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    Car Logo Quiz...

    46 out of 47. You need to read AutoWeek. 😉
  2. ^^^THIS. Spent all day Wed at the swap meet - work constraints only allow me one day at Hershey. Lots of empty spaces, especially in Orange Field. We show up at 7:00 am and stay as late as possible. Many vendors didn't open until 9:00 and by 3:00 - 3:30 vendors were starting to close up.
  3. joe_padavano

    Single, center post, in ground garage lift

    The advantage of an in-ground lift is that you don't have posts in the way when you are not using it. The configuration of my shop building is such that I can't install a lift without compromising access on the sides of it. Of course, the $8K+ pricetag on that Rotary (not counting digging, forming, and pouring the cavity in the floor) means that I don't have to worry about installing one, either. 😉 Yes, you can lift a body with it, given the correct spacing between the posts. Again, given the price tag, I haven't bothered to look into the details.
  4. joe_padavano

    Single, center post, in ground garage lift

    Rotary (among others) makes a two post in-ground lift that is the best of both worlds. Just be sitting down when you inquire about pricing...
  5. joe_padavano

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    I've found that the people who complain most loudly about stuff like this are the ones who've never actually worked on the cars in question. Again, I can't speak to the Toyota, but there's another very good reason for the location of the Northstart starter. This motor was originally designed only for use in transverse FWD applications with the 4T80E transmission. Given the packaging constraints of that design, there aren't a lot of places to put an external starter. I've owned a 1993 Allante. Between steering, engine cradle, exhaust, and transaxle, there isn't a lot of external space to mount the starter. I've also worked on a V6 Chysler Pacifica minivan with the starter in the "conventional" location on the lower front of the transverse engine. Replacing the starter required removing the grill, front facia, front bumper, and radiator, then lifting the motor just so, removing the front motor mount, and carefully twisting and maneuvering the starter out through the tiny space available. I really WISH that starter had been in the vee, under the intake...
  6. joe_padavano

    Single, center post, in ground garage lift

    Actually, I've found that you need both capabilities to do exhaust work. For cars with a solid rear axle, you typically need to have the rear suspension hanging to fit the tail pipe up over the axle, then you need to have the suspension at ride height to set clearances. I jack the car from the frame to install the pipe then lower the rear axle onto jack stands to set clearances.
  7. joe_padavano

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    The Cadillac that 46 woodie referred to also has the starter under the intake. Go read my post again. You do not have to remove "the whole top of the motor" to replace that starter. I've never touched a Lexus or Tundra, nor do I plan to.
  8. joe_padavano

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    Many engines now have the starter in the valley, under the intake. The environment there is much more benign so the starter lasts longer. In the case of the Northstar, the top of the intake comes off with four bolts. The gasket is a reusable o-ring. Starter replacement (WITHOUT jacking up the car) takes no more time than for an older car. Maybe we engineers aren't so stupid after all.
  9. joe_padavano

    Single, center post, in ground garage lift

    You can buy brand new single post lifts. New ones use a "cassette" design that drops into a formed cavity in the floor. The downside is that the lift is in the way of most things you might want to do on the car other than tires and brakes, and maybe oil changes. You can get "truck adapters" for most two post lifts that will work to clear running boards also.
  10. joe_padavano

    1927 Mary Kay car ? ? She was popular back then ? SOLD

    I'll assume that's intended to be humor. The company was founded in 1963.
  11. joe_padavano

    Million $$$$ Beetle

    Legitimate or not, the "million dollar" asking price has done wonders for publicity for this sale. Ya think maybe that's why they did it???
  12. This may be a record for a back-from-the-dead post! I have to say that my first reaction when I saw the original post today was that a 1950s Plymouth would have a difficult time hitting 200 MPH if you dropped it from an airplane. 🤣
  13. joe_padavano

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    Thanks for that link, but I don't see any 6V AGM batteries there for anything close to $75, thus my previous question.
  14. joe_padavano

    VIN location help

    Start by talking to a supervisor at the MVD who has a clue to the fact that cars that old don't even have two identical stampings...
  15. joe_padavano

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    Was it AGM? That's what we're talking about. You can get 6V lead-acid batteries easily.
  16. joe_padavano

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    I was not aware that Interstate sold AGM batteries. Thanks for that info.
  17. joe_padavano

    1931 Oldsmobile 2 DOOR

    Looks like 5541 standard 2dr sedans and 3833 Deluxe 2dr sedans in 1931. This data was originally taken from Helen Early's records published in Setting the Pace. As for photos, if you type 1931 oldsmobile 2dr sedan into Google, you get a lot of photos. There's one for sale through Hemmings right now. Here are other photos on the web.
  18. joe_padavano

    So whom would you sell it to?

    "Money talks, BS walks"
  19. joe_padavano


    THIS! Most states have a documented process for dealing with lost titles, abandoned cars, etc.
  20. joe_padavano

    Misfire Teaser - straight flathead 6

    Did you happen to swap the no. 1 plug to a different cylinder to see if the problem is the plug or the cylinder?
  21. joe_padavano

    Log truck

    How do you know it's going downhill? The fact that the photo is taken at an angle does not mean that the roadbed is angled. It looks more like a bridge over a gorge.
  22. joe_padavano

    Backing up an in-tank fuel pump with an in-line one

    Well, my data point is my Chevy truck. It has just under 300,000 miles on it. The factory pump went at about 80K, the replacement I put in went at about 160K, and I proactively put one in at 240K. One thing that has an effect on pump life is your average fuel level in the tank. Running around near empty all the time accelerates pump wear, both from not having the fuel around the pump to keep it cooler and by sucking up more of the crud in the bottom of the tank.
  23. joe_padavano

    Backing up an in-tank fuel pump with an in-line one

    Automakers put pumps in the tank for two reasons, first that makes them much quieter and second, the fuel cools the pump. Unless you run a completely separate inlet fitting to the tank, the external pump will be sucking through the failed internal pump. That may or may not work. I've just taken to replacing my in-tank pumps every 70K miles or so as a preventative measure, as I've had them go repeatedly at 80K or so. This way you do it on your terms when the tank is empty.
  24. joe_padavano

    Buying on ebay. Don't use your phone!!!!

    I'm willing to bet that even if those buyers had used a full size monitor, they would have found something else to complain about. Some people are just like that.
  25. joe_padavano

    Need suggestion for a mysterious coolant leak

    Yeah, but there isn't any UV dye in that water, whereas he's seeing it in the water coming out the exhaust.