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  1. Does anyone have a close - up picture of the correct running board rubber on a 1926 Studebaker ER? Is that running board rubber available? Thanks
  2. Rockne Street Rod

    These pictures show the difference between all 1932 and 1933 Studebakers.
  3. I would suggest that you ask for drawings on the "Parts Wanted" page of the Studebaker Review.http://www.theantiquestudebakerclub.com/reviewmag/reviewmagprimary.htm Most people that are familiar with these cars do not have computers and are not on this forum. There is an interesting book on the subject of wood in bodies on eBay often. I specialize in prewar Studebaker parts and read every forum post. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  4. Use the search function on this forum to learn more about your car. In 1928 there were three series of Dictator/Director models.The first series looked like the 1927 models except 1928 and later engines used mechanical fuel pumps. The fenders were half crowned. Later they used fully crowned fenders. They changed the sun visor to the shorter "cadet" visor etc.,belt molding change etc. I am not an expert on these but I remember posts on these three series. Your looks like a third series car, I stripped out one of these and have some parts left Robert Kapteyn
  5. I have any parts for 1925 Studebakers. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  6. Wiper Motor Shot

    The spacing between the two mounting holes 5 9/16"
  7. Wiper Motor Shot

    I have a TRICO-FOLBERTH wiper motor for sale. It is different from yours but maybe it is the original for yours. Robert Kapteyn studebaker@mac.com
  8. Let us know if you located an engine. If you give me the casting number (not the engine number) cast in the block right above the distributor , I can look for a block. The number yo gave G 12.22 is a casting date, I am looking for a part number cast in the block. Usually a 6 digit number such as 167889 or other. I have some unidentified loose blocks. Robert Kapteyn The casting date you gave is for 1922 as far as I can tell. Are you sure ? Do you have pictures of your engine?
  9. 26 standard six choke cable

    I am on a Mac and I can not open your pictures.
  10. 26 standard six choke cable

    Simply send your pictures to your email address to get them into your computer
  11. yes the fuse fits in that sleeve and the two lock into the relay with a twist. Are you sure that it is a 1939? Do you have a serial number to check the year. Do you have a part number for the transmission seal you are looking for? Picture of the window channel?
  12. What I am looking for is your casting number from your block. Not the engine number but the number cast on the block behind the distributor. Robert Kapteyn
  13. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    Bump! Is the lens in post #12 the correct lens for the Rockne? If it is, I will look if I have others , Robert Kapteyn