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  1. An article like this comes out every few years. The only result is that people use it to justify asking stupid money for their POS on Craigslist or ebay.
  2. My point exactly.
  3. Imagine that...
  4. The headlight switch as a built-in, self-resetting circuit breaker, thus no external fuse. That breaker can go bad, but I'm suspicious that it happened when you were using the dimmer button. Also, the headlight switch internal contacts for the headlights are completely separate from those for the other light functions. The dimmer switch has three wires, one that is power in from the headlight switch, one that is power out to the low beams, and one that is power out to the high beams. I'd start by disconnecting that connector from the dimmer switch and see if the wire from the headlight switch has +12V when you turn the headlights on. If it does, the headlight switch is fine. If not, the problem is either the headlight switch or the feed wire to it.
  5. Replace the headlight. The low beam bulb has TWO separate filaments, one for low beam and one for high beam. The low beam filament is burned out. Note that this is a good example of why you should look at the wiring diagram BEFORE wasting money replacing good parts. There is only one low beam wire coming out of the summer switch. If ANY lights worked on low beam, the switch is good.
  6. Yeah, but I plan to use the 67 for daily commuting. My motto is "don't poke the bear". Besides, with my luck, I'd be like the couple with the old Chevy who got arrested...
  7. For those who have not attended this swap meet before, note that it is held on Friday and Saturday, not the usual weekend swap.
  8. I'm only 25 min from Winchester. Yes, lots of abuse of the antique tags here in Loudoun Co. also. I suspect that is to get around annual inspections and taxes. The police keep claiming they plan to increase enforcement, which is why I wanted to be legal on the 67. My 62 is only a weekend toy and does have the restricted YOM tags and registration.
  9. I have just now successfully (and legally) registered my 67 Delta 88 for daily driver use in Virginia using Year of Manufacture plates. Turns out that there is a little-known provision in the Code of Virginia (Section 46.2-730, Paragraph E) that allows this. Essentially, you treat it just like any other regular unrestricted registration (year and month stickers "attached" to the plate, annual safety inspection sticker required) but you can use the old plates. I went to a DMV Select office in Purcellville, VA (off the beaten path) to do this. The agent there had never heard of this (no surprise) but a quick phone call confirmed what I was telling her. It took two additional calls to figure out how to enter this transaction in the computer, but it was actually pretty painless. One thing about the "attached" to the plate provision for the stickers. There is apparently some wiggle room on interpreting this requirement. Most people probably think that means stuck to the plate as they are on new plates, and I was fortunate to find 1967 Virginia plates with five digits and enough clear space for the stickers. Most VA YOM plates don't have the room. You can buy small tags for the month/year stickers that "attach" to the plate with the mounting screws. I didn't push that issue this time, but may need to for another car. I also expect that local police will not be familiar with this obscure provision in the law, so I plan to keep a copy in the glovebox for when I am inevitably stopped.
  10. I guess my reaction to this article is DUH!
  11. Jon, Very cool. I'd suggest that even for tools that are sold out, if you could keep the photo on the website for ID purposes, that would be helpful to others. Any similar info for Rochester carb tools?
  12. It was factory-installed.
  13. Gasoline starting tank for a kerosene-powered Fordson tractor. Start the tractor on gasoline then switch to kerosene.
  14. The last time the seller posted on this forum was 2008.
  15. X2. I love this meet. This may have been the coldest year yet, however. Thankfully, I recently got a DeWalt heated jacket.