Wikipedia, the buyer's premium in Europe is even subject to their Value Added Tax. Because of high buyer's premiums, in some realms of collectibles, the seller actually gets MORE than the hammer price of the item. Fees are negotiable. In a way, it's all a charade. Once again, people need to look beyond money. Hobbies are fun if people can get possession, prestige, and profit out of their primary focus.
  2. Will the orphan car survive..

    If this authoress has written so unenlightenedly about the car hobby, in which she isn't involved, doesn't that imply that other authors' articles-- on a wide variety of subjects--may be similarly shallow, distorted, and wrong? Thank goodness that true automotive magazines are written by people who know their subjects!
  3. What do you like in a members only section?

    Doug, I think one excellent function of a club website is to show how much fun the hobby can be--and induce people to join! Pictures of some past activities, plenty of car pictures identified by make and model but not by owner's name, show how active your club is. Showing this activity not only will attract newcomers, but it can show inactive members all the club's benefits which they can participate in.
  4. Will the orphan car survive..

    Sorry to be critical of the article, but I think it's a shallow, valueless piece written by a newswoman who knows nothing about cars, and who just had an assignment to fulfill. And the whole tone of the piece sees cars as commodities, missing the whole point of ownership. If Miss or Mrs. Verhage, the author, could spend a day with a long-term hobbyist, take a scenic ride in an old car, meet the family that has owned the car for 20 years, go to a club event where she would see the camaraderie the hobby offers, she would get a far more realistic picture. She would then stop thinking of cars as statistics. Maybe then she'd even want to get an old car for her family. There's far more to antique cars than tracking money.
  5. What do you like in a members only section?

    I very much need a directory, and phone numbers along with the names and cities. I use my 2012 Membership Album and roster--the book with members' car photos--all the time, talking to AACA members in various parts of the country.
  6. Buyer's premium

    I see no reason at all for buyers' premiums. If a car is worth $10,000, and the premium is 10%, I would bid no higher than $9000. I'm not fooled! And as we know, cars are not only for the well-to-do. If that were the case, our hobby wouldn't be as widespread as it is. The affordability of the hobby makes it enjoyable for people at various income levels. A $5000 Buick is as much fun as a $50,000 Buick.
  7. 1961 Buick Electra Parts For Sale

    Mr. Flagship, I think people would like to know where you are, especially as some of those parts they might pick up, rather than have them delivered. All the best to you on your sale!
  8. WTB- 1953-1960 CADILLACS

    Chris, if you're up for a challenge, try to find a nice 1955-1956 Sedan de Ville. Those 4-door hardtops, I estimate, are several times scarcer than the Eldorados of those years. Production numbers don't tell the full story, because so many of the "glamour" models have been saved and restored, even as the once-common models have become rarer. And the 4-door hardtops of those years have nice lines, too.
  9. Anyone watching Velocity?

    I guess, because Bugatti makes so few cars, they can use just one favored supplier. Mountain cows! Just picture them on the mountaintops, rocky, treeless and snow-drifted, jumping from crag to crag. Living like mountain goats, I suppose---
  10. Seeking advice on registering classic cars in California

    This is just an aside, but it might bring a bit of hope to all our California friends: With so many antique cars and noted collections in California, why don't people get these fees simplified and reduced? It has been successful in other states. After all, old cars are simply a hobby or a collection. You don't pay every year to register your old pottery or old clocks. Picture yourselves paying a "permanent registration": a modest one-time fee that you never pay again as long as you own the car.
  11. For Sale: Buick Gran Sport (GS) Ram Air Cleaner

    Joe, the advertiser has made only 2 postings, and he hasn't visited the forum since the day he made those two postings. I would try to e-mail him. Advertisers, especially new ones: This is why contact information is vital to making our forum useful. Your ad may bear fruit months after you first placed it!
  12. Corvair Ultra Van Bull(etin)

    For those like me who have never heard of it, can someone tell more about Corvair Ultra Vans? It looks like a camper. Was it an aftermarket product, not from the days when General Motors made their own campers?
  13. 1937 Lincoln Willoughby V12 Limousine

    Way to go! Stepping out of our areas of comfort allows us to experience things we otherwise wouldn't. I know a Corvette fan who recently got a '62 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88; I bought a World War I era car a few years ago when my oldest had been a 1957. There's a lot to our hobby that is worth trying!
  14. Do I have Tim the ToolMan Syndrome?

    And for a bit of explanation for our overseas friends! Tim "the tool man" Taylor was the fictional character in the long-ago situation comedy "Home Improvement." The show was popular 20 or more years ago, and Tim was always trying to build things to be bigger and more powerful--and he would always get into jams. Actor Tim Allen was the main character. Sorry to bore the American TV fans who already knew this! I haven't seen it lately, but it was a very good show, and was rebroadcast after its 1991-1999 run.
  15. 1937 Lincoln Willoughby V12 Limousine

    Bill, are you aware of the Lincoln Owners' Club? They specialize in the pre-war Lincolns and should be just the club you need for your new old car. The Lincoln and Continental Owners' Club is an entirely different organization, and while they theoretically address all Lincolns, they are really focused on the Lincolns of the 1960's and 1970's. Thankfully, there's a specialty group for almost all interests.