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  1. I sent you a P. M. with some indirect information.
  2. Agreed, Al.
  3. How a family handles large purchases depends on a family's circumstances, its finances, etc. Yes, it's appropriate to discuss these things beforehand, letting her see the fun to be had and the reasonableness of the price. Winning her over in advance means that she might take some interest in the car. And after all, you wouldn't want her buying a mink coat or investment real estate without telling you. However, I wouldn't phrase a family agreement as "asking permission to buy it." Dan, obviously you're an adult and the head of the household! Call it concurrence instead.
  4. $55,000 for that Riviera? It's for sale by a dealer. Enough said! That particular dealer always marks his cars with unrealistically high prices. What he sells them for we may not see, but certainly not for his asking price. Try listing a car like that for $55,000 and see how much interest you yourself get! Sometimes I say to myself, DEALER PRICE / 2 = REALISTIC PRICE. In this case, the divisor needs to be larger than 2. Don't think for a moment that you must give in to whatever a dealer asks. Tactics like this make potential hobbyists think they can't afford old cars, so those newcomers may never see the affordable fun we have in this hobby. Myself, I prefer an honest private party who has cared for the car for years, who can tell you all about it, and who appreciates that a new owner will give the car a good new home.
  5. I assume you mean the exhaust manifold, but can you confirm? Or do you mean it cracked at part of the exhaust piping, or at the juncture with the muffler?
  6. Tripwire, thanks for the statistics. It's important to remember that we hobbyists sometimes ADD options to cars that weren't built with them. Whether from the factory, or rescued from some junkyard, Steve's sidemounts look great.
  7. "I've collected many bits to make it a Century." Mr. Winds, I'd recommend that buyers appreciate your Special for what it is! Besides, any 4-door hardtop is a scarce model. If someone restores it authentically, it will be an appealing 1955 Special, which had a popular place in Buick's line of cars. If someone makes it a "Century," it will always be a clone, an imitation, a pretender, with explanations needed at every turn, and possibly less interest the next time it's sold. Hope it finds a good home!
  8. This forum reaches Buick fans, but other places may bring more results. Here are a couple of excellent venues for selling your Buick. Forgive me if you already know them: ---Hemmings Motor News: the magazine and its accompanying website. They reach more serious collector-car buyers than other places. You probably know that any internet ad should have plenty of attractive pictures, of all parts of the car and from various angles. ---The Buick Bugle, which is the monthly magazine of the Buick Club of America. Reach dedicated Buick fans! Non-members pay a bit more for ads. Be sure to include a picture, though it's at extra cost. Call their editor, if you wish, at (903) 436-2851 (Texas).
  9. I agree unequivocally. High asking prices turn away many good potential buyers-- maybe that eager 17-year-old that would have a nice entrance into the hobby. I know inflated prices are seen all the time, especially from for-profit dealers, but I almost never call if the asking price is more than 20% above reality. And I never spend the time and airfare to go see a car unless the seller and I have made a tentative agreement--a realistic price-- subject to my confirmation.
  10. Beautiful car, Eddie! Four-door hardtops are actually quite scarce. They are available far less than people realize. Here's a recommendation: Include your phone and/or e-mail. If you don't, only registered users of this forum will be able to contact you. No one else, finding your ad here from an internet search, will be able to send you an AACA Forum private message.
  11. I don't think there can be any debate: The company itself pronounced it "Willis." The alternative would be an unusual use of English. You can even hear the correct pronunciation, "Willis," on YouTube videos made by the company itself. Thank goodness that audio tape had been invented to preserve history!
  12. Looks like a useful service for the hobby! Until your posting, I never knew of a source for redoing the interior plastic woodgrains.
  13. Wooly, I've often thought of putting the equivalent of "deed restrictions" on a car to be sold: (1) That the car not be modified from factory stock; (2) That the car not be resold within a specified time period. Well written, these would be an enforceable legal contract, and would help to ensure that a car really DOES get a good home. No honest hobbyist should object to them, as he wouldn't be reselling it or modifying it anyway.
  14. I think you'll find that substantially fewer cars were ordered with sidemounted tires for 1940. Sidemounts were sort of old fashioned and didn't go with the streamlined look--or so people thought. And who needed TWO spares when tires were more reliable? Steve, I think your car looks good with sidemounts. Note, too, that some people restoring cars would add sidemounts when their car didn't have them from the factory, just because they preferred the look.
  15. Rocketman, what was the approximate last year that your father owned those vehicles? If all you know is the late 1960's into the mid-1970's, it is quite likely that the cars are no longer around-- that they were typical daily drivers that fell into disuse and were junked. The large majority of cars from any given time period are lost that way. But, if you know the cars survived well past 1968-69 and into the modern era (say the 1990's) as collector cars, they would have been preserved, and there's a very large chance they are still around.