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    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    Have the injectors been cleaned? It doesn't take much buildup on the pintle to hold them open enough to cause excess fuel to be dumped into the intake.
  2. joe_padavano

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    People need to READ the factory service manual before working on this car. As I pointed out waaaay back in the OP's first thread about this car, the port fuel injection used on this 350 Olds motor is ancient. It DOES NOT use an O2 sensor. There is NO feedback on the A/F ratio. It runs open loop all the time, by design. The ECU is an ANALOG computer, not digital. I doubt there are more than a handful of mechanics left in the country who understand how this EFI works, much less are able to troubleshoot it. Also, the injectors used in this system are unique to this system. You cannot simply install "Vette" injectors - they do not fit in the holes in the manifold.
  3. joe_padavano

    Data tag

    I had a hunch, which is why mentioned, both 442s and Cutlii used the same 336 cowl tags in 1968-69. I ASSUME you are talking about an AT column shifter. The base equipment in a 1968 442 was bucket seats with the HD three speed manual "Dearborn" trans (don't call it a Ford Toploader...) with a Hurst floor shifter and NO console. If you ordered an automatic, you got the column shift (even with bucket seats) unless you also paid $57.93 extra for RPO D55 console and floor shifter. Also note that while bucket seats were standard, a bench seat was optionally available under RPO A52 - a $68.46 credit. Note that if the car had come from the factory with a black bench, the cowl tag would have had trim code 950.
  4. joe_padavano

    Data tag

    03B = second week (B) of March (03) 1968 build date ST68 = 1968 model year 33667 = Oldsmobile (3) Cutlass S (36) convertible (67) Note that Oldsmobile also used Cutlass cowl tags on 442s in the 1968-69 model years. This is well documented in factory literature. LAN = Lansing assembly plant 300226 BODY = Fisher Body sequence number (not related to VIN) TR940 = Black bucket seat interior N-2 PAINT = Burgundy Poly paint (N) with black convertible top (2)
  5. joe_padavano

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    OR it could be the VATS, as I have posted about three times now. You seem determined to spend money on an ECU, however.
  6. joe_padavano

    ZDDP issues

    Diesel oils lost the ZDDP a few years ago. Unless you buy expensive specialty oils, you can't get zinc any more.
  7. joe_padavano

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    Just because you choose not to learn about or procure tools for newer cars doesn't mean that only a dealer can fix them. Repairing ANY car requires the right knowledge and troubleshooting tools. You'd be amazed at how many first-time owners of older cars have no idea how to install or adjust points, or what a dwell meter and timing light are.
  8. joe_padavano

    1966 Cadillac deville

    Having replaced a fusible link in my 1970 Olds on the side of the road, it's not a particularly difficult thing to do. Sure beats putting out the fire. Do you carry replacement maxi-fuses in your newer cars?
  9. joe_padavano

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    It could be the ECU, the key, the lock cylinder, or the VATS system itself.
  10. joe_padavano

    1966 Cadillac deville

    The most likely location for the fusible link is in the red wire that runs from the battery terminal on the starter to the fuse box.
  11. joe_padavano

    1966 Cadillac deville

    Welcome. Not to worry, you are not the first to do something like this. It is not fatal. In addition to fuses, your car has one or more fusible links. These are sacrificial parts of the wire harness that melt from overcurrent to protect the rest of the wiring harness. They are essentially high-current fuses. Today's cars have maxi-fuses for this purpose, but those did not exist in the 1960s. Replacement fusible links can be spliced into the harness for a repair.
  12. joe_padavano

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    Vehicle Anti Theft System. This is the factory-installed system that uses a resistor pellet in the key. It disables the pulses to the injectors if the system does not detect the correct key resistance value. It also disables pulses to the injectors if the system is not working properly. Once again, have you verified that you are actually seeing pulses at the injectors? It's hard to provide helpful info if you won't answer questions about the car. The mind reading still isn't working.
  13. joe_padavano

    Velocity Channel Ruins Wheeler Dealers

    Manufactured tension is the foundation of every (un)reality show on TV. Pretty much every episode of every automotive-themed "reality" show will have a point where the engine won't start, and they have to cut to commercial. Of course, as soon as we come back, the engine is running. Ass Monkey Garage is the worst for this. I thought these were supposed to be experienced car people. 🙄
  14. joe_padavano

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    Did you use a noid light to see if the injectors are actually getting firing pulses? Does this car have VATS?
  15. joe_padavano

    A Nice Story of Hudson and a Tesla

    "He sold his Hudson in November 2017 to make room in the garage for his Model 3. " Sorry, I don't consider that to be a happy ending... 😉
  16. joe_padavano

    thermometer mirror

    If you are talking about a 1980s or 90s vintage mirror, the temp sensor was usually mounted behind the grill.
  17. joe_padavano

    current leakage

    In that case, you might find this Service Bulletin from Delco Remy useful. Yes, it only covers 10SI, 15SI, and 27SI, but the 12SI is essentially the same as the 10SI.
  18. joe_padavano

    NOS 60's Tachometer 6,000 RPM

    During the years when Pontiac made the slant 4, the tachometers used in the Tempest all said "PONTIAC" on the face of them. This is definitely an Olds tachometer. The chrome bezel is of the style used in the consoles of the 1961-62 Olds Starfires. Later Oldsmobiles used the same tach face but a different, longer brushed finish bezel. Obviously those Starfiress were never four cylinder, nor did Olds have any four cylinder engines in development at that time. Have you even connected this to a running engine to see if it really is calibrated for a four cylinder?
  19. joe_padavano

    FCA May End Chrysler line

    Don't confuse Chrysler the car brand with Chrysler the corporation. Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram Trucks are all separate brands under FCA. Killing Chrysler the brand is no different than killing Oldsmobile or Mercury.
  20. joe_padavano

    Ignition switch

    All 1969-up are the same. If the key turns at all, it is not your problem. Again, is the linkage even in place, or was it removed previously? If you look at the rod that comes off the lever on the steering column and runs to the trans, there is an adjustment feature at the lower end.
  21. joe_padavano

    current leakage

  22. joe_padavano

    Spotted these in the Sierra Nevada.

    The Seville, on the other hand... 😱 Not exactly one of GM's styling successes, made even better by the V8-6-4. Of course, GM wasn't the worst. Both Lincoln and Chrysler actually copied that abortion!
  23. joe_padavano

    current leakage

    So just out of curiosity, are you troubleshooting a problem relating to the charging system or creating one where one doesn't exist? Seriously, take a look at the attached wiring diagram. If you are measuring resistance between the disconnected + battery cable and the battery terminal, note that there is a direct path to ground through the resistors in the regulator (R2 and R3).
  24. joe_padavano

    1963 Buick Electra 225 Brake Issues

    RockAuto is only offering a rebuild service of the buyer's original booster. They do not sell exchange or rebuilt boosters. As for a dual circuit master cylinder, the M/C from a 1962-66 Cadillac should bolt to your original booster. Of course you will need to change the brake lines to accommodate this, so buying pre-bent lines for your car is not a good idea.