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  1. joe_padavano

    Tax and your cars

    You've apparently not read the earlier posts in this thread. A new 6000lb Suburban gets substantially better mileage than an older 3500 lb car with a carb. That SUV driver pays less per mile while causing more wear and tear.
  2. joe_padavano

    Tax and your cars

    1) Yes those public chargers are free. That's ANOTHER way that you are subsidizing those cars. 2) It the gas tax is "perfect", then I guess you are also fine with subsidizing all the SUV owners. Didn't we just have a discussion where Ford will only be making trucks and SUVs now? 3) How, exactly, to hybrids fit into your plan?
  3. joe_padavano

    Replacement Expertise Needed

    The aftermarket wheels and tires tell me that this is a street rod and not a stock 36 Olds. Without knowing what mods were done to the car, it's tough to advise.
  4. joe_padavano

    Tax and your cars

    ^^^^THIS is the problem, unfortunately. As I noted above, I'm all for a mileage and weight based tax that properly allocates costs to the vehicles that cause the wear and tear, but that only works if the current tax is removed. Being a realist, I'm not holding my breath on that.
  5. joe_padavano

    Tax and your cars

    I'm talking about a Chevy Suburban with 5.3 and cylinder deactivation. Again, have you actually checked the mileage of new ones? A friend of mine has one. He gets high teens around town and mid-20s on the freeway. Is that a "real" enough SUV for you?
  6. I've only been a buyer, but this is one of the main reasons why I put up with all the crap on FB. I found a smoking deal on a completely rust free Cutlass shell in Phoenix, for example.
  7. joe_padavano

    Tax and your cars

    Have you checked the mileage of big SUVs these days? Your assumption is incorrect.
  8. joe_padavano

    Pvc valve question

    First, there is no such thing as an "EFI carburetor". Either it is a carb, which uses engine vacuum to draw fuel into the airstream, or it is fuel injection, which uses fuel pressure above atmospheric to force fuel into the airstream. I'm assuming you have a Holley throttle body EFI system. The PCV needs manifold vacuum. It neither knows nor cares if that vacuum source comes from the throttle body or some other port on an intake runner, so long as it is below the throttle blades.
  9. joe_padavano

    Tax and your cars

    You might want to loosen that tinfoil hat a little... As for the gas tax being a per-mile tax, how do you figure that? A new 6,000 lb SUV causes more wear and tear to roadways than my 3,500 lb Olds, but gets better mileage. I'm subsidizing that driver too. FYI, if you have a cell phone, you are already being tracked.
  10. joe_padavano

    Tax and your cars

    I'm all for taxation by the mile, and by the pound. Users should pay based on use rate, not how much gas you use. A Tesla costs the state just as much per mile for road maintenance as does one of my Oldsmobiles, yet the Tesla owner is subsidized. Of course, this assumes the mileage-based tax REPLACES the gas tax and doesn't just augment it. I don't plan to hold my breath on that...
  11. joe_padavano

    The Classic Car Code

    Reading that was a complete waste of time. What drivel.
  12. joe_padavano

    To pay or not to pay?...

    Our club puts on an All-GM show every year. We charge entrants to cover our costs. We are lucky if we break even. We have to pay for the site (which includes security), advertising, postage, trophies and awards, and a number of other costs. We are fortunate to get insurance coverage from our national club, otherwise we'd incur that cost as well. In this world of $5 cups of coffee, paying $15 for a show is a nit. If you don't want to pay for it, don't go, but don't complain about it until you have actually tried to put on such a show. We invariably get one or two deadbeats every year who try to sneak in without paying.
  13. joe_padavano

    Generator rebuild to Alternator

    Yeah, I absolutely hate those "page through" on line catalogs. What a waste of time and bandwidth.
  14. joe_padavano

    Generator rebuild to Alternator

    Powermaster doesn't "rebuild" generators, they build new alternators that LOOK like old generators.
  15. joe_padavano

    1964 F-85 Cutlass engine swap

    That list sounds worse than it is. Of course, for those of us with a trove of parts cars, this is no big deal... 😉